I wouldn’t mind it as much if that core fantasy was viable for endgame activities


The DR applications of woven mail alone look pretty good. With the upped melee regen and melee causing combatants to do less damage coupled with a nice get in and get out grapple tool I can really see titan shining.


Try hitting a GM yellowbar (or worse, champ) with a melee. Every time i do a GM on titan i can basically unbind my melee if it’s not ranged


Every time i do a GM ~~on titan~~ i can basically unbind my melee of it’s not ranged FTFY


Have you tried arc hunter assassin cowl?




Every time I GM I basically unbind


Hard to say when you can't grapple in n out of the fight right now. Running in a straight line towards one enemy can only get you so far. Melee abilities aren't really intended to kill champions, unless it's a hunters athrys knife.


Given how many enemies fire homing AoEs that two-shot you on GM, grapple isn't going to help much.


I mean it’s not out yet, it could be useful in GMs. We don’t know yet.


If it’s a GM you shouldn’t be that close unless doing a finisher lol


Yeah that's kind of the issue when Titans are also told to shut up and just go punch stuff by the lead abilities designer. Either Titans need variety in their "fantasy" or these melee classes need to be made strong enough to be able to do something in GMs. With Berserker Severing and Woven Mail being an intrinsic part of the subclass, Titan Strand has potential depending on the values those things provide.


Sure, but Dr isn't why roaming supers aren't used in endgame activities like gms and raids. Roaming supers are ad clear at best. And that's simply irrelevant at this point in the games life cycle. We have weapons and abilities that do it better. Also, it's another punching super which at this point is boring, it doesn't even look any more interesting than our 5 other roaming supers


But Void Overshields give you an overshield and 50% DR. Suppress also lowers enemy damage output and stops their special abilities. Why would I use Strand again?


Bungie: introduces and develops melee range abilities and weapons. Also Bungie: actively punishes you for using said abilities and weapons in high end content: stomps, damage reduction to the archetype (not sure on this one but i think It happened at some point) some encounters on raids preventing you from using melee for boss damage at all: F.e. Caretaker.


And wasn't *just* roaming supers


Thundercrash/Bubble/Banner/All of Solar are entirely viable for endgame content




Dunno why they didn't just give the BERSERKER twin axes. Would have fit the name and the whole Titan fantasy.


Wow. Yea that woulda been cool.


Ugh that would have been great


No thanks, I play destiny to forget about Zerk


feint>light>feint>light>feint>light>feint>light> unblockable>executed


Thanks for the ptsd episode ![img](emote|t5_2we4j|5679)


Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


Wow! OK! I got this!


Didn't expect to see my second most played game represented here in the d2 sub.


It severs on the light attacks as well I think, so that’s 2 types of champion stuns. Now that subclass keywords stun champs, the other roaming supers need them desperately.


This would have been insanely cool. Or even only a glowing large scythe like in haunted. Yes it would be a bit repetitive but it would be better than glory fists for the 3rd time.


DO YOU GUYS NOT HAVE FISTS? Wow, thanks Bungie.


This is the best comment on their comment I’ve seen. Perfectly encapsulates the sentiment imo


LMAO I said the same thing. "it's giving, do you guys not have phones?!"


So like if the hunter gets a rope dart would you guys rather have had some sort of big flail weapon super? That would be kind of titan-y right?


Dual wielding axes would've been cool




That or javelins. Hell, they could've just re-used the Warmind javelins/synaptic spear or Gathering Storm animations if they'd wanted and it would have been better than this


I wonder if they realize that 50% of the original Titan subclasses was a gigantic shield.


Please get the guy who made sentinel out of the basement to handle the final darkness subclass, I’ll pay them myself if I have to


Plot twist: he was an Activision worker


We’ll give him some breastmilk as a incentive, if he is one.


That’s what I hate the most about this. “Aggressive and tanky” seems to have devolved into “punch things and only punch things”.


My titan fantasy would be to actually kill a stunned champion with my roaming SUPER... If this super is weaker than the ranged one-and-done supers again (!) the Strand super will end up like the other 3 fist of havocs. Vaulted.


