I don’t think Hawkeye has been the worst MCU TV. Enjoyed it a lot week to week even if it didn’t quite stick the landing.


Honestly, Hawkeye is probably my favourite of the MCU shows. It’s the only one that didn’t feel like it bit off more than it could chew and actually resolved its main storylines by seasons end. I also thought Clint and Kate were probably the most enjoyable duo of the MCU shows so far, having good chemistry and balancing being funny with more emotional moments well.


Yeah, it felt old fashioned... but in a good way? Like massive buddy action but clearly mcu. And set at Christmas! Hawkeyes been my fav overall.


It’s my second favorite Christmas action piece outside of Die Hard.


I felt the same way. It’s like Die Hard and Home Alone wrapped into one.


Idk how to do a spoiler tag so mild hawkeye spoilers Clint and Kate were great but I need a Kate+Yelena show/film.


I know, right? I so desperately want them to have Kate and Yelena going to LA to do the whole detective thing and meet like Squirrel Girl or Wonder Man.


Ket Beeshop!


>It’s the only one that didn’t feel like it bit off more than it could chew I'm guessing there may be some caveat here because this show hasn't ended yet, but I think She-Hulk has also been admirably low-stakes. It's just a goofy good time, at least so far.


I kinda feel like She-Hulk bit off more than it can chew in some episodes. There's no sense of the characters "working" to solve their problems. We see the problem, we see them realize the solution, and we see the resolution, but we don't see failed attempts to solve the problem, or research for solutions. It takes Nikki 5 minutes to find Wong online, her search for better She Hulk clothes involves someone coming to her for a favor and she gets contact with the super hero designer as the return favor right away. The most recent episode Jenn kinda worked it out in therapy at the retreat, but like she was forced into every single step. She didn't really choose any of it. The episode before was a better example of what I mean. **I basically spoil the whole entire plot so don't read further if you haven't watched it.** >!Jenn goes to a wedding she doesn't want to go to, because she feels she has to. She gets put to work and told by the bride that she can't be She Hulk, because the bride wants to be the center of attention. Oh and Titania's there. (Problem #1) Cut to Mr. Immortal we learn his deal. (Problem #2) Cut back to Jenn meeting this cute guy and hitting it off just to be given more jobs that shouldn't be hers. (Progress #1A) Cut back to Mr. Immortal and his 8 ex wives and we find out that different things are important to each ex. (Progress #2) Cut back to the wedding, Jenn gets super drunk flirting with the cute guy and throws up. (Progress #1B) Cut back to Nikki recapping the completed Mr. Immortal deal to the ex wives.(Solution #2) Back to the wedding Titania attacks Jenn while she throws up, she hulks out, beats Titania without even breaking a sweat, and the now drunk bride is super excited She Hulk is at her wedding. (Solution #1) !< Edit: Fixed my spoiler tags


I really felt that each episode closed up in a good manner. I liked the show but having the episode end didn't made me feel "bad" that I have to wait now to have that particular part resolved. I was happy to wait for next week and see how it continues


Yea, I agree. Hawkeye is a lot of fun, it definitely is not the worst D+ show.


I liked it, but it would’ve had to have been pretty bad for me to not like it, I’m a fan of that character. There’s just something really I find really likable and relatable about Jeremy Renner’s Clint do I was happy to get more time for his character to shine. The action was cool, for the most part, and I even really liked the more wholesome moments like seeing how much it meant to him to spend time with his kids or taking on the role of mentor to Kate. Really enjoyed him begrudgingly having to LARP but then actually enjoying himself, be cool to see him keep it up and get his kids involved, if there’s another season I’d like to see them in a battle, being badasses with some Nerf style arrows. I didn’t find the main villains all that compelling, with the exception it was great to see D’Onofrio back in the role of Wilson Fisk (possibly my favorite Marvel’s live action villains, which I feel have been one of the weaker aspects of the overall MCU) Wandavision, I felt like was one of the most unique and different experiences of the entire MCU and it displayed such a love and understanding in the way that it paid homage to the history of television sitcom tropes and storylines throughout the decades. With the overall, I was expecting to not like the reveal of why this was all happening and for it to just feel forced and contrived. But when they showed the explanation behind the setup and Wanda’s past, how much these silly sitcoms had meant to her during the hardest times of her life, really made you understand why she would idealize these fictional worlds so much, in a way that was really relatable and human and honestly kinda poignant exploration on the nature of grief and escapism. Similar, in a way, to Pleasantville. I was impressed with that, and it kinda made the whole story make sense within the context of the greater MCU, in probably the best way they possibly could have FaTWS, I really like the themes of race in America and exploring what it means for Sam as a black man to take up the shield. The Flag Smashers I felt were kinda boring and not very compelling villains. I was *much* more invested in the John Walker storyline, and that seemed to be really heating up by the end of one episode and then wrapped up in the beginning to the next, I woulda preferred they devoted a full episode to that conflict rather than what was going on with the Flag Smashers


