The Architects


The Architects, personified as Tess Everis


The Guardian seems to be a person who lives with no regrets. From the lore entries, we are always about making people happy. It's why Saint-14 idolizes us. From Shadowkeep, our Nightmares took the form of previous Big Bads, but that seems kind of a cop-out. If I had to guess, its more what they represented to the things we strive protect than to us personally. From a narrative standpoint, it would make more sense to focus on Ghost's fears. We seem pretty cool with interacting with the Darkness, as much as Ghost dislikes it. I believe theres a lore entry where someone voices their concern about the mental health of Ghost having to be around Darkness so much, especially since he hates how it uses him as a mouthpiece to reach out to us from time to time. He's obviously reluctant, and reassures us (and himself possibly) that he trusts us with Darkness. Can you imagine if we had a Nightmare Ghost on our shoulder voicing his insecurities? A Ghost that is angry that we chose to wield the Darkness he hates so much? One that berates us for our recklessness?


I like this idea. It gives the guardian a nightmare without Bungie having to create a concrete guardian who has a set personality and story for them. Makes me wonder who would nightmare ghost summon to fight us? Maybe one of the bosses from Destiny 1?


> Makes me wonder who would nightmare ghost summon to fight us? surely ourselves, no? perhaps a corrupted, almost beastial form of ourselves?


Us from the Thin Line lore.


Us with a goatee. As God intended.


Things... just got out of hand


I don’t know why people are so opposed to the Guardian actually having a personality as opposed to being a plank of wood. Also our Guardian very much does have a personality. In the lore they drink, laugh and show off pretty much every chance they get.


Can you point me in the direction of this? From my understanding, it’s us talking in the Gally lore tab so I knew we were showing off, but that’s about all I ever found.


Better yet, I can easily see how Ghost‘s Nightmare would be *the Young Wolf ourself,* a version of the Guardian that is everything Ghost is scared we could become through our interactions with the Darkness - a power hungry and cruel person with an unending greed and the full knowledge that if we were to give in, there are very few people who could even try to stop us.


Would be kinda neat to have to fight ourselves, and uplifting thematically if the light-borne, real version of ourself is able to surpass our ghost's nightmare.


Didn't expect weak foe Therefore, Time for introspection


The Warlord.


This is the best one!


characterizing ghost rather than the guardian would make me happy, as: - we'd be addressing ghost's fears (he's been having them since forsaken and we've just ignored him!!!) - bungie wouldn't be characterizing our guardian, who is left as a blank slate for us to imprint on. i know i like giving *my* guardian her own stories and background, i wouldn't like bungie to impose a strong personality on her.


> Can you imagine if we had a Nightmare Ghost on our shoulder voicing his insecurities? I fail to see a difference. Our current ghost is kind of a wimp, especially compared to the likes of Sagira (RIP). > A Ghost that is angry that we chose to wield the Darkness he hates so much? One that berates us for our recklessness? Anger I like. As Failsafe says, a little shock might give him some spine, and he desperately needs one. Oh here’s an idea… Nightmare Ghost is played by… Peter Dinklage.


Need a throwback to the water temple Our biggest nightmare should be a version of our own Guardian consumed by Darkness


I have a theory about why the guardian has no regrets, and it's pretty much the opposite of your take. The guardian - all guardians, really - are an army of undead soldiers who completely lack empathy and live only for loot. Life means nothing to them and their sole motivation is greed. So that's why we seem so care free. We literally are. Free of caring about anything. It's why we don't fear the darkness. It seems powerful, and we want that power. And we'll kill you a billion times until the engram with your power in it finally drops (looking at you, Atheon).


Guardians in lore aren’t as loot hungry as guardians in game are. Well, they are, but most still care about the well being of citizens. It’s why the vanguard even exists. Plus, the reason Guardians are so jumpy all the time is because they’re all on antidepressants. Source: Jade Rabbit lore.


>they’re all on antidepressants We really are just playing ourselves in the future, aren't we?


I’ve been running 3x Atheon for months and still no goddamn Mythoclast…


That stinks. I thought I read that they implemented a pity system to make it more likely over time?


