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What was the inspiration for this face paint she did? I assume she got the idea from somewhere... unless she just woke up one morning like *"I'm gonna paint a thick, horizontal line across my face."*


So I read the blue painted stripes as a representation of ripped flesh, just mentally replace the shiny blue with gore.


I'm referring to the animated gif of her (in the red shirt) in the [comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/10uqc11/comment/j7da3zb/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) I'm directly replying to. Her [old look](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/wwebrady/images/6/6a/Asuka_pro.png/revision/latest?cb=20190121111128). It works! It's just, a black horizontal line is so plain and unlike the rest of her outfit. I'm so curious how that came to be.


It's part of Noh performance culture - she wears a Noh mask to the ring (or used to, unsure about now) and it's meant to resemble the lines below the eyes on the mask. You'll occasionally see it bleed into Japanese punk/ska/metal bands too, especially in the late 90s-2000s, sometimes in different colors, sometimes covering the whole eyes area like Seek from Psycho le Cemu [\(Roman Hikou MV outfit\)](http://static2.minitokyo.net/view/18/41/222068.jpg)


She used this paint before in Japan. She was a crazy, freaky, killer, seductress, with face paint.


if I'm gonna get killed at least I'm gonna have a good time


That's basically my motto in general ![gif](giphy|RJ78DjDX4OGQM)


Crazy these two are the same human


I refuse to believe it lol. The wide range she displays is amazing


Asuka and Shida are the top2 , out of maybe a tiny handful of women that can make a wrestling match look like a wrestling match , not 2 robots going at it . IMO


World ain't ready for murderous streak Asuka.


Asuka gonna kill us!


Asuka and Samoa Joe for the mixed tag team champions OF THE WWOOORRRRLLLLLDDDDDD


Joe-suka/Asu-Joe gonna murder us!!! Also, what a missed opportunity


At Wrestlemania 👀


I’m ready


I really hope they capitalise off the buzz Asuka has been getting from the rumble and this new look. I would be so here for Asuka/Bianca at Mania.


The pop she got at the Rumble was a good sign. Once she took the mask off, it felt like people were all the way into it. Shame about the song change, though. Hopefully, the new one once we get to hear a bit more fits the character.


From the 30 seconds that we heard, it sounded pretty good. At least it's not a Johnny Gargano disaster.


Gargano's theme change is like hearing the change of "Just Close Your Eyes" by Waterproof Blonde to the version by Story of the Year. Just the most disappointing drop in quality.


The Waterproof Blonde version is legit my favourite wrestling theme of all time. The Story of the Year version is just completely devoid of any of the soul of the original.


Couldn't disagree more. The Story Of The Year version slaps hard as fuck.


Yeah I grew up on Story of the year and it's pretty good lol


There's tens of us that enjoy the Story of the Year version better.


No need to exaggerate your numbers




As it is the better version.


Story of the Year version is not bad, it makes for a great face theme, the Waterproof Blondes one was way heelish


Waterproof Blonde is a better *song*, but I think Story of the Year is the better *theme*. Gargano's new one is just a disaster all around


True! I can give credit to SotY's version having a fast kick-off compared to the slower intro of the original. That added drumming leading into the "Go!" is hella catchy. Gargano's new theme has nothing. Just def rebel stink 🙃


This is an understatement. The chamber is a must-win situation for Asuka or this character is a bust IMO


Unless we get something screwy with the last slot like Ronda or Nia Jax getting it, I can't see who else is in the chamber is a mania worthy opponent.


I don’t think either of them are interested. Ronda especially has already said she wants to start tagging with Shayna instead, and reports indicate that she will.


More importantly both Bianca’s recent allies against Damage Control turned on her.


I wonder if she's really going to be using this facepaint moving forward or she will vary it to simpler patterns to make it easier to apply for less important shows or house shows. Or perhaps she will be wrestling less often from now on (might actually not be a bad idea to preserve the attraction of the look and build up her mystique again) I like the idea of her appearing in non-wrestling segments in business-casual clothes or on weeks whenever she's not scheduled for a match, like in the last RAW.


> Or perhaps she will be wrestling less often from now on (might actually not be a bad idea to preserve the attraction of the look and build up her mystique again) She's also 41 so slowing down a bit would be understandable and will help keep her wrestling longer.


Add her to the list of people I didn’t know were over 40


Did you know that Shayna is a year older at 42 years old?


I had to double check that via her wiki, but damn, she really is 42


She's been wrestling for a long time now. Since 2004.


Finn is 41


Damn. His age is coming close to the amount of abs he has.


solid 62 pack on that boy


Yeah but she's evidently immune to aging. As long as she keeps drinking people's blood she'll be fine.


