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"Part 2. When a wrestler who shall remain nameless keyed my car and called me a kike, Zachary went out of his way when everyone else turned a blind eye to check in on me. The court of twitter can sometimes get dirtbags out of our industry. But the court isn’t always right." https://twitter.com/The_MJF/status/1622643655033880581?t=9pJAVTRUe8wWP-SSrYRhJg&s=19


I just wanna tell you, I know you're directly quoting what he said but I know someone who was banned sitewide for a slur because he mistyped a baseball players name. So might be best to edit that part


Enrique Hernandez! Love him, people forget the accent mark all the time and it is ROUGH.


To be fair…. He doesn’t spell his shortened name with the accent; it was added in by sportswriters to avoid slur confusion.


Lmao. In standard Spanish, the nickname is Quique.


Aaand I got dinged for explaining that the spelling with k is common in Spanish. Great job, Reddit.


No relation to Weequay from Return of the Jedi


This is so much cooler; english sucks


This. My buddy Enrique from Peru spelled his nickname exactly like the slur


his name actually doesn't have the accent mark normally, it's just pronounced kee kay naturally


Even a lot of the stadium scoreboards don't have the ability to display the accent mark. It's very unfortunate.


[The Giants know that well](https://www.cbsnews.com/sanfrancisco/news/san-francisco-giants-quickly-remove-offensive-tweet/)


What. I can’t even figure out what slur Enrique would even be autocorrected into? Or is it Hernandez.. either way those are common names aren’t they?


He goes by "Kiké Hernández" pronounced "Kee Kay"


Ohh. Ow. That makes sense


Worse yet, he doesn't actually include the accent mark in his name, so correctly identifying him is what got the guy in trouble. Fucked up


In Spanish-Spain, the stress is in the "i", not the "e" (so no graphical accent)... And spelling it with Ks or Qs is a matter of personal choice. Like, you can use Quique, or the other one.


I didn’t even know his full name was Enrique until that whole thing happened. I legit thought his government name was Kike’ lol


He's gone by that since he was in the Houston chain, starting with Tri-City.


it's hilarious when people who only speak one language feel compelled to police every other language.


Have seen discourse about Montenegro not having a right to use that word 😭


My favorite censorship on part of a word was this tweet some guy shared. His name is Nasser and the game censored “ass” so his in game name showed up with the “ass” being stars. The censorship just made it worse!


I frequent a lot of Disney boards and, being family friendly, include a lot of the censorship like that...Its always funny when someone brings up Dick Van Dyke.


Certain AR game didn't let me nominate a point of interest (a place in real life) called "Cerro Negro". Had to change the app language from english to spanish to circumvent the word ban.


As soon as I read baseball I knew exactly who you were talking about. I had a similar ban in MLBtheshow but it was reversed. But I was told to refer to him as K Hernandez or enrique moving forward lol






Would you like to try the word “buzz”?




I got banned from baseball at first permanently, and then shortened to a week for quoting something a baseball owner said.


Yep, I got a three-day ban for posting one of Mark Briscoe's old Facebook statuses in response to a question about their contents just the other day.


When did the Internet become third grade


Honestly.. when the tech companies fired most of their employees and replaced them with AI bots that couldn't understand context.


The only time I got banned from twitter it was because I was discussing Empire Strikes Back and the bots didn't recognize the content of "go get your hand chopped off". I was apparently inducing others to harm themselves


Huge dodger fan (I miss my boy so much) and there were so many times were I would just totally forgot the accent and send his name in all caps. Felt terrible every time haha


Find it so weird when MJF uses his in-character Twitter to make a serious point. It’s like if a local sports mascot stopped dancing for a moment, grabbed the mic and said, “Okay we need to talk about antisemitism.”


His TV character is proudly Jewish and has spoken of antisemitism, so I think it's a case where his real-life views simply align with what his character would say. It may be serious in tone, but it doesn't contradict his persona.


his interview with ariel helwani was a great look at how he melts in and out of kayfabe. when he’s in an interview with a guy he likes and respects you can see how a lot of his character is a caricature of himself


It is awkward because his character is such a shitbag heel, but the antisemitism that's still normalized in our society goes far beyond awkward. I don't remember it being this bad when I was a kid but maybe it's just because every racist jackass has access to social media now.


