HoPe ThAT CLeArS iT uP 🙂


Me after making up the most ridiculous explanation to ever be written


saying the british accent was slowly developed in the 1800s is wild, neverminding saying it was a choice they all made saying there's just one "british accent" is also wild


The amount of accents, along with their differences, in the UK will never cease to amaze me.


Yeah, many different accents, and then there's whatever the hell the gibberish the Welsh speak when they talk


this sub needs a flair for americans misunderstanding rhoticity


Yeah this is a repost. That "fact" never fucking dies. Please imagine in the angry voice of Daisy May Cooper.


Only elephants and hippos have that kind of tail!


What. The actual. Fuck.


Drives me up the wall I swear


Understand it? I've never heard that word in my life 😅


In super simplified and imprecise terms and without going into any detail, a rhotic accent is when you pronounce the "r" that are after vowels in a very clear manner, like Americans do. Think of the difference between an American saying "water" and an Australian or British saying it.


There are also a great many rhotic British accents.


fwiw there is a huge range in "british" accents and mostly people are talking about a handful of specific english accents when they say this. it's not a wo'er bo'el in most of the UK and especially not in NI or scotland


I don't think all Americans do. I think a lot of AAVE speakers don't have rhotic accents, which is where the term "hard r" comes from


There's something incredibly horrible about the fact that we're suddenly talking about black people being so segregated that they have a different dialect.


Acknowledge history but do not repeat it




The last comment is just 👨‍🍳🤌🏼 Lord, grant me the confidence of an American simpleton. „Hope that clears it up!”


coupled with the effing emoji


I'll never understand how they can be so confident yet so wrong some times.


It’s the basis of American Exceptionalism - utter confidence in a bunch of BS.


Just walking confidently into a crowded room and announcing you're the dumbest person there.


That's been American foreign policy for the past 100 years. It just so happens that their sheer determination in being as confidently dumb as possible makes them unpredictable enough to win. They didn't win Vietnam or Afghanistan because the Afghans and Vietnamese both worked out how to be unpredictable smartly.


Do you have an example where it payed out to be "confidently dumb as possible"?


Arming your soldiers with shotguns, in ww1, when everyone else was using rifles. The idea was so inconceivably batshit insane, to other powers, because how the fuck would you get in range before a sniper picked you off?


If I recall, shotguns were proposed to be banned because they were considered "too violent" or something


Yeah, I know. I was attempting to be funny and people taking what I say seriously is seriously affecting my ability to maintain a 'bubble of loopiness'. If the insane universe, where there are no plans and everyone's an idiot is maintained, it can lead to others pitching in with increasingly stupid (and therefore funny) scenarios. However, being forced to recognise the existence of the bubble renders it unfunny. I hate international subs. It's impossible to be sarcastic on them because everyone takes you seriously.


Oh yeah, but I think you actually made a good point while doing so!


They generally win because they had literally 50% of the world's GDP after WWII and used their overwhelming economic advantage and huge military to build a world order beneficial to them (and after the fall of the USSR there has not been any serious competition until fairly recently with the rise of China). It has nothing to do with being "confidently dumb" because the people in charge aren't the dumbasses featured on this sub. I really hope your comment was some sort of weird joke.


It was a joke, mate. You guys aren't too good with sarcastic mockery, either, it seems. Of course you guys have master tacticians like any other country. Its just funnier to put down successes to having no plan, at all and then having that all somehow work (or not work). Watch a bit of Balckadder Goes Forth (particularly with General Melchett) to get an idea of the type of thing I'm on about.


I think it's gotten worse. Im 45 and have lived a full varied life. I know some things. I have people 10 years younger than me that haven't done much of anything, telling me how I need to do things they know nothing about. They feel very confident, yet they are so wrong, and sound so ignorant. I mean it's always been a thing that young people think they have everything figured out. Im just not seeing them transition to the stage in life where they suddenly learn that they don't know anything.


When I was in Italy some girls from Texas asked me how I learned to talk with my accent


Yeah, Texans are famous worldwide because of their lack of accent.


You forgot the smiley 🙂


Didn't you know people just "decide" to change their accents (or dialects, which is what this person is actually talking about)? I don't know why linguists spend so much time doing research on language history, when it's so simple... /s


I remember the infamous language-change-decree by King Whatshisname! Everyone had to learn either some posh, stiff upper-lip type of english or get a cockney accent! 'twas madness for a few years!


Could you imagine what the average person could accomplish with confidence like that.


Me, I am an average person. I need that kind of confidence 😩


From an italian, thanks for the correct use of pineapple hand


That's just sarcasm without the /s, you know, generation X style.


