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Or be like me, love absolutely garbage teams that are garbage for years and be completely flabbergasted when they win and only mildly disappointed when they lose. The Mariners are doing Mariners things, but it's a *weird* time for lifelong Buccaneers fans.


Essendon man


My team in Aussie Rules Football is currently 18th (last) and plays the 1st place reigning premiers this weekend. We've lost by 109 and 75 points the past 2 weeks. Nearly the entire team is out with covid or injuries. There will be heavy drinking...


Hm.. is that Collingwood or Essendon? You mean AFL right?


Nope apparently it’s west coast eagles


Yep :')


Welcome back! I missed your humour


Thanks! I’ve been busy not being busy.


NFL probably responsible for a lot of battered wives.




"My darling daughter. Why can't you just marry a Man City or Liverpool fan? Why does it have to be a Newcastle bloke?"


Kind of how it goes


Damn you Rob Holding.


Damn you Paul Tierney


Last year in the same sunday - My fav driver crashed at the F1 race in the morning - My soccer team has losted for the main title competitor at afternoon - In the Sunday Night Football not only Seahawks lost at overtime as my girlfriend called me to have a "talk" and we break up Don't know how I managed to survive


Best wishes to you, entity!


Your Fav Driver , Lando Norris ??


Sebastian Vettel


This made me giggle quite a bit. Thank you!


Watching your team lose can be a riot!


It's the only time I can feel anything.


I got to remind myself of that. I just don't watch the games like I used too because I realized I had to much emotional invest at stake. I feel like shit just because my favorite team lose like I lost it for them. like I didn't have enough faith lol.


Yet another "how dare you care about things" post, damn give it a rest. These people just wanna shit on anything they don't personally enjoy, there's a million things that "don't effect you in any way" that people get emotional over every day.


Why do you assume the cartoonist isn’t referring to himself? It’s okay to like sports and still think it’s funny how emotionally wrecked we can get when our teams lose.


[we cheer for clothes!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we-L7w1K5Zo&ab_channel=bennyfriedman)


Oh hi my dad


Yup. Accurate


“wE lOsT!!” - no, *they* lost. You watched.


Lol, people seeing each other in public wearing their sports merchandise. "We beat the shit out of you" Wow, I didn't know you're beer gut could fit in the uniforms.


Syntactically speaking, when describing the events in a game, "we" is way clearer than "they," since either of the two teams could be "they." In this context, "we" is a pronoun meaning "the team I'm a fan of," and "they" is a pronoun standing in for "the team I'm *not* a fan of." No one's actually implying that they themselves personally play for that team. It's just a linguistic device for greater clarity. The more you know!


That’s partially true. But people who watch sports wear jerseys & buy memorabilia. It makes them feel like they’re part of the team. So, when the team loses, they feel like they lost too. Or when people have their watching rituals: like if they don’t rub their lucky rabbits foot, or watch the game in a certain way, the team will lose because of them. Most people who watch sports aren’t linguistics experts lol it’s most likely they think they’re contributing. Why do you think riots happen after losses, fights happen during the games, or people like me who comment against sports get downvoted? They’re “pArT oF tHe TeAm!” when all they’re doing is watching from their recliners. I’ve shot ALOT of sports events & met a lot of famous athletes & fans. Trust me, the teams try to make you feel like you’re part of the team, & the fans genuinely think they’re part of the team. The more you know!


All of that could be true and wouldn't change the fact that using "they" as the pronoun for *both* teams would be extremely unclear. You don't have to be a linguistics expert to understand how to effectively convey meaning. Now, a lot of what you say *is* true, in a way. The entire appeal of sports fandom is surrendering your emotions to an external, shared experience. It's a powerful and enjoyable thing. But, again...no one is hallucinating and thinking they are on the team. They're just choosing to engage in a shared experience. Also, the reason you're getting downvoted isn't because you're "against sports" (which is a funny thing to be "against" but whatever)—it's because you're acting like by being anti-sport, you're somehow *better* than all those peons who are fans. You're being condescending, and no one likes a faux-elitist prick.




When I was a kid, I observed my brother getting so emotionally wrapped up in some game that he cried. I refused to ever invest any interest in sports since then. I missed out on a lot of male bonding over the years because I don’t watch sports, but at least I’m not a cliche when it comes to that aspect.


? Thats just being passionate over a hobby mate.




This is such a reddit thing to say


It is what it is. I do like tennis, but I’ve never cried over it.


How someone can have a vested interest in anything sports related with all the blathering talking heads, swooshing effects and screaming commercials going on while watching a game is beyond me.


Thats the US only mate


And even then, mostly football from my experience.


And Canada, apparently.


Oh my god I’m gonna cry laughing because people are getting downvoted for being right about others overreacting


I watched my ex's dad HURL a remote into a TV, crack the Plasma screen, the remote shattered into pieces, and the batteries flew out at high speeds, with one of them hitting his own daughter in the corner of her eye socket and cause her to bleed. Almost lost her eye. Sports are bullshit. Just as rigged as American politics. Lol


No, I’m pretty sure the problem there was your ex’s dad’s anger management problem, not sports.


No shit. Lol. He was an ass.


Eh, it’s kinda like video gaming. Shouldn’t affect your life and make you mad when you lose but a lot of gamers out there that are just like your ex’s dad. Sports aren’t bullshit. You’re just bullshitting.


What the sea games does to a singaporean


NHL Oilers fans rn (We did win last night tho!)


This is why you should follow a baseball team! They play almost every day, so even if they disappoint you today… they can disappoint you again tomorrow. And the day after that.


It’s a tough time to be a Man Utd fan for sure