I think Clint is pretty well summed up by his line that goes something like, "There are aliens and wizards. I'm a guy with a bow and arrow. Nothing makes sense." He's the Everyman of the Avengers. Scott is too, kind of, but he's also a genius turned professional thief.


Hawkeye was my favourite overall show (behind Loki) but the ending was quite underwhelming


Agreed on everything


Almost none of these shows have stuck the landing, feels kinda arbitrary to dock Hawkeye for it relative to those other shows.


Yeah, at least Hawkeye was the one show that appeared to end in the way that its beginning and middle implied it would. So many of these shows have been disjointed messes - Hawkeye was actually a well-paced show (until the final episode tried to introduce and cover way too much new ground all at once). These other shows ... She-Hulk, Loki, What If?..., Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision... all had these really odd fits and starts throughout their seasons that made them especially tough to watch as a weekly series. I've enjoyed most of them, but it's a little bit odd to me that the critical score doesn't seem to reflect that (maybe because these reviews are usually based on the "first X episodes" released in advance).


Hawkeye is now going to be a Christmas tradition for me like Home Alone and Die Hard.


It's my second favorite behind Wandavision. It actually feels like a rewatchable Christmas show. None of the others are honestly all that rewatchable unless you're doing a recap before a big film.


I thought it stuck the landing, and even had a strong start. Thought it’s weakest and slowest episodes were in the middle… though this is sorta my perspective on most of the MCU Disney+ shows. Definitely agree that Hawkeye doesn’t deserve the lowest rating of the D+ projects.


They all have this kinda 1&2 = great, 345 = mid filler, 6 scrambling to wrap up pattern. WandaVision is maybe the exception where it got less novel over time as it moved into typical MCU content.


Honestly I think the mere fact that She-Hulk is being approached as a full-fledged comedy has kept it from feeling too monotonous throughout the season. She-Hulk and WandaVision are probably the only two Disney+ shows which didn’t feel like there was an abundance of wheelspinning for three straight episodes.


I thought it definitely stuck the landing, loved the last episode


I liked Hawkeye because the Christmas in New York aesthetic was very charming. There aren’t very many Christmas themed shows, and it was nice to come back each week to watch Clint’s continued Christmas misadventures. Also, Kate Bishop was a great addition to the MCU. The show didn’t have particularly high stakes, and I had some issues with how it ended. Not my favorite Marvel show, but pretty enjoyable nonetheless.


shang-chi and spider-man should not be that close to black-widow


Black Widow's 3rd act is the worst 3rd act in the entire MCU in my opinion. I can't think of another MCU project that jumped the shark this hard.


Black Widow in general is just not a good movie


It's one of those odd movies where I enjoyed the little moments that humanized the characters way more than the actual plot or action scenes.


So much this the only positive memory I have of it is the dinner table scene and when she's talking to her sister about clothes


They needed so much more of the family dynamic.


In my opinion it should have been a Yelena movie not a Black Widow movie


It was the third film of a trilogy that Ike Perlmutter denied us from getting the other two films of.


I agree. Would be happy to see more of the characters themselves, but the whole concept and structure of the movie sucked.


It was a very poor script that was fortunate enough to have a very talented cast to make up for it


Those first 20-30 mins of the movie were so promising. Then it falls off a cliff (like Natasha)


Bruv. Lmao


Just too bad that cliff wasn't only 6 stories and had a shitton of metal objects to bounce off of, she would have been fine...