They take no pity on me. Not looking forward to doing the catalyst.


A Scorn Crossbow Raider.


Xur selling a Gjallarhorn, you with only enough coins to pick that or Sunbracers.


Nice try bucko. Back in D1 when Xûr sold Gjally, they were called Sunbreakers.


or no backup plans IIRC


ATTENTION - Contacting Destiny 2 Servers.




I hate when that happens


Error Code: Baboon


The Guardian already faced their external nightmares in Shadowkeep, part of why they and Eris are key in the current mission. If they have any internal nightmare, more of a regret or a fear of what could be, taking a page out of FFXIV or Undertale I picture it being You, the Player. That part of the Guardian's mind that enjoys the slaughter of thousands just to see the numbers go higher, that sees death purely as an inconvenience and a wipe of their killing spree, that is more annoyed at people in the city when all they want to do is get missions and killing bounties. The part of them that will summon demons, tear through dimensions, and shatter timelines for the sake of getting a slightly better gun, and calls them "activities". The part of them that, if given the choice between a 50-step quest or slaying Caital in order to get a new exotic, would at best consider the option or at worst immediately slay an ally. In game, it would be a copy of the Guardian criticizing them why they don't just say screw earth and actually take Calus up on his offer.


I like this idea. From our perspective, we act this way because we know it’s a game, but from a story perspective, it would address why the guardian is so willing to delve in darkness, and kill enemies without question


Spiders. Something has to be putting those webs on the moon, and it's been doing it since D1. I know those fuckers are out there somewhere.


Moths also make webs - their caterpillars do it to protect themselves. So good news, it's probably just thrall hanging up all the gossamer gunk


I feel so much better with this knowledge


Cabal drop pods.


Realistically, I would assume Cayde, but he’s with Ikora. If they had to shoehorn something in, maybe the Speaker, since we don’t really have attachments to anyone else dead, besides the bosses we faced in Shadowkeep.


Saint had some huge attachments to the Speaker, he was considered the Speaker's son, in fact. I feel like if anyone's going to have a nightmare of the Speaker it probably would be Saint before us.


Oh, that’s a good point. I wonder who else is left for us.


In Tresspasser lore tab we learn Cayde is Ikora's nightmare. I think for us it's Calus; without the Guardian's help he wouldn't have been able to deliver the Skorn to the Witness.


Why has nobody said the obvious one? You come around a corner on the leviathan and hear *"No word from Fenchurch today..."*


Pretty sure from the occasional flavor text signifiying a Nightmare spawning in the Derelict Leviathan, that our Nightmare is losing our Ghost. Some residual trauma from the shock of the Red War and probably refined by the way Cayde died.


I don't know about regret, but the one enemy who truly challenged our power (by taking it away) was Ghaul. There are things like Atheon literally removing us from time, but canonically that doesn't happen. Ghaul *acutally, canonically,* took away the light, and without that fragment of the traveller, may very well have succeeded in his plans. The other I could see would be the Marksman from Forsaken. The Guardian probably regrets not being there at the time of Cayde's death. In the cutscenes afterward we basically give Zavala the middle finger for the sake of revenge. Admittedly Uldren (well, Riven really) was behind the whole thing, but the Marksman made Cayde mortal.


We already faced our nightmares during Shadowkeep.


The guy who came up with double primary weapons ha


Don’t know about the Guardian. I can tell you now though, that all the working, testing and reworking Bungie devs put in to making sure Telesto doesn’t break the game after each update is probably a massive nightmare. Don’t know what the count is at but I believe it’s been a while since the last incident.


A PvP Hunter in general.


A good pvp hunter makes me understand that I am a shit pvp hunter


PvP hunters are on a huge spectrum. Of course theres the hunter who pops invis, appears behind you, shotguns you and your entire family, and then burns down a children's hospital, but theres also the one who dodges into a wall and then throws a grenade at their own feet. I like the variety


I love seeing people bring out the best in their class. Getting annihilated from the skies by a Warlock is still impressive and I just started to learn how much dominance Titans have for zone control. Especially with Stasis.


