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With Reality of Wrestling, Booker T could be a great mentor to this guy. Not just with Booker being an all-time great, but Booker also went to prison because he got caught up in the wrong crowd when he was young and got involved in a robbery. Booker turned his life around and wrestling helped him do it.


Booker's really the all around best person to help him get to the right track. Hope Mark Henry joins in too. He has helped some other kids


Mark is in AEW I think it might be a little tough


Not talking about wrestling. Just how to navigate life after all this. Mark, MVP are some of the best people who can help you get though that






Dominik has embraced the prison lifestyle. He wouldn't be good for helping him get on the right track.


Nathan Jones obv




Not necessarily. If it's done through RoW I doubt anyone would have a problem.


Didn't Booker rob the Wendy's that he worked at?


He’s also got family in Jacob Fatu who went through the same stuff but has carved out a nice lil career for himself in wrestling. No doubt this guy will have many people around him who can help his development.


RTruth did some time 2


Dominic not going to be happy with this gimmick infringement


Gimmick? Are you implying Ex Con Dom didn't actually serve time?




Shit him and Dominik are boys.


Nah. This adds credibility and reaffirms everything he's been saying.


I was looking for this comment.


He should go to WWE and get mentored by Dominik Mysterio But seriously, props to him for turning his life around before it's too late.


What sort of robbery gets you 6 years at 15


MVP was sentenced to 18 years at 16 for a robbery. Served 9 of them. From what I remember there was also a kidnapping charge added on to it because he locked someone in a closet during the robbery. Could be wrong on the details of that.


[Aggravated robbery in Texas](https://texas.public.law/statutes/tex._penal_code_section_29.03). In short if he threatened a disabled person or somebody 65 or older of imminent bodily injury or death or exhibited a deadly weapon (usually meaning a firearm) during a robbery, it's aggravated robbery under Texas Penal Code. The minimum sentence is 5 years, but pretty much everybody sentenced for it serves much longer terms, even minors. Six years means Zilla expressed genuine regret for his actions and the intention of turning his life around, and most likely he enrolled in educational programs for minors. Texas judges are not easily swayed. In short he paid his dues, as hard as it was, and seems genuinely determined to turn his life around. He has more than deserved the chance so far.


It's mad that a literal child can be sent to prison for six years. The legal system in America is a joke.


bro i caught a charge at 16 and got sent to remedial therapy and got it expunged. as rough as it was feeling unfairly charged as a minor for defending myself, it hasn’t impacted me in anyway and i’m so grateful to be canadian for that


Violent crime has serious consequences. This wasn’t a harmless kid getting fucked for slinging dimebags to support himself.


Doesn't matter. He was sixteen. At that age, you are practically an idiot. You don't want an impressionable teen to be doing time with career criminals just because they made one wrong decision on an impulse. The Fatu kid lucked out, but there are many others who went down a darker path because of the draconian nature of your "justice" system. In more civilized countries, offenders just get sent to a juvenile home.


16 is more than old enough to know that attempting/committing a violent robbery is wrong 100% of the time and there’s no moral grey area when it comes to it. It wasn’t a victimless crime where leniency would be expected.


My man, it wasn't that long ago sixteen year olds were consuming literal detergent for clout. You massively overestimate the intelligence of teenagers. Sure, there might be a few gifted individuals, but the vast majority are impressionable kids prone to bad influence. Teenagers may know it is wrong to commit a violent robbery, or any other crime for that matter. But the consequences will be lost to them, especially considering these crimes are often impulsive, and under the influence of their peers. Their brains literally aren't developed enough to make life-changing decisions. How many adults can tell the exact punishment for a robbery like this in Texas? And you expect the same of kids. To condemn impressionable kids to a life in prison where they can be influenced by criminals instead of addressing the material conditions that led to them committing the crime is disturbing to say the least.


It's mad that a literal child can rob a disabled person or somebody 65 years or older with a deadly weapon.


Yes, because teens are dumb, especially when they lack a support system. Maybe address the material conditions that lead to crime instead of locking up children.


I watch lots of criminal interrogation videos on youtube, and no matter the crime, the most fucked-up thing is always when effin children get sentenced to a ridiculous amount of years in prison.


Texas doesn't fuck around.


In Texas? The kind where your daddy doesn’t go to church with the judge


Depends on state but also corruption


It sounds like he is heeding the wake up call he got. Good for him, and I hope he succeeds. Always good to see a young man who is able to own his mistakes and make positive steps towards change.


Well I'm glad he's getting a second chance at life. He served his time. Now hopefully he can make something of himself in the family business. I know Jacob his cousin had legal troubles previously as well and he's done very well with himself after that. Best luck Zilla hopefully I see you in a bigger promotion.


Is it my Canadian ignorance showing but how did a 15 year old get 6 years in prison!!




Looks like it worked for him tbf


Must have met Dom in there. But real talk losing a loved one can make you do things you wouldn't normally do. You're hurting. And for some they lose themselves for a bit.


Me: resisting the urge to make a low-hanging fruit joke about a popular comedy gimmick out of respect for the seriousness of a post about a real man who actually lived through the frightening underworld of our society that is the prison system and how it changed him Wreddit: hold my beer


Thats great, but good lord do these sites employ some dogshit writers. I think ChatGPT unironically could've done a better job.


Easy to criticize hard to help mate. There are a lot of points we need to hit. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the particular post feel free to share.


I met him in a hotel during Royal Rumble weekend, first time I ever been called Uce and it was pretty cool. Hope he has a great successful career in pro wrestling.


I wish the uso much success. I'm glad he is able to get his life back on track. Booker seems like the perfect mentor for him, seeing that he had similar story before wrestling.


I bet he wasn't expecting the Dementors in there. Glad they straightened him out.


How big is this kid? Sure hope he got the good genetics.


Looks like hes almost similar to Jey and Jimmy weight.


Another member of the Bloodline brewing let's goo.


Get him trained up and have him go against Dom.


The son of Umaga was living in poverty!? Umaga was a headliner in All Japan and WWE, so where did the money go? Good lord. JR is right. *Save your money.*


Respect your dad people. Just his presence has done more to give you a normal life than we can possibly fathom


A lot of people throughout history have had really shitty fathers. Not being contrarian, but many people have incredibly toxic, abusive parental/family figures, which is probably why your comment got downvote bombed. I know you didn't intend any malice with your statement, so not attacking you.


I think it's interesting he isn't learning with his uncles. I guess it was mostly rikishi's kids that got trained at his school.


Probably due to location more than anything. I seem to remember Umaga(at leased) being Texas based for a good portion of the 2000s.


Maybe they thought it'd be good to have booker mentor him


True. Rikishi was also down a dark path if I remember correctly but turned his life around after getting shot rather than going to prison, so it's fairly different I guess. His experience inspired the "make a difference" fatu character.


Zilla has a YouTube channel. Shows his training. He has a video tagged with wwe, uso, solo and umaga. I wonder if he has an agreement already with WWE?