It's not fake. The latest batches of 12th Gen CPUs have that square shape logo. These are the chips that have AVX-512 disabled.


Might be a stupid question but what’s AVX-512


It is an extension of the vector base AVX instruction set on x86 CPUs. AVX-512 (also called AVX3) allows a CPU to process data as large as 512-bit with a single CPU instruction, instead of being limited to 128-bit with AVX and 256-bit with AVX2. The benefit is to process large amount of data more efficiently as AVX-512 requires less CPU cycles than AVX and AVX2 for the same amount of data being processed. When an application supports it it runs very fast. Both the CPU and the software needs to support AVX-512 for it to be taken advantage of, just like any other instructions. Very few consumer applications support it which is why there's no need for it most of the time on consumer platforms. That instruction is mostly used/supported in the data center, scientific and high compute areas. A CPU with AVX-512 support has dedicated transistors on the silicon to support that instruction set. When it is disabled, those parts of the silicon are left unutilized.


Never heard it being called avx3.




More accurately, Microsoft is shit at programming and didn't make the Windows scheduler aware of big/little cores with different ISA's, so Intel disabled it at first with firmware and in later revisions at the hardware level. You can tell this was a change very late in the development cycle because it's still present in Raptor Lake. E: why the downvotes?


It's reddit, that's why


I don't know why you're getting downvoted. The performance cores as stated multiple times here, do fully support the AVX-512 instruction set while the efficiency cores do not and because MS failed to make a scheduler that can differentiate between both types of cores and spread the load accordingly, Intel decided to disable AVX-512 on hardware level in chips starting from around Jan/Feb 2022.


Because AVX512 has nothing to do with the scheduler of cores or with big/little


It's present on P cores, not on E cores. Windows still has a problem migrating tasks to E cores that need P cores.


It does because the cores don’t have equivalent instruction sets. So in certain situations that could leverage AVX512, it might be more efficient to engage a P core and schedule another task on an E core. But it doesn’t seem like the Windows scheduler understands mismatched instruction sets To be fair it is very complicated and makes scheduling much, much harder, so disabling AVX is probably best for now, at least for consumer chips




AVX-512 is good for PS3 EMULATION. I've been trying, in vain, to turn it on my 12900k but can't tell if it's working... too lazy to take my cpu back out and look at the ihs


One way to tell is use the y-cruncher, option "Advanced Options" -> "Hardware Features". It lists your current AVX-512 support in the printout. If you have an early CPU the chance is you can get it working with no e-core enabled, usually 2021 batches.


It apoears to be enabled on my 12400f, what's a quick way to test it really works? Does rpcs3 support it?


RPCS3 should use AVX-512 and you can see some performance gain from that. Try y-cruncher, it's in the "Hardware Features", AVX-512 is listed at the bottom of the printout.


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I have that logo and on my board avx512 is available


No that is completely real. That’s just the new mark they use. All 13th gen look the same way.


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So this is what the guy is saying now: “He said all 13th gen don’t he mean 12th gen 😭. He don’t know what he saying. I searched up how they look in 2022 and they look the same with no cube so either u got scammed or u playing victim”


IMO its time to move on. This guy now has his ego attached to being right. Unless you can manage pull his head out of his own ass, you're better off finding another buyer. I wouldn't waste another breathe on him if I were you.


Yeah im not selling it to him. He gonna get the “real deal” from micro center lol


Lol I hope that when he buys it. It'll have that icon and he'll have a nice little realization to himself.


Will probably go back and demand to see the manager :p


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They stopped selling the "halo" chips in like 2021... The box chips is all he'll find at microcenter.


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Hahaha! I would love to see a culling of these fools!! They are so quick to point the finger and yell "scammer" but in the end it's THEY who are trying to scam and get a lower price.


12th gen originally launched with the old logo. They switched to this big little arch badge when they started fusing off AVX512.


This is the answer.


were you selling it at a good price? If you were then it's his lost not yours.


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As someone who has worked on Intels branding I can tell you that’s a legit brand mark - it’s called ‘the spark’.


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Pretty much all 2022 production 12th gen have it. For example, here’s a post from February with the same question. https://www.reddit.com/r/intel/comments/t1u2ve/is_this_legit_ordered_from_amazon_but_the_icon_on/ And from https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000005609/processors.html > Starting Q1 of year 2022, 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors and later Desktop Processor generations will feature a second 2D Matrix and **the new Intel trademark on the top of the processor**. A picture of the two squares is included.