A trials squad of pre nerf shatterdive hunters


I still have nightmares about Shatterdive.


It should be Cayde.


This right here. The guardians biggest regret I believe is not being there for Cayde. After all, all of Forsaken was about getting revenge. Look at the nightmares and scorn. It really seems like build up for us facing Cayde. It's a demented messed up thing to do.


I agree with your reasoning. The fact that Cayde says "this ain't on you kid" to me immediately felt like our Guardian will blame themselves over his death, ofc it was written that way but IF we'd managed to get there quicker we would could have saved him. Add that, as you say, his death caused us to become a murderous machine hell bent on revenge and for me, it only makes sense for it to be Cayde. It would also fit in with the fact that most of the Destiny player base regret his death and their inability to save him (IMO).


Bungie finally releasing the "+20 Range" masterwork for Malfeasance that's been in the database since the day the gun was added to the game... The day before they launch D3. Edit: "game", not "loot pool".


Consequences of our actions for choosing to either side with the Vanguard or the Drifter, gonna spilt the population


I remember being asked this question in game, but I have no clue what it was for or what it meant for the player (us). Only reason I remembered is because you mentioned it in this thread


iirc if you did it within the season of drifter you got weekly(?) reward packages from either Zavala or Drifter (but cant confirm that), Drifter also occasionally called you a "snitch" if you sided with the vanguard, other than that i dont really know any consequences


I think personally it will be either A. Riven, as killing her kinda fucked the dreaming city, since we “wished” for her death giving her the power to set the three week curse. B. Savathun. Hear me out. Had we reached out to her when she first got the light, we could have had the power of the witch queen on our side, and she would have been a blank slate. Just like crow, she could have been changed. C. Taniks. The one motherfucker we could never kill. We regret somehow letting him live every single time, because he would always come back and cause more devistation.


The real nightmare is that we still don't have the Taniks cloak back despite killing the bastard again and again. Maybe in his next appearance.


Nightmare of taniks but it’s the DSC version


Nightmare of Taniks is but it's just his legs ^(Seriously, what happened to them? Are they still out there, coming for us?)


Nightmare of Taniks, except each time we kill/banish it, it comes back in a later iteration of Taniks, before finally ending with the DSC final boss edition.


And then Taniks takes the corpses of all the fallen taniks' and becomes the ultimate necromatic nightmare taniks supreme. And then he takes out Telesto.


Taniks the Grafted


Savathun very carefully planned her resurrection so that as soon as she gained the light she was taken to her throne world and re-taught most of her history by her Hive. There was never a chance for us to try and recruit her.


yeah, I get that, but she was close enough to the last city to see the traveler, which could have been used against her. I’m just saying it’s a theory


I’d be pretty surprised if Savathûn doesn’t come back into the fold of allies next year or so.


I hope Taniks just keeps coming back in different forms. I think he could've been a damn good character if only he talked. He could be like our Skeletor.




I hope taniks is a dungeon boss lmao


I totally agree.


Taniks is in lore one of our nightmares, we as the guardian faced them in shadowkeep, Ghaul, Crota, Zydron, phogoth, taniks, skolas, the fanatic and omnigul were our nightmares.


Queuing for Trials and you see the player count go from 1/6 to 4/6




Naw Telesto is Bungies nightmare.


Randal. We've taken him down almost as many times as taniks at this point. If anyone were to haunt us it'd be Randal since he just keeps coming back.


Allowing Banshee to get his hands on Telesto. Since he got telesto the tower has been crashing, our beloved npcs are popping in and out of existence. Truly this is the season of the Haunted. We guardians are forever reminded of the nightmarish powers of telesto.


