Frasier wants to pace himself, read the paper and eat breakfast without any interruptions. I don't think he exercises much.


No gun play nor staring contests before noon, please


Gun play in living room is a top ten quote.


Nor does he want to eat some bizarre breakfast concoction.


Only when he's pumping iron on the squash court with Niles. :D


With those extra short shorts


He actually had some damn good quads. Really should wear short shorts more often.


You have to wonder what goes on on that squash court.


Frasier hates physical activity; he can barely ride a bike. I always assume there is more social reasons behind his squash playing than the love of the game.


Yeah, I mean squash is a very physical game.


Which is why it it stands out as out-of-character for him. He never shows any other interest-or aptitude-in doing something active.


Squash is about the elitism. Look at the sweaters.


Him and Niles rock the squash court though


He certainly isn't going to try to get in an early-morning bike ride at the park.


He wants to ease into the day. He has a morning routine, which gives him the buffer between being helpless shortly after waking up, and facing the day. That is the persona 'Frasier', and he confirms that in several episodes.


If I had to talk to random morons and help them with their problems each day, I'd make sure I have several hours of me-time before, too.


Except when he tells Roz he's more of a morning person when it comes to his critique card.


Hes talking about sex though lol not quite the same


I think part of the "morning person" gripe is simply that he's just had his dad and a physical therapist move in and he resents it. But I don't think he's an early riser/exerciser. I think he thinks of himself as modern-day aristocrat leading a life of leisure, taking long scented baths and only the best coffee/food/sherry.


That’s the best explanation I’ve seen for it actually. It’s also probably a fairly modern appreciation/obsession that we see the self-improvement-gurus spout.


He isn’t a morning person. Unless it’s a morning filled with Fabulous Faye.


Forever Faye!


I always figured he wasn’t a morning person because he had an active “social life”. Frasier and Niles often go to operas and then to dinner afterwards. I wouldn’t know for sure but it would seem he’d get home around midnight or later on those days.


Plus he's drinking wine and/or Sherry at night what seems like daily, and I've never met a daily drinker who's "up with the cock" to borrow a term from Daphne.


Frasier is a man who craves luxury and what is more luxurious than taking your time in the morning with your dressing gown and coffee


While I'd prefer to be more like Niles I cannot deny I'm very much like Frasier. In more ways than one. And I f\*cking hate mornings. I need at least two hours until it's possible to talk to me without me screaming back at you.


When Martin first moves in he isn't a morning person.


I was thinking of that exact scene.


It’s because his radio show isn’t until the afternoon. He has basically nothing to do except pace and pamper himself.


Yeah, his time slot was what, 3-6? Then in the evening he'd go see a play or an opera, go on a disastrous date, probably get home late. He probably sleeps in most days.


Haha are you me BTW I like your name for it I called it the start of new cycle but I like rollover .... its fun seeing the characters at there peak to start over again and of course being blessed by that season 1 hair ....when I started going bald I joked I wanted my hair like his my other half was not amused


I think he changes quite a lot from the early seasons (leaving Boston, the bar scene, bachelor life) to the later seasons (much more introspective, snobby, maybe more caricatured). It makes sense to me that he isn't a morning person to start with, but he is moreso by the time he leaves Seattle again.


It always weirded me out how much EVERYONE walked around in their robes--even Frasiers dates would be at the table having coffee and eggs with his dad in a short ass robe as if that is completely normal behavior.


  Could switching to GEICO really save you 15% or more on car insurance? Is Doctor Fraiser Crane not morning person? **Enter scene** Martin: Morning Frasier!👴 Frasier: Dad, how times do have tell you to not let that mongrel mut sit at the table!😒 Martin: Eddie get down. **Eddie jumps down** **Frasier sits down** Frasier: Daphne, where's my morning coffee?! Daphne: All right, al right!😒 **Daphne walks in from the kitchen** Daphne: Here's your morning coffee Doctor Crane.😊. Frasier: You forgot the cream👇. Daphne:😠 **Scene ends** GEICO can save you 15% or more on car insurance.


I legitimately loved this! Well done


I've always imagined Frasier's routine to be as follows: -Wake up 7am -Make the bed then masturbate in the shower -Gown on by 7:45 am -In the living room enjoying a coffee by 8am -Relax for an hour, maybe make a small breakfast -Head back to the bedroom, dressed and ready for the day by 9:30am


One of those was not like the other


Frasier beating off in the morning is not a boon when it comes to headcanon.


Boy, that escalated quickly.