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Someone digs it up in 2 years and is really disappointed.


Yeah a hole that deep won’t last very long


I already feel sad for disappointed future people.


RemindMe in 10,000 years.


!RemindMe 10000 years Edit:Just looked something up, see follow up.


RemindMe! 9999 years


RemindMe! 9998.5 years I gotta get out in front of you all


RemindMe! 9998.51 years Don’t want to steal your thunder. I’m content being second. Edit: Bot messaged me it’d send reminder in 7976 years. Lazy fuck.


Even the bots don't want to work anymore!? Is there a bot equivalent of bootstraps?


you know that this will very likely be your last mark on earth. 9999 years from now the last thing you ever will do is get a notification from the bot for this post. how do you feel about that? knowing this is going to be your longest lasting mark


!remind me in 20,000 years to introduce humanity’s descendants to The Game


I'll bite. Why 9999 vs 10000?


Remindme Bot has a hard limit of 9999 years. So 10,000 years is invalid. Apparently there's also an outage of the bot at the moment, so he won't respond to comments.


Don't worry. I'm sure the bot will be back up in 9999 years.


Remind me to check on whether or not the bot is back up in 9999 years.


This is your two minute reminder to check for the reminder bot in 9998 years 364 days 23 hours and 58 minutes


This is your two hour reminder to check for the reminder bot in 9998 years, 364 days, 22 hours, and 0 minutes


This is your 5 hour reminder to check for the reminder bot in 9998 years 364 days 18 hours


Maybe better to remind yourself in 5000 years and see if you’re even still interested.


Some tweakers will dig it up in the next 10 years after finding the placard.


No way this last longer than 50 years.


Given how shallow the grave is, yeah.


Also how the rebar won't last more than 50 years, the lid will also start to sag over time and it will cave in from the middle.


But that resin is going to last a long goddamn time


like a mosquito trapped in amber, but spicier


Right. Better chances of lasting without the rebar.


I don't think cement is the right material for this at all. Without the rebar it will cave in at one point. Right stone or bricks will last centuries.


I'm not an engineer, but rebar helps concrete buildings by flexing and keeping the concrete together when the earth around the building is shifting. But, the cost of rebar is that rusting rebar causes concrete to crack. At this scale, the rebar isn't helping with flex, but the rebar will rust and fuck everything up. Like you said, stone or brick is the way to go.


With how much it weights, I wouldn't be surprised if it starts to go deeper over the years. But the concrete won't last that long, not even talking about the inscription.


3000 pounds is 1360kg, which is the weight 1.36 cubic meter of water. There is a good chance that thing would float in water (1.36 cubic meter = 2m x 1m x 68cm, I think it might be about that size?). It definitely would "float" in dirt.


Good thinking


All that and they didn't get a full-sized bag? lol


After making the sarcophagus, they had to cut the expenses.


Spared no expense


i want to see the unearthing and the documentary about it in 20000 years


The year is 10,191. We are about to discover the origins of the spice known as Melange. Welcome to my unboxing video.


This will inevitably lead to a worm-man controlling the universe.


Heidi Klum was just the beginning.


SO timely.


This is Steve21989MREInfo and I'm here today with a 20,000 year old bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Let's get this out on a photon tray. Nice!


Nice hiss


RemindMe! 20000 years


Just set a calendar reminder guy. 22022...


“Ancient aliens once disguised themselves as humanoid cat gods, threatening lazy worker humans to an eternity in a flaming, crunchy-snack hell”


Future civilizations are going to think we worshiped Flaming Hot Cheetos


Some people do




The House of the Taki will not tolerate such heresy


The rise of Taki is here! All shall bow! Or bowel..


The documentary will be hosted by a descendant of Geraldo Rivera.


And when they open it up they would find nothing


I admire your optimism, believing there will still be intelligent life on this planet in 20000 years


That’s just going to be another layer of trolling for whoever/whatever finds it.


Yeah. The Aliens will be like "DAMN SON these humans sure had some fuckin' cheek on them"


This is what really needs to be said.


All that and he thinks that there will be anyone left alive for a future civilization? lol


> anyone left alive for a future civilization Now I'm thinking some kind of apocalyptic event. Perhaps a zombie virus in the year 2035. Only few survivors... not much supplies left. And then this guy yells "HOLY SHIT, I just remembered. I have a bag of flaming hot cheetos stashed in the forest. LET'S GO!".


Get de guns and get to de choppa


*Gets dug up by urban sprawl in 5 years*


If it doesn't it will crumble to pieces in 50. If they were going for longevity they shouldn't have used reinforced concrete


Isn’t that what the rebar was for? Edit: just seen you said “shouldn’t”, not “should”. Why not? Rust?


Yes, the concrete absorbs moisture and will cause the rebar to rust. The rebar will expand and cause cracks in the concrete. More moisture will get in and it will get worse until it breaks apart. Edit: A reply to me below explained better how the corrosion happens.