We don't have one. Mainly for the fact it's hard to incorporate such a thing when the player might not have experienced certain things in the game, so having something from the past as a nightmare would be very strange ​ Also nonsensical, as we don't have anything we regret or truly fear. ​ The nightmares are manifestation of fear, regret, loss and trauma. We don't have any of that, compared to Ikora and her loss of Cayde, or Zavala and his wife, or Eris and her fireteam, or Sov and his fear of the man he once was. So on, so forth. The Guardian doesn't have anything like that tied to them ​ Sure, you can say "oh but cayde would be mine!" but that would be inconsistent as Cayde has been written to be Ikora's nightmare, and it would be hard to make Cayde important to players who never played The Taken King or Forsaken.


So maybe this is just baseless speculation but Eris also doesn't have a nightmare appear. Couldn't the explanation be we don't have nightmares because we dealt with ours and eris' nightmares back in shadow keep?


Taniks, crota, cayde, oryx ( we killed them but never assumed the taken throne thus leading to most of the current issues)


Shadowkeep exists


Loot RNG.


A floating nightmare of Telesto


Kell Echo. A died at dat mfer 20 times until I finally Solo Flawlessed the Dungeon




The entire leviathan being back


Our guardians are really dumb in the best of ways, like I'm fairly sure we'd punch the sun, die, and proceed to try again. We're incredibly stupid and we don't have fear.


Honestly I think the biggest fear you could give The Guardian is the possibility of losing the friends and family that we’ve made over the course of the series. So far losing Cayde might be considered our biggest failure even though nothing could have changed the outcome on our side.


Patch downtime


My exo hunters nightmare is the version of himself from the end of shadowkeep. He was literally ultron.


I think our nightmares were what be went through in Shadowkeep. Fighting Crota, Ghaul, Fanatic, etc again.


Hive architecture, literally pushes you if you touch it.


this https://www.reddit.com/r/destiny2/comments/uy6y5q/comic_what_haunts_you/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Okay picture this: a GIANT nightmare version of Telesto


Cayde-6 but now voiced by Steve Blum.


Floating Telesto


A bad lfg experience


That pinnacle drop you just dismantled by accident


Dont be like me started clearing out the vault looking to only keep high stat gear and dismantle the rest, i sure kept the high stat gear i suppose...


I feel like cayde would have been a fitting nightmare for our guardian as well as for ikora. The whole “you were too slow”. “I trusted you to watch my back and you never came” “you’re no hero, just a misguided lightbearer doing what they’re told”


Luke Smith, the sunset bringer


The Pyramid ships can’t haint the guardian with nightmares, because the guardian is *their* nightmare.






Maybe our nightmare is us, fallen to Darkness. We've heard some things from Elsie about the "dark future" she came from. Eris fully embraced the Dark and turned her back on humanity, so many other guardians dead or turned to the Darkness. Humanity abandoned by the Traveler and beset on all sides by traitors and corruption. It's the reason Elsie kept looping through time, to try and find the correct sequence of events to prevent that future coming to pass. The "light" timeline started with sending us to the Black Garden. In the dark timeline, other Guardians were sent instead and they ended up becoming corrupted by the Darkness at its heart, but who's to say it wouldn't have happened to us given the right circumstances? That it still can't happen to us? We're starting to use Darkness in the form of Stasis with temperance and guidance from Elsie but our universe is still just a handful of wrong moves away from slipping into that same nightmare scenario. We're constantly beating our foes just by the skin of our teeth, and it gets closer and closer every time. I believe our Guardian's true nightmare is a dark reflection of ourselves, our own player on the other side. Edit: furthermore, Crow's nightmare is Uldren. Technically they're not *really* the same people but it's still just a version of himself. So a nightmare can absolutely be based on the person it haunts, not just somebody that they've lost or fought.