Yeah, I don't get how people are taking the last comment seriously. It has a r/KenM type feel.


it is deeply cringe


The Midwest absolutely does have accents


Everywhere has an accent (or dialect, which would be more fitting here). It's impossible to not have one.


Oh fuck yea bud, you wanna swig from da bubbler?


I'm from the Midwest and sound like I'm straight out of the movie Fargo. My accent is real and THICK.


Awe shit there bud soory bout dat, lemme squeeze right past ya!


I heard that in Canadian.


It’s the about same but instead of squeeze, it’d be scooch


There needs to be at least one “ope” and maybe an “uffda”, but yes. Throw in a “ya betcha” for good measure.


Aw geez




See, they install that TruCoat at the factory. There's nothing we can do about that.


You’re darn tootin’!


Fellow midwesterner, I dont have the stereotypical midwestern accent, closer to the mid Atlantic accent if you've ever heard that, but I do still find myself saying "ope" every now and again.


Im Australian and myself and everyone I know does the “ope” from time to time - trust me, its not a regional/US thing.


I'm from a Ohio, I sound somewhere between Wisconsin Midwestern and mid Atlantic, I also say ope :)




What do ope and oofda mean?


Thicc accent


Your accent gon' make me act up


Oh, you must be north, like West Illinois or even Wisconsin. I just visited my friends up there, I loved to hear them! I am from the southern Indiana area, and we sound like KY. My daughter visited me and we went to a laundromat where some guy was telling me his life story. I talked to him for maybe half an hour. My daughter, curiously, said nothing. Later, after we left the laundromat, she said, “Did you understand anything that man said?” I said, “You didn’t?” She thought it sounded like a foreign language, that’s because she was raised in the north and I was not.


Ope, doncha know??


Saying you speak without an accent is like saying you type without a font - both are as nonsensical as the other.


it's exceptionalism at its extreme, those guys didn't fathom that your accent sounds normal to you but not for people with other accents




🔫🦅🇺🇸🍔🏈 Me too!


Yup! Nice analogy but I think that's beyond their IQ and a little challenging


Oh that's a great analogy


Oh yeah? Well I don't use pronouns. Like ever.


so in germany we have hochdeutsch (high german), what is seen as the normal common german without accent. or is that just the accent hochdeutsch?


Yes, the way you speak is your accent, even if you have the standard accent. I imagine Swiss people or Austrians consider Germans speaking Hochdeutsch to have a German accent


You're confusing accent with dialect. Hochdeutsch is German "without" a dialect, but everyone will have a slight accent depending on their native dialect. An accent is more noticable when foreigners speak German though, since I don't think German has a crazy variety on accents. Then again that could just be me being German and not noticing the accents. Dialects are definitely more noticable though.


People need not speak a dialect in order to have an accent. I cannot speak any dialect and to the average German my accent sounds very unremarkable (I'm sure an actual dialectologist can narrow it down further, though) but to an Austrian (where I live), I'm basically wearing a huge tattoo that says "GERMAN" on my forehead.


It's still a dialect. Just because its seen as standard doesnt mean it.ismt.a dialect


Sächsische, Schwäbisch, Bayrisch, Berliner Schnauze... Germany has a crazy variety on accents


Again, those are dialects, except for Berliner Schnauze which refers to the typical Berliner way of being frank and somewhat rude while being sarcasticly friendly


Those are dialects


\[points to Deep South of the USA\] What's THIS then???


True story, I went to college for a year in North Carolina, my roommate and her family were from the state. I couldn't understand her parents at all, it was like they were speaking mandarin, they loved me because I smiled and said yes a lot. I moved back to NJ for the rest of my college years, the south just isn't for me.


now imagine for non-americans and for non-native english speakers, lol


I'm one of those non-native English speakers, I came to the US when I was 12 yrs old. It took me 6 months to learn English, but apparently six years later my English wasn't good enough to understand a deep Southern accent.


Imma have to find some examples on YouTube because the most southern accent I've encountered was Doctor Phil on TV and as a non native speaker I find the southern dialect charming.


Watch "Swamp People," come back and tell me your opinion.


The southern accent of America is like occa Australian lmao shits wild. I don't speak like a bogan with an occa accent but I'm sure to a non Australian I would sound almost as bad in some situations. But at least we know people here speak like that, and don't go around telling people we don't have accents!


“british people spoke the same until they decided to change it” lmao what?


Yes there was an edict from the king and we had to change our accent immediately. Surely everyone knows this…. /s (in case this wasn’t clear)


Black chewsday we called it. Mass confusion as nobody could understand eachother. In all the chaos the Welsh stole half our consonants.




And the people of England west of the Cotswolds didn't get said declaration because of yeah but no but yeah but sumfin or noffin innit.




