The Fire Emblem Radiance duology for Switch would be nice, due to the fact that I'm not forking over 200 pounds for a near 20 year old game and it's sequel.


It’s so weird they’ve never bothered. After Marth I feel like Ike is one of the biggest FE characters. Hell he’s one of the reasons I got into FE despite never play dawn of radiance


The Ace Combat ps2 trilogy ported to modern consoles. 5 was a preorder bonus for buying 7, so I know they can do it.


They can't necessarily do it. There are licensing issues with a lot of the planes. 5 only happened because they could give it away for free. They can't actually sell it


Honestly, even if the game is kinda just okay, I’d be down with a Knuckles’ Chaotix AIR-esc game.


Pokemon Gen 5. Any actual Remake more than any other Pokémon Remake would be a massive downgrade. All they need to do is take the sprites and make it wide-screen and I will be THRILLED.


This is an obviously unfulfillable dream because sprites aren’t seen as the cutting edge unfortunately, they’re kept the 3D transition for every game/remake since the 3DS. Not saying I wouldn’t enjoy it too but simply that I’d doubt it would ever be 2D.


Oh I know, I've fully accepted when the remakes inevitably happen it'll be 3D, but unless they went full on TWEWY style with it or something it's just gonna be a downgrade to me.


I'm of the opinion that transitioning to 3D sprites wasn't of itself a bad idea, but I haven't been sure of the methods they've chosen to do it; felt like a lot of that era needed something more. I don't mind SV though


I think they've gotten pretty good, SV did a lot especially. But man, Gen 5's sprites were immaculate.


A good PC port of Sonic Adventure 2 would be nice. (yes i know we already have one but it's based on the 7th gen port which is based on battle, meaning it has all of the issues from both of those games plus even worse audio mixing and all of the good stuff from battle being locked behind dlc) (and yes i know the current pc port of sa2 is really easy to mod but mods can only go so far in this case unlike with sadx where you can pretty much overhaul the entire game)


Localize and port the Trails in the sky Evolution remasters (as a collection release?) or remaster the Fire emblem Tellius games as a switch collection.




The Xenosaga trilogy, so I can stop regretting not buying Xenosaga 3 at a convention back in 2019, where someone was charging like 60 or 70 for it.


Probably Bleach tbh. The original anime's filler seems pretty egregious and it'd only do the IP good to get a version of it with the fat trimmed.


The Bloody Roar series deserves some love. Just being able to easily play them in modern platforms would be neat.


I couldn't agree more, honestly


Otogi 1 & 2 with options to actually change the camera controls. Kuon so it can be played without emulation or being rich. Xenoblade X with a map designed around human beings actually interacting with it. Also what's A.I.R? What's "Advance series"? Advance Wars? Or one of the many games that just slapped Advance on the title because it was on GBA??


Sonic 3 Angel Island Revisited, a fan port of Sonic 3 & Knuckles that adds the stuff mentioned. it's rad


Modern port of something older with QOL changes, more options, and better hardware support? Bloodborne


Bloodborne. Just port it to pc Sony please.