Like Joker beating up Red Skull because while he may be a murdering psychopath, he's not a nazi.


That was Dave Crist.


Im kinda surprised he didn’t end up back in Impact with Trey, especially after Trey started to only take indie bookings if they also booked Wentz as his partner.


I was too. At first I thought maybe it was just in order for him to lay low to be rehired after six months.


I’m still thinking Zach ends back up in NXT inevitably. Let Dez do his thing with NA title and then boom. Either reunite the team or have Zach and Dez feud. Zach is an awesome heel


Didn't Trey, Wentz, and Myron Reed team last year?


They still team, they just teamed at Sami Cahlihan’s promotion last week. Reed is the 4th member of The Rascalz


They’ve been tearing it up in Revolver for a while now. Been thankful and lucky enough to see them do it live


It's crazy how all of those guys just keep getting better. When I first saw them at Revolver in maybe 2017 I went "ok that was cool, but seems like a one trick pony". They're not, they've all developed into very good professional wrestlers.


Revolver is such a good indie


Kimber Lee is still employed by IMPACT. She said she's in regular contact with Gail Kim, head of talent relations, a few months ago, but clearly either she's going through something or no one wants her there because she hasn't been seen or spoken of on IMPACT TV in like, a year. I'd imagine the one TV place that really *can't* hire him right now is the one where his ex-wife who accused him of abuse works.


Ohhh ok, that makes a ton of sense.


As I recall, her last appearance (alongside Brandi Lauren) was that Su Yung segment where she like, absorbed them and became pregnant from it?


I think so? I was actually trying to figure out what happened to Su Yung and that was the last time she was on TV


She was pregnant IRL and is still taking time off to be with her baby.


She lied. She's been gone well over a year from IMPACT and is not on any deal whatsoever.


She couldn’t have lied, it seems so out of character for her.


She's not that was part of the series of lies she did that got Wentz fired.


If anyone needs a memory refresh in this whole ordeal, I did my best to chronicle the whole thing back when this all started and haven’t really updated it since. If I have gotten some of the events in the wrong order or am missing any events as well, please let me know so I can correct it. * Kimber Lee first put out a tweet that insinuated that Nash Carter/Zachary Wentz is an abuser and had abandoned her while she was in the hospital (that she checked herself into). * Kimber Lee then deletes the tweets and says that she is a proud wife. She also states that her and Nash Carter had been going to therapy and that things between them were alright (they weren’t). * She then goes on Twitter a couple days later with photos that allegedly prove that Nash Carter had hit her while he was wasted. * Later on, Queen Marie (Wes Lee’s wife) offered a counter narrative. Claiming that Nash Carter had been living with her and Wes while Kimber Lee had been in the hospital. * Queen Marie also states that Nash Carter had actually been trying to avoid her all this time due to supposed mental abuse. Also revealing that Nash Carter/Zachary Wentz had only gone to ONE therapy session. * Queen Marie then says that Kimber Lee had received divorce papers on Monday. Accusing that Kimber Lee is did everything all of this out of spite due to Nash/Zachary no longer wanting to be with her. She also reveals that when a Kimber Lee got served those papers divorce papers, she ripped up ALL of Nashs’ posters (one of a kind ones with other wrestlers’ signatures, etc). * Sometime after this information came to light, or during the whole thing (can’t quite remember), Kimber Lee attempted to claim that she has never met or knew Queen Marie in her life. This was quickly proven to be bullshit however. * Kimber Lee then pulls out an old photo of Nash Carter/Zachary Wentz in the middle of shaving. In this photo he is sporting a Hitler mustache while doing the Nazi salute. Some people say she got originally from Dave Crist, but I can’t find a concrete answer on this currently. * Nash Carter/Zachary Wentz gets released from WWE. (it’s speculated it was more for the Hitler photo than abuse accusations but that’s up for you to interpret) * Queen Marie then states that Kimber Lee kept that photo of Carter in her arsenal with malicious intent. Also stating that either her or Carter/Wentz had alleged text that prove his innocence to court for a slander and defamation case. * The former Nash Carter comes out a few months after his initial release with a statement (don’t remember and can’t find what it said unfortunately). As of this moment Zachary Wentz is currently on the independent circuit, recently reuniting with Trey Miguel and Myron Reed at Wrestling Revolver where they took on the team of 1 Called Manders, Mance Warner, and Matthew Justice. He also received a co-sign from current AEW World Champion MJF who reaffirmed that he isn’t an antisemite and he deserves to be on TV once again. I’m like 95% sure he’s dating Gigi Dolin currently, so do with this information what you will. As for Kimber Lee, the last match she wrestled according to cagematch was on October 29th for a promotion called FEST, defeating someone by the name of Edith Surreal. She’s also still active on Twitter and runs an OnlyFans. Edit: Added a bit more relevant info, fixed some spelling errors, and added a mini “where is he now” section.