The chip is legit. The new square logo is how you recognize a chip that has the AVX-512 instructions lasered off and can't be re-enabled by microcode/BIOS patches. I know because I have a chip like that.


Ty. I dont know much about this. If i did i could have educated the guy


He was trying to scam you probably…did he try and offer you half your asking price?


Nah. I was trying to sell for 480. But i put it down to 420 trying to be nice lol


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Wow I’m surprised you got someone interested in that price. I have an early-run 12900K that has AVX-512 and I can’t sell it for $375. Considering the 13700K is $399-419 most people would probably go for that


Really?😂 I didnt know that. Belive it or not i has a couple of people want for $400, but i thought it was low. I dont really know much about cpu’s. Might put price to $420 and see if it attracts more buyers


It’s still a great CPU. Retailers are still trying to sell it for $450 but the 13700K is basically a better version of it for less. I would take the $400


Well I just got a 13700k for $420 that outperforms a 12900ks so I'd say you were asking too much anyways.


Lol my guys like it’s fake just uh send it to me for $20


$480 for a 12900K is not worth it at all. Heck, even $420 is pretty poor value. 13700K's are around $440 and are better in every single way


I bought a 13700k last week, and it also has that little square on it. It’s real. 👍🏼 The guy you was talking/selling too is probably just making up lies to try and get a discount. 😂


The guy you tried to sell to is a low IQ imbecile. Doesn't take much effort to google this new logo revision of Intel CPUs sold since Alder Lake launched. Complete waste of time, money and bandwidth.


As others have said, it’s real just the square one is newer I had [both](https://imgur.com/a/sUzujhA) at one point


12700K owner here. Mine has a circle logo on it, and does AVX512 instructions because it is part of the first batch of 12th Gens. The square ones like this logo? Made after they disabled AVX512 due to thermal issues and other vulnerabilities, and gave it a new logo to distinguish them. Summary: Not fake at all.


Not fake , it’s on the newer stuff


It is real. Starting in 2022 Q1, INTC updated the mark on the heat spreader to this new one. Your CPU is made in 2022 week 1 (hence V201), so you get the new mark. Most online pics are showing a 2021 CPU (since the early reviewers often get 2021 week 30 - week 40 chips), and they get the old mark.


it’s real, old blurry pic but here’s my 12700k i got from micro center in august https://i.imgur.com/mtDiQwe.jpg


question, why was he even buying it from you, when its 449 at microcenter new and you were selling for 480? they even sell the better 13700k that fits the same boards for 399


No clue lmao. I dont he even knew much about it. And we agreed on $420 lol


my 12700f has this


Doesn't the cube mean it doesn't have AVX 512 or something?


Yea dude it's legit. I thought it was intels version of Amds triangle to tell you what way to seat it but the new series intels should be pretty self explanatory.


The boxes there are to signify the “big.LITTLE” distribution of the cores.


I’ll take your scam!


For how much?👀


How much is it? I have a i5 12600K on its way…


Isnt the cube represent the newer batch.. He doesnt want new i guess..


Ask him why did he redeem!?


Is this your first time selling used hardware? You'll meet all kinds of stupid. Move on from this guy. Even if you managed to convice him to sell the chip, he would try to weasel you a refund and find that he fucked up your product. I'm sadly speaking from experience, and since then, when I find an annoying buyer, 90% of the time I won't end the deal. The other 10% are those they laugh it off and say "well, I tried" and then they're pretty nice.


https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxYeJpPyA9tNy0BaoIbXbRSSAG92zgCXs0 Happened to be researching weather I should upgrade and saw the cube lol


Before 2022, that is an intel ring. After 2022, that changed to this square


The earlier 12th gen CPU’s had this marking. It means they can have AVX 512 enabled. Later 12th gen CPU’s have the circular logo and don’t support AVX 512.


It’s totally fake. Send it to me. 40 bucks shipped :)?


How much are you selling it for?


420 rn


That's real AF. It's on the outside of the Intel campus I walk into every day.


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The big square/little square logo represents the power core /efficiency core setup. Big core/ little core. Also referred to as the Big.Little architecture


It mostly represents the new Intel logo which doesn't really feature the old circle anymore. The first batches of Alder Lake CPUs actually still featured that one, and it seems they switched to the new one on processors that physically don't support AVX512 anymore like the first ones kinda did.


I also gave it on my 12700kf i buy it direct from Intel (amazon) sell by amazon ship by amazon close box with all stickers


I don't know what you think a cube is but that isn't one...


Was he calling you a scammer, but saying he would still take it at. Way lower price? If so, they were just trying to cheat you oit of money.