Well the new Super for Titans causes Suspend on Heavy attacks And seeing as Strand will effect two champ types (Barrier and Unstop) it means it has a built in method of stunning champs; something that just about no other Roaming Super doesn’t have. My Guess is Suspend will be for Unstoppable


5. 5 fists of havoc; strikers sentinel, behemoth. Both solar supers


Neither of the solar supers are melee restricted. One literally cannot use a melee, it's actually the only long range roaming. So not really.


They are both roamers. You roam around with throwing hammers or a 2 hand hammer with light and heavy attacks.


And fists of havoc is an exclusively melee. Therefor, standing 80 feet away and throwing a hammer, or throwing flaming tornadoes at you enemies, is EXTREMELY different, even if one of those 2 also happens to have light and heavy attacks.


Still, roamers still aren't one and done supers.


That doesn't mean all of them are Fist of Havoc knockoffs. Yeah, Behemoth definitely is. Sentinel can be, but it's a defense super so idk why people use it for offense. You can have a roamer without it being a knockoff. Go throw some Nova bombs if you want a one and done, that's why there are 3 slots.


You clearly aren't open to understanding what is being said, so have a good day


What you're saying has changed every time, between calling it a knockoff, then it's not but it's still roaming, then changing to saying it's not a one and done. I'm open to hearing it, you just gotta stick to one thing, or wrap it all together and just say you want a one and done titan super instead.


Dude, titans literally have 6 Roaming supers. I literally named them. The only supers that aren't are the bubble and thundercrash. There's a reason you don't see players using sentinel shield, arc striker, behemoth, solar roamers much in raids, and gms, it's because they don't contribute enough to warrant their use, and you certainly don't wanna get into melee range in gms, some bosses have ways to discourage it too. Roaming supers are ad clear which is just unnecessary at this point in the games life cycle. Weapons and abilities do it better and it doesn't cost a super slot. If you can't comprehend that simple statemen imade up there, then there's nothing to be had continuing this conversation.


All the crayon and punch jokes coming back to haunt us.


“Hey Titan mains we hear your feedback that you’re tired of fists of havoc but a different color for the third time, but you gotta remember, we can’t be creative because Titan go punch :/“


What the fuck happened to the "Frontline tank" fantasy? All this armor and the heavy duty look they give us and apparently our entire philosophy rounds around our fists. Now the new supers effects sounds nice but it's tiring to have all of the supers look identical. I think why solar and sometimes void titans don't get dragged into this is because they have a weapon that can change the way you use the super I bet you if the super was doing the exact same thing but we had let's say a claymore almost as big as the giant swords from Monster Hunter instead of pocket knifes on our hands that would have been interesting


To be fair, the neutral game does grant damage reduction to you and your team and debuff enemies damage. So it may be decently tanky. But that doesn’t make it any less boring


There was never a tank in destiny lol. Maybe slightly tanky but that's where it ended in d1.you wanted to be punchy boi now you all are punchy bois.


Sounds like the regular lazy excuse, would have been way cooler if the strand super was some sort of javelin or even a hail of javelins, but nope titan go punchy punchy


Oh god imagine throwing a Strand Javelin that deals no damage but signals as a flare. And after half a second strand strings rain from the Sky like a rain of arrows. As a add on, sowly constricting the ring until It tops off with a large strand spike crashing down for a final burst of DPS. (Second part might be too op so It could just be a rain of Damage)


Having a javelin wouldn't even require a crazy amount of new assets when diamond lance exists.


Titan becomes Styanax from warframe a shield that bash and suspend enemies and an spear that can be launched to deal aoe damage or CHARGED FOR PRECISION DAMAGE


Dude they had two years since Beyond Light to take a modicum of feedback towards Stasis titan and titan in general…and they just ignore it. Just like Consecration on Solar 3.0, Strand titan literally feels like an afterthought. Like I can’t even describe how disappointed I was seeing the trailer for Strand, Warlocks and Hunters chilling with their cool new toys while we have the same copy-pasted super/melee and mediocre aspects. Maaaaaaan.