I can tell you, atleast for warlocks, it's Solar 3.0


The eververse. ​ Jokes aside, the most likely answers would be (and they've pretty much all been mentioned already) 1. The Witness. Perhaps they'd manifest themself using their otherworldly McGuffin powers. 2. Parallel Young Wolf / The Guardian. We might be horrified by what we could become with the darkness and etc. 2.5. Our past self. So, hear me out on this one: What if we finally found out who we are? Or what if we had a nightmare who constantly taunted us with the fact we don't know ourselves as well as we think we do. 3. The Concept of Death, or Darkness Itself: As guardians we are constantly able to use and abuse our ability of undeath to our advantage, but we always get a peek into what happens when the safety blanket is yanked off and a guardian has their final death. Our Guardian by now has heard of and seen many countless scenarios where a Guardian's Light just wasn't enough...the most prevalent example no matter how forced some of us think it may be, is Cayde. And no this isn't me suggesting Cayde is our nightmare, he's Ikora's. We are already constantly hunted and stalked by Darkness everywhere we go. Seeing some sort of nightmarish manifestation wouldn't be too far off, right? 4. Ghaul or Calus. The two powerful giants who completely outclassed and kicked our asses right out the gate. Could be because of the powerless feeling instilled in us by Ghaul (initially, before we nuked him out of existence), or because of the fact that Calus is always a good thousand steps ahead of us. He is \*almost\* untouchable and unpredictable as hell. 5. The Speaker. He was the one who first greeted the sort-of-canon guardian (The young wolf from D1). His death was awfully easy to be swept under the rug, and I suspect that The Red War will not be his last appearance. Yes I know this guy had essentially no character depth or background whatsoever, but think about it. If Bungie want to use this season to draw more attention to and expand on certain characters, wouldn't be the worst idea. 6. Quite literally our entire Rogues' Gallery (mostly the BBEGs). More than half of 'em we have so far could fit the bill all things considered. ESPECIALLY Savathun. 7. What if we don't get one? What i'm thinking is, what if instead of a nightmare we end up getting a similar vision to the one we had during the Red War? Way back then we predicted the Pyramids arriving and all that. This could end up becoming a sort of solo mission for the Guardian that the Vanguard and even Eris cannot sanction or understand. At the end maybe we would get a better grasp of how to control the darkness like we do the light and acquire more power. Could even potentially add in how to proceed against The Witness. We could go "rogue" and use contacts like The Drifter to get around.


Wouldn’t Cayde make most sense? Too bad he probably won’t be back for VA availability reasons. Would be cool as a nightmare appearance. A vindictive and malicious Cayde nightmare.


A nightmare of cayde is currently haunting ikora I believe so we may actually get that, with his forsaken VA I would assume


Cayde-6 obviously, we didn't get to him in time.


Hovey's No Land Beyond


My guardian's nightmare is the Speaker from Destiny 1 just saying "I could tell you of the great battle, centuries ago... I could tell you of the power of the Darkness, its ancient enemy. There are many tales, told throughout the city to frighten little children. Lately those tales have stopped. Now... the children are frightened anyway." And then the truly horrifying part happens: *HE NEVER FUCKING TELLS ME*. The complete and total lack of backstory, story story, and character motivation in this game haunts my dreams. Plenty of setting. AMAZING setting. Holy hell the world building, the lore - *oh the lore is magical*. BUT WHO THE FUCK AM I AND WHY AM I SUPPOSED TO CARE ABOUT THESE CLOWNS? Rahool? Fuck him. The Speaker? Got what he deserved. Holiday? She's cool but WHY IS SHE DATING CROW WHAT THE FUCK?!? Seriously who decided that bit of writing was a good idea? I guess the Speaker just didn't have time to explain. I swear all of the dialogue in D1 is just cringey as fuck.


He said he could tell you not that he would


Correct. It's infuriating. The writers fully recognized that this was a perfect opportunity to provide backstory and really give the player some motivation to continue fighting, and then chickened out. They do this sort of thing constantly in Destiny 1 and it was infuriating. D2, at least, was immediately motivated thanks to Ghaul's attack. Though I have no clue how this plays out for new light nowadays. Probably makes no damn sense at all.


I don’t think we should get a Nightmare because the Guardian is meant to be yours to craft. Personally speaking, my Guardian is already living a constant nightmare between the Pyramids, the egregore, Stasis everywhere and the Witness’ impending arrival. If it had to be any one thing in particular it’d probably be Savathûn, if only because of how frustrating she was from a narrative point of view.


Forever 29.






Overload champions from VotD, queuing against a full pre-made alone, forsaken pvp metas and dinklebot, and our biggest nightmare having to speak more than 3 lines per year.