Also when confronted with Queen Marie’s proof Kimber responded by saying she never even met her(there’s proof they actually knew each other well) and that she’s a whore. Also every 2-3 weeks Kimber tweets how she “a survivor” and she “finally got away from her abuser” which is bullshit since he was the one that left her and she spent months publicly begging for them to get back to together. People like Kimber Lee are the reason actual abuse victims don’t get believed.


There was rumors well before this that while Kimber was in NXT, she had trouble being able to keep roommates because of the fact she had massive personal issues as well.


Wasn't one of those roommates Ruby who she was signed the same time as. I'm pretty sure The Bunny and Kimber Lee had a falling out as well.


Yeah, she apparently had a falling out with Ruby Soho whom she was once very close to. I think she was even supposed to be part of the Riott Squad but got replaced by Liv Morgan.


Kimber Lee also apparently was trying to make Tegan’s injury even worst by not caring for her.


Iirc, she’d just go to Disney world instead of help Knox.


I don't know the full story, or how true this is, but I vaguely recall seeing something related to one of Tegan Nox's knee injuries. Something like everyone else putting in their fair share to look after her except KL. From the late Casey Michael: [Maybe if she cared for Nixon when she got her ACL surgery and WWE didn't make KLR fly over to help her she wouldn't have gotten in hot water with management but 🤷🏻‍♂️](https://twitter.com/ifyouseekcasey/status/971844658262413316) KLR wasn't signed at the time.


KLR, a good egg. Got to take the silver linings where you find them.


And Casey very very rarely ever talked remotely negatively about any female talent. There was also the rumor she is one of those “you have to conform to my dietary standards” vegans to people as well.


I'd like to think he's still feuding with Ivelisse.


I always loved when he'd laugh at and shit talk her lol He was great.


It also doesn’t help that she almost never gets booked anymore. Looks like she spends her time now selling her onlyfans to what little fans she has left


She also got a job in a vet office here in Orlando iirc.


Isn't that where the abuse pictures came from too? She got attacked by a cat or something?


Where did you see that?


I think the last thing I remember seeing her booked for was Mission Pro but she backed out.


IIRC she was Nixon Newell's roommate who didn't give a single iota of a shit about helping her when she injured her knee.


It’s wild to me that people are prepared to play their personal shit out in public like this, no matter what it is


> People like Kimber Lee are the reason actual abuse victims don’t get believed. Even without people like her, I'm skeptical people would believe victims at nearly the rate they should. But yeah, I don't know that anyone's said a kind word about her in the last decade and people seem to have documented the timeline on this pretty well.


Is the word on the mustache pic still that Nash was in the middle of shaving and did the stupid-boy-with-a-camera-phone thing and snapped a pic of his toothbrush stache before shaving it clean?


I had heard something about Dave Crist (Zach’s trainer) having him take the pic and holding onto it to use if he ever wronged him. I think I recall reading something about Kim getting the pic from Dave


Sounds like something he'd do.


Yeah he was obviously fresh out of the shower.


> Nash Carter gets released from WWE. (it’s speculated it was more for the Hitler photo than abuse accusations but that’s up for you to interpret) I think this is more likely and sadly, given how the Performance Center crowd treated MSK at times, I can see WWE thinking/worried they might do something horrible. Because of that crowd and because Florida, I can honestly have seen them chanting "Hitler" at him or, and this makes me shudder, a bunch of them throwing up the salute at him. It's not as though the NXT crowds have ever been above chanting racist crap at the talent.


