Ikelos smg


Literally this with voltshot and feeding frenzy/threat detector


Threat detector is going to be the better of those two options. It holds up better in endgame since adds are too tanky to feed to FF, and FF doesn’t count enemies killed by voltshot.


This 100%. Even considered leveling a second to separate standard vs endgame stuff.


I did that with tarnished mettle. volts hot for raids and regular and explosive Payload for gms


Definitely two types of PvP weapons. Ones for boss/heavy damage and one for add clear. The perks from one of these are generally the worst for the other


It's the opposite, feeding frenzy counts enemies killed by voltshot


IF the shot that triggered the explosion also killed the jolted enemy, then all the kills count. If the jolt burst goes off and the target survives, other kills won't count.


but you’re not going to be near enemies in end game content. while I agree, they’re both useless in endgame


It fully depends. In the Birthplace of the Vile strike for example, you are often very close to enemies and simply utilize cover.


True. But also voltshot does proc FF. SOMETIMES. It’s supposed to apparently but it’s hit or miss.


[u/goDie61 explains it better than I do](https://www.reddit.com/r/destiny2/comments/10v4s3x/i_need_a_good_arc_primary_weapon/j7gnodx/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


good to know. im gonna have to go fix mine


Yes it does. Your point still stands but it does count them.


[u/goDie61 explains it better than I do](https://www.reddit.com/r/destiny2/comments/10v4s3x/i_need_a_good_arc_primary_weapon/j7gnodx/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


Thank you for not just aimlessly arguing and pointing me to your reasons/proof. Have a good day dawg


XD you too. God I love it when internet conversations are civil.


Me too man. So few and far between now. Especially in these subs


One of the best primaries, easily.


Perpetual Motion is the best option


For PVE?






It’s also not kill dependant


Neither is threat detector


Constantly active and just as potent practically.


“Just as potent” Ah yes 15 reload from x2 perpetual motion is just as potent as 100 reload and 0.8 reload duration multiplier from x5 feeding frenzy or 55 reload from x2 threat detector


One of the best weapons in the game for PvE and PvP.


Trinity Ghoul, Riskrunner for exotics. Brigand's Law, Ikelos SMG, Horror's Least, Insidious for legendaries.


+1 for trinity, absolute add clearing monster


+1 for Brigand's, been running voltshot/pugilist(? One of the melee perks) with a lightning surge spam build and it's been really fun


I have one with threat detector and voltshot, works great for ad clears.


Insidious with Dragonfly and One for All is bonkers


Sweet Sorrow AR, buy at the War table, can be crafted Ikelos smg, buy at the exo frame, can be crafted Horrors Least pulse, NF drop Riskrunner smg


Can’t get horrors least anymore


Darkest Before is a decent backup for Horror's Least. Prophecy dungeon.


I love that gun. Really shouldn’t, it’s not terribly special, but I love it.


I got one a couple years back when I first started playing. It's usually my go-to when pulses are Unstoppable and I'm not using Outbreak. It's not great, but it feels right for me.


Could you find someone who needs gilding and just run Scarlett Keep to get it to drop? I've already gilded, but idk how wep drops work while gilding, never payed attention.


Running the node GMs still only gives the current weekly weapon


Bummer, that'd be nice if it did.


Not even as a regular NF drop? I know it was last week for adept farming but wasn’t sure if the standard was part of the regular NF pool


Pretty sure I thought this season was it’s last in the rotation the last time for a bit at least


Ah that sucks. Glad I got a good adept one last week haha


Yeah but you will still be able to focus them come lightfall, legacy vendor focusing


Well u can get the sunset one... Lol


If you want something with a bit of range, Tarnished mettle. Voltshot + demo.


I actually wouldn’t necessarily recommend demo with it, while the extra grenade energy is nice the free reload on grenade isn’t synergistic with voltshot. On mine I’ve chosen to go with rapid hit to get a faster reload and improve voltshot’s capabilities


Your right, Rapid hit is probably more synergistic. But i like grenades.


Steady loving grenades! If a gun can roll demo adrenaline junky together there’s a good chance I have that version alongside any given god roll


Demo/Voltshot is the way. Reload is a non-issue when amplified and getting amplified with a Voltshot gun is super easy to keep it up. Also with grenade jolts it’s a lovely cycle of chain lightning


I actually would recommend long arm over tarnished mettle


Riskrunner, trinity ghoul, any gun with voltshot, you can check which guns have voltshot on [light gg](https://www.light.gg/god-roll/find/)


All these are great options.


path of least resistance and go double special, trust me you won't regret it.


