Tony made everyone smarter with the Power Cosmic (Iron Man 16) and Reed said he felt dumber. The End.


Reed is 10x smarter than Tony


Reed Richards is absolutely smarter by a mile, which is why I’m excited for Secret Wars because I know I’m gonna love any interaction between them 😂 depending on who they cast as Reed of course


Tony isn't even 2nd smartest person on Earth 616. He just has better ingenuity than a lot of his peers as they often are so singularly focused on one thing that they don't really fulfill what they are capable of, potential wise.


Reed is definitely smarter (by a lot) but Tony is a much better engineer and uses his specialty in that to his advantage.




Hank Pym was the scientist supreme......sooooo. Just saying And this all comes down to the person that thinks of the thing, the person that figured out what materials could even make and, how to, make the thing, then the person that figured out how to make it bigger, better, faster, or with more


He probably wasn't. That was Loki disguised as Eternity messing with him.


Is that true?! Really?! WOW....never saw that Edit: Ok. Well it's said by comic Loki. So the very definition of an unreliable narrator. Maybe only Mephisto would be trusted less lol. But thank you for even letting me know. I don't remember reading that quite at all! It has to be added to that instance and regarded as a piece to the narrative


Yeah, Loki disguised himself as the Scarlet Witch as well during the same time and joined his team. IDK if even Loki can even keep track of his own schemes sometimes.