A gaming chair that doesn't make me want to puke just by looking at it. I still personally prefer a mesh back office chair though.


> I still personally prefer a mesh back office chair though. For the sweat mitigation properties...right?


Is it really only $179? Thanks for the post, might cop this now


It was when I ordered it, but I'm not sure about now.


I ordered one about 3 weeks ago for 179. Great chair.


You got a great deal, it's 310 on Corsair site


When my secret labels material breaks down I'll probably make the switch. Wanna give a small review?


Small Review Came in a massive box, meaning less parts made it easy to put together. This thing is heavy and feels extremely high quality. The seat portion is very comfortable at default tilt level and the back is adjustable via the synchro mechanism. The back of the chair has noticable lumbar support but the top slopes a little too much so I recommend getting a head pillow. All of the seams and general craftsmanship of the chair are incredible. There's only a few slight dents in the foam beneath the fabric from being compressed against in the box but they don't effect the comfort of the chair. The arm rests are just regular 3D adjustable gaming chair ones but they feel rather nice compared to most other gaming chairs I've felt. All in all it's a heavy, well-crafted piece of furniture and is very comfortable without being flashy. I'm very glad I made the plunge.


Wow that seat is thicc


I have a TC60 and it’s really confortable


How comfortable is the seat portion?


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Looks like ass


frfr if you plan on sitting for extended time invest in a good chair. Gaming chairs are next level cringe to me and many other chair nerds. You can find many good options in different budgets but a quality office chair can be sat in for hours on end because they're made for that its the main function. Herman miller even have more budget constrained models. Steel case and Herman Miller are a good example to see what good chairs look like.