I did this throyght all of the Season of the Haunted. Ran every activity with what i called triple fusions (stasis Fusion Rifle, promethius lense trace rifle, and a heavy LFR) I rarely even ran out of Ammo, but when I did my solar bonk hammer took care of the rest


b o n k




Highly recommend this, especially on arc warlock because neither super is very useful so you can toss on special finisher. You'll never run out of ammo and your teammates benefit from free green bricks.


Is there a perk that gifts you more green brick drops? I usually run out of ammo fast going with both special....


Ammo finder (head mod) for more special drops, scavenger (leg mod) for more ammo from special drops


Adding onto what the other person commented, Special Finisher on your class item lets you trade 1/3rd of your super to make a green brick for you and your entire fireteam. It isn't always the best move if you depend on your super but there are certain supers that I personally think are more valuable when converted to special ammo. Arc/Stasis Warlock and Solar/Stasis Titan come to mind


Yeah I was just thinking I could do this with a stasis hunter, and that exotic head that phase shifts you. Boosts arc weapons as well... Will have to experiment for sure!


Arc logic🤤


I've done the arc logic quest at least 30 times since it got reissued and every roll i got was either doo doo butt or pvp godroll (i hate pvp)


I feel that. I'm the opposite, I HATE pve and main pvp and the best I could get was a 5/5 pve god roll💀


The scout from Season of Plunder can be crafted with Voltshot and Rapid Hit. Essentially a discount legendary Trinity Ghoul substitute.


As well as demo and explosive payload for endgame content


Normally I’d agree on explosive payload for endgame, especially if on a kinetic but Voltshot is too good to pass up when there’s a chance. Still does great damage in GMs and serviceable ad-clear.


Sweet sorrow with stats for all and one for all, mine is level 150 it’s so nice to use


I grinded so much for one of these. It's a sweet little gun and that perk combo is quickly becoming one of my favorites


Trinity Ghoul


Ikelos SMG / Trinity Ghoul


Out of Bounds, Arsenic Bite/Tripwire Canary, Sorrows Verse, darkest before, and long arm to name few legendaries


I'm amazed you seem to be the only person suggesting out of bounds, things got some fantastic perk combos


Oooo out of bounds is a good one!!


Tripwire canary with explosive payload. Works in all levels of content. Super fun.


Tripwire canary with dragonfly is my favorite bow so far, and Brigands Law with voltshot is insane add clear and great for proccing arc verbs


Firefright is craftable and rolls with osmosis. It’s been great with my arc build!


The Last Breath (prophecy auto) can roll demo + osmo. No enhanced perks obv, but that combo is nuts


The Last Breath, my beloved. I have a Demo/Adagio roll and it’s bonkers. Used it all of last season for barrier champs. Underrated af. Looks really good too.


I need one more pattern. Where do they drop from?


Castellum/containment or you can focus at Crown of Sorrow


Appreciate you! I’ll try my luck today. Been making do with my subsistence/osmosis scathelocke. That firefright sounds sooo good tho!


I'd actually say Firefright is very similar to Scathelock, but being able to put enhanced perks on Firefright is what makes it win out for me.


I have an osmosis/4th time charm roll but, like you said, I need those enhanced perks!


Hell yeah guardian! Best of luck to you!


After 3 containment sessions, I had enough umbral energy to unlock one. Thanks again man!!


Awesomeness! Glad to hear it!


No one talks about this. I have one with osmosis and it's so handy having access to arc primary for easy amplified. Plus, 450s always feel nice to use.


Sweet Sorrow, Ikelos SMG, season of the plunder sidearm, tarnished metal, risk runner, Trinity ghoul


Ikelos smg is a good suggestion since its popular, but also an underrated weapon i like to use is Sweet Sorrow (season of the Risen) Arc Auto Rifle that you can craft with a triple tap and demolitionist, pairing it with witherhoard or anarchy when Light fall comes out it'll be a good double dps weapon to pair it.


Ikelos smg, risk runner, trinity ghoul, the pirate scout, the cowboy scout, the trials sidearm, and point of the stag.


Trinity ghoul. Killing with arc ability causes lightning rod.


Anything with Voltshot, since the cascading arc jolts can benefit your armor mods. The current favorites are the Ikelos SMG (Seasonally craftable weapon) and Risk Runner (easy to get exotic)


Ikelos, Tarnished mettle, brigands law all with voltshot.


Ikelos with voltshot


Trinity ghoul, can't go wrong with that.


IKELOS SMG is the most common choice, amazing gun. But I would definitely look at the Dark Decider auto rifle, it’s a 720rpm from Iron Banner. Can get Subsistence and Voltshot, and the reload speed is very fast with the right roll. It’s only available until Tuesday reset though.


