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Cue Malicious Compliance.


Alien captain: divert all power to the weapons!!! Human Privateer: are you sure captain, we don’t wanna… Alien captain: DO I PAY YOU TO ASK QUESTIONS, NOW OPEN FIRE OR ELSE. Human privateer: can I get that in writing? Alien captain: FINE (sends the human an order through the machine) NOW DO IT. Human privateer: alrighty then (diverts ALL power to cannons) Enemy vessel: KRAKAKA BOOM Alien captain: Finally, with this on my record I can finally get that medal I’ve been worn fo- Alien Allies ship: shoooom (shuts down) Alien captain: why has the ship stopped Moving, why is there no gravity and why is everything flashing red?! Human privateer: well captain if you had listened to me you would’ve known that to even pierce the enemies shield would’ve taken a lot of power and even then we couldn’t damage the hull. I was going to suggest we use one of the emp missiles but everytime I attempted we do it you shot me down and before you claim I’m a spy or I intentionally did this on purpose. I have it here(in writing) you said to use all of the power. Alien captain: :0 Human privateer: checkmate


and the canadians making sure they get away with it by apologizing for them


Do it the legionnaire way the commender disapear whithout explenation