I said it once earlier today already. It's a real bummer reading these interviews where it seems like Yanes and Co are so pumped about warlocks, hunters, and all the crazy ideas they had for them and titan's seem like an afterthought. They literally have to say to Titan's "we love you." Followed by "but you're a 1 dimensional class." Lol


Whats funny is that in the game its the other way around. We have 4 titans (Zavala, Shaxx, Saladin and Saint), 2 warlocks (Ikora, Osiris [formerly]) and for Hunters... Crow (on his own), Ana (on his own), ~~Shaw Han~~ no one else.




Everyone forgets Eris is a Hunter


I always forget shes not a warlock with the robes she wears. Still, same scenario as Osiris, lightless technically doesnt count as hunter anymore


Eris js fucking lightless now so no, she isnt a hunter


Every thread about this on DTG has been removed. Not a good look, trying to silence the community...






"Titan's core fantazy is coloring with crayons, so we took striker and painted it green for you."


The class fantasy to me was being the Unstoppable Force and the Immovable object rolled into one. Apparently Bungie only sees it as the first part for the new classes. Ah well, another expansion as a Void Titan main.


damn, that sucks


Yea. Feels like a very Blizzard response.


No cover art has a titan holding a fist... This take is shittier than the Twilight Garrison one.


What’s funny is we’re the “punching” class. Go try punching anything in a GM that shit doesn’t work.


Or cursed thralls with blackout. Sure I get my health back on a kill, but Im already dead.


Maybe stop using GMs as a benchmark for supers and abilities. No class punches anything in GMs. Dont act like titans got the short end when they were literally meta in PVP and PVE the last four seasons. I, for once, am happy that titans got something that doesnt look inherently broken.


Yeah because playing a dead in endgame class is fun af.


sure buts it aint original


I dont want to switch mains but holy fucking shit, I may have to........


I once tried to main a warlock for 2 seasons - every time I logged in my Titan were looking at me and I felt ashamed af. At this point I'd sooner leave the game for good than change my main class.


I feel like if I changed characters my titan would look at me the same way haha.


**sighs** I guess that's a NO for a Rambo 4 HMG fantasy. Or the Halo HMG fantasy. Or Terminator 2. Inkunzi PAW. 50BMG. DSHk HMG. Brrt.


Wow, what an absolutely out of touch response to uncreative game design. I guess he forgot Solar Titan has the cool fire hammer theme and Void has forcefield generation with a projectile. But guess they spent all their creative juices on Warlock and Hunter. Bummer


Nah you can’t even say that, the Warlock super looks like green Nova Bomb seekers. But the Super really ain’t the end-all be-all anyways. Stasis Titan slaps and that Super is basically a glorified Glacier ‘nade.


A subclass shouldn’t be considered good if either the neutral is bad or the super is bad. I don’t care how many HoIL titans I see, it shouldn’t be like that.


I just see a lot of folks saying “melee super? Dead on arrival rip Strand gg bungo”. I’d rather people hold their horses because we haven’t even played as the subclass yet, all these judgements are being cast just cuz the Super has a melee move.


I don’t like it because there’s 1 non-movement super and I would’ve taken a One-and-Done over any melee super. There are enough.


Not my fantasy.


I just wanted the Iron Lord axe as a super, is that such a hard wish to grant? Fuck Titan's being space marine/Knights, we just punch shit I guess.


Well the "core fantasy" is fucking boring, gives us more unqlique and abstract shit


"And at some point, your guy’s holding the fist on the cover of the game" BUNGO, YOU'RE THE ONE WHO DESIGNS THE COVER OF THE GAME !!!!!


What cover?


Only valid cover for this claim is Beyond light, and honestly it's a joke of an excuse


New Mandela effect


I was drawn into destiny during TTK partly because of the Sunbreaker. Sad to see that's when Titans apprently peaked in creativity. Fuck me, Bungie, maybe phone it in the tiniest bit less for a change?