Ids a roight propperr accsent is tha’, so gerroff moi lan’.




But we couldn't agree what to change it to.


I think you have to italicize the /s in order to show that you’re speaking with an accent.


Nah, yor sposed ta raht et n eye dialect


I hope that clears everything up!


This is what the first amendment is really about! Freedom of speech without accents!


All British people spoke the same and then we decided we’d come up with different accents that vary by region and town.


God gave them different accents when they tried building a tower to visit him


We didn't get too far, but at least it made a nice attraction for Blackpool.


Especially since everyone on the isles speak Dick Van Dyke parody cockney.


Exackly guvna! (jumps and clicks heels together jovially)


yeah it was a collective choice. it *totally* didnt come from a long-dead language or anything, nah. they chose it.


The greater british accent was originally Rhotic before switching to non-rhotic shortly after the american revolution for unrelated reasons. (Rich people)










“Hope that clears it up! 🙂” Never have I wanted to punch someone so much.


Give it time, you'll certainly come across more worthy candidates


I used to think I didn’t have an accent. Then I turned 9.


As a Briton living in the Midwest, I can assure you that Interstate Farty-Far and Warshington would disagree


So they're saying everyone in Britain spoke the same accent and it was only in the 1800s that we invented Welsh, Scottish, Scouse, Brummie, Yorkshire, Geordie, Brizzle, East Anglian etc accents. Right that makes perfect sense.


we all know scouse was invented to jam radars in ww2


Jesus fucking Christ. People in various parts of Britain have spoken in their own, very distinct, accents for centuries. How could anyone "decide" to do that? Would you send people across the country handing out new accents?


As a Bristolian, we don't have accents, the rest of the UK used to speak the same way but then decided to change. Hope that clears things up


The reason this person doesn’t think they have an accent is because they never left their hometown so never heard anyone who doesn’t sound like them.


Holy shit everyone speaks with an accent. I'm American and get his. Also according to Americans, no accent would be almost the Pennsylvania middle corridor going out west coast, not all Midwest, only some. But this is just the concept of what a country calls no accent, by all means it's still an accent.


Absolutely. I am from Pittsburgh, and I certainly sound like it!


Hope that clears it up 🙂


What a ‘wanker’ - said in a British accent


Which one?


1,3 & 4




isn’t that just diluted in an American accent? :p


"The universe revolves around me" - American(s)


> “hope that clears it up. 🙂” Go die in a pit of burning turds you condescending cunt


This post always does my head in, that last line gives me an aneurysm


Am American, have accent.




Ffs everybody has an accent. If you think you don’t have an accent, gtf out of your city/state/country and the locals at your destination will tell you, that you have an accent.


Ah I **have** to believe that last comment is someone taking the piss.


This person is dumb as shit. Hope that clears it up!


Literally an American from the Midwest here, and just moving to California I discovered people kept saying “what?” a lot and misunderstanding me while I’d do the same to them. And now after some years when I visit family back there the same thing happens again. Even within the US it’s clear we have accents and I’m sure it doesn’t take my dumb comment here to realize that.


They have obviously never met someone from Kentucky.


I'm from the midwest. We do in fact have accents. Very strange ones as well. It used to be a very distinct accent for this area, but now its dissolved into a strange mix of accents. I'd describe mine as a far less posh sounding mid Atlantic accent. Like the way people spoke in old movies, how they'd combine an American weatherman/radio accent with a posh English accent.


Thats why you dont drop your Kids


My cousin's gf said something similar to this. She's from Utah. She says they speak English properly there.


"hope that clears it up"


Hope that clears it up 🙂


“Hope that clears it up!” 🤣


When I was kid in Australia, we did one of those “getting to know you” questionnaires when we started a new year with a new teacher. My teacher made a point of telling me that I was the only one who answered ‘yes’ to the question “do you have an accent?” Not because I was particularly perceptive, but because I had moved over from Canada a year before, and was still clinging to my accent like a life-raft. Point is, Americans aren’t the only ones who assume they don’t have an accent. Especially if those making the statement are kids.


I just leave this here: https://youtu.be/UcxByX6rh24 or this 😂 https://youtu.be/c9kI_rAFuKA or that one 🤣 https://youtube.com/shorts/MaqwVXb2AFU?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/sFrbKOI5IEw?feature=share


Okay, I’m checking out the first video and a couple of people have already said they don’t have accents. Yes, you do. It may be because they hear their own sound in that part of the world, but you all have accents. As an overly posh Brit, this infuriates mee.


The girl in the car omg 😂 I can‘t stop laughing ffs💀 look at the comments omfg hahhahahha


Ah, once more, "The View From My Mom's Basement"! They probably don't even know what a passport is, none of them have ever been outside America (Or even their Toown/state) or they would know what an utter load of Bullshit they are talking!


