Those new NZXT boards are so clean


Cleanest build I’ve ever seen.


This looks amazing! Question though cause I have no idea, I thought the 40 series cards were pcie5, but the riser cables from Lian li were pcie4. There compatibility issues? Or bottlenecking? I'm in the process building and I really wanna use a upright kit just not sure about the new Gen cards


No compatibility issues with it. My understanding is that the 40 series is PCIE 4.0.


Oh that's awesome!! Getting a upright kit soon, wish it came with the 600mm cable instead of the shorter one. Like why would anyone want the shorter one anyways


Is the 600mm required to fit?


I don't think so from what I've seen if you buy the regular upright kit with the included riser cable it's like 380mm or something, but you can only route it through the front of the motherboard so you'd see the riser cable. At least with a 600mm one you can route in in the back so it's not visible


Naw, there's no cards utilizing Gen5 yet. It was just confusing that PCIe 5.0 dropped when the 40 Series did.


4090 cable burning when?


I think the data released is 120,000 4090s sold and 50 have had issue due to user installation errors. ​ This build doesn't look like case 51 of 120,000


Don't mind the ugly cables in the back - I spent some time today overhauling my cable management. It feels good doing the cables right for once 🤣


I fucked it up the first time around too lol but I went back in when I replaced the stock aio fans and redid it and this case really makes it doable. That 600mm cable is NOT cheap lol, coincidering the brackets only 15, looks great, use signal rgb for the fans, once you map them out you are gunna have an absolute blast


Wow, very clean. How much clearance do you have for the power connection to the 4090? Doesn’t look like you can plug it in without strong bending


It's just enough clearance for me to be comfortable. I'll snap a shot of the connector. It's bent so that it routes underneath the gpu. That relieves a bit of stress so it isn't bent too much at the connector I'll most likely want to grab one of the Cable Mod right angle adaptors. I think they have one for the 12VHPWR cables too.


I'd like to see this as well. Waiting 6 days until my upright kit is delivered.


I bought the 4090 and upright bracket hoping it would work. Now I know it will. Awesome build


I need details....where did you get the GPU mount kit from? What psu cable are you using? Did you have to buy a longer riser cable? Any additional pictures would be awesome. This looks great


The mounting kit is from Lian Li. I ordered it from amazon. I'm using at ATX 3.0 PSU, so I have a 12VHPWR cable. I did have to order a longer riser cable (from Lian Li) to be able to route it behind the motherboard. I'll get some more pictures over later. Thank you!


What cable length did you have to get?


I needed to get the 600 mm riser cable for it to route behind the mobo.


Hi what ATX 3.0 PSU are you rockin'?


I like this because i love this cyan color!!


Will this work in the same position for the Asus Strix and liquid cooled? I have the Asus z690 formula motherboard.


Is your gpu a strix too?


Yes the gpu I'm getting is the 4090 asus strix


Then keep in mind you will need to do a reverse build. I can't remember the reason why, but with the Rog Strix GPUs the IO needs to be at the bottom or the temps will be high. Something about the location of a component in the GPU that when upright needs to be at the bottom to keep temps low. [Example](https://i.imgur.com/aO32rdX.jpg)


Even for a custom loop liquid build?


Your temperatures may be satisfactory if you do a standard EVO, upright GPU, and liquid cooling. But they would be even lower with a reverse EVO.


Okay so do a reverse Evo, upright GPU for the Asus Strix 4090... gotcha.


Are you sure about this? Didn't the problem had something to do with the heatsink? Which would be removed if they were making a custom loop. I'm not a professional so I'm not sure, but I thought making the build watercooled would remove the issue


Thats very clean ! Great job man !


Thank you!


>Thank you! You're welcome!


How are temps like? Better than horizontal?


I never mounted it horizontally so I can't be sure.




Good job!


Wow, beautiful and so unique. Amazing Job!


And is there a special support for the gpu to be installed like this?


yep called the upright gpu support.


🥶😶‍🌫️ Love that blue!


Absolutely gorgeous . Would love to know - how much is the 4090 impacted you connect on the lower PCI slots? It’s like x8 PCI 4.0 down there right ? Would be pretty cool if the hit is small. You would have those other slots completely functional for more toys.


Really nice!! What about the gpu temps? Good?


sooo Good. I do plan to put an sus tuf into that vertical position and then another asus tuf into vertical. tight fit but one last part of problem I have to resolve is power cable for upright GPU.. But this looks fantasti. nerd p0rn :)


How do you connect your display to the gpu?


Very nice! Hoping to get an FE 4090 card in the near future, planning a build like this in the Evo but with vertical GPU mount.


What controls your rgb? Are you using the lian li controller and software? This build is literally my inspiration, I just haven't had to mess with rgb before.


Correct. I'm using the controller for the lian li fans, and have the 3 exhaust fans (behind the gpu) hooked up to a fan splitter. iCue controls the ram rgb. My next task is to see if NZXT works with any software that can control all of the rgb simultaneously, as I'd like to avoid running a bunch of different software. With the Lian Li fans, it's pretty straightforward getting the rgb set up. Being able to link the fans together is a big help.


Oh my lord, that is a beauty. How’re the temps without doing the inverted build? I tried with a 3090ti and the hotspot was a good 10 degrees warmer than regular installation. So beautiful 🥰


u/SkinkChief2022 \- Great job on this build. I noticed the PCPartpicker page shows 3 x NZXT 120mm fans but the pics dont show them? I'm assuming you have them behind the GPU? What direction do you have the airflow? Intake or Exhaust?


You're correct - they're behind the gpu. I have them set to exhaust.


Can you please share the pcpartpicker link


Its literally under the first pic


Literally missed that, thanks


Haha. Its all good took me a few tries also 😂. Cheers


u/SkinkChief2022 have you problem to bend the power cable? How much clearance you have for the power cable? You think an Asus TUF or Strix would feat?


Awesome built, well done! I'm actually going for a similar built with the 4090 FE in that upright position. But I wanted to try fitting fans behind the GPU card so you can see colour coming through the GPU cooling fins and besides the GPU. What are you guys thought on fan blowing direction? Because the 4090 FE is pushing air to the backside in this position I was thinking: * 3 Fans Bottom: Intake * 3 Fans Top: Exhaust * 3 Fans side (behind GPU): Exhaust * 1 Fan Backside: Intake Thanks!


The fans I have behind the gpu are non-rgb (had them sitting around, so I'd figure I would use them). I would assume you would see the rgb through the gpu. That orientation would make sense. I'm not sure what temps are like without having fans placed in the front. My only question would be the backside fan. Not sure if intake or exhaust would be better. Edit: I will say that having exhaust behind the gpu is necessary. Temps were high 70s - low 80s running Red Dead 2 on max settings in 4k. When I put in the exhaust fans, temperatures plummeted.


u/SkinkChief2022 - How did you deal with the front panel USB C connector to the board? Its like the plastic housing of the cable prevents a connection. Did you remove the plastic cover on the cable or modify aluminium covering on the motherboard?


I got this [adaptor](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08VFZ6C64/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) from Amazon


What are your average temps here? Also do you have fans on the backside of the case where the GPU is? CLEAN build.


The 4090 reference design is going to dump heat out the top which is actually pretty brilliant. Very inspiring build!


And it’s gonna dump it into a solid metal plate, because someone was stupid enough to not make holes on the top part of the case (yes - it covers the mesh part) https://imgur.com/a/l3PyTjr


That sucks. Well I am water cooling my new build anyway. Everything is too hot and big.