I would go for it and maybe get a second opinion from a lawyer to help with the process.


You can only file a discrimination case based on you being a member of a protected class; race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Being a parent is not a protected class. If it truly was because of you taking a phone call, you should file for unemployment. In most states that are right to work, unemployment still requires “willful and intentional misconduct for you to be denied unemployment benefits. What you did was not willful or intentional misconduct. You would likely be granted benefits if that really was the reason you were terminated.


I’ve asked if single parents are a protected class. I know it is not; but I was also let go for picking my son up. What can next steps be?


Any back story to it? Couldn't have been fired for taking a phone call..


Only worked there for 3 weeks so for a phone call.