I like the Out of Bounds from Crucible, i got one with Demolitionist + Golden Tricorn/Adrenaline Junkie


Trinity ghoul is the best arc primary in the game hands down. If you can't use the exotic slot on it Ikelos with voltshot is #2 imo.


I mean, really depends on your preference on weapon. Auto rifle, pulse rifle, scout rifle, SMG, sidearm, hand cannon, or bow? There’s great legendary and exotic options all around, just depends on what you’re really looking to use.


Wolftone draw




Not sure what perks you want but here are some good ones: \- Dark Decider, auto, Iron Banner (Voltshot) \- Arc Logic, auto, Altars of Sorrow (Demolitionist or Adrenaline Junkie) \- IKELOS\_SMG\_V1.0.3, submachine, Season of the Seraph (Voltshot/Frenzy) \- Sorrow's Verse, auto, Crucible (Rampage/Frenzy/One for All--lots of great choices here) (EDIT) \- Sweet Sorrow, auto, Season of the Risen (Demolitionist) \- Come to Pass, auto, Wellspring (Dragonfly/One for All/Golden Tricorn) \- Tarnished Mettle, scout, Season of Plunder (Demolitionist/Voltshot)


Arc logic can also roll with subsistence/rampage for pain train action. Although I've been chasing that roll since Shadowkeep dropped and still haven't rolled one yet :(


No lies, Arc Logic is a bit of a PITA to farm compared to just about every other gun I listed, but it does have a nice sort of "punchy" feel that I feel like none of the others have. EDIT: I take that back, Come to Pass is pretty punchy, too, but in a different kind of way (high-impact autos don't feel right to me right now).


No I agree on 360s. I have a well rolled Herod-C and I just don't really like it. Same with Servant Leader. It's such a pretty gun, but I just don't like it more than any of the other 260s. Farming Arc isn't that bad, honestly, as it's a way to target farm loot from before focusing was a thing and the requirements are basically "do the things, kill the aliens", but man I just get so tired of running patrols and public events on one little sector of the moon. Plus, with the release of Sweet Sorrow, you can have an essentially equal AR that's deepsight focusable and has enhanced perks. It does have one of the cleanest red dots in the game though. Feels like an AR-platform gun with some extra moon stuff on it.


Others are suggesting good options, Ikelos SMG is pretty good. If you need something with more range try the Tarnished Mettle scout rifle from last season. Can get some pretty good perks like explosive rounds or voltshot.


Tarnished mettle,ikelos smg (absolute banger), and posterity (if you’re ok with 180 HCs) And don’t forget trinity ghoul is still a god tier primary for clearing ads


Sweet Sorrow shreds. Tarnished mettle is really good too.


Arc Logic auto rifle is pretty good imo


Also the arc auto from Crucible, I think it's a suros.


Arc logic is one of my favorite guns in the game and no one talks about it. But I HATE sorrows verse. Idk why, it just feels off.


I would use Arc Logic more if it didn't have all the extra crap on it tbh, Sorrows verse feels pretty good imo, but you're right about something feeling off I honestly chalk it up to a suros gun actually being decent lol


I was going to retort, but looking at the list, there's literally no suros gun I would take over alternatives from other Foundries. The 450 sidearms weren't bad before full auto everything was an option, but now they fall way behind other archetypes. I do not like the suros 390s at all, not one of them. For 900 SMGs, Veist is the clear winner. Basically outside of Suros Regime, I'm a Veist/Omolon man.


Riskrunner is my personal favorite


It is a primary


Takes primary ammo but it is not the primary weapon slot. It’s a secondary


There is no primary slot. It’s kinetic and energy


Play too many games get the technicalities all mixed up.


Love it for ad clear in final encounter Kings Fall.


I don’t see anyone suggesting delicate tomb I use it on my warlock it dominates hip fire only, up close and personal weapon generate tons of ionic trace and on kills chain lightning.


Ikelos smg, or risk runner


If you have season of the risen, sweet sorrow slaps. Can be crafted. I’d also recommend ikelos smg


Ikelos SMG, Come to Pass, Sweet Sorrow, Riskrunner any of these are great imo.