He was released for the photo. It happened the same day, and fast enough that they didn’t have time to worry about crowd responses. I think it happened a few days after they won the tag titles, too.


All the other stuff aside, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say taking pictures of yourself as Hitler is probably a bad move.


That’s fair, although per his description it was an ages old pic he’d neglected to take off social media. You’re never smarter when you’re younger.


Plenty of people attempt edgy humour when they're young for no other reason than that going against the grain and playing with shocking language and imagery is funny to a lot of people at that age. It doesn't mean they identify with it. I feel like our entire society has forgotten how to consider context and nuance at times. Also, while nothing about nazi ideology or the history is funny, a lot of the imagery they adopted looks frankly ridiculous to today's eyes, including Hitler himself. It's why in countries that don't invest much if anything into education about the Nazi's, like Thailand, we see bizarre things like Hitler-fried chicken. Because without the education, all that's there is a stupid face.


Like how that Bayley Girl's Dad tried to heckle Wentz over his father dying.




The same parents trying to flog meetups with their young daughter over wrestlemania weekend.


Also, they've kept other people accused of abuse. Jd McDonough was a comparable case and the abuse accusations didn't stop them from using him


I think she got the photo from Dave Crist(I think that was the one that called out during Me Too) at some point as well.


Yes, Jake's brother. Jake is sober and killing it as a singles. Dave vanished along with Samantha Heights who he trained and allegedly groomed. All Google shows is their fetish customs wrestling site, so, yeah..


>Kimber Lee then pulls out a seemingly old photo of Nash Carter with a Hitler mustache while doing the Nazi salute. Smh. Why do people goof around like this and then allow themselves to be photographed. It can only end poorly. PSA: If it's nazi related, just pass.


Because young people do dumb shit and don't think of the both short- and long-term consequences of what they're doing. To them "look at this dumb thing I'm doing" is harmless, because they lack the real world experiences to understand why doing something like that hurts people.


I also think back to when I was in high school (early 2000’s). Nazis were bad, and neo-nazis were idiot weirdos that nobody took seriously. Making stupid teenage jokes like the mustache thing wasn’t really taken seriously because neo-nazis weren’t as “mainstream” as they are right now.


Yeah, in the late 2000s/very early 10s we had a kid named Herman at our school that we'd joke was a skin head and we threw up the Heil at him. Like looking back I cringe so hard but like you said, neo nazis were not openly welcomed by one of the two parties, throwing out the dogwhistles for the megaphones.


Not like someone caught him doing it, Nash took the picture himself.


Edith Surreal is awesome. She main evented the amazing disasterpiece that was Wrestle Queerdom vs VENY.


I do feel like it’s only a matter of time Impact at the very least bring him back. MJF ultimately doing him a big favour here because the likes of Impact will probably look at the reaction to this tweet (most seems positive?) to gauge the reaction they might get for booking him?




I think its more to do with him not getting booked due to the accusation


Yeah Kimber wasn’t helping herself with not much evidence and everyone coming out defending Nash. The photo of him in question was years old anyway. Like she held onto it just in case nothing else worked.


She literally tweeted how much she loved and supported him on a Saturday and posted that picture and said he abused her in a Tuesday. You know what happened in between those 4 days? He served her divorce papers on Monday. Also every 2-3 weeks Kimber tweets how she’s “a survivor” and that she “finally got away from her abuser” which is bullshit since he was the one that left her and she spent months publicly begging for him to get back to together. People like Kimber Lee are the reason actual abuse victims don’t get believed.


Also worth noting that pics of Nash and Gigi Dolin together at a music festival came out over that weekend. That could have also contributed to her getting set off.


Based on what Wes lees wife has posted it’s clear he moved out from living with Kimber months earlier and wanted nothing to do with her. Him asking for a divorce seemed like the final straw and Kimber went full “So you don’t wanna be with me then I’m gonna try and ruin your life”


He was a teenager when the pic was taken, teenagers are fucking stupid everyone knows that. But to take out this very old pic and use it to destroy the life of a man who wanted nothing from your lies and just wanted a peaceful breakup is not what I call a very intelligent move. Also wtf did you have that pic on your phone to begin with ? How did she got it ?