Something that stuck to me from one of the interviews is that they purposefully limit themselves sometimes to avoid "overdelivering". It might not be related but wonder if the melee subclass could also be another reason for this


wasn't an interview. it was a presentation for other game developers about how they climbed themselves out of the hole that was D2Y1. most certainly not related to this. it's just creative bankruptcy (and I'm honestly quite annoyed by the response but I'm just telling it like it is) they were referring to an overdelivery of content when they said that, because forsaken was so massive in scope and they can't replicate that being away from Activision


On behalf of all Hunter mains, I would like to issue a formal apology to all Titans


Y tho


Because Bungie literally admitted that they see Titans as nothing but punch bots, and not everyone wants to only be “Wow melee ability roaming super”


Because he pathetically wants karma


Fuck that.


Who hurt you?


look just give us arc strider super but in green and instead of it being a stick make it a giant fucking axe.


I remember when Sunbreaker first came out, we all praised bungie. Now it’s just the same old mundane shit. For every aspect of the game. I’ve been a Titan main since I started this series back in 2015, and now I’m going to be forced to play Warlock because the gameplay for Titans has been unchanged for years.


This just reads as they know they gave us another lame ass punch subclass but are just going with it anyway


lol What did you expect? That they’ll change it 2 weeks before release because you said so?


That they will at least say they will try to do better next time This just says that the next subclass will also be Striker


It’s their game, they’re not obligated to please your every whim. And Titan mains allow themselves to have lots of unrealisitic ideas and wishes lol. Titans already got the best out of all 3 light 3.0 subclasses, but of course that’s not enough


And we pay for it So telling your own playerbase you are wrong and you should deal with it is a straight up a slap in the face And unrealistic idea? We just don't want to punch until the end of our days


Don’t pay for it. Vote with your money not death threats


Have you considered simply not paying for it then? No one is forcing you to buy it, you don’t like it, then don’t get it. Or better yet: there’s two whole other classes for you to play and enjoy!


Telling us “hey deal with something you don’t want” are consumers really just gonna be like “yeah ok sure thing company”??? That’s absurd, and you’re delusional for thinking people should just do that. Get a grip


Ever since the initial video for Lightfall came out, people have voiced their dissatisfaction with the Titan super. They've had time to workshop and implement something different in the last 6 months.


No that they would make something more interesting in the first place. I didn’t like the idea of another melee titan super when the first light fall trailer dropped either lol


We are the punching class is bullshit when every class does the same melee damage in crucible. Titans shouldn’t lose a melee fight if they have a charged melee, not if we are gonna be hampered by a stupid fucking design choice.


If you’re losing melee fights as a Titan now you’re doing it wrong.


Mostly. Liar's handshake I think that's that one hunter exotic that basically gives you cheat codes in melee fight if you hit them first?


Fuck no lol. If you're skilled enough to get upto combination blow x 3 then sure. But even at x 2 you can't ohk anyone. And isn't there a titan exotic that literally damages the opponents if they melee you?? If anyone's got a cheat sheet it's titans lmao


The Exotic you mentioned bearly does any dmg back so that's you still need a second punch so it's useless


Im sorry, what? Dude the amount of times ive been one hit killed from a shoulder charge compared to the amount of times ive ever one hit meleed someone as a hunter? Not great.


Sc doesn’t OHK unless the titan is using ONE exotic that increases dmg when airborne. A titan using a specific singular exotic with an activation requirement isn’t really the definition of a strong melee class.


Pardon me but doesnt the arc melee also ohk? Thats literally half of your melees. Hunters have a knife but you need to be fast (that animation spool up is loooong) and you need to hit a precision shot. Titan melees are absolutely not weak in any shape or form, with the exception of solar in pvp but it excels in pve.


The only way a Titan melee one-shots is if they use a shoulder charge with Peregrine Greaves, fully charge Thunderclap (which takes several seconds with a limited cone), or activating the Knockout aspect with Synthoceps/Wormgod. Synthoceps will also make any melee one-shot, but requires you to be surrounded by 3 people.


Arc melee? You mean t-clap? It can, in theory, OHK. As long as you don’t mind standing completely still for twice as long as the worst TTK in the game, putting yourself at great risk. I’m not sure what you mean by half the melees? Again, why bring up hunters melee when we are talking about the MELEE class having bad melees.


