Completely normal phenomenon. Especially, that your GPU is on.


Turn GPU to eco so it's using your integrated GPU rather than your dedicated GPU. This will reduce some strain on the cooling solution, as for the temperature that's pretty normal. Your fan isn't even on so your system is currently cooling passively so 61c is pretty dam good and nothing to worry about at all. In silent the fans won't kick in until about 80c for the CPU.


Aure thanks


61C is not a problem temp on a laptop


Take it of silent mode! 🤣🤣🤣 you are telling it to kill the fans! If you aren't doing anything special just use Windows mode


Hmmm thanks for this 🤔 never looked at like that


I also have a G513 and noticed that the armory crate modes can be misleading. From my understanding silent and performance mode are to be avoided if you want to keep termals in check, because both have acoustic targets.. I was using performance mode on a regular basis and getting 70/80ish degrees whilst doing "nothing"!! I had to dig online for a detailed description of which mode does what and this was the best I could find: https://rog.asus.com/articles/guides/armoury-crate-performance-modes-explained-silent-vs-performance-vs-turbo-vs-windows/ The UI shown is a little different from yours (and mine) but the info appears to be precise. I would recommend: Windows mode for low end applications (then you can manage power options directly from windows); Turbo for gaming, and avoid the other 2 modes unless fan noise is something you really have to manage (ie. If you are in a library or something like that). Hope it helps ;) Ps. Btw, it will still run "hot", I believe asus set the thermal ceiling for the cpu is around high 90s to 105°C or something like that 🤯 Mine has a 6900HX and the only way to keep it under 80 whilst heavy gaming is by using a cooling pad!


if you're getting 61C on performance, that's pretty normal; if on silent or low-power windows setting, I'd suspect you may have the same issue I did with my 2020-era Strix - the liquid metal thermal grease had melted off the die earlier this year on mine; it was fine for perhaps a year and a half and then I was getting like 95C on Windows / Balanced power settings, eventually unpredictable forced thermal shutdowns. Replaced it with AS5 and temps got back to normal, but occasionally just using office apps, temps / fans can be pretty aggressive. If you use Windows power settings in Armoury crate, then go into Windows power settings, place your max cpu performance % at 99% instead of 100% and your mobo won't overclock your cores; speed will take a hit but this is fine for email / web browsing / videos etc; just put it back to 100% for gaming or other performance-demanding apps. Although, before all the above, you just may have some crud in your HSFs to blow out with compressed air


It is pretty normal. In Silent mode, your CPU and GPU fans are not working as you can see. (0 PRM)


no problem found


You're on silent mode, yes your CPU will rise in temperature if using your laptop for anything.


If you want to lower that even a little more just because, watch this video. I did this exact thing and it def helps keep it cooler. i sit around 50c at idle and max around 75-80 playing call of duty, space engineers, borderlands 3. ​ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqifeetisE4&ab\_channel=MikeMu


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The best solution is to buy a desktop pc 🖥️


That’s a reasonable idle temperature for the laptop.


This is probably a dumb question, but do you have decent antivirus loaded and, have you ever ran a full-system boot-time scan with it? If you're suspecting a lower temperature, and assuming your system is idle, it's possible you have some crypto-mining malware in there. And contrary to popular belief, they are designed -not- to peg usage, because you'd notice your GPU running at 100%. But 10...20% load? It's worth checking. Make sure you do a boot-time scan, though, because a lot of these baddies hide fairly well when the system is running.


if you want to decrease temperature, Use the manual mode to create your own fan curves.


I got g17 same problem


Pretty sure some windows services running in the background


Do people buy these gaming laptops expecting them to run cool? Like without ever reading of a single gaming laptop?


It's got AMD in it, it'll run a lil warm. Returning my G15 6900/6800 because it would sit at 75° and game pinned on 96°


Normal gaming laptop, but you can make sure it’s one a flat hard surface


This is an electronic device and a lap top that means even in idle dinner electric current pass through and electric current creates heat and in a tight area. TL; DR it's normal!


Your fans are off. Say 0 rpm.


If, doing nothing and have this temperature, that's not right for sure. Mine stay in 45°C while doing nothing on it. And goes in 75-85°C when gaming. But i have windows 11, and i suspect that is not so optimized, and needs alot of resources, might change it. Check if your chrome run in background even if it's close and check your start-up programs(lots of them run even widouth realising.)[image 46°c](https://ibb.co/xqMFjxb) But how few people say, change it from silent mode, to performance, i'm sure that's the issue.


Completely normal