I don't even think it's a stupid thing to do. I think everyone capable of growing facial hair has (when shaving) trimmed it into ridiculous styles, including the Hitler mustache. It's not an endorsement of Nazism, it's simply "hey, look at how stupid/funny I look!"


I have definitely done the “lol look I have a hitler tache” thing when shaving. Anyone who shaves their face and hasn’t at some point done that I’d say actually has and is a liar.


Not that this changes anything but he was 21 when the picture happened, according to himself.




Isn't Dave Crist the horrible of the 2 Crist brothers or was it Jake ?


There are literally people who are riding with Kimber Lee to the death that Zach was an abuser and a racist.


Is he having issues getting booked?


He’s getting indie dates but everyone agrees he should be on tv somewhere but the moment someone tries the internet is gonna bring up that picture again and make it a huge deal.


Man should still be with WWE and it's nonsense he isn't. One look at Kimber Lee says a thousand variations of "more crazy than talented."


They were going to stand by him through the abuse allegations. It was the picture of him doing the nazi salute with the Hitler stash that forced their hand and she only released it to get him fired. I feel bad for him. Crazy talented dude.


If AUSTIN FUCKING THEORY who had insane allegations thrown his way (that were never fully debunked might I add) can work his way back to the main roster for a solid run then Zach Wentz should be able to come back or go to a different major company. Dude got hosed by his psycho ex


What's this about Theory?


A girl alleged Theory asked for her Snapchat when she was 14 and he was I think 19 at the time. That’s it she never alleged he asked her for nudes or even texted. Then people found the girl was in nursing school and somebody said she was actually also 19. Then she deleted all of her social media, WWE investigated they found nothing and everybody moved on


Sounds like it was easily debunked, I don't understand why that commenter brought Theory up in the first place.


Matt Riddle is right there




Which sucks, but it makes sense unfortunately. Briscoes couldn't get on TV until after Jay passed away. People like to yell "cancel culture" while neglecting that this is the entertainment industry. Shit is petty and fickle, but this is always how it's been. Richard Pryor helped develop Blazing Saddles with Mel Brooks, who wrote it with Pryor in mind as the Sheriff, but was denied by the studio over concerns regarding Pryor's past arrests. Your transgressions will always be measured against your supposed worth. This is why WBD will take a firm stand on the Briscoes, who've apologized and sought redemption, but not say shit about the ever remorseless JK Rowling.


I saw it as WWE not thinking the drama was worth the risk and taking the easy way out. Terrible situation all around, and Kimber is especially horrible for it.


Tbh I hadn't heard anything since the initial blowout except the vague sentiment that maybe he wasn't in the wrong, and when things go quiet on the 300th cancellation of the month, you tend to forget about it until it gets brought up again, for better or worse.


If Hogan can come back, so can this guy, Brother Jack.


I mean hogan draws money and ratings


That right there is the real reason he was released. He wouldn't effect their business if he was released. There was no reason to keep him if there's a chance more stuff could come out.


Doesn’t work for me brother


An inconvenient truth, brother brother.


Starring Al ~~Gore~~ Snow


What does everybody want? LOCK BOX.


Thought it at the time and I still think it now, Nash being fired was total bullshit and it's a shame we were ultimately robbed of MSK because of a bitter break-up.


I imagine WWE are more open to rehiring him now but probably only to reform MSK, so it'll probably be after Wes has finished his NA title run


I know people will likely call WWE out for it but fuck it, I want to see MSK back together in WWE.


Same here man, give me MSK having matches against the likes of Street Profits, Usos, New Day, etc.


Anyone that calls WWE out for hiring a guy who did something stupid when he was college age isn't worth listening to


I doubt it. Just like with Jay Briscoe, it's not just the wrestling company, but the broadcast partners too. And you can explain how someone has changed, or they were taken out of context, or they didn't mean it. But the picture is still there. Is any executive going to stick their neck out for Zachary Wentz? Does anyone want to be in the position of explaining the marriage difficulties between Kimber Lee and Zachary Wentz to their boss when they get an angry e-mail with the pic attached, asking how they could let him on TV? I don't think so. It's not fair, but it's how it is.