reject primary, embrace forberance/path of least resistance


#Primaries. . ●SMG: Ikelos (craftable). ●Auto rifle: Sweet Sorrow (craftable). ●Scout rifle: Tarnished Mettle (craftable). ●Hand cannon: Posterity (DSC raid). ●Pulse rifle: Darkest Before (Prophecy Dungeon). ●Sidearm: Brigand's Law (Craftable). ●Bow: Point of the Stag (Buy at the exotic vault). . #Special. . ●Shotgun: First In, Last Out (Banshee). ●GLs: Salvenger's Salvo (Buy at the exotic vault). ●Fusion rifle: Techeun Force. ●Sniper rifle: Mechabre (Halloween event only) or. Albruna-D (Gambit). ●Trace rifle: Path of Least Resistance (Craftable). ●Glaive: Nezarec's Whisper (Craftable). . #Heavy. . ●Sword: Half-Truths (Dares/ Craftable) or Bequest. (DSC Raid). ●HGLs: Wendigo GL3 (Nightfall reward). ●Rocket Launcher: Hothead (Nightfall Reward) or. Blowout ( ~~Iron banner~~ Crucible reward). ●LFRs: Stormchaser (Duality Dungeon). ●LMGs: Terminus Horizon (Spire of the Watcher. Dungeon).


Ikelos smg and Tarnished Metal scout


Tarnished Metal, Ikelos SMG and sweet sorrow are all pretty good. Trinity Ghoul is always a good choice if Arc shields are in the activity that you’re on. I used TG with Arc Warlock, Falling Star for the Scarlett Keep GM.


Ikelos SMG for sure


IKELOS SMG and Sweet Sorrow are my go-to. Both are craftable as well, but SMG with volt shot is nasty.


Farm the pattern for the SMG from this season. It is legit one of the best weapons ever, Voltshot is wild. You will not regret it!


IKELOS SMG with Feeding Frenzy + Voltshot or Posterity with Voltshot + Frenzy.


May I suggest a trace rifle instead? Cold Heart and Path of Least Resistance(with volt shot) has insane synergy with this sub class. Electrostatic Mind aspect for amplification and Spark of Beacons to constantly blind enemies on kills. Double specials also give constant heavy ammo.


Trinity Ghoul?


Dark Decider with Golden Tricorn. New favourite energy auto rifle.


As a fellow arc warlock. Riskrunner


Pair riskrunner with fallen sunstar and build out for ionic traces. You will be a grenade/ arc chaining monster. Especially against fallen themed things, that way you don't have to self proc with storm grenades


Crafted Ikelos SMG or Tarnished Mettel both with voltshot. The scout you can craft Demolitionist/Voltshot which will be a add clear monster as well as good for grenade build/well gen from grenade kills/matching damage kill well gen


My enhanced/enhancef voltshot/FTTC Tarnished Mettle is now my highest level crafted weapon, but I'm learning from these comments that I should probs do voltshot/demolitionist instead lol. TIL. Anyways, get it. It's banger for ad clear at a distance.




sweet sorrow is underrated, crafted it at the beginning of the season and already have it at level 40 something


Quicksilver is a primary that has a arc rocket that it launches


Not anymore after a patch a while back. Quicksilver will be Strand in Lightfall


Arc primary doesn’t matter. No matter what you do this build will suck. You went wrong with “arc warlock”


You went wrong with posting this horrible take. Hold this L mang


Have fun doing nothing in any remotely hard content.


Sounds like you may be suffering from a terminal case of skill issue bud


It has nothing to do with skill. No matter how you look at this arc warlock is dreadful. It brings nothing to any team, in fact if you are using arc warlock in anything remotely endgame you are actively throwing. People throw skill issue out whenever you tell them an objectively bad subclass is bad it is confusing… maybe if you used anything slightly better you could complete a GM.. or maybe a raid in under an hour?


If you’re struggling in a GM in this sandbox rn and you think it’s because of your subclass, I don’t know what to tell you. Just get better


I don’t struggle with GMs. If you believe arc is good I’m suprised you can complete one for starters and would be amazed if you have ever cleared one in under 20 minutes


Well considering I already do all those things on arc-lock, you kinda are just making it seem like you're bad at arc-lock.


You can’t be bad at arc lock. Arc lock is just bad. If you can’t see that good luck… you are dogshit


oh ):


Nah. They e wrong, don't listen to them. Arc lock is great. I'm running Firefight with Osmosis, Coldheart, and Subzero Salvo, Fallen Sunstar helm, and Chaos Reach super. My ionic trace generation is so cracked that I have near 100% ability uptime. If I find I need more boss damage I'll just switch to Geomag Stabilizers.


I have a fallen Sunstar build and even though it has ass DPS it's still my favourite cuz I can throw a nade, clear the entire room and then fully Regen it from the enemies i just killed. Also no one has said it yet but I've been using an out of bounds with threat detector surrounded and it feels very nice, though it doesn't have voltshot


You dont play for fun huh?


Like people have said, the smg from this season is great. If you want something with more range, tarnished mettle scout rifle from last season is also great and can be crafted with volt shot. Bonus perk it also comes with demolitionist.