Honestly, I truly believe she could still wrestle at this level well into her 50s. Even at 41, she's still more explosive than most women, and it's not like she's doing moonsaults or crazy flips.


Fashion plate murder clown is certainly a choice. Damn it looks like she hit the gym too.


One of my favorite wrestlers regardless of the gender. And I was getting serious Majima vibes from the pants suit she was wearing this past Monday.


100% it has to be a reference lol The snakeskin jacket, leather gloves......


She's also an Osaka native and given that city's effect on ol' Goro Majima's development into becoming the Mad-Dog of Shimano, well...


Cabaret Manager Asuka when?




Asuka vs. Belair feels like the logical way to go at Mania. With that we should have three high profile women's matches (Rhea vs. Charlotte, Becky vs. Bayley, and this one) and probably another match for the tag titles. Even when I'm otherwise tuned out of the WWE product, Asuka is always someone who I keep coming back to see. Also, she looks amazing.


If she isn't facing Bianca at Mania this year, I am just going to assume it's over for Asuka as a top women's star. She should have that spot, and she should win.


It looks very much like they're pointing her towards Bianca, unless they randomly have Liv win the Chamber instead or decide they want to put Ronda in it after all. Now, whether they will let her win at Mania, that's a totally different matter altogether But if she's gonna have one last run at gold, it feels like the time is now. The next round of major female NXT callups is just around the corner and by that point, most of the 4HW and Asuka probably won't be seeing any more significant gold again when the likes of Roxy or Cora are fighting it out with the Biancas and Rheas. (Well, except for Charlotte of course, she'll probably be winning her 30th title 5 years from now))


I think Bianca can handle a Mania loss but I'm also not sure she's established enough to "elevate" someone like Sasha and Becky did for her. I'd have Asuka go over her and then have Asuka put someone else over that you want to elevate. Maybe send Bianca to Smackdown for a bit


If Asuka is facing Bianca at Mania, Asuka is not winning. They´re booking Bianca to beat every top star in the women´s division. The only left she didn´t beat in a big show is probably Charlotte.


I think they're going to go with Raquel possibly. Seem to like her, she's younger, and physically it is a good matchup. I also think Bianca's run as Champ stalled out months ago. It's beyond time for it to end and her it move onto new things. Asuka as Champ is a MUCH needed shake up to the women's division.


Raquel is certainly a dark horse, yeah. The youth thing is the biggest reason for most of the Asuka doubts I think. I do think they will be operating on overness for Wrestlemania and Raquel's clearly behind 2 or even 3 other women in the Chamber in that department. It feels like they'll need more than a Chamber win and 6 weeks of build to get Raquel over enough for a Mania match. If this were any other B PPV though I could see them going with Raquel. I do think Asuka should still be considered the fave. They started this character change story with her in December, I mean it wasn't a fan fiction thing it was something they were actually talking about on TV, then deliberately took her off TV for weeks, and paid off the change at the Rumble and had her last until the final 3. So there was definitely a clear effort to "spotlight" her change. That suggests actual planning, which they tend not to do with people they aren't pointing them towards something. Nobody else in the Chamber has had any kind of real story other than Asuka these past 2 months. If she doesn't have anything to do at Mania, then all these weeks was a pointless waste of time. As much as I've had problems with HHH's booking, he's definitely stuck to his long term scripts much more than Vince did. I think the main goal at the moment should be to get Asuka to Wrestlemania and win. Any talk of title reigns is irrelevant to this goal I think. She could win at Mania and drop the belt a month later and the mission would still be accomplished. In fact, I fully expect a short transitional reign if Asuka somehow miraculously beats Bianca. The Mania win itself and beating Bianca will be the true goal for this character refresh. I'd even say for Asuka the whole point of this character would be for the singular goal of finally winning at Wrestlemania.


Pulling for Asuka, would be interested if it were Raquel, would be upset if it were whatever Aunt Howdy bullshit Alexa Bliss is up to.


Dominant face reigns inherently get stale because you're no longer the underdog when you never lose. Heck a lot of her reign has been padded out by Carmella and Damage CTRL being her personal punching bags. Say what you want about that Summerslam match but shockingly Vince had the right idea putting that bit of doubt back into Bianca's character and building her up to prevail over Becky at Mania.


I'm gonna be sick if they put Ronda in it and have her win. Asuka has proven herself as one of the greatest female wrestlers in WWE history and all I want is for her to FINALLY get her moment with a win at WrestleMania after she's lost every damn time.


We need a return of NXT Asuka, honestly I wouldn’t mind her destroying the women’s division again until Roxanne Perez debuts


The haircut really makes the look


She looks like a badass comic book villain


Asuka needs another championship run.