Im bringing up hunter melees as a comparison. As a comprison, Titan melees are much stronger in PVP than the other classes. Hell im PVE you guys were able to solo Riven not too long ago with just your melee. They arent weak.


How exactly are they much stronger in pvp? I shoulder charge someone, and they regular melee me in the face. Then, as I melee them again, they do as well, since their melee does JUST AS MUCH DAMAGE AND SPEED AS THE MELEE CLASS. And we end up trading kills. Only, the titan wasted his melee charge just to die from 2 unpowered punches.


How in the world, are getting the drop on someone to use a charged melee, then getting a second punch in and only trading? Connection issues? You should be getting that second punch in with a lot of time to spare. And *your melees can OHK*. Yeah. Sure. With an exotic. Sure. But they *can still OHK.* Show me the exotic that lets other classes do the same. Athrys Embrace? Requires setup *and* got nerfed. Any warlock exotic? Not that im aware but I havent played my warlock in uhhh 3 years so I could be wrong. What exactly do you want? For titans to be able to win every close range engagement in PVP? Thats a braindead ask and you should know that. Yes, theres *some* competition in close quarters. Yknow. Cus its PVP. Any class dominating an engagement is bad gameplay. Its the entire reason I didnt use stasis during beyond light. It felt stupid and cheap. So no. You wont win every engagement in melee. But the amount of times I and many others get deleted by a titan playing smart? Honestly, when Titans are the crucible meta you cant complain that your abilities arent strong enough.


If titans are going to be shoehorned into the melee class. Then absolutely we should inspire fear when faced headfirst. Because hunters and warlocks have a very open design but titans, can only punch, but not better than the other two, otherwise they all complain and get sc nerfed again.


Youre looking at it wrong. Theres already fear facing one in melee. What there cant be is a straight up uncompetitive edge. No. You should not be able to insta win every close counter engagent in PVP. I dont give a damn if its about class identity, the *health of an entire gamemode* is more important. Id bet fifty bucks that if every titan melee one hit, and thats all anyone played in crucible there would be posts about it on the front page of the sub every day because thats *insane*.


Quite literally a skill issue, not trying to be the funny annoying guy. You literally played the scenario wrong and it got you killed. Oops, your fault!


Titan supposed to be the melee focused class yet has to jump through hoops and hope for good latency just to survive a punch out.


By “jump through hoops” do you mean “physically jump for .2 seconds before instakilling the guy in front of me”? It’s crazy that you’re actually pointing to *peregrine greaves* as having an “activation requirement”. That’s a joke dude. Surely you must be kidding. Every class has to get lucky with latency. Are you saying this is just a problem for titans? You’re clearly very ignorant or just wanted an excuse to complain. (Pro tip: you picked a bad one)


You haven’t played Destiny much recently, have you?


I play as a Hunter in crucible. Its a miserable experience.


Funny. Last time I checked hunters were the ones with the ohk melees that refresh themselves. As well as two one and done supers designed to shut down other supers and lock down a large section of the map.


Titan's knockout is ridiculously OP in crucible. Ballistic Slam + Dunemarchers is dumb AF too. Hell, Dunemarchers in general are one of the dumbest exotics to exist and Bungie ignores them. Talk about overpowered.


Most destiny covers have titans holding a big gun


fantasy is cool and all but we are about to have 3 variations on the same idea. void sentinel and hammer titan are cool BECAUSE they break the punch punch kill stuff fantasy, and do it really well. Imagine if we had gotten that machine gun strand super from the concept - only the second super on the game which could have been a real gun - would have added a lot of diversity to titans. A slow moving, high damage minigun super like the heavy unit from star wars battlefront 2 could have been great


