I have yet to see a youtube presentation that wasn't 90% fluff, introductions, self-promotion and setup, with 10% actual CONTENT. You don't even get a click. Next time, put down the camera and TYPE.


Obviously this is all driven by the no/low content "gurus". They are just in it to sell worthless courses and get you to click on their aff com links. And some of them are outright shameless liars and scammers like Home Boss. You are not going to learn anything actionable but if you want some entertainment check out the yt channel of sleepypilgrim, and especially his recent takedown of the Home Boss chick who claims to have book awards. He proved she bought those awards. And as near as I can see he's not selling anything other than some amusing t-shirts if you want to buy one for some odd reason.


Each book you've made is averaging less than $1/mo? Do you not value your time?


Spam for yet another crummy youtube channel. Your intention from the start was to go "guru" on this shit. Because monkey guru wannabe see monkey guru wannabe do.