If Reings had it's absurd run... She deserves 200% more.


Imagine the rub she can give to another wrestler if they give her just as narly run she's just terrified to the division just annihilating everyone and then one of the NXT gowns or something or ray Ripley just you know gets that rub and bone wrestling is all good again. Also excuse any typos I'm doing voice to text cause I'm out running deliveries right now


It would be awesome. In fact, I mainly watched the woman's division after that one became undisputed (and undefending) champion. It's the only thing that's worth it.


Seeing this makes me wanna see this Asuka in a horror movie for some reason.


The monkey paw curls and we get another Netflix movie akin to Escape the Undertaker


She is phenomenal. In damn fine shape too.


This is going to sound like rambling I know people say Asuka has been booked well and has all these accomplishments, but you can legitimately make an argument that Asuka hasn't had a story that focused on her since the streak. She was a background character to other people's stories. Asuka winning the Smackdown title happened to build the Mania 35 triple threat. Asuka got the Raw title the first time because Becky got pregnant. Asuka won the Raw title the second time because they were building the Sasha and Bayley breakup. Asuka was a background character as champion during the dumb Charlotte vs. Lacey feud. Asuka's return last year quickly became about Becky's redemption arc. Asuka was a sidekick for the Bianca and Damage Ctrl feud. I just want Asuka to win the chamber and then beat Bianca at Mania. I know people have proposed Raquel or Liv winning the chamber, but those to women wouldn't provide the intrigue of super babyface Bianca vs crazy tweener Asuka program. Everyone keeps bringing up that Rhea needs to beat Charlotte and have a "Wrestlemania moment" but two years ago Asuka put Rhea over at Mania for the title and gave Rhea a "Wrestlemania moment" two matches into her main roster career. Asuka has also lost to Rhea like 18 times since then. I just want Asuka to have her moment in the sun and just have it be all about her. TLDR: Asuka needs to win at the chamber and Mania because she is cool and deserves it.


Yeah, I agree. It feels like this is the last chance to REALLY cement Asuka's career with something truly tangible and not just as an accidental or hand me down accolade. While I would obviously prefer Asuka beat Charlotte, Bianca has had a nice long strong reign here that has simply run its course. They could give it to someone younger but there's no one near ready yet to be the one to end this reign. So they should give it to someone familiar who needs one last push across the "finish line" of their career. And I'd argue it would benefit the WWE in the future too, despite her being 41. She's clearly shown that she's loyal to this company, so she's not going anywhere. In a couple of years she'll likely become a part timer. Wouldn't it be useful to have her as someone credible like a Goldberg or Taker you can pull out from time to time for the occasional fresh matchups in the future? Having her win here would go a long way into finally cementing her for good. Having someone as decorated as Asuka without a significant Wrestlemania win just feels *wrong*. This gimmick feels like the right one to do it with, the fans are ready for it, so let's just get it done.


Asuka 100% would need a Mania victory more than Bianca, plus there is absolutely a chance that the crowd turns on Bianca if Bianca wins. The crowd sort of started to turn during the Alexa feud.


The only moment where she felt the main character of her stories after the streak was her tag reign with Kairi, she got more TV time than Becky and Charlotte, and she was the one who chose to mess with them, to take revenge from Charlotte (and that the moment she got the closest thing to it, with that RAW match that ended with the green mist and Charlynch being punked every single time by Kairi and her in tag action) and to shatter Becky's confidence to get once again in singles title picture, she even forced them to challenge her for the titles, and they added the layer of her treating Kairi like her little sister. An argument could be made for the earlier days of her RAW reign, despite it happening due to Becky's pregnancy (even through I think she would have won MITB no matter what was happening, it's clear management soured on Shayna before Mania and that SD women would not get it during the Sasha/Bayley storyline), her storylines were punishing Nia for what she done to Kairi and finally make Charlotte tap out. But both got mediocre endings (granted the Charlotte one was due to surgery). But since then, she was always the passenger to other people storylines. The worst example of it being Kairi's write-off. In kayfabe, Bayley was very close to kill Kairi, and 2 weeks later all Asuka cared about was her title matches, as all focus should be on Sasha and Bayley. A booking in line with Asuka's previous motivations would have her making Bayley's life a living hell. That's the moment when the murder clown should have arrived, but better late than never, at least there will be crowds to witness it.


All our personal favorites are never booked right.


Bray Wyatt needs 95 characters. Asuka just shows up and inspire the same level of fear.


Exactly. Bray needs puppets and a whole Haunted House in the damn ring. Asuka just put on some cool makeup. Give her someone to kick.