I was born and raised in the Midwest and I have an accent.


Imo Americans have the least neutral English speaking accent


>*Hope that clears it up* No, I’m a lot more confused now.


Lol so the British decided to start having an accent? Ok.


The amount of times I've been told I have an accent and then they're puzzled when I tell them they do too lol


I live in the US and Midwesterners have some of the strongest accents in the country.


A robot voice is neutral, Americans have a really weird way of english


Americans really think they are the default of the world aren't they


My yankees in christ, British English is the actual English, American English is just a bunch of accents and varieties of English.


Which British English accent are we talking about being the 'actual' English?


The Queen's English. I guess it's the King's now.


So Americans don't know what accents are, should we feel surprised? Because I don't.


Surely satire.


Hey brit bongs, new Monarch, shall we change "The" accent again?


That theory about the british accent not existing before 1800 is basically a meme. It never ever occured to them that maybe they had an accent and "lost" it with time. And that "midwest don't have accent" lol if you say 3 phrase and everyone knows your from the midwest, it's called an accent.


growing up in eastern canada i never thought we had an accent. turns out the east coast has some of the strongest accents in the country. ontario accents sound super american to me. like midwest/wisconsin-y kind of accents


Everyone has an accent. So what does "strong accent" actually mean? It implies the existence of an accentless way of speaking, which is impossible. If someone tells you your accent is "strong", it just means there are pronounced differences between your accent and theirs. But the same logic would apply in reverse - why isn't their accent also referred to as strong, since it's only the differences between the two accents that is being commented on.


good point! what i mean by "strong" accent, i mean a thicker accent. newfoundland has an accent that i would describe as irish lite. compared to a british columbia accent, which to me sounds nearly american except for a few sounds that stick out to me- words like dad, bad, and mad all have this distinct canadian west coast sound. the east coast has more of what's been called a "twang". im from new brunswick and i definitely have it. rural/central new brunswick is even MORE new brunswick sounding ^((edit bc words are hard))


>turns out the east coast has some of the strongest accents in the country. Yeah those can be pretty think. My old supervisor was a Newfie, sometimes I wasn't quite sure what she was asking me. Although tbf you can pick out someone from the prairies pretty quickly too


They change it to freedom accent


The amount of head in ass ratio is baffling


"I'm from the Midwest, we don't speak with accents here!" Funny that, when I went to New York for college everyone immediately knew I was from the midwest from my accent. This is someone who has never left their hometown.


as a midwesterner who now lives in the PNW, they definitely have an accent lol


It’s always the people that put ‘hope this clears things up’ at the end of their message that speak the most shite


This is why we need to get rid of the labels that say not to drink bleach and park in geysers. Let the stupid die and let’s move on.


"Hope that clears it up!" I'm so sorry about us I really am


What is the bottom person talking about lmfao


Americans have accents _to other Americans_.


Whatever these people have been drinking, I want some. I am from the Midwest and we DO have accents. The only people who don’t notice is the ones who never travel out of their state.


I like that we managed to go all the way back around to where we as Americans are speaking actual English and the British are the ones doing it wrong/have changed it. I’ve literally never heard any actual evidence to suggest the settlers spoke like Modern Americans (Who have a wide variety of accents) and that the British used to as well but changed it because yes.


What really frustrates me is the "hope that clears it up". They have no clue that they are so so wrong but think they are so smart and helpful. No, you're not, you're like a little child that wants to tell me how air works.


The English in 1800: “yeah let’s just completely change how we speak our language because why not”


As a person from Hanover, Germany, the city most Germans claim doesn't have an accent, I sympathize. Spoiler warning: we most certainly do have an accent - as well as amazing local vernacular like "Krökeln" (table football, what Americans call foosball). And yes, we love our umlauts just a bit more than the rest of Germany does.


Why are Americans so obsessed with being 'default' people?


>Why are Americans so obsessed with being 'default' people? [The two sweetest words in the English language](https://youtu.be/RhvIISDoarU)!


I have two… southern and Great Lakes Regional. It just depends on which one decides to come out. 🤣 I think most Americans don’t believe we have them because we don’t sound fancy. We’re bland mashed potatoes by comparison.


Nah I think it’s because people don’t really hear their accent especially if they live and have grown up with people with the same accent, but most people should already know that it is still an accent.


I mean, there are some pretty big differences in American's accents too, like wtf are they talking about??? Especially to hear someone from the midwest to not have an accent???


This guy is dumb, but this is the case for everyone on the world and it's ok: no one has an accent to themselves because you can't listen to it, but you do have an accent to everyone it doesn't have the same accent.