We’re approaching this the wrong way. Impersonating Elon is funny, but impersonating advertisers staying on the site will encourage them to leave.


I know a bunch of them already dropped twitter. It would be hilarious if they all dropped.


I think this is why he is going the subscription route. He doesn't seem to want advertising.


Advertisers pay 4BN a year. Making blue checks pay 8$ would bring in about 200m at current levels. The only way Twitter works is with advertisers. He's fucking this up. I never got to watch MySpace crumble so this is fascinating.


MySpace sort of faded away more than crumble. Tom went off to travel the world and be a photographer and we all wandered off to Tumblr or Instagram or wherever else we fitted in. This is an entirely different animal, and it's a wild ride.


Tom got paid and went off to live his best life. Zuck is testefying before congress all the time. Who won?


That's why Tom and I are still friends to this day


With that same one dp


Maaaybe Tumblr was starting around close to the end of Myspace, but it was more Friendster and LiveJournal and Facebook and Orkut that really did it in, I think.


MySpaces fall wasn’t that exciting. We all just kinda stopped using it one day cause Facebook was more adult looking/professional and we were aging out of the scene MySpace thing.


Also because Facebook had Superpoke Pets and MySpace didn’t.


And FarmVille


Holy shit, Farmville is the reason I'm a gamer


> I never got to watch MySpace crumble so this is fascinating. It was a whimper, not a bang.


I'm going back to MySpace


He also doesn't want free speech.


Nope he wants paid sub and ads. Kinda why his paid version still had ads lmao


It's not that he doesn't want advertising. It's that he wants to provide a platform for fascists and nazis so they don't have to worry about being banned, and most advertisers don't like that. So he's forced to try and find some other way to bring in income while keeping the fascists and nazis.


Given that he fired a large portion of the people which made Twitter, wouldn't it be a nice twist if they all left and started their own social media company?


Well Dorsey has started BlueSky - still in beta - but how hilarious would it be if all the large twits left twitter and moved to BlueSky, all the advertisers went there too, and MuskHole was left to take the $44B debt repayments


He won't get enough subscribers. Supposedly he owes a billion dollars in interest on the loans he took out for Twitter by the end of the year. Twitter isn't a half decent mobile game. The blue check marks don't mean shit to most people because most people don't like Twitter. Edit: according to Chapo trap house (Nov 2022, ep 680 I think), only 22,000 people signed up for Twitter blue (at $8 a month) but they lost 75% of their ad dollars, which barely made them profitable before Elon took it over


Rather…..he doesn’t want to RELY on advertising. They are pesky with their requirements of ethical and integrity standards of companies connected to their brand. He would love to tell then to shove it and do whatever King Musk wants to do with his new twit toy. We’ve only seen a glimpse of the crazy… 🤪


Oh, he’s in no way going to get close to making up ad revenue with subscriptions. The paid subscription checkmark is just going to be seen like a maga hat. But the truly amazing thing is that he didn’t workshop the idea, figure out a reasonable price point for a defined set of upsell features, socialize it through a press release that spun it as an amazing new Twitter that would be launched under Elon’s capable hands and far-reaching vision, and then launch it with massive fanfare. He just trumped it. He came up with an idea, and as CEO of the company just tweeted it the fuck out, and then changed his mind on the pricing which he had just made up when America’s Sweetheart Stephen King called him out. And he’s forcing the engineers he didn’t fire to work around the clock to implement the terrible idea that’s completely unsupported by the existing infrastructure. By Monday. Okay, not Monday but by Wednesday. It’s like we’re watching *Mr. Bean Inherits Twitter*, a new program from the BBC.


Fucking insane right? We're going to see how Elon runs a company into the ground when it isn't propped up by government subsidies.


