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He looks happy


Is it just me, or [does he kinda look like Kane here?](https://i.imgur.com/6kkRDoI.jpg)


Man I find it weird that Orton & Cena are getting old now


Getting old sucks


They both hide their teeth when they smile and it looks dopey and terrifying at the same time.


Lilteethgang got to stick together


Bob Orton Jr. did/does the same.


Looks just like Cowboy Bob the older he gets


Cowboy Bob hit the wrestling legacy lottery.


That was my first thought.


"Ooh ooh. Kane strong. Ooh ooh! Kane beat Randy Orton!"


That was my first thought! I had to do a double take. I was like, Glenn that you?


he looks like [toothless](https://i.imgur.com/KUhEuVo.jpg) from how to train your dragon


Shit man I thought that said “last pic of Randy Orton” and I almost had a heart attack.


it is pretty awesome!


Because he's about to ruin their day by giving them an RKO


Bulking season 💪




Duck season!


Rabbit season!


Rabbit season!


Duck season FIRE!




Jimmy? RILEY






Prayers and vitamins, brother.


Yeah, my man on the left is looking pretty jacked. Oh, also Randy.


Looking more like his Dad facially


I would not be upset in the slightest if we got a Cowboy Randy Orton run.


Cowboy Randy tag team or rivalry with Cowboy Brock lesss gooo


Managed by Jimmy wang yang




I'm all for it but instead of an arm cast he wears a loaded shoulder sling


That was my first thought too, major shades of Cowboy Bob Jr. But as long as he's happy and healthy.


Lmao at how this is phrased like looking like Bob Orton and being happy/healthy are mutually exclusive.


That man had a broken arm for years. I think it's fair that they're mutually exclusive!


You would think he'd learn that by using the cast as a weapon he only prolonged the need for it but c'est la vie.


I'd pop if he started using the cast gimmick as part of his last run, just once or twice


I was thinking that.. its kinda crazy how people sometimes morph right into their parents. Aging is even crazier. Not taking a shot at Randy’s looks or anything but that dude was like a 10/10 in handsomeness just a decade ago


The same with Shawn Michaels, he went from being the ‘sexy boy’ of professional wrestling to... well you’ve seen him now


Looks like Ed O'Neill


All you have to do is photoshop a cowboy hat and a cast on him and he'd be his spitting image!


Polo Ass


On this day we are all Polo Ass.




Today, I feel Polo Ass.


Pictures taken moments before a surprise RKO. But really he looks great. Those biceps tho.


Bigger biceps = bigger RKO impact.


Getting ready to debut the RK-Choke submission.


The RandyKOnda vice.


The viper with some pythons


Yup. Green shirt on the left is in perfect position to nail him with one. Randy will never see it coming.


Polo Ass is almost definitely in the NXT name generator somewhere.


Billy Gunns third illegitimate son


Randy’s whole aura now gives off massive vibes of someone who realised that they knew absolutely nothing during a period where they believed they had everything all figured out, and he seems so much happier in himself as someone who actually takes the time to listen and understand people


Everything I have seen from him over the last 3-5 years, he seems like a dude that has grown up an incredible amount.


I mean when you go from leaving a grumpy in Kelly Kelly's luggage to taking photos with down syndrome kids you know you've grown a little.


It’s like he looked at Cena and was like, “damn, he looks like he’s having a blast helping people…”


> leaving a grumpy


Why do they call it taking a dump? It should be called leaving a dump.


What I do with my dumps after they've been laid is my business


You could call it laying a dump, too. Excellent point, Shelton.


Funk dat!


Haha Damn good memory! I couldn’t remember what [video](https://youtu.be/Z72CNy9GLq0) it was.


I always thought it was punching a grumpy


He’s still out there liking antivax content though. So, some growing to do still.


Not like we look to wrestlers for their intelligence (RIP Genius)


I'll never understand why people care so much about the beliefs of celebrities. I just wanna see Randy RKO people


I don’t give a damn about his beliefs. But Antivax is not a belief, it’s a straight up misinformation which leads to deaths of people. I do give a damn if someone who people look upon is sharing that.