They even edited the Wes Lee promo he cut after that heavily cause of the crowd chanting MSK


Isn’t Zachary with Gigi Dolin now?




Just fell to my knees at Walmart


I now detest Zachary for a completely different reason.


What a massive upgrade.


Isn't also the reason that Izzy's parents are pieces of shit who couldn't handle Wentz's comment that the parents shouldn't have their little girl (Izzy) doing bumps in a random match (Leva vs Effy) so young and later, training with someone with a very discutable background and past with young people (Not to confuse people as the random match is a very different subject) ? ​ The parents hated the guy after that and made sure MSK was booed in NXT and there were a very small group of the crowd (with Izzy's parents in the lead) trying to get MSK booed and fired. That and Kimber Lee posting these picture of Wentz's pics when he was a teenager was the last straw for WWE. ​ And of course as soon as Wentz was fired, Izzy's parents and Kimber Lee got so silent all of a sudden and it seems nothing more was done on a legal. Looks like to me the only purpose they had was to get him fired and miserable and nothing else.


Tbf, Izzy’s parents and their posse had gone quiet a little bit before that after they were called out big time for their behavior and after Lince Dorado made the dad look like a big ol’ bitch.


What did Lince do ?


Challenged the dad to come meet him in the parking lot of a competition Lince was competing in. The dad instantly backpedaled.


Not just that but he spent his own money to buy Izzy's dad a ticket to the tae-kwon-do tournament he was competing in (and won) on that day.


Lince is a badass motherfucker.


To follow up on the explanations, Lince only went in on the guy after he started making jokes about Lince when he got released.


Put him in his place in regards to how he treated NXT talent.


Does anyone know who keyed his car?


I love this question in a thread about a wrestler who can't get booked because of allegations on social media


I’ll fully admit I thought it too.


If he's going to put that out there into the world, how would people not want to know?


MJF was in a big enough circle at that time that we'll find out eventually.


The problem is that people are now going to speculate who it was. And they are going to look up what shows MJF was working on at the same time as Zach Wentz.


It felt like they shared half the dates with each other back then. Nobody will be able to figure it out from that.


I mean people still tried to connect a couple AEW talents to an allegation before and checked what shows they were on.


Already saw an Impact photographer quote tweet it and not only confirm the story, but add that the wrestler in question (still unnamed) stole MJF’s gear and hid it during the show, and Zachary was one of the only people who tried to help.


I mean what got him fired was the Hitler photo, which wasn't an allegation. He did in fact do that, and the optics were bad, in jest or not.


I would put money on Dave Crist


MJF is a surprisingly nuanced person. It isn't just a typcial "cancel culture bad" take, but he still effectively calls out a misapplication of it.


I miss Wes and Nash doing flips everywhere. MSK all night, and all day :')


Good for him for sticking up for his friend at the threat of weirdos on the internet focusing their little hateful attentions to him. It's absolutely one of the stupidest things I've seen in a very stupid time, firing the guy over that picture. Absolute insanity.


It's kind of ooc too, which makes this even more solid


Was Kimber Lee actually caught on the lie?


Not really. Wes Lee's wife said she was lying, but it's really just word against word.


>Not really. Wes Lee's wife said she was lying, but it's really just word against word. Not exactly. Kimber Lee said that she never even knew Wes Lee's wife and Queen Marie quickly responded with a picture of them hugging at Zach and Kimber's wedding. That's photo evidence of her directly lying


I'm not defending Wentz for that Hitler selfie, but soon his ex wife came out with all those accusations & turned out to be bullshitting made me feel real bad for him, especially when he got released for those accusations. I know this is in the past, but I do hope Zach's doing alright.


The story was that he was released for the picture. Might be unpopular with the sponsor/executive, those kinda people.


I am. The selfie was nothing.


Devil's advocate here...the issue with Wentz is probably less "he's an antisemite!" and more "a google search of one of [wherever]'s onscreen performers brings up a picture of him with a Hitler moustache giving a Nazi salute". It is stupid and sucks for Wentz/The Rascalz, but I have no idea how someone who isn't in the Royal Family bounces back from a pic like that floating around. AEW, WWE, Impact, you know that wherever he ends up, there will be idiots looking to "burn" that company by bringing up that photo again...