Careful, i think Rowan Atkinson would be far more capable, even as Mr. Bean.


theyre just waiting for the hissy fit to end then they'll hop back on


Lol he blocked ***The*** guy who runs the marketing for Coke, Bud, Miller, Taco Bell, and almost everyone that everyone has heard of for giving him a very mild reprimand and reminder of their previous discussions. I already thought basically all of his wealth was built entirely on a carefully crafted public image, now I'm thinking this coke-fueled albatross is going to tank the rest of his stocks into the oblivion of only having enough money to live for dozens of lifetimes. Anyway, fuck that guy


> Lol he blocked The guy who runs the marketing for Coke, Bud, Miller, Taco Bell, and almost everyone that everyone has heard of for giving him a very mild reprimand and reminder of their previous discussions. > > Oh shit is that this dude: https://old.reddit.com/r/facepalm/comments/ymgzs3/instant_blocked_by_chief_twit/




Lol, WSB is going a little nutty. People out of the loop (idk how, I've never been on Twitter and I know about this shit) asking why Tesla is dropping. People are selling the stocks like crazy to get rid of them. Unless this asshole makes some kind of amazing comeback, it's not looking great. I personally think he was sitting on a house of cards and that it would've collapsed eventually. I saw it start crumbling when all those videos of Tesla's shitty quality control started coming out. Dude is an egomaniac with way too much money. He deserves this. Why people love to love people who have money is beyond me.


Lol nice. Like call yourself KLM and post: Dont listen to the FAA...90% of our planes are safe most of the time. Wheels generally do stay on.


So, people won't be happy when the Disney account (with a blue check) announces the release of their new series, Cock Rings of Power?


Haha it's SO evil!


It's almost like we need some sort of verification, to know which accounts are verified


Impersonating is still against ToS, even before Elon ever thought of buying twitter.


But look! They both have the blue checkmark. That means they're verified and legit, right? *Right* Elon?


The new twitter OWNER. Musk could never be a leader.


he’s not a good leader, but he is the Supreme Leader(tm)


Ethan also properly labeled his account a parody.


It has to be in the display name. He only put it in the bio, which is only visible if you go to the profile of the account.


He put it in both bio and the pic up top. Logically you could assume the attempt was clear and a permanent ban is over kill.


he ALSO tweeted "[this is a parody](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Fg9tYOMXkAMahe2?format=jpg&name=medium)" very directly did everything that elon said in his tweet about impersonating (must be very clear or whatever) and STILL got banned


Ye. Elon is a man baby. He is too used to be sucking his ego off to be in the circle of Elon. His fragile ego can’t handle the legitimate push back.


man has bought everything in life, including his hair he didn't expect people to hate him for being such a shit person his throwing a fit funny enough is tanking tesla stocks, so elon's tesla dick riders are losing money, he's trying to convince his remaining fanbase to vote red, but he doesn't seem to realize that not a single conservative likes electric cars, in the south they roll coal at priuses and teslas all the time he's lighting a stick of dynamite at both ends and speedrunning becoming the most hated billionaire people can't wait to watch suffer


I had that dream again last night; that one day a man will be judged not by the quality of his character but by the quantity of his purchases! Not by the color of his skin but by the color of his money and how much more of it he has then everyone else because he's so much better then them and doesn't deserve to be made fun of when he's such a successful big boy! So go forth my Muskrats and make it happen, make our dream a reality for your daddy emperor of mars and Lord Elon will reward you handsomely with a ticket to mars ^as ^indentured ^servants you filthy worms! - from Elon's soon to be given I Had that Dream Again Last Night Speech


He didn’t do everything. He didn’t put it in the name of the account, which was a clear requirement. I’m not a fan of Elon and I think he’s driving Twitter into the ground, but impersonation has always been a ban-able offence


I don't know why you're getting downvoted when you're just presenting facts. You even mention that you're on the mob's side. I don't understand this shit at all


No, he didn’t. You’re required by TOS to have “Parody” in your NAME and Bio.


Depending on how [this case](https://youtu.be/LxTWonQvXkw) goes, there's a good chance that won't even be necessary. If the court rules in favor of the person that created the parody page on facebook, anyone banned on twitter for doing parody, even unlabelled, will have a VERY strong case in court.


