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They are doing it intentionally to try to force as many people off the service ( to save them money ) or onto one of their paid services. Either way they win


> to try to force as many people off the service ( to save them money ) or onto one of their paid services. No, it is that they don't care. I have worked with Google and they don't care about things that don't advance their career. Google is run amazingly poorly. (my personal favorite being when they refused to use a database, because Gmail's search is good enough) The money flowing in from advertising is so great that any other failures are within the noise level. Their goal is to pump up their pet project, get a promotion, and move on to another pet project. Then the new person will come in with a new pet project, forget the old person's pet project (as continuing it won't help the new guys career) and just let it die on the vine. This is why Google is famous as a graveyard of once flashy public initiatives. Nothing is happening because they don't care. Not about saving money (advertising makes enough of that). But doing the right thing won't get them a promotion or attached to the next big cool project. Internally, it is all posturing, and joining the right clique. Silicon Valley is like high school with stock options.


The truth is I have accepted they're taking away my email. I don't even give a shit anymore. I've taken my business and money elsewhere already What I more importantly care about is all my non email data. My purchases. My Google maps, drive, chrome shit, all this stuff. They keep changing their story. First it was it's all being deleted. Then it became you'll keep it. Then it became you only keep it if you join our "10 or less users waitlist" that still will not appear for me. I cannot get a straight answer from support. No one fucking knows what's happening. I'm at my wits end. Email is gone and dead, but what is with this waitlist shit for everything else?! If the expectation is that out of frustration I'd give them money, it's not working. The opposite. If I ever have business email needs for professional use, Id never in the fucking lifetime I have and the next and the one after that would EVER give these scumfucks at Google a penny after this shit. It's a circus at this point. None of this says professional/business/anything. Anyone who gives these fuckers money deserves to be left hanging to dry. It's so obvious they're shaking users out and I've been waiting since late November for this shit to solve and it's now 2 weeks to June. The most bullshit timeline I've ever seen from a company threatening to revoke access to personal data in my entire life. I've seen companies go tits up and still provide access to data like this with clear timelines. Google, a fucking conglomerate, can't do it. Insanity. I'm so fucking done with checking this daily. I'm anti Google now, fuck everything they do


You sure love the F word don’t you.


It's entirely appropriate.


I'm fucking pissed!


Same here. But not surprised of what google has become.


It's in their DNA. They don't care. Probably the legacy user group was too big and some manager saw the numbers and just said to get rid of those in some way. They only care about share holders and we're in the way. They are too big (as of now) to realize it's not smart.


All I was looking for from Google was some communication. That apparently was to much to ask. This has caused nothing but a pain to work out for family members, and how they handled this has made me actively work on de-googling my life. They clearly don't care or respect their long standing users. Sure they were not getting a monthly fee out of me, but they were making money of all the ads being served to my family. The setup was good and I wouldn't have problems paying to retain it if it was reasonable and they gave straight answers. ​ All google has done is prove they don't care to keep us as customers in any form.


Zero communication. Every timeline they've given has been innacurate. It's immensely frustrating. The fact that support lies between their teeth (likely due to innacurate info on their end, I like to believe they don't intentionally lie but maybe that's naive) is exactly the kind of thing I would never in Eternity want my business if I had one to have to deal with. Who would pay and entrust their data to an unorganized, opaque, incapable staff? The service sucks! Never have a seen a deadline draw so close for *tons of critical data*. This isn't just about some emails in the cloud, this is a whole suite (no pun intended) of data. It's purchases, location data, services, logins, swathes of history. We needed answers in December, not 2 weeks before KABOOM


The trouble is there are too few of us in the grand scheme of things. If there were 100 million GSuite users then there would be headlines, truth is there are enough of us to matter.


