Insane considering it costs them nothing.


The digital age really makes old-school goods and services need a good rethink, if anything. There's this weird camp where digital products cost nothing so they must be eternally free, but that would simply mean we'd basically have no digital goods/content/software at all, as nobody would have any income involved in it, it'd be pure passion which isn't getting us anything close to where we are.


there's a cost to making the digital product (you still have to pay artists and programmers) but there's no way it justifies a such a high price, timed exclusivity, and artificial scarcity.


You are explaining the concept right but not applying it correctly. The payment for the work has been extracted throughout all these years in the form of all kind of things people have bought in war thunder. It was already paid for when these were first released 8 centuries ago. The Herman has also been periodically been put on sales. Now again these people have used the same old things and are selling them overpriced. 60 dollars lmfao. They even put a scummy purchase limit to ensure a bottom line for sales is met.


Digital goods usually have no direct cost of sale, as all costs attributed fall under overhead costs. The closest you could call a cost of sale is introducing freelance artists such as VAs in your work, but even then that comes in the form of an upfront cost and *sometimes* a royalty payout. Game designers, game developers, in-house artists, even digital marketers and admin staff are all on a fixed salary that comes out of your overhead, as does R&D costs that go into developing a game. Yes digital products can be removed and then come back for very little additional cost to the studio, but you see that sort of thing with physical goods too. There will be additional costs in these re-releases as even distributing DVDs isn't free, but it'll be pennies compared to the upfront production/development costs you invested.


all digital products should be cheaper than this


You should see star citizen


look, usually I can justify gaijins pricing for premiums. €60 for two weeks premium time, 2k ge and a rank 6 premium? banger, you get lots of value, better yet if you buy em on sale. But €60 for a mf rank 2/3 tank??? I'm glad I aint the sucker who bought one.


Some people just like collecting all vehicles. I could ask you what purpose a Tier VI premium has, if it's nearly a carbon copy of the same vehicle in the tech tree. More SL and RP gain only benefits those that need it and after ten years I know plenty of people that have everything they need. I for myself am currently contemplating if I should get the 2A4 because of the camo (entire German tech tree unlocked) or the AVRE, I don't need to care about their stats.


ok, but that doesn't justify a €60 price point. All you're paying for is exclusivity. Not a unique or interesting tank, or a good grinding vehicle.


Considering that those were gone in half a day it seems like the price was too low.


just because they sold most certainly does not mean they were underpriced.


It's almost like it's scarcity marketing or something.


AVRE is a completely unique playstyle and one of my favorite vehicles. It's super situational but extremely fun


Honestly, I hope more future premiums and event vehicles are more like the AVRE and Crocodile. It's annoying when mass produced vehicles that should really be tech tree (US M8, for example) or copy pastes with different skins (Both Chinese Rank 4 Ground Tanks) are added. I'd love to see vehicles like: - Churchill AVRE - Sherman Crab/Sherman with Dozer - LVT-4 Buffalo with Polsten 20mm - M728 CEV For air, I definitely think there's a gap in post-war propeller planes and COIN aircraft that wouldn't be particularly meta but would still fill a niche at mid to late BRs. - Tucano/Super Tucano - O-2A Skymaster - OV-1 Mohawk - OV-10 Bronco - Fletcher FD-25 - Fairchild AU-23 Peacemaker (Especially with the 20mm door gun) - IA 58 Pucara - J-20 Kraguj - BAC Strikemaster - Cessna A-37 Dragonfly


Dude, PT 109 is a Tier 2 BR 1.7 boat that has a 1 to 1 tech tree copy Talk about a scam


Back when they were first added no players would've knew this and only when the TT's were added 2 years later they would've seen such ntm all premium packs back then costed similar and kinda still do for other modes. Wishful thinking they would've add it's AT gun heh but the devs never did.


Nah I really enjoy Herman. Bounces stuff, best tier where there isn’t toxic crap. Fun


The German sherman gave 2 weeks prem and 3k gold. Also it's rare, and old. They hold the monopoly on when it gets sold. Supply and Demand baby. They control the whole supply. I'd spend 60 on it if I wasnt late to get to it, rather then get some shitty AAA game.