Theres a big difference here; in that case the dude was actually arrested and charged with a crime over running the parody account, being banned off the platform is in no way comparable. Sites are allowed to regulate who uses their service, and you cant sue them for banning you - you can sue a police department for falsely arresting you though, and this case will hopefully prevent police from charging people over parody.


Much as I don't like to validate Elon Musk, the circumstances are too different to compare. In that upcoming Supreme Court case a local government arrested a citizen and charged him and prosecuted him in retaliation for running a parody page of the local police department. It's the government's criminal case he's challenging, not Facebook.


Thin skinned little piss baby.


Greg Abbott? No, we're talking about the thin skinned pedo-submariner Musk here.


That fucking tree. Couldn't finish the goddamn job.


Piss-drinking baby. His words.


I saw it on twitter so it has to be true


Elon is a snowflake twatwaffle


douche child


People who grow up wealthy usually have no skin at all to protect them from roast n toast


He never could take a joke. I reckon he’s an android too, just like Mr Metaverse


KG is a joke on herself. This is something that even great comedians have come to this conclusion.


Kim Jong Musk


It would actually be Kim Jong Elon. In Korean Kim is the family name.


Musk Jong Elon


Not very free speech absolutionist of ya


I think he meant to say abolitionist that time


Impersonating Elon Musk? Does he not have a blue check?


He didn't want to pay the $8 subscription fee


But Elon, if everyone gets a blue check they can easily impersonate anyone. Watch let me show you, I’m now Elon mu… Problem solved.


Fragile little manbaby


Elon Moscow


Elon looks like smells like dirty cat litter


He really does!


elon has stank face


Yeah he looks like he just heard a right fucking banger.


Elon VS Everybody - SpaceSex Cypher [filmed @ South African Emerald Mines]


I wish celebrity deathmatch was still a thing, just so I could watch him get punched in the face.


Last one out, please turn off the lights


mine got permanently suspended for the same thing today, and I'm a nobody with 20 followers. He's not just going after the blue checkmarks doing it, lol... what a manbaby.


It's an automated system. He isn't looking through Twitter to find 20 follower randoms to ban.


What if there’s some schmuck for like Iowa named Elon Musk?


I for one salute and commend you. Well done


I never thought I'd see the day where Social Media dictator becomes a real thing


Twitter has always been garbage and full of celebrities sharing opinions on everyday life from their pedestals. I'm glad this is happening. They need a taste of their own medicine.


Huh! Would you look at that. I thought "comedy is now legal." Guess not.


I don't think Elon needs outside help to make Twitter fail, he can do it on his own lol


He knew the risks and so do I. I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling. Gotta make you understand. We both know the game and how to play it. You might get this from any other guy.


Do we.. do we all do it… let’s GameStop this b1tch. Send his blood pressure to the moon.


If I had a Twitter account I totally would




Twitter is now private, let that sink in 🫠


Musk is such a dickless little wimp. He can dish it out but he can’t take it.


I mean, nobody should be able to impersonate anyone online - would be interesting to see if regular users that get impersonated by others will be able to have the offending accounts suspended also.


Yes, we agree that nobody should be able to impersonate anyone online. Which is why Musk's stupid idea to sell blue checkmarks to anybody with 8 bucks would destroy the platform for people with a high profile and many followers... ie, the verified checkmarks.


Idk about the Kathy Griffin situation, but as for the H3h3 account, Elon musk said "Twitter accounts engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying they are a parody will be permanently suspended." So they made a parody account of Elon that DID clearly specify they are a parody. And then they got the axe anyway.


That’s some misinformation, he specifically said it had to be in the name and bio but they didn’t put it in the name just like Kathy.


If only we had a system where people could be verified as the actual person for free! Oh well...


That was only for "celebrities" wasn't it?


I think just before the take over, you could apply to get verified. But you needed a certain amount of followers. ​ I had a fan account that had over 10k followers and Twitter offered to verify the fan account.


Previously the requirements were unclear. You had to show that you had a reason to be verified. I know some people who had zero followers and who really didn't have a reason to verify who got verified anyway because they talked themselves up, basically. I'm talking people whose claim to fame is they have 13 subscribers on Twitch.


