Feels like a very scuzzy way to get free stuff…. Considering she owns her own business (lol) and is likely a very great boss babe (lol) and therefore earning lots of her own money (LOL), she should have no need to be e-begging


I clearly don't know how to post right. She sells younique and I still follow her from when I was in the cult. She made a list for people to send her gifts.


Ugh a girl I went to high school with who sold Younique did this as well. She constantly was posting about “so many of you have been asking about my baby registry”


I understand if someone followed her for years and wanted to send a little gift but it seems weird. And she is a black status she should be able to afford what she wants.


Its crazy to me the way the downline huns act like these people are gods. I cannot imagine letting someone exploit me for financial gain, generally be condescending or downright insulting, and then just sending them gifts.


I can’t with that photoshopped arm lol the grass is clone stamped in between her arm and torso lol


Omg I didn't even notice until u pointed that out!


How pathetic.


Ha.... when I worked at Wayfair a girl who just started emailed the whole office that she was pregnant, and needed things, but only in her color scheme, as well as her extensive and expensive baby registry. This reminds me of that.