Promotion to a desk job!


Mine is just a phantom floating set of Ruin Wings and the icon for Iron Harvest.


Personally if I could choose, I'd say not being able to save Cayde.


All the Black Armory weapons that's been sunsetted


What if they just have PTSD, I feel no matter how good of a deed you're doing you will end up messed up. Or failure idk


A GM Wyvern slowly flying up and readying its attack.


Variks without any clothes on (scary)


Watching the first tower fall, failing the last city. Probably a bit obvious but hell we faced gods and come out on top, I think the only thing most guardians fear is failing themselves/humanity/or potentially the Traveler.


master lost sector giving nothing


I would love to see cayde as some sort of nightmare we have to fight at somepoint. It wouldn’t be right to bring him back alive, but a nightmare version would be very interesting to see


**Nightmare of Competitve Teammate, the Crummy** "*Maybe if you'd carried a little harder, Guardian, it wouldn't have mattered that I ran out and died 15 times in a row. That other team wasn't even very good, anyway. They were just using cheese builds. Still...it must have hurt to lose, especially when that Hunter teabagged at the end. And you had twice his KD, too...but I still blame you. Just like I did in chat."* **Nightmare of Strike Buddy, the Quick** "*Bounties? Who has time for bounties? Or quests? I do strikes and I do 'em quick. Looks like you're going to have to do another one after this to get that objective done. Too bad...too bad."* **Nightmare of Gambit Player, the Oblivious** *"Me Guardian1234. Me pick up 14 motes and run at yellow bar with shotgun during invasion. Me die. You need do seven more Gambit matches finish weekly. Me never change tactic. Me in EVERY Gambit match."* **Nightmare of Raider, the Salty** The Post: *LF3M VotD run kwtd dm raid report quick run* The Subtext: *I am a loud thirtysomething man with a rural accent and a foul mouth who isn't good at raiding. I will alienate at least one team member and rage.* **Nightmare of Error, the Guitar** "*So, you thought you were going to finish Petra's Run..."* **Nightmare of Telesto, the Realitybreaker** *"I am inevitable."*


nightmare of luke smith, vault curator


Yeah a ghost that never shuts up no matter how many times you fry its wiring, shoot it, send it through the void, shove it up a hives arse it just won't shut up been a whiny fucking pussy arse bitch. "Look pussy i know you don't like being the fucking key i hear this every damn day i fucking know so shut the fuck up before you give our position away and turn that fucking light off. This is a stealth mission so ssssssshhhhhhhhhhh"


2 Tokens and a Blue….


Those cabal shield guys


My personal canon is that our nightmare would also be Uldren, but him being attached to Crow spared us from dealing with him. I've noticed that Uldren's nightmare directly addresses us multiple times, something Eris' nightmares never did.


Lfg div run sanctified mind


"Chaos Reach with boots is better than Novabomb"


Our nightmare is Taniks. Again.


Whatever you want it to be. That's why we didn't offer anything, and why they don't show us with a Nightmare. You decide what you offered, and you decide your nightmare.


Them beavers, bats and cabbages :D


Nightmare of Mote Bank, Scourge of the Gambiteer It's a red mote bank that sinks into the ground and screams "YOU'RE BLEEDING MOTES, WHACK THE BLOCKERS" at you whenever you approach. Occasionally other indistinct red humanoid shapes can be seen running around it but never to it, and every so often one will fall in a death pose as the sound of a gjallarhorn firing plays and some motes will fall into the floor, clipping into the level geometry and being lost forever


Probably Eva talking about how Zavala and Ikora need to understand that they fight on the same side


Error code beaver


Contacting Servers definitely


Not saving Cayde maybe? Its tough to have nightmares when you crush all thats in your path.


For my guardian, it would be my dead console account left behind from before cross save was introduced.


DiSmANtlE mIneSs yEssS? Or DIE.