It is for everyone that requires one I believe, with a 8$ monthly subscription fee to acquire one.


Yeah, the problem is that anyone can pay that fee


Your not really a disastrous Ad from 1859 are you?


Shhhh, you'll blow my cover


Elon Mook: You’re hurting my feeeeeeelings 🥺


Elon musk is the pettiest man Alive. The mental image I have of him is of a guy just digging a deep and deeper hole. Imagine being a billionaire and throwing hissy fits. Also, let's not forget how this piece of shit is complicit in hate speech.




Everybody needs to do it. Let Elon suspend everybody and see how it goes.


Ethans also a piece of shit, but thats off topic


Doesn't "(Parody)" have to be in the account name? It looks like they just named themselves Elon Musk and snuck "parody" into the tweet text. I mean, if their goal was to get banned, well, mission accomplished.


So many rules to follow suddenly. Smh whatever happened to free speech. Almost like Conservatives moaning about free speech were lying all the way through.


In the account description, my friend. So anyone seeing a tweet from that account would also be able to quickly and easily see it was a parody account, unless they were unwilling, unable, or uninterested in checking. If you want to make the argument that some people would still be fooled, and consequently some kind of verification system should be in place, let me introduce you to the pre-Musk blue checkmark system that wasn't just a premium subscription with reduced ads.


>...unless they were unwilling, unable, or uninterested in checking. So, most of Musks fanbois would take it seriously.


Actually, I think they wouldn't. My impression of Musk fanboys isn't that they are all stupid, but rather that their defining core philosophy is selfishness. They aren't touting cryptocurrency because they think decentralized currency is a boon to society, they just want other people to fall for the scam so they can make a buck. Basically if Musk tweets out something that recommended being a kind and compassionate boss, or person, Musk "fanbois" would be immediately skeptical, because they don't follow him regardless of what he says - they follow him precisely because his PoS views act as a shield for their own PoS views.


Alternatively, he could have put the word "Parody" in the name, and not been in violation of the TOS.


First off they already fixed the issue, and they didn’t follow the CLEARLY marked out rules and just did this to riel up more action against Elon (not that they needed too have you seen social media today?) also it was a rule it had to be in the name.


Musk is insisting that all parody accounts be clearly marked as such, yes. If "sneaking" the parody label into a tweet doesn't meet those requirements, so be it. Trick is, there isn't much legal basis for requiring parody be labeled as parody. So this whole thing ends up yet another example of Musk failing to deliver on his free speech claims. (And it's worth noting that I haven't heard of any non-Musk parody accounts getting banned for not being clearly marked, so far).


He has to get revenge for how people were treating him when he was young...


All hail Scroob.


People and advertisers are leaving twitter in droves


Why not just add a new indicator checkmark that says "Parody". Then people can make all the parody accounts they want. I don't see a problem.


Wanna bet this new rule only applies to impersonating Elon and not anyone else?


"Legalize Comedy"


With Ethan it was even funnier because he changed his banner to read "parody account" to make sure he was following Elons rules and still got banned because Elon is a cry baby snowflake


He kind of looks like Putin.


Elon doesn't realize like we do, nobody uses Twitter


Show me you have the maturity on a child, while not telling me.


Elon hates comedy.


what a literal child


Anyone else think that Elon looks like a vampire in that picture?


Now we need people to impersonate these two on twitter and see Elon NOT ban those accounts to really illustrate how full of shit he is.


I don’t understand why everyone thinks it’s just Humor. They literally tried to ruin his reputation even more by spreading false information and disguising it as statements by him. It’s literally defamation and a crime where I live. Edit: I’m not an Elon fanboy but all this has obvious malicious intend, and is not ok no matter who it is against


Why does Musk look like a dictator in his picture? I get they were probably going for that but how does the picture exist? There were dictators who didn't have a dictator picture that dictatory!


Stop talking constantly about everything he does and it will go away. People being banned from twitter is not important. At all.


