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Take your trash with you when you leave.


They won’t even do that. They’ve pretty much gone feral at this point.


Won't be long until it's 30,000. This number isn't counting the number of wounded Russians. I think that number is something like three times the death count, but every invading soldier out of action is a win.


Given that their first aid kits are 10-12 years out of date and their ambulances are carrying ammo instead of medical supplies, I suspect their wounded numbers are lower, and that we have no real grasp on their dead.


Of course, when the wounded are left behind to die, they are KIA or MIA. Works for me though.


Not to mention that plenty of wounded will die sometime later due to their injuries and the “superb” medical care they are no doubt getting.


Almost 30k dead Russians. Lets put it in perspective: That is almost twice as much as the soviets lost in afghanistan - a conflict that heavily contributed to the collapse of the soviet union. It is 7 times the amount of dead US soldiers in Iraq which lasted for 8 years. These numbers are bonkers we haven‘t seen a big nation getting their ass handed to them this bad since Vietnam... but even then the US Army fought for 15 years to pass this number of casualties. This is historical we are probably witnessing the biggest L of our lifetime


Moral going to shit, leadership killed in surgical strikes. This has all the hallmarks of a route of Russian forces where retreat turns into panic.


A single dead Russian is a tragedy. 30,000 dead Russians is a statistic. -Putler, probably.


Bold of you to assume a single dead isn’t a statistic


Air drop a “Hang in there!“ kitten poster to him immediately!!


How many ukranians ? Still waiting on that number


Last number I saw from Zelensky was about 4,000 Ukrainians KIA.


That’s probably inaccurate, I’d expect the real number to be around 9,000-15,000 by now.


That was from the 3rd week of April. I’d be surprised at 15,000 but not so surprised at 9,000 given the change of fighting in the East.


Keep waiting.


Has to happen


Has to happen unless someone takes out Putin


Putin killing his boys stop sending Russians to die Putin