In actuality I dont think we have a single fear or regret But for the jokes, obviously Telesto


Our ghost surprisingly enough would be the prime candidate. We Stressed it out during forsaken with path of vengeance, it him vulnerable to the witness in shadowkeep, and not only use a force that's goes against everything it is and stands for; we got it frozen in Beyond light. We put our ghost through some shit, and even though it would probably try to console us; say that wasn't our fault or it was fine with our actions: the witness probably wouldn't let us see it that way.


I personally subscribe to the idea that the bosses from shadow keep were our nightmares. With the world constantly placed on our shoulders, the guardians biggest fear is failure, of not being able to handle the challenge. That is why they have an invulnerable phase. Making them vulnerable and killing them is sorta like the guardian giving himself a pep talk and moving on.


"Your being invaded!" ... but I'm in the tow- *starts of Destiny 2*


Cayde-6 Nightmares all seem to be about failure. Zavala's failure to protect his wife, Eris' to save her fireteam, Crow's to escape his past as Uldren. We don't know yet Caitl's history with Gaul (as far as I know) but I expect that will be some failure too. Cayde is our great failure. We failed to get there in time to save him, and Crow walking around slowly becoming Uldren again reminds us we failed to avenge him as well.


Cayde-6. He died while on a mission with us, maybe our guardian blames themselves. Edit: nevermind Cayde is Ikora's nightmare


I think our character has no nightmares for reasons that vary depending on how recently the character is created. Guardians who are from the time of The Red War seem to have Ghaul, Fikrul, and Crota as nightmares until vanquishing them at the climax of Shadowkeep. New Lights don't really have past traumas because they are newly risen, free of the burdens of the past. What could be left these days? Probably the Traveler. Crushing Hive Ghosts is presented as a disturbing experience, as well as the revelation that the Traveler resurrected Savathun and that it might be willing to abandon humanity for the throne world. A boss fight against a nightmare of the Traveler... that would be something!


Personaly? the god damm automated vacuum cleaner from zero hour.


The middle of a dense enemy firefight when all of a sudden… your speakers scream. WHOOOOP! “DISMANTLE MINES, YESSSS?”


I would think Cayde is the best idea for a nightmare for the Gurdian. Of course, he is Ikora's nightmare, but just think of it: there was only one moment where Young Wolf, despite their almighty powers and god-slaying experience completely failed. The Red War comes close, but it's just not the same level: when the Guardian goes after Ghaul it is to take back the City, the Light and everything, when Guardian goes after Ghaul it is to fix things. When Guardian goes after Uldren and the Barons, it is already too late to fix anything. When Guardian goes after Uldren, it is to avenge. That is the difference. In one situation, Guardian's might is able to fix things after they fail. In the second one, they already failed, and no matter what they will do from now, no matter how many they kill, there is no fixing those things - Cayde will be dead forever. Imagine if something like this were to happen again - Guardian fights with all their might, but it is just not enough to stop another tragedy. For someone seen as the strongest, I believe there would be no worse nigtmare than "What if I won't be enough again?". After all, if ***the Guardian*** is not enough - ***nobody*** is.


A bit late, but a nightmare Oryx would be interesting, albeit unlikely. Maybe a nightmare missing Asher Mir, Sloane or brother Vance? Otherwise, maybe the real nightmare was all the people we met along the way.


My Guardian's nightamre is the Vex Mythoclast that wont drop for me for the nth time


My Titan: Aksis My Hunter: The speaker My warlock: a long forgotten friend


our Nightmare is Tr3-vr


I think it might just be what we saw in the garden that copy of ourselves




I would say cayed 6 the one person we couldn't save and he would probably send uldren after us how cool would it be to fight him after all we didn't in forsaken and in the lore he was very powerful


My Guardians have vague backstories that I’ve given them, and they sorta work for Nightmares My Hunter’s Nightmare is a Titan he used to fight alongside and wasn’t able to save My Warlock’s Nightmare is the wife she lost in her first life My Titan’s Nightmare is the fear of not being able to “be the wall” as all Titans do, manifesting in the form of Zavala


Being forced to use nightstalker 3.0.


Edge Transit


Full post office.


Edge Transit