That's not quite how it works. Concrete is inherently alkaline so moisture alone isn't enough to start corrosion. You need something to reduce the PH which is usually carbonation or chloride ingress. Almost all reinforced concrete that goes bad didn't put enough concrete between the outside face and the rebar within


Thank you for this explanation. I'll add an edit to my comment.


Both of y’all could be talking utter bs about concrete and I would have no idea


This guy concretes ☝


Concrete isn't waterproof. Rainwater brings in carbon dioxide (and sodium chloride, more likely near the coast I think). The sarcophagus will definitely be exposed to water, so the pH of the concrete will eventually drop, so I doubt it would last 10k years sadly. In buildings concrete spalling is pretty much inevitable I think, making the concrete layer thicker only slows that process down. It's more important to repair it correctly.


So just solid concrete?


Yeah, if you want something to last forever (without maintenance) solid concrete would be best.


Real prank time capsule makers clad the Cheetos in space shuttle heat shield tiles and cast it in bronze.


Solid would be more permanent, except for the problem of it not having much tensile strength so the huge lid could be caved in at some point from too much weight on top of it. I'm betting he reinforced it not just for durability but for liability, in case someone drove a vehicle over that spot. Someone else mentioned composite rebar which won't rust, but I don't know anything about that. It sounds like a better solution.


And there's no way that's below the frost line so it'll be damaged by the freeze/thaw cycle every year.




The ones reinforced with fiber would have been good enough.


How about just carved slabs of stone like what the Egyptians used to do?


Certainly better, but the strength of the lid would depend on the type of stone. It's a large, relatively thin piece, so the stone could crack. I think a better way to protect the Cheetos would be to carve it out of stone but make the slab much thicker. Then the trick would be sealing the gap between the lid and the body of the sarcophagus.


I think a large concrete monument the size of the Parthenon with the Cheetos bag suspended in a 50 gallon drum of cured resin would work. Maybe encase that resin inside a nitrogen filled stainless steel tank to stave off eventual UV damage. A nesting doll of protection.


Let’s just make a pyramid and keep the sarcophagus safe in a chamber within it


Yeah, rust


Not calling you out but honestly wanting to know, what should they have used?


Reinforced concrete can deteriorate in a few decades or last hundreds of years if it is in the right conditions. Where it is buried matters almost more than what it was buried in. If he buried it deep enough where frost cannot get to and moisture stays constant this could last 1000 years. 10.000 if he put it in a really dry region. But if the rebar ever oxidises and rust forms, it will crack the concrete (because rust expands when forming) and accelerate any erosion process. Covering the whole think in tar would probably help a lot. It is hard to judge though, we don't actually have much experience with iron objects older than 3000 years, but I've excavated roman nails from the earth that looked like new. I also know that reinforced concrete can be in a fantastic condition for 100 years because I excavated some from the 1920s. But if you want to make sure it lasts just use plain cut stone. Limestones are bad because they erode too much from water, and soft sedimentary rocks don't work well either. Crystaline or metamorphic rocks should work best. Edit: And the orientation matters. If the tub-part was upside down and overlapping the bottom slab water wouldn't get in just by dripping down.


Resin. Coat the whole sarcophagus in it.


Hey that Cheetos pack is gonna be very helpful for the construction worker who didn’t get a food break that afternoon


100% that empty packet will be re-entombed in the wall of a suburban house.


Good luck to him chewing his was through the epoxy resin.


I do landscaping for a living and the amount of children and even adult time capsules I dig up and throw out is non-zero.


> I do landscaping for a living and the amount of children and even adult time capsules I dig up and throw out is non-zero. That sentence has some fun parsing options.


I can only imagine what they will make of septic systems in a few hundred years.


Good lord give me 1/100 your ambition to do anything.


Give me 1/100th of his disposable income.


Or 1/100th of his disposable time Edit: I don't think some people understand what I'm saying. This dude just wasted a ton of fucking time and energy to bury a bag of Cheetos. I mean that's a colossal waste of time. My 300k karma on Reddit pales in comparison to that.


You have 300,000 comment karma.


The account is 11 years old.




In the comments on the original video the creator goes through his expenses for the project and says he’s got a day job of doing commissioned art. Overall, it came out to ~$1100 in materials, but I don’t think he mentioned hours he put in.




I could afford the Cheeto bag


this adhd fosuced


Always amazed by these people wasting shitton of time on useless thing, filming it and editing it. Meanwhile i cannot find time to replace a lightbulb in my house.


Guy said "1ft from the dirt to the top should be good for millenia"


Should have buried it another 3 inches deeper. Huge length difference.


That's what she said.


That is 60% Increase. Yuge.