Strand Titan design theme is appropriate and cool. That it isnt distinct enough from other abilities that came before(which shouldve had more variety themselves), and that it is yet another roaming super, which are underpowered and have no purpose in the endgame, even worse. And the final nail in the coffin is how Bungie has completely lost sight of the actual core design philosophy of Titans. The super/future soldiers. The War Machines. The Knights. Terminator. Yes, sometimes the greatest weapon is a fist. Yes, having a beserker type subclass is great. But where are the great swords. The heavy Javelins. The Jousting Lances. The Halberds. The Golden Minigun supers. ​ Yes, manifesting claws that rip things to shreds are cool. But you know what would also be cool? A charge and hold melee not unlike how thunderclap works, but you charge forward with a giant long jousting lance, impaling enemies, and ramping up big damage the further you travel. Think something like Gears of War forward run, or a cross between Jarvin-IV E->Q combo and Sion Ultimate in league of legends. Combo it with grappling also.


Now, if you think about it, Bungie could easily replace the Stasis Gauntlet Slam with an Ax. A Stasis Frost Ax. As for Strand, it *is* kinda strange that they just went with a first weapon instead of an HMG Strand Super concept. They already have the perfect reference for it in their past games like Halo, with Chief just ripping one off of mounts and stuff. Why not make it make it like Xenophage, but faster at a 260 fire rate and 2 direct shot kill? Make it explode only after it goes through an object/person and have it explode behind them.


\*Y'all got yourselves to blame for memeing the hell out of "I am Titan, I punch stuff."


Idk how I made it this far into the thread lmao https://preview.redd.it/0jioso7jw4ha1.jpeg?width=1440&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=25f83edb4f4d75b555510c2c9b4feceac56d180b


Aw man, this just kinda makes me sad to read.


Titans are going to be mad at this guy even worse than they were mad at him for denying twilight garrisons to D2.


It's the same guy? Might as well build up a conspiracy of someone having an agenda


Yep, just checked. He is the guy. I think he would consider resigning after the amount of backlash he'll have on his statement.


Alright but what about this. Instead of things growing on their fists. The entire titan transforms into a fist and does strandcrash


it's like developer don't understand what muscle and strength 's fantaay


You know whats kinda funny, they say Titans identity is punching stuff; melee, strength, rather than being tanky; resilience. If you look at any class, resilience is Paramount, even more so in titan where the class ability is tied. Strength is one of the dump stats, even for Titans. So its not the identity of the class. For example: Hunters: agile, fast. Class ability depends on mobility. Warlocks: support, specializes in ways to restore health. Class ability depends on recovery. Titans: bulky, powerful, tanky, specializes in damage protection for themselves and allies. Class ability depends on resilience.


Titans like punching things- Disregarding our previous abilities were full body lightning tackles, grape flavoured shields and fire hammers... Yes... punchy punchy!


Yet another example where Bungie CLEARLY hears our feedback, acknowledges it, but then says 'Nah, we're just going to do the opposite' This has been a rather concerning pattern from Bungie lately, where they address an issue, acknowledge the main complaint people have about it, what is causing it, and sometimes even the best way to change, then just do whatever they want instead. This is honestly worse than saying nothing at all - because with not saying anything, they can at least play the ignorance card... By acknowledging the feedback, Bungie are putting themselves out there as hearing the community, but ACTIVELY going against us... that is way worse than not listening at all...


A lot of the titan reactions are looking like the responses to nightstalker 3.0. You all have my sympathy and i hope this improves for you all


Titans are the armored solider class. Legit bozos don’t even understand their own IP


If your Titan fantasy doesn't involve punching everything in sight: it's wrong.


Warlock fantasy apparently involves single target damage, aoe damage, control, aerial combat, healing, and now summoning. Titans: punch and smash, unless it’s Sunbreaker. Then you get a cool hammer, but that was a one time deal.


Warlock class fantasy that they have been dialing into for a while now is that of a firepower support role; hence aerial combat, healing, etc. Titans are frontline combatants that literally beat the shit out of stuff. Like… it’s fairly cut and dry, and something they have been honing pretty tight since Stasis launched.


Frontline combatants =/= melee. Void does this pretty well, let's me run into a group, drop a Bastion barricade and soak enemy fire all without punching. Strand could just as easily have been D1 Sunsinger, but making us walking tanks instead of more melee.