His beliefs aside, it's just weird that people go through his likes and then act as if he is promoting something. I may disagree with his views, but it's not like the guy was actively posting antivax stuff, people just went digging.


Yeah, but we all know how social media works in that regard. If you’re following Randy, his liked tweets will end up on your timeline as “Randy Orton likes this” and maybe someone will just go down the rabbit hole. That behavior may or may not be on Randy, but still it’s something that is a lie, plain and simple, but a lie which affects other peoples lives and he should be aware that his like has much more weight than mine or yours.


And these are their social media handles that are publicly advertised. This isn’t a snapshot from the private family chat or a DM. Going down that rabbit hole will make your algorithms realllll weird


If you tell Twitter you don't want to see "X likes this" Tweets enough it'll stop, I haven't seen one in years.


Same. My issue is that there are impressionable people who *do* care a lot about what these people tweet and like, and that has an effect. I couldn’t say either way whether someone decided to not get vaccinated because Randy liked a tweet. There’s simply no way to know. But there are people who are now dead because someone they were influence by suggested vaccines were something other than beneficial to public health, and that’s concerning.


Maybe they care about the beliefs of other people they share the planet with when them beliefs directly effect them and people they love? Or maybe they care because others look up to them and then people take their personality from things they look up too


He’s definitely still conservative, but even in that regard on its face his Twitter likes seem to be a real scatter shot of ideologies. I’ll put it this way, his views themselves seem probably still pretty terrible but he does seem open minded and willing to listen to other perspectives. It’s a low bar but he’s not out here checking off the right wing check list with anti-trans tweets and white supremacy. Again, lowest of low bars… but so many are unable to clear it.


Don't we all. The growing part not liking the antivax part..


Wow he liked a couple of tweets 😳


Picture being 22 years old making a million a year, national TV and the hottest prospect in the business. Orton grew up in front of all of us. Sometimes it takes becoming a father like it did with him. Truly gifted performer. Gonna miss that guy if he can't come back.


He used to be a piece of shit; slicked back hair, white swim suit, sloppy steaks, white couch. But he's not that guy anymore. People can change.


I'm worried that the baby thinks that people can't change.


You think this is slicked back??


People have been saying this since like 2015 lol. Anytime there’s a video or picture of him having fun.


Redditors don't form their own narrative challenge (Impossible)


I couldn't imagine being on TV at like 22 and how badly that would have gone to my head, in addition to just being a dumb young adult.


Now he needs to slaps the shit out of Riddle and get him back on track


Looking real jacked baby


Yeah buddy!


I think Orton is the first big challenger to Cody as champ and makes a return on the Raw after Mania.


Considering their history that could make for some great promos


Special guest referee Ted DiBiase Jr.


Dude's clearly happily working in a warehouse now. Jeez, just let people move on.


It is notoriously a great place for anyone with back problems.


I've been wanting this for years. Problem is that Orton probably needs to come back as a babyface, but it's also Orton so turning immediately isn't out of the question


Randy is always the go to feud for a first time world champion.


Shit. His character arc may have him returning at Mania to RKO Cody to prevent Cody from winning. Roman retains via RKO. Mega heel heat and another year of Roman being champ until Cody wins next year's Rumble or this year's MiTB. Yes, it's unlikely and ridiculous. Still...never count out a swerve.


That would fucking suck.


Yeah it would.


> another year of Roman being champ Ugh...please no


I guess it's way past enough.