Can we please adopt the term "Head Twit" for Musk? It rolls off the tongue better than Twitter leader.


Is he starting to look like Trump?


Important thing to note, H3H3 specified parody both in post and in account description, something Elon said had to be done. He obeyed Elon's rules but because he was mocking our gracious overlord it didn't mattered. Elon's free speech means antisemitism, racism, hate speech, calling for violence are all permitted, but having an audience and mocking Elon is unacceptable and will result in permanent suspension. Naturally this is something people were saying would happen the second Elon even had eyes on buying the platform.


but is it important to note that he had to put parody in the name itself? because that's literally the thing that follows every post. you think people are gonna see a post and click on the name itself to check if it's the real elon musk?


H3 was even listed as a Parody Account very clearly. So Musk was obviously shoveling shit when he said as long as it's marked parody it wouldn't be banned.


Paper thin villain


I love that the whole process of Elon managing twitter is so public, because it shows that he has no idea of how to manage a company. This man, supposedly has the time to run three massive companies, while spending the whole day on twitter. He's not some brilliant businessman / engineer, he's a parasite, and an absolute incompetent dumbass


Me when I’m in a dick sucking competition and my opponent is an Elon Musk fan ![gif](giphy|Jhzvy6CFpKQvK)


Literally misrepresenting what happened. They didn’t follow the terms of service for parody accounts… old Twitter rules.


Musk owns Twitter now, he is not required to follow the old rules, and he declared himself to be a “free speech absolutist”. So he should have updated the old rules to allow for these parody accounts.


That was a parody account that had musk saying he is a free speech absolutist. The parody account used the account name "Elon Musk". Everyone should have been able to tell that it was a parody because of the user name "@elonmusk".


Impersonating someone isn’t considered speech genius


I can't stand Elon Musk and I am genuinely concerned about his takeover of twitter. However, I don't understand what these two people were trying to achieve. Unless they did clearly indicate their accounts were parody accounts, well, of course they got banned. Now, if their accounts were clearly indicated as parody accounts, well, that just shows how thin El Musko's skin really is.


Ethan did clearly indicate it was a parody account


how so? (genuinely curious, i don’t have twitter)


He wrote Parody in the Bio, however, due to TOS it has to be both in Bio and the name of the account IE, "Elon Musk Parody" He failed to do both, therefore he violated TOS and was banned. Elon has not changed the TOS yet, they are still the same as they were before the acquisition.


No, this is not free speech. This is verified accounts imitating another verified account and is actuly a violation against the T & S.


Twitter used to deverify accounts for this, not ban them. This is a Musk change.


Why are people so thick


Why is everyone so triggered about "free speech" its just a platform to shitpost, and the dude now owns it, is not like he is a dictator or even worse, an elected president sponsoring state terrorism


The tos states you cannot impersonate another account. The same tos rule that's been in Twitter for about a decade.


Previously you got a warning first, now they are going straight to permanent suspension. That is a change.


It doesn't matter. Reddit hates now Elon. Doesn't matter what he does. He's always wrong. Facts don't count.


Using someone else's identity isn't protected under free speech. It's actually considered fraud and it's illegal in the real world. It's also against the TOS that's been in place before Elon had already purchased it.


They were parody accounts, that’s not fraud.


They weren't labeled as Parody. You can have a parody account all you want if you label it as such which Ethan and Kathy did not.


This is just enforcement of a preexisting rule that they agreed to in the terms of service…


The TOS about impersonating people has been around longer than Musk. It's just finally getting enforced.


It was never about free speech. Expecting someone, who abused twitter to raise stocks of his company or cryptocurrencies, to "fix" anything, is stupid. He just got caught in his lies and was forced to pay for it. If he leads his other companies just like he currently leads Twitter, i´m kinda surprised, all of them aren´t bankrupt yet.


O now yall care about people being banned? 😂 cry a little harder please.


What about freedom of speech?? I’m confused 🫤


Freedom for Elon and his cronies. No one else allowed. Law of the Muskrat


You can't impersonate people without the word "parody" in the name. Ethan could have followed the TOS and spammed whatever free speech he wanted.