I can describe it better if I describe it as the same problem Dungeons and Dragons has with martial classes versus magic classes. Martials aka the mostly non magical, weapon and fighting focused classes, stay near in power to wizards and other magical classes….for awhile. But at high levels, wizards can literally summon meteors, stop time, or turn into a dragon. Meanwhile, martials can just attack with their sword more times. Titans in Destiny shouldn’t have this problem though, as Titans are not just Fighters or Barbarians, but could be compared to Paladins instead. Titans have space magic. They aren’t as adept at space magic as Warlocks are, but neither are Hunters. So idk why it’s so hard for Bungie to design around Titans. They shouldn’t “just be punching”. They have design parallels in other video games and media ala Paladins. They can have fighting and melee and combat, but also SOME magic. Bungie has no excuse. They are just lazy. There is design space there, they just choose to be like: “haha Titans can only punch and slam.”


Am I the only one who feels like design choices have gotten worse just to try and fit things into little boxes like why does everything need to be perfectly in Line with some sort of identity, woven mail is just effectively an overshield but they have had to over engineer it because apparently void is the only subclass that's allowed to have overshields now.


Titans only run around and punch or fly and punch


Do you guys not have fists???


I really wish bungie would get a little more outside the box with their characters. Titans should have a little more variety with their abilities. Also I would love to add things like capes for warlocks on armor (I know it’s a dumb thing, but I just wish characters weren’t tied so heavily to their specific characteristics that bungie has created) when I say cape, I’m thinking more dr strange, than hunter.


Look it’s very simple your job is to fist aliens It’s as simple as that


I feel for them. I hate the insistence on core fantasy because for some sub classes it's either wrong or just generally terrible. Just cause I'm a warlock doesn't mean I don't want to get in things faces and rip or cut them to shreds, fucking lover felwinters for that.




I really thought they would have got a massive Gatling gun or something for their super. As they really only have 1 ranged super with hammers. They missed the mark with this. They at least listened for Arc Hunter and game them a new ranged super. And it is actually pretty good.


What the titan strand super should've been.... https://preview.redd.it/0wedhawilzga1.jpeg?width=600&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=dd7954e44a9438927ac938a9467551230ec92c16


if we're gonna be pushed as having the best melee's and our entire identity around it then we need to have the actual best melee's, sc needs to one shot in pvp again, shield throw needs 2 charges, throwing hammer needs to interact with melee exotics again including dunes, thunderclap needs to have a slightly faster charge time and allow for slight movement (think holding glaive shield up, its slow but not immobile), shiver strike needs all of its shit back tbh, knockback, slow on hit, idk what it is now but its movement should be around 80% of what it was ( in super too, behemoth can keep the low dr just make it so i can move faster than someone sprinting). in a perfect world theyd add those changes and make our default lunge farther aswell. but thats just one titans hopes and dreams of having good melees


What about being the shield that the darkness breaks on?


this is going to be the twilight garrison incident all over again isn't it?


Nah. I’d say that’s unfair. This isn’t just one exotic, it’s a lingering class identity issue that’s limiting the design space and fantasy for Titan mains. Somewhere along the way, not sure when—Bungie somehow took: “front line soldier, in the fray, tanky and aggressive type guardian” and started to only interpret that as punching. No idea why. It’s absolutely dumb, especially when Destiny is a magic infused FPS. Destiny is different because ALL classes have space magic. Warlocks should be the best at space magic, no doubt. But if Warlock is THEE space magic class, it’s weird that Hunter which is kind of the Thief/Rogue/Ranger class seems to have a mix of finesse combat and space magic….where as the Titan seemingly hardy gets any space magic. Like Titans should be all about strength, brute force, and tank girth. But WITH space magic. They should be the paladins of Destiny, wielding light space magic to aid their combat abilities and darkness by honing in on their emotions like rage, duty, honor, and pride. But somehow we only have like shirtless barbarians that don’t use weapons. And that’s the only archetype Bungie associated with Titan. The new Strand class was supposed to be unbridled power and fury, but that just sounds like dark Striker. We already have a speed, smash, melee subclass, and Behemoth is the smash, punch, melee subclass with some utility and CC. I just want to know why Titans were pigeon holed into punching but Warlocks can fit into damage wizards, healers, summoners, etc. and Hunters are allowed to be ninjas, archers, assassins, monks, rogues, etc. Take Strand, change nothing, but give the Titan two axes like a classic Viking berserker—and I don’t think you’d see as many people upset.