I was gonna say if you google Zachary Wentz it is actually fine but then you google Nash Carter and they do him [dirty af.](https://i.ibb.co/t3CSZs1/image.png)


At the end of the day, it's an easy decision for WWE to make for basically all the reasons you said. One of the downsides of the everything-is-preserved internet era. That said, both HHH and JBL did the Nazi salute (which is literally illegal) to get heat at shows in Germany. There's absolutely a world where they can bring him back as long as they basically shoot it down at every turn.


It's easier to excuse an in character Nazi salute to get the crowd to hate you than it is a Nazi salute meant as a joke


I 100% agree with MJF on Wentz, and it sucks. I will say though that his argument that someone who is antisemitic can't be kind to Jewish people or even friends, is inaccurate. Bigots have this way of warping reality to justify such things in their head. "They're a good one" kind of thing. That said, I do not think that applies to Wentz at all. Nothing, not even that photo, indicate such a thing.


When MJF of all people breaks character to stick up for you...consider yourself vindicated forever. Whether or not Zach comes back, I'm sure he's livin' well, happy for his bros succeeding in their respective companies (and for his lady about to be the next big woman megastar in the 'E).


I'm Jewish and I was in no way offended by that picture. We all do stupid stuff like that out of ignorance. No one is perfect.


> I'm Jewish and I was in no way offended by that picture. I'm Jewish and here to tell you that's not the way this works. It doesn't matter if you're offended or not, there are people whose mission in life is to be offended on your behalf. Also I've totally done the "leave a tiny Hitler mustache while shaving" as a rib myself, good thing I didn't take photos.


Another fellow Jew here. We all do this. You shave it on, flip off the floor so Hitler can see you from his torture chamber in Hell and then you feel slightly bad but only for Chaplin because his look got ruined. Then you shave it off. Sick of Goys getting all offended for us when constantly belittling Hitler is something instilled in all of us. Stupid fucking Hitler. What a loser bitch.


First time I went to Berlin I went to the parking lot above where Hitler’s bunker was located and made sure to spit on it. Loser bitch, indeed.


Another Moses Guy checking in here. Tom Selleck > Hitler > Chaplin is one of the most fun parts of shaving off a full beard.


I mean...it also works like...just because someone is Jewish doesn't mean you speak for all Jewish people. So someone saying "I'm Jewish and not offended", means pretty much nothing. If a significant portion of Jewish people were offended by something, that supersedes the idea that this guy wasn't.


Well said. We really need to put an end to the "I'm ___ and this didn't offend me" points, nobody speaks on behalf of a religion/race. There are even subs dedicated to joking about people using this defence.


That's something larry david gets caught doing at the start of an episode of curb.


I notice he isn't getting booked either.


It's not even a "stupid thing out of ignorance." Dude was shaving his beard, and trimmed it into a funny style before shaving it off entirely. It wasn't an endorsement of Nazism, nor does it showcase ignorance of the horrors of Nazism. It's simply a "hey, look how stupid/funny I look with a Hitler 'stache!" done in pure silliness, and shared with one (1) person who would understand the context. The framing of this as being a "mistake" born out of "ignorance" utterly baffles me.


Speaking as a Jewish person, now I desperately want to know who did that to his car and called him an insulting slur. I mean why protect that person?


Msk was a solid tag team. I don't think that selfie thing was ok at all, but to me it's clear she kept it for a rainy day, so to speak. Feel bad for the dude.


My understanding was always that Trey was the more distasteful of the three Rascalz, with some homophobic and anti-semitic stuff of his own in the past. I know he apologised for the homophobic remarks though


It always appeared to me like it was just a dumb joke made out of youthful ignorance. Completely understand why he was let go though. It could be a PR disaster. But I don’t think he deserves to be blacklisted from big companies because of it. Especially while so many have defended and vouched for him.


Kimber is a trash human being. She literally calls Zach a nazi now but she had no problem with that picture till he served her divorce papers


AEW should give a shot to Zach. He’s very talented.


Seeing how hard they had to fight just to get Mark Briscoe on I don't think that is going to happen


Meanwhile the same company promotes Kyrie Irving even with his association with no bullshit actual anti-Semitic hate groups. $$$$ is everything.