You can use d2gunsmith.gg to filter through all of the weapons and their rolls to find one you like


Risk runner


Ikelos SMG or Long Arm


Since others have mentioned ikelos I’ll suggest Cantata it’s a arc HC with rapid hit and timed payload.


Sweet sorrow


I really love Come to Pass, craftable weapon from Witch Queen. Psycohack is very useful in high level content and it has adaptive Munitions which is amazing against match shields (which is admittedly going away). Also can roll with OFA+SFO which is also very good for most high level content.


Ikelos SMG with FF/Threat Detector+Voltshot, Nation of Beasts with Outlaw+Dragonfly, Riskrunner, Trinity Ghoul


Ikelos SMG or Sweet Sorrow. Trinity Ghoul. Riskrunner. Any “meta” weapon with an arc energy


Ikelos SMG is considered one of the best as previous commenters have already pointed out but I also have a love for: Dark Decider AR from Iron Banner Tarnished Mettle Scout from Season of Plunder Brigand’s Law Sidearm from Season of Plunder Arsenic Bite-4b or Wolftone Draw Bow from world drop and Season of the Lost (I think world drop now) respectively. Third Axiom is popular but I can’t think of an Arc pulse rifle I like. Still unsure why TA gets so much love, but I’m bad with Pulse so my opinion isn’t too useful there. Also bad with Hand Cannons so I don’t even have a recommendation. I think there’s one called Nature of the Beast that’s popular? Those are all the Arc primaries I can think of not including exotics (Symmetry, Trinity Ghoul, Trespasser, Riskrunner, Hard Light [default Void]). Hope some of that helps! And any comments on this I hope will clarify some better choices than what I’ve suggested.


Shadow Price is my absolute favorite Arc AR. I'm a T-Crash main and my FF/Thresh roll helps me T-Crash as often as possible.


Big fan of Horror’s Least (it’s a nightfall rotation drop) in both PvP and PvE. Great gun.


False Promises is pretty good, Xûr is selling it in EDZ.


Trinity ghoul with a catalyst if you don't mind burning an exotic slot. Worth it for me Though the ikelos smg with voltshot and range finder is a good shout as well


I don’t see anyone suggesting delicate tomb I use it on my warlock it dominates hip fire only, up close and personal weapon generate tons of ionic trace and on kills chain lightning.


I got a pretty nutty iron grip/voltshot Dark Decider that has been putting on work. Thing is a laser beam.


Nah bruh you dont need primary you need felwinters helm with delicate tomb and special ammo finisher Why use primary when you can chain lighting every one? Use new arc melee to debuff targets, consume ionic trace, gain super energy , delicate tomb Zaps everyone and with bigger targets debuffed it nearly one shots majors. Use finisher to obtain more delicate tomb ammo Rinse Repeat Primary not required but if you do absolutely need it ikelos is good but posterity can get frenzy with voltshot for more damage and faster reloads


I recommend everyone's favourite brrr maker - the riskrunner. there's also the Ikelos SMG which is \*chefs kiss\* And if you're particularly good (at least in my case, it hasnt been as effective as I liked except with big dudes) is good ol Trinity Ghoul


Ikelos SMG, Tarnished Mettle, and Brigand's Law. All can have Voltshot and perform exceptionally well.


I’ve been using demo vorpal forgiveness with surprise attack mod. Big damage numbers




Tarnished Mettle Ikelos SMG Tripwire Canary Posterity


Ikelos smg, dark decider, darkest before, tarnished mettle


You must be very very new


I really love Arc Logic. It’s not mega or anything, I just think it’s really fun to use. You get it from the moon, like the lectern if you’ve already got the essence unlocked.


Lol it a no brainer Ikelos smg, I knew before I even open comments in the post every one was going to say the same lol, I just wanted to reiterate, get it to lvl 12 asap so you can put voltshot.


*Laughs in triple 100 bask of bakris*


Tarnished mettle


[Threat detector/ Voltshot] Ikelos smg [Demolitionist/ Voltshot] Tarnished metal Risk runner [Demo/ Adrenaline junkie] Insidious


waking vigil, nation of beast.


Ikelos SMG or Sweet Sorrow


Sweet sorrow


Ikelos smg, riskrunner, brigands law, cantata 57, forgiveness, forgiveness (adept)


Horrors least


Out off bounds




Trinity Ghoul, Riskrunner, IKELOS SMG, Out of Bounds or Brigand's Law.


ammit ar2 with adaptive munitions bangs


Crafted come to pass with enhanced adaptive munitions and enhanced Genesis. Been loving the gun in gms.


Subsistence and voltshot dark decider