I actually think a huge swerve could actually happen at Wrestlemani Mania. *Tripling down* on Roman would mean that WWE has an extremely high level of confidence in where they’d want to take Roman’s story for 6-12 months and they money they would make because of it. We are due for a SummerSlam announcement soon — if there’s still opportunities for a major market show (New York, Chicago) where Roman could drop the belt — there’s no major need for him to drop in LA. Sami is so hot and Cody is on fire it’s a situation where one may need to cook off a bit more before the other is crowned. The bad booker in me would take Cody Rhodes heel coming off a loss at wrestlemania. You could probably do a Cody/Sami angle post-mania going into a Backlash and it could be a main event match at Money in the bank in London. Roman can spend the spring/summer rebuilding or dismantling the bloodline. Roman winning at Mania throws a lot of the upper card in a whirlwind — but leaves a major door open for young stars like Theory, Gunther, Breakker and more to get at chance at the most dominant champion in modern WWE history. Roman has only beaten established main eventers, legends and celebrities during his run. Giving those young stars an opportunity to get the rub is very critical IMO. Whom else elevates these talents otherwise? I suspect WWE/Vince did consider letting Roman to cross the length of Hogans 80s four year run to get a part of hogan out of the WWE lore. That decision probably was made going into last years wrestlemania if that is the intention. And all of that is before you even consider The Rock as an x-factor and a looming sale/merger/acquisition.


I've been working with adults with developmental disabilities since 2006, and they have got to be the bigget wrestling fans on earth. It's so nice to see the wrestlers spending time with fellas like this, I know this would be a dream come true for some of the people I support.


Growing up this girl in my youth group was a wildly big fan of wrestling. I know it was her disability but I swear it was like keeping kayfabe. Without fail every single time the rumble was brought up she would get upset because “there’s no way they can throw out the Big Show!”. To this day I’ve never seen or heard about a bigger Big Show mark than her. She absolutely loved him no matter what. I wish more wrestling fans had that passion that she had.


I'm right there with you! 20+ years in the field and everytime WWE is close to our area there are so many folks ready to go. This would be a dream come true for them as well.


> I’ve been working with adults with developmental disabilities since 2006, and they have got to be the bigget wrestling fans on earth. My stepmom was a social care worker when I was growing up, and outside of her day job there was one man (who had Downs) that she helped on a daily basis, so young me also helped out and we became friends. Dude was *THE* biggest WCW fan I've ever known. Could tell you any "fact"about any of their wrestlers in kayfabe, it was truly impressive. Something like this would have absolutely made his year, if not life. Good on randy.


We have a one year old with a developmental disability. I hope his worlds looks like this as an adult.


I have thought about this a lot since leaving the field, but man people with disabilities were absolutely bananas about WWE! They were so fun to work with!


My special needs niece got to see wwe on the floor at Madison square garden with my ticket. Millions of wrestling fans can’t say that. I’m so happy she got to do that.


A man of the people


Alright so he’s definitely been in the gym


Doing nothing but curls apparently


As someone who works in the field of human service I can see he's likely helping out at a small day program/work center for the mentally delayed. Probably helped these two dudes packing boxes, assembling small project parts for other medical facilities and etc. The guys working at these places are more often than not huge, huge wrestling fans. Probably meant the world to them, thank for that Randy


They don’t pay him enough he needs another job while injured?


imagine walking to work and the crossing guard is Randy Orton


Based on what kind of place it looks like he might be at, nobody is getting paid anywhere near enough. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheltered_workshop


It depends. It may be a shitty sweat shop, but it could also be a technical institute giving people with disabilities enough skills to avoid places like that.


Some things with what you’ve posted: A lot of people with disabilities get jobs at places like this under a few conditions. Now, for what I’m about to day, this applies to places that follow the rules and run operations as they should… 1. Many, if not all, are employed through some kind of case worker who places them in jobs based on their strengths, behavior, and paths to growing at an appropriate rate. 2. Wages are low because many, if not all, of the individuals who work there already receive some kind of funding to help them live, through state and federal support programs. If those individuals make a certain amount a year, or have enough in their savings at any given time, they could lose the state/federal funding. You might ask: why not give them a liveable wage? It’s a valid question, but the argument here is where is the line for termination and negotiation for such wages? It leaves businesses susceptible to lawsuits based on what’s spelled out in the ADA and other various laws pertaining to employment. I’m not siding with businesses on this: everyone should be entitled to a thrivable wage, but until our system of employment as a whole changes, you won’t see that happen for people with disabilities. And until their system of support, in regard to Medicare and Medicaid and the rules of supplemental income change, you’ll never hear of a swath of businesses considering a livable wage for them either. People with disabilities who can live on their own with support, or need a lot of help, need that supplemental income, and making more would endanger that. This is a no win situation at the moment for a population that desperately needs it.