You're right, that's probably exactly their thinking. Even if there was 1 user in this service, lying and missing several deadlines is bat shit from a company like Google when personal data is on the line. Why would anyone give them business? Anyone paying them needs to look closely at how they've treated everyone here. There definitely is way more than a few dozen of us. This is a prime example of how not to treat customers. If this was clear as day back in December and/or support could articulate a non bullshit and contradicting answer to questions, it'd be a different story. To me anyway.


Totally agree, their handling was, and continues to be, terrible but realistically anyone spending real amounts of money (millions) isn't going to get the treatment we have. Sad but true.


Yeh, it's definitely removed my admiration of Google. I'm trying to use less of GCP since this...and slowly I think I'll just try and de-google as much as I can. You are dead right, it's a shit show


I totally agree. I guess we're such a small group that no one cares. Although 3.9k users here, I suspected it was always like 1000 of us. But for my 3 users anyway, it's $216 / year. That's a total rip off just to keep personal email hosting. It's not even comparable to anything offered by anyone else. It's just a giant poker in the ass from Google!


Exactly, the pricing is asinine. It's a free service that suddenly becomes $144/year for me for non business use. How is this okay? If we were talking like $30-50, for me it'd be like ok Google, for the sake of hassle that is somewhat reasonable change at a reasonable price, take my money. They're not only charging an unreasonable price but they're also really screwing people over with the last minute crisis! That double whammy has really left a sour taste. I'm so angry checking this every god damn day


Ya I really wish I used Microsoft Office, because the $100 / year for Microsoft 365 would be a no brainer. But I actually prefer Google Docs! I'm moving to the free versions anyway. Why not give it to us in GSUITE it makes no sense! But Google doesn't have a family plan! Watch Google come out with it after we all switch! Like what the hell, we were there on Google's family plan from day one! And they kicked us out!


>Fuck anyone on this sub who gives them a dime. Nice. You're talking about a good portion of the people who are providing useful information here - some of whom have upgraded early in order to experiment and figure things out in the absence of official information. They're taking matters into their own hands, and using what they learn to help themselves and others.




I agree that it's not enough time and there's not enough guidance/help from Google for those who were the target market at the time the service was offered for free - that target market being families and small businesses, who don't have paid administrators whose job it is to manage, understand, or figure this stuff out. For me, Google Workspace offers much, much more than I need, and is way more complicated than necessary for what I want to do with it. I'd be happier paying for a less-feature-bloated service at a reduced cost. Not wanting to suffer through Google's lack of communication, I have upgraded already, so I can get access to the added functionality now, and better understand how I can use that functionality to migrate some users to consumer accounts before charges kick in. During the discounted year that follows, I'll determine whether I want to migrate the remaining accounts. My main concern with this approach is that whatever off-ramp Google provides (if any) may not be open a year from now, further complicating migration. I should add that my domain is used for business, which makes it much easier for me to justify the monthly cost of upgrading. The accounts I'm looking at migrating now are for family members who have no business use for their accounts.


Okay, if you are okay with migrating your contacts, docs, and photos the easiest free solution is as follows. Get a new gmail address. Get google takeout of all your data. They will send you a link to download all your stuff. Back it up somewhere, please. 😀 You will have an MBOX file with all of your email in a jangled mess. Install Thunderbird and the extension called ImportExportNG. Import your MBOX into Thunderbird. Enable IMAP on both your old and new email. Set old email to forward to new email. If you want, you can import all your old email into your new Gmail account using Thunderbird but this will take a while. On your new email enable two factor authentication, and then get an app password. On your new Gmail, create an email alias for your old email account. When Gmail prompts you, enter smtp.gmail.com and the app password. Now you can get and send email from your old address with your new email. You still need to make sure the new Gmail gets email from your domain once gsuite gets turned off. If your domain provider allo s it, set up email forwarding. If it does not, transfer your domain to one that does, like Name cheap. Send alphabet an email for wasting your time, and being an awful company. This is just a rough outline of what I did. You need to repeat the process for each email. I am sure I missed some details. I'll try and write this up more clearly later.