Such bullshit. Sentinel and Sun breaker are fun because you don't revolve around a dogshit melee that gets you killed in any hard activity. Also how THE FUCK have titans got 0 one and done supers since FUCKING DESTINY 1


this is what you get for rolling with "titen dumb, titen punch" jokes


I only play on only one titan, but Mabye I’ll just reset my progress on a warlock instead


I would have loved to have a flame thrower or something. But NOOOOOO. I have to keep punching things!!! *Eats crayons aggressively*


Maybe this will be the time I finally use all these get x but consume y amount of Super Energy, maybe ill use all of these mods in lightfall with my beloved titan. Or I ll just send him to do some holidays at sunny beaches of mercure until they change something in their superior creativity. For Real I was titan main since d1 launch day. But i ve got finally enough, you guys dont want to be creative on Titans super? Fine you got me to dump my favourite class.


What a shit response….basically titans punch things so let’s not be creative and just stick with that.


I do feel bad for Yanes, first Twilight Garrison, now this, the Titan community sure don't like him


Maybe don't play the melee tank class if you don't want a melee tank focused kit


> But when we think of the Berserker, we're not thinking of them just as a close-range brawler. We're thinking about the wild untamable force that is within this guy who wants to resolve this encounter through the most violent methods possible. From the next few sentences.


Is that not a Striker? Lol


I think striker with their focus on grenades could fit into that, but striker has been a meta endgame PvE option since the rework so I don’t know why people would be complaining about that.


It's less about viability and more about "style". I don't think anyone is saying Bungie can't make Strand Titan viable, I think they're just frustrated that 3 of the 5 Titan elements seem to be about closing the distance fast and punching something. I think people are right in that Berserker will land as a middleground between Behemoth and Striker which were already compared together back when Stasis was announced. Edit: It's also worth noting that while Striker is really good, the thing that seals it together is Thundercrash, not Fist of Havok. If Strand Super and Fist are comparable, then Berserker will need **really** good other aspects to keep up with everything else.


This so much. I actually think Strand Titan will be really good and compliment my playstyle but not having a solid súper is really a downer. That’s the issue I run into on Behemoth. That kit also feels really good, but the super is so underwhelming.


But striker isn’t meta for endgame thanks to melee or a roaming super…..


Right. It’s because they’re more than a close ranger brawler.


Why not give titans dual axes that can also just be thrown simultaneously for huge dps as a super. Allow small swings as light attacks then a big, ranged dps for the heavy. Then for the melee you can either dash and swing (similar to what it is now) or you can use a throwable melee similar to hammers but it tracks enemies and can hit a few. Does less damage than the hammer but tracks and can hit multiple enemies. Then give an exotic arm piece that lets it return to you (similar to the tomahawk from cod zombies mob of the dead). This would not only play into the name berserker but give more utility to the class.


Still, could be worse. Bungie could completely dedicate you to a role and identity, and then remove some prime abilities that allow you to do so. Solar Warlocks are completely irrelevant I assure you


This plus the Titan nerfs just announced really makes me not want to play my Titan anymore. I'll go back to my Hunter or I might just not play Destiny anymore. Good thing I didn't preorder Lightfall.


titans have been op all the time every season chill the f out one time and stop crying lmao


Y’all crying right now, but wait till you get melee dashed around a corner and say it’s OP.


What exactly are “other Titan fantasies?” I hear people saying it but never actually spell it out.


90% of the time you titans don't even know how to fire your weapons so I don't feel bad, you reap what you sew


If you're going to come into a discussion and try to make a cheeky comment, the least you can do is get it right. You insinuate players are dumb, but can't get a simple very common statement correct. It's Sow not sew.