I was always under the impression that in most cases, these types of jobs were less about the money and more about helping them to actualize, they're still adults and adults work, and obviously with the obstacles they face in life, they want to feel like they fit in so having a job probably helps with that, and gives them an opportunity to meet people, it's to help them feel less different. Obviously their output at work is often going to be substantially less than the average employee (definitely not in all cases), so equal pay for an output that wouldn't be acceptable otherwise would kinda be a slap in the face for everyone else.


This is exactly it. The job isn't meant to support them.


Some jobs do that, where they might be more recreation based or something that is used as a launchpad to integrate, but others are indeed more production based. For example, where I used to work, on the same bus you’d see a group ready for a day of coloring, games and field trips, another would be ready to paint decoy ducks, and another group would be ready to help assemble car parts (smaller ones). It just depends on what they signed up for and what’s available. Those with production based jobs made more, but their hours probably varied due to state laws regarding income. Still, they had more to spend.


Thank you for your comment. As someone whose been disabled since they're 16 years old, I feel seen with this comment. I'm very high functioning for someone with my disability and still fall into this pits you described. I'd love to work somewhere that pays more than minimum wage and I'd love to take on more than 23 hours a week, but that would put me over my trial work months for SSDI. SSDI and Medicare make it so I can afford an apartment and my medical expenses/prescriptions are covered, but I still need LIHEAP for my electric bill, SNAP for groceries, financial assistance for my internet. I'd need a job paying close to $18+ to make more than I do with those benefits and jobs like that would require a good work history amongst other things, which I don't have due to symptom flare ups and call offs for all my appointments. It's like once you get caught in this life saving net to keep you from falling through the cracks, you become so entangled in different agencies and forms of assistance that its very difficult to get out from that net and try to earn a livable wage. Plus, there's always the fear that if my symptoms get worse, for me it's my Schizoaffective Disorder and psychotic symptoms, that if I lose that job I'll have to spend potentially years of applications to receive those benefits I had before trying to get that livable wage.


That's an awfully large jump from a single photo my dude.


Illegal in many states and many others are phasing it out. It’s going to take a while though.


Randy went from a shithead to a pretty good dude in the recent years


I'm in STL. I can say that even during peak shithead years, he was big on coming back home and helping the community. He'd drop in on charity events with all kinds of autographed memorabilia for raffles/silent auctions and whatnot. It was truly odd seeing this guy murder my childhood on TV and then drop by some banquet hall in BFE and be super kind to everyone. I think he was a bit of a product of a more toxic era that he just had to outgrow.


Oh I don't doubt he was a great guy for his community I was more so talking about the shithead antics he would do backstage


Having kids will mellow out a man lol.


And sometimes tell a dude to lay off the pills. Same thing happened to me. Been sober 785 days


Hey man, props. Keep that shit up.




Thank you. Couldn’t imagine doing it without some sort of motivation, honestly. Opiate withdrawal is a motherfucker


Dude, keep it up! Most all of us don’t know you but I know we’re all supporting you 😊


It is man. Fought the battle ten years after tearing my ACL and MCL. Was instantly hooked. Just a never ending cycle of being high or dope sick because I couldn't find oxy or percs. I'm 3 years sober now and it's amazing. God bless bro. Congratulations.


Fuck yeah dude, way to go. If there's anyone a man can do it for, it's his children. Ask Shawn Michaels.


Hey. Nice to see a fellow person here who is 700+ days sober from pills too. Congrats dude!


Seconds after this picture was taken, he hit that kid with an RKO outta nowhere.


Jacked and Happy ❤️


Met him at the St Louis "City Museum" (it's not nearly as dull as the name suggests, seriously look it up, it's wild), he was chatting with people, taking pics, etc. I'm not super familiar with him but he seemed like a cool dude


City Museum is the best btw


Whenever I see a young person making dumb(but recoverable) mistakes, I look at Orton as an example as you can turn that around if you have support, mature, and actually try. Good Guy Randy


Anytime I see a picture of Randy I wonder what are the voices saying right now


They council him & they understand.


i hope the dudes he's posing with are being paid more than 50 cents an hour.