In the first part of the movie David Harbour's character (Red Guardian?) is smart enough to go undercover at a Shield facility for years. When we see him again, he is a bumbling idiot. Just that alone makes no sense. Also, it makes no sense that ScarJo's character wouldn't have heard about female assassins or the Red Room being back or whatever. Her whole thing was that she is a great spy.


Everyone, every character and every actor was a wasted potential, it is sad, really. You have David Harbour and Rachel Weisz, two incredible actors… What do you do with them? Nothing. Only Florence gets a bit of depth, in the lunch scene she shines and she is so cute in general but that is all. This should have been a Winter Soldier type film, they made it so underwhelming and boring.


It's a commentary about how a lot of trafficking goes unnoticed, even to the people looking directly for it. There are millions of organizations of spies the one using only women slips under the radar because women aren't seen as a threat. Natasha has also been solely working for shield for many years I'm sure they kept her very busy with the big bads they fight every single year. Also she fully believes that she completely destroyed the red room why would she want to prove that she actually failed. Also she's been on the run for a while you can't really do a lot of investigating when you're constantly trying to escape a million different governments out to capture or kill you


I’ve had no interest in watching it a second time which is rare for me and any superhero content honestly.


I'm still kinda mad we didn't get to see Clint and Natasha meet for the first time


The movie had all kinds of wasted potential, mostly because I don't think they ever cared about making a good movie. The fact that it takes place between Civil War and Infinity War but came out after Natasha was dead made it feel like it was only made because it was in ScadJo's contract that she get a solo movie. On top of that, the whole movie was just a setup for other characters and future events like Yelena, Red Guardian Val and the Thunderbolts, Hawkeye etc. The whole thing reeks of being a giant plot device to setup future MCU projects rather than being a standalone film project.


The Movie was originally planned to release before Endgame, so that's likely why. And as much as I can understand why they still wanted to make the Movie; I do not understand why they thought that making that Movie with that Plot AFTER Endgame was a good idea...


I'm surprised *Black Widow* disappointed me more than *Thor: The Dark World.*


Black Widow’s third act is an Austin Powers film.


I stopped looking at Metascore tbh. They are bullshit and always against my own scores.


Moon knight at 69/6.9? Nice


Don't forget it got review bombed by Turks for mentioning the Armenian genocide, so the actual score would probably be higher.


really? what happened?


Turkey committed genocide. Turkey denies it. Turkey hates anyone who mentions the murder and displacement of a million Armenians as a genocide. Turkey thinks these people just vanished or something.


Fun fact: Oscar Isaac was in a movie that talks about the armenian genocide were he plays an armenian guy who went to Turkey to learn medicine and ends escaping with one of his cousins or niece...


It's actually even more irrational than this: the Ottoman Empire committed genocide, yet Turkey still denies it was genocide and claims they deserved it anyway.


Well that's fucked. Anyway, I loved Moon Knight.


Moon Knight was my favorite MCU product of the last two years. I like that they tried to do something different with the superhero genre by adding the psychological trauma aspect, especially since most films in phase 4 felt like a very generic black v. white superhero film


Yes! I am so excited to see Moon Knight interact with other heroes. I believe that because Mark doesn't know just how fucked up he is in the head we, the audience, need a main character perspective that isn't Mark so we can see what is truly going on.


>Turkey thinks these people just vanished or something. The official stance of Turkey is that it was an armed Armenian rebellion, so all the deaths are from combat, and they're greatly exaggerated anyway. None of the evidence supports that, but it's what Turkey teaches in order to deny that they ever committed genocide.


Well.She Hulk and Ms Marvel have clearly been bombed too. The users reviews for these shows are clearly based on more than the actual quality of the shows.


Obviously yes. I thought both shows were very enjoyable and the review bombing is both unfortunate and pathetic. I love how much She hulk makes fun of the type of people who would review bomb it.


For real. I love how She-Hulk anticipated this and openly mock it. The CGI in She-Hulk leaves much to be desired, but Tatiana Maslany is charming and funny, and the supporting cast are great. It's not high art, but they're trying something different. I love it.