Wow thats a lot of money


Stuff is relative, in raw sales, my grocery store makes more than that in a week. We don't see their margins (licensing for example could be paid per sale) so we don't really know the profits, though people assume pure profits which is silly. At business scale, especially internationally operating ones, this can be either pretty good or a pittance. Like big names may make more than this per second.


All that money and yet they still won't fix the servers.


Gaijin doesn't own servers. They contract them out for specified lengths of time. They can only change providers once the contract is up, or face potential legal action for breach of contract. Very few game companies host their own servers anymore.


Correct! But that means its the servers host requirement to maintain the quality, and if that quality isn't maintained they could face potential legal action for breach of contract. But since they only have a handful of servers scattered across 4 regions... All that money and they still won't fix the servers.


Problem is, contracts often excuse external problems in these hosting issues. Especially if the client is the target, changing hosts doesn't really solve a problem, as the client needs the connection to be publicly known so changing hosts is like getting spam calls but having to tell literally everyone your new number so the spammer just needs to update to your new number to continue. All while you spent money for nothing. I feel a lot of people don't understand why DDOS is so effective when it works, and why it's still a thing despite many hosts being out there to switch to.


I'm not talking about the DDOS attacks, ain't nothing going to stop them until whoevers doing it either gets bored or feels like their vendetta is fulfilled. I'm talking about the garbage netcode.




It's not raw capacity, it's moderation limits to not overwhelm staff. They could easily have *capacity* to support people chatting, but don't have the staff to keep up. Wars where one of your major playerbases are involved tends to put high strain in moderation and you run into tons of problems and community issues where people use examples of failing moderation as excuses for ignoring rules.


But we cant get them on Xbox. Such a shame :(


I would’ve killed to get the German Sherman :(


I really wanted Kennedy’s PT-109 and the fact that they barely got through half hurts even more


People really dislike naval, often not having tried it or only played it in the initial beta. Tons of blind hate for the mode, which makes sales like this rarely sell out or that well.


I love naval and would describe myself as a collector, but I'm not paying that much for a PT Boat when I have PT-811 already filling that place on my lineups lol


Naval is very different but certainly pays off handsomely


Why didnt you get it then?


They weren’t available for Xbox.


It kinda makes sense why they couldn't get them as all early NCBT backs were added to the stores back in 1.61 in August 2016 while in 1.79 they were removed from the store which was June 2018 (which was also the update that XBox was added as a playable platform). Damn I remember to much of back then.


Smin said that Consoles get these to buy before year ends.


He did? Oh fella...you have sweetened up my whole week!!! O7


Fuck them and their stupid “limits”


Cock and Ball Torture vehicles? Sounds painful. But I guess some people will pay for anything.


I'm enjoying my Herman the German Sherman.


Me too, goes great with the KV-1B. Although I used GJC to purchase it.


You know what they say. "It's the whales that keep micro transaction games running". As a non whale is say, Thank you sir. :D


thats 159+ million in hungarian money (forint)


Well, time to prepare for another Pewdiepie sponsorship video, probably some russianbadger videos aswell


What's the point of paying those small creators? They can now afford more Eva Elfie videos


Trueeeee. I hope they sponsor Ricardo Milos!


On steam War Thunder was in the top 3 of "Top 100 selling games right now, by revenue" during this weekend and has been on that list for 384 weeks now. Also that is just counting steam PC players that use steam to buy things in WT not the ones that buy from the WT website directly.


Small company comrade, no funds for a stable server infrastructure )))


Those were not available on console right? Would have bought the pt109 in a heartbeat


Herman the German Sherman


And people wonder why Gaijin has no financial incentive to genuinely improve the game and listen to significant criticism


Thank God I saved money and bought them when they came out..... I need to stop feeding the snail...


People are rich. Immagine being that dumb to give Gaijin your money