I sometimes forget how massive he really is. I fist bumped/briefly chatted him and McIntyre at a house show a couple years ago and I was like "Damn you really are bigger than Drew what the fuck" he just laughed and was like "See bitch I told you" and McIntyre just flipped me off lmao


He is hearing the voices in his head, and after this pose he RKOed both these guys for a 3 count.


Nice of him to be cordial with the young bucks


God damn you for making me laugh


Hangin' out with the Polo-Ass boys, I see.


My man front and center with the Polo Ass shirt


When he smiles like that, he resembles Bull Shannon from the original Night Court.


I can't unsee that now




Those guns tho 🥵


For some reason, I really want to believe Randy Orton is a good dude now after hearing terrible things about him when he was younger.


People grow up.


He's looking more like Cowboy Bob as he gets older.


Dudes the goat to me. Hopefully he can come back healthy and ready for a nice final run.


Read this as the last pic of Randy. I was like what? Did he die?


Which video of BTE is this? Omega and the Bucks look different… Nah, just kidding because of the pose. In all seriousness, where was this taken? It looks like a factory. And if it is, I’m gonna need some goggles and helmets for the crew here…


His biceps are lookin huge


Sad, he’s been off work so long he had to get a job at an Amazon fulfillment center


That's a man ready for a raw after mania to start a feud with cody


I read this way too fast and thought it said last until after I clicked...my heart


Soon to be regarded as WWEs greatest stable ever: the Orton led Polo Ass.


Which one is randy?


'Polo Ass'


Looking reeeal jacked baby


Is he bulking? His arms look bigger.


💪🏼👊🏼 gettin it done.


We need the Viper back in the mix. His heel work is second to none


Aw he looks so happy lol


Those Scott Steiner peaks though.


I was 100% certain he'd be a dick irl, but then I met him and he was shockingly nice and down to earth.


His biceps look enormous


For a relatively slender guy, Randy has the most impressive biceps




Damn I never knew he had those pythons


I read this as last picture and I started to get upset thinking this was how I found out that he died


Did he get fucking bigger??


His arms get any bigger there won't be voices in his head, it'll be.... 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨


Randy with the tattoos and safety vest looking like every dude that goes to trade school after HS in my town.


It's amazing how he's kept himself in incredible shape after 22 years as a Professional Wrestler. He really does love his job.


I read it as 'Last pic of Randy Orton' and my heart sank.


Where are his teeth?


Seems like a down-to-earth kind of guy


Jeez, thought that said LAST pic of Randy Orton for a scary sec then!


I miss the viper


Anyone else think “oh crap, those kids are going to be eating some RKOs in a minute”?


Not me


How Randy looks like both the biggest asshole you've ever met and the nicest guy in the world all at the same time is truly amazing.


Is that Bart Chrysler on the left?


I honestly find it really heartwarming in terms of how much Randy Orton has matured as he got older. I'm sure some of that's just natural; most of us do when we start hitting middle age. I'm sure a lot of it's the fact he's a parent. But those things don't guarantee maturity or being a good person; I'm sure all of us either know someone who's only gotten worse, or who is still a needlessly shitty person despite being a parent, etc. 20 years ago, Randy would probably not have been smiling at all, or it would have been a tight lipped "I'm only doing this because WWE said I had to," kind of expression. Sure, maybe he's faking it, but that smile sure looks genuine. He is presumably happy by making others happy. In terms of character, he's really seemingly grown by light years.


I hope his back is doing fine. I am really concerned about his back.


Did he tattooed both of his arms completely over because of the lawsuit copyright nonsense?


Seriously? What’s that about? Not familiar that that one.


Someone sued either RO or wwe for royalties because her tattoos were in last wwe game I think. She won aswell, I'm no expert in law but that seems like a wild ruling to me it's like owning a piece of someone.