Pre-emptive bonk


Looks like you were right on time.


wait to me to get my *Boink* the Clown joke in first


Man she, is 40 and stil looks athletic as fuck


41 actually and it’s amazing


Dam she looks 30


I understand Asuka may not have much time left being 41, but if she wins at wrestlemania, I hope it’s not a transitional reign, and she holds it for a shit amount of time. I’d like to see Asuka have atleast 1 more 300+ day reign, I highly doubt it tho


She needs a win in WM and a win over Charlotte in another ppv


I would bet on it being a transitional reign if she somehow wins. How many guys over 40 had long reigns? If Asuka somehow wins, I think it'll be similar to Orton's reign after he beat Bray for the title at WM a few years ago


Yeah I mean I definitely would understand it. The fact is tho, Asuka moves like she 25, so I think it depends on how they wanna utilize their top talent.


Its still a crime to humanity that they made ASuka lose the Smackdown championship to Charlotte before Wrestlemania 35 and was later placed in the womens battle royal. I wish they just add Asuka in the WM35 main event to become a Fatal-4-Way. With Becky vs Ronda and Ronda vs Charlotte and Charlotte vs Asuka as integrated inter storylines.


Exactly!! Vince robbed Asuka just to try and milk that match, and it didn’t even work!! Plus, there was a bunch of women backstage who openly didn’t like it, such as Natalya and Becky who even tweeted about it. I don’t even understand how Charlotte would allow herself to burry other women, hence why Charlotte is a hoe. Imho, she obviously doesn’t care about the careers of her peers. She shouldn’t have even allowed herself to be booked to beat Asuka at 34, at the very least she should have fought the decision Asuka is the most talented woman on that roster… she is still treated like a threat, but still a undercard


She is 41, but looks like 25 at most. I think she can still go on. If Edge without a neck can do it, she can do it as well.


First of all, she's absolutely badass and I wish they would let her wear contact lenses to look like [killer clown Kana](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ELxNqYHX0AIkf5z.jpg) again, she looked absolutely terrifying and cool. Second of all, I really hope she wins at EC, she more than deserves it.


Damn she looks amazing! Is she heel right now?


Think she's a face. She had an interaction with Carmella and Mella gave off the heel vibe despite not actually doing or saying anything heelish


Muto goes out, full facepaint asuka returns


The facepaint is very on point.


I hope they actually go forward with making her vicious again, or even moreso than she was in NXT.


I haven't really been active in the sub in years: are we still doing the "this isn't actually a render" thing or has that ship sailed


what a render e n d e r


Asuka is so beating Bianca Belair and finally getting a WrestleMania win, isn't she?


It's about time; here's hoping it happens


love that Asuka was allowed to use aspects of Kana, hopefully this will lead to another run with the women's title dowbn the line ​ ​ umm, is there still room in horny jail?


plenty of space. join us.


I'm not sure if this is the same photo used for the elimination chamber graphic on Smackdown, but I thought she looked great in that.


Hell yeah for Australian Sunday PPV's I can watch my favourite wrassler win the chamber - live, instead of a replay on a Monday


same here


Saturdays is a blessing Having to stay up late on a Monday morning was always a pain in the uk


We still dicking about calling these renders huh?


Missing the dot on the nose


Auska's gonna kill you!


Resident Evil 4 Renake


What a babe.


She’s even more smoking hot with the short, layered hair.


Man... Asuka has something to her that just absolutely does it for me. I really hope she beats Bianca at Mania and gets a monster reign before she inevitably rides off into the sunset of her career. Also, her new facepaint is fucking amazing.


She always looks amazing to me. I hope she gets the belt back at mania.


When she slid her mask off and we saw this paint at the rumble I was fucking sold. Asuka going full murder mommy clown KANA is best timeline.


Best wrestler in the women´s division. Such an outstanding talent. She operates at a different speed than everyone else apart from maybe Io Shirai but Asuka has the A+ charisma.


I adore this woman.


Did she do that face paint? If so it’s spectacular


Step on me.


...Mr. USA?


Uhhh smash


Asuka vs Rhea is the logical match. This could be a great feud if booked right. Akuka/Kana is more than up to the task.


I'm scaroused


WWE is gonna fuck this up.


I'm in love I ain't even gonna lie no one bonk me or anything.


Wrestling has more than one psycho mami.


Spooky fucking yeah fuck!!!!




For you maybe


I know I shouldn’t feel like this but....S I G H *unzips pant*


Hope she changes the color scheme of her ring gear. Doesn't really work with the Kana face paint


She looks like a jobber now. Her old look was much better


Fox or USA should develop a spin-off action/mystery/scifi/comedy series for Asuka.


She looks great! Also why are these pictures always called renders?


i am conflicted


Hottest clown I’ve ever seen