While I’m all for people refusing to pay for subscription and leaving the platform, they didn’t follow the rules. It’s just as simple as that. Musk said they had to put a parody in their title which they did not. So they were suspended.


Is it just me or does Elon look like a younger version of Trump?


Same plastic surgeon.


But his humor sucks...


lol, musk is such a two faced little bitch.


Impersonating anyone has always been against the TOS. In fact no large forum could survive allowing impersonations.


Then twitter is in for a surprise when the blue check starts to get abused


Elon musk specifically said parody counts are acceptable so long as they are clearly labeled parody. So H3h3 turned their account into an Elon musk parody account, that was clearly labeled parody. which got them banned.


Elon said: "Going forward, any Twitter handles engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying “parody” will be permanently suspended" But there is no "parody" label in h3h3 Twitter handle.


He didn’t follow the rule it said it needs to be labeled in the name and bio, because if it’s just in the bio it’s easy to hide it’s a parody from the average viewer. So no not following the rules got him banned, and btw they said there would be mo warnings from now on so no using that excuse either.


If you recall there were lots of scammers pretending to be Elon or Kanye or Kim K and they all wanted you to send them Bitcoin or money and the community did blame the people who fell for the scam and lost money- they got mad at Twitter for not keeping dimwits safe. So people thought messing around and posting/tweeting as Elon- and they found out


Ethan also marked his account as "parody", which according to Musk was ok... This is all about [the goo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uE6oeseikqo)... He wants special powers against ridicule.


Me me, I’m a speechman and a freeman!


But it’s only the first step, surely? If you’re impersonating someone online and not specifically labelling it as parody, then people will be duped. They you can say what you want, have it attributed to that individual, and they suffer the consequences. This is the start of a slippery slope where everyone is ‘parodying’ each other and there’s no accountability. I had a family member whose identity was ‘stolen’ on Facebook. Assholes posted a load of vile stuff and labelled him a paedophile. You can bet your ass the police got involved. I’m just sick of people ragging on the guy when all he’s trying to do is make the platform a nicer place


I mean yeah it sucks or whatever but they both were pretty cringe. Elon is cringe too don't get me wrong but I doubt he would ban himself.


It's sad seeing all the news stories headlining saying people are getting banned for making fun of Elon while its because they're banned for impersonating people and spreading false information. I don't care for Elon, but the left and right keep blaming each other for doing the same thing they're doing themselves. Youre all a bunch of brainwashed idiots if you think there is a good guy here on either side.


It is a violation of the terms of service that were in place before Elon bought the platform. Just saying


Impersonating people has always been ban-able on Twitter.


Clear violation of the existing terms of service


his house, his rules. and fuck twitter in general.


True, but he’s still a hypocrite.


Not really he enforced the rule he said he would by banning parodies that didn’t have it labeled in the name and bio, so how is he a hypocrite?


Sure but they're 1) the antithesis of the rules he claimed he'd implement and 2) a result of his own poor decision to change how the verification system worked.


I mean they both have went way to far with what they have said. Especially Ethan and his comments on wishes Shapiro to be the first killed in a new holocaust. If they where anybody else they would have been banned from every platform but since the sided with the right people it was ok


1st one wished to a jewish person to be burned alive first, second one is a so called comedian who's only great joke is herself. ​ Also, EM suspended these accounts with the ToS from the old owners, basically, he used the old ToS to ensure rules are rules.


It is and always has been a violation of the t.o.s. to use a verified account to impersonate regardless of who's account and who's being parodied Elon changed the rules to allow verified parodies IF they self tag and those users still insisted on violating the t.o.s. What's the problem?


Elon smells his shitty toilet paper before dropping in the bowl he doesn't flush.


What do you mean "leader", the guy payed 44B to buy it. He owns twitter and does whatever the fuck he wants with it. If you don't like the changes just don't use it.


> the guy *paid* 44B to FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


nobody reads TOS nowadays... sad really people crying when rules are applied to them.