"erosion is a conspiracy by the government"


“And deterioration is just something that’ll make the friggn frogs gay”


[Obligatory gay frogs remix](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9JRLCBb7qK8)


"This is child's play, compared to what we did." -ancient egyptians


Won't that cement get eaten away by the moisture in like 150 years?


Shoulda used flex seal


He would have been better off just burying the resin block he sealed the chips in.


I mean.. looks like the Tacoma area so might get entombed by some protective vulcanism before too terribly long. That should keep it nice and safe..


Looks like they crossed the narrows going north. So gig harbor or beyond?


Tbf, it's a major pain in the butt to dig a hole even an extra foot or two down Source: a guy who digs holes sometimes


It's a major pain in the butt to build a sarcophagus too, you're already at the party.


Right who builds a 3000 pound coffin just to get tired digging the graves lol


Not if you rent a mini excavator for $300 a day He spend who knows how much on the rest of this asinine endeavor but dug it manually


This dude was fully prepared to spend 12+ hours digging instead of spending a few hundred bucks on a machine lmao


Movies give people the wrong impression about digging holes. Unless you are digging through the loosest rock free sand imaginable, it *sucks* and is *very slow*. You aren't pulling up big shovelfuls every time, most of your effort goes into breaking up the soil and often you are only lifting out little bits at a time. Digging a hole for something that big sucks a looooot I don't blame him at all for not going deeper. Even with the tractor -- loader buckets aren't really great for digging like that.


Today I dug a 5 meter narrow trench for some conduit and it took me all frigging day and now my hands hurt. Diggings a bitch.


Like a cancer patient in his 50s digging a pit for six 55-gallon barrels of money, in the desert, with a shovel, in an afternoon? I love that show but that was pretty ridiculous.


this whole video was painful to watch


Great, future civilizations will know how we squandered our intelligence.


You telling me the Egyptians didn't build the pyramids for the memes?


That's the real hieroglyphics secret. Ancient memes


And resources.


The guy included the fact that he got sparks on his grapes. This is just one big troll / why not lol.


Not to mention no reinforcement on the lid at all, where you would need it the most. Hope nobody falls through it accidentally and breaks a leg when it's long forgotten.


There are so many little things that he did that annoyed me that if he had that one friend who did construction for a summer he probably would have avoided. But yeah the lid with no reinforcement and only buried about a foot or so from the top of the ground tops it off for me. For another $150 he could have rented a mini and gotten that thing 6 foot deep.


He could have just bought a burial vault.


did they even do anything to protect the gold leaf from just getting rubbed off


I'm sad I won't be there for this package opening


Not with that attitude you won’t


*Hops into sarcophagus*


There.. there.. that's the spirit..


You probably will. It'll probably get dug up in 10 years to put more mcmansions


Hey, maybe someone did the same 10.000 years ago just for us? We just need to find it


I thought this was dumb, then kept watching and realized it was actually really fucking dumb.


I think this might actually be a sophisticated ad. Cheetos is playing the long game.


Trust me, keep watching. It gets even dumber


Even the dog is like “the fuck is wrong with you”


Honestly it’s so dumb that it’s kinda beautiful


That gold leaf was fucked with the 1st scoop of dirt 🥳


Should have put it in a recessed square on the front and poured resin in that too






For the inevitable Cheeto shortage of 2052.


*10 years later* "What is this thing I found in my garden?" "Probably a septic tank" "Solved!"


That will be completely full of water the next time it rains unless you sealed it. Concrete is porous.


dont understand why he didnt lead line it as well.


Isn’t that rebar going to rust and blow that sarcophagus apart?


100%. That was his major fuckup, and he didn't even apply a moisture barrier to the outside. Roman ruins are still around because they were massive, and where they did use cements they were monolithic.


> Roman ruins are still around because they were massive Correction: Roman ruins that are still around are around because they are massive. We don't see the sloppy roman construction jobs because they are not around anymore.


True enough!


Yes, and I'm surprised barely else in this whole thread has mentioned it.


It's also going to also sweat and breakdown.


In 10,000 years when it is opened, a new deity will be worshipped. It will be called "Chester".


"And the lord addressed his followers, saying, "But I say to you who hear: it is not easy, being cheesy"


They’ll think Frito Lay ruled the world in 2022.


The absolute wasted potential of this project


Imagine if Ancient Rome had left something like this, venerating their favorite snack and telling future generations something you rarely get to know about ancient civilizations; The minutia of their day to day lives. Edit: Garum


I honestly think it's great, I'd love to see more shit about commoners from history, all you ever hear about is kings and shit. Fuck those people


This is why archaeology is so interesting. You get to discover what the ordinary plebian threw away in their midden pit or shat into their night soil. Roman history is also great for everyday history. Mary Beard did a great show where she explored life for the everyday people, including from written records of ordinary Roman people's every day life. I think it was *Meet the Romans*.


I mean it’s just a time capsule, just a laborious one. Pretty sure we made one in 5th grade as a class? If a tardis landed in front of me and I could go witness something, I would love to see a being in 3000 years discovering and interpreting a time capsule packed by 10 year olds in 2001.


Our dumbasses would think it’s a new religious thing. The snack was holy cause of some dumbass 3000lb tomb and gold foil.


As a practicing Alchemist, the thing I find most interesting is the list of ingredients. Most of them are artificial and don’t have chemical formula to go with them. If these chemicals end up being lost to time for some reason, then they’d be having to decipher them through comparing them with other random bits of linking evidence. There’d be entire groups of future people arguing over what the actual ingredient was. Future snack alchemy.


You are an alchemist, really? How's that working out for you?


they did, it was a sauce called garum, they wrote a ton about it, it was apparently so popular people would dilute it with water and drink it, and it is so well documented we can still make it thanks to the extensive writings about it from back then not exactly an entombed snack, but similar in spirit right?


That’s a good one, thank you. This is a nice rabbit hole lol


I find it interesting that you think of Rome. My mind automatically went to Egypt.


We study handprints. Historians and anthropologists clamor over every detail of dead cultures. Maybe you would have preserved something else, but the preservation of any element of today’s society will be of interest to whatever comes next


Yeah seriously, people want to give all this meaning to Lascaux cave handprints but it could have just been bored dudes blowing paint pigment over their hands for shits and giggles and this is just a modern take on that. Not everything needs a deep meaning. Let future historians talk about how these flaming Cheetos were a religious symbol or something


“By the heart of Moranthia!” declared Subdoctor Hoopa as his team carefully removed the millennias old sarcophagus lid and he got a good look at its contents. “Our ancestors were fucking idiots.”


This guys an idiot Steel reinforced concrete is a horrible material for a time capsule, that rebar will crack that thing apart in a hundred years, most likely sooner than that. So much effort for something that won’t even last


Absolutely. There's not enough depth of concrete covering the rebar - water will penetrate and make it rust, expand and crack.


How do people have time for this shit?!? …Welp. Back to my Reddit feed.


It’s totally absurd, but this guy got to practice some practical skills and now has an incredibly weird story in his back pocket. Sometimes it’s just about the story.


It's almost always about the journey


It's also about strength, and something about not being weak.




People had some weird covid lock down projects.


The thought of someone finding this weird thing in thousands of years is appealing. A sort of immortality of you and your works. More likely for the views.


Probably gets dug up in about 4 years though, at the change of land ownership. So, likely just a waste of resources for views.


Considering it's a foot under the ground and has a plaque saying an artifact is there, no way it lasts for 1k years. Somebody who doesn't know what is there will see the plaque and pop it open. Should have buried it deeper, with the plaque just a bit above the cheetos.


Right. Modern humans give zero fucks about the sanctity of tombs made 3000 years ago, or even from 500 years ago. We open that shit on a whim.


Lol at “modern humans” not caring. If anything, we care more than any humans in history. For most of history conquerors looted what they could carry and burned the rest.




If it is an advertisement, it's an illegal one. The FTC requires that advertising (including paid content) be disclosed. The video literally says that Cheetos isn't sponsoring it and has no knowledge of it. I'm not saying that you're wrong. Just that there are laws about this kind of thing. Sometimes they try to bury the sponsorship note or just don't talk about it, but explicitly saying there is no sponsorship would be quite brazen if there actually is sponsorship.


This will confuse some people 300 years from now


300 years from now. Someone digs this up. Blinks twice to access internet archive database. Watches video. Walks away shaking their head. “So dumb”.


The headline in the future won't be "hilarious pranks bro everyone loved pranks us good!" It'll be: "Income inequality, immaturity, and the meaningless of capitalist life in America: the burying of mass produced items by the bored wealthy."


Clearly…he loves Cheetos.


Everyone's like "what a moron, what a waste." But I stand 100% behind anyone using their expert skill for absolutely pointless projects. It may be my new hobby tbh. We are nothing in long scheme of things. Few of us are going to be remembered two or three generations from now. But someone will say this person's name far far far in the future. That's a lot more than I can say, that's for sure.


when i'm bored I turn scrap bits of bar stock not worth recycling with dull tools into weird shaped things on the lathe and throw them out in the back field for practice...i amuses me to think years in the future someone will excavate them and wonder what in the hell we did there as apparently there was enormous amounts of useless and confusing shaped metal bits being produced. I hope they think they are strange offerings to vulcan and I ran some modern day roman god cult.


Some people have wayyy too much time on their hands.


And money


I love that they paid for the whole cost of this but didn't factor in renting an excavator for a day.


plot twist they ate the cheetos afterwards and put a body in there.


what drives people to put so much effort in stupid shit like this?