Why doesn't metacritic make an anti-review bomb system like Steam reviews anyways? If there's an abnormal amount of reviews (positive or negative) submitted in a short period of time, flag them all and wipe them.


What's up with people giving terrible scores to the women-led shows? I enjoyed Ms Marvel, and I'm LOVING She-Hulk. You'd think people would get over their sexism by now.


For the third highest-rated show it’s tragic that season 2 hasn’t been announced


It was always billed as a limited series, ie a miniseries. 1 season only. There's nothing necessarily stopping them from deciding to do more of it, but the contracts would have to be redone and such. Typically for tv shows, everyone signs options so that their contracts get renewed if the show gets renewed, at least for a few seasons. But for miniseries, everyone is just signing on for 1 season.


Shang-Chi was great, easily the best P4 movie with a new character. It was a good origin story with good characters, cool stunts and overall also good work on the VFX side (Kinda sad that we have to point that out because the Infinity Saga never had this inconsistancy in VFX) I think the D+ Shows get their fair share of criticism tho. I think their pacing and they content within the stories arent really working too well in most cases. Most feel more like movies that were stretched into 6 episode shows. Wandavision was really cool IMO. It was creative and that concept worked well with the shorter episodes. Dropped a bit with the final but for me that was the best D+ show.


Shang-Chi was great but damn did they fuck up the 3rd act. Did we need CGI dragons and shit? I thought a Mortal Kombat style battle between Chi and his pops would have been good enough.


I mean… they already set up the giant dragon creature being behind the dark gate, they kinda have to pay it off


Chekhov's dragon


>Shang-Chi was great but damn did they fuck up the 3rd act "We've had thousands of years to prepare for an attack." "Oh, thank God! So, multipronged nuanced defensive strategy?" "Nah. Like 30 of us hold off the invaders with spears." Shang-Chi had a lot of good stuff but the glowing weapons reminded me that I was watching a comic book movie and pulled me right out of the story. I don't even know why they glowed?! It didn't make them more dangerous. It just seemed superfluous. And I thought the sister was the most interesting character by a lot. I wish she'd get her own show. Tony Leung was amazing, too.


As far as these scores are concerned, I agree that user scores are total BS


And Ms. Marvel may not be great, but it certainly doesn't deserve a fucking 3


I think it was fine. It's a "younger" show, maybe aimed at slightly different audiences. It's not perfect, but it was well done overall. The review bombs for it and Shulk were incredibly annoying.


I don’t get how Ms Marvel is so low. May not be the best storyline in Marvel’s history (it’s still decent tho) but I found it to be really enjoyable


It got review bombed. Simple as that


It's insane that something as innocuous as Mrs Marvel got review bombed. It wasn't even political (unless the partition of India for some reason really bothers you), or did anything overt to piss off the neckbeards. It's just a show about dumb teenagers doing dumb teenage things. But the fact that the main lead just happens to be a muslim girl is enough to draw their ire.


I mean, as a British person, the partition of India depiction did bother me. Mostly I was bothered that not once in several years of history classes, was this event ever mentioned. Maybe things have changed since I was at school, but back then History class was just "Hey, remember that time we stopped the Nazis? Aren't we the best?"


Yep. The history I was taught in Britain about Britain had a big gap between the Tudors and WW1.


I ended up having 25% of my History course in highschool just on Blackpool and this was 2010's.


School curriculums are just social conditioning, they're only going to teach you what they want you to know


I think this is a pretty big problem with American's history educatikn too tbh, I can't think of any examples rn but ik there are plenty of them to compare to this blatant erasure of history


Brown people existing is political. Muslims existing is political. Women existing is political. The MC of this show was all three.


"Let's just throw in Brie Larson at the end as well, the incels love her too"


And it's all so aggressively in your face, because it's a Marvel show and the incels that brigade iMDB watch Marvel shows. How dare woke Disney invade their safe space!?


It's a form of narcissism I think, like they literally can't comprehend not being the target demographic, or even that they can still enjoy it despite it being made for someone else.


Then they followed it up with She Hulk. I love that Marvel is in full "fuck the incels" mode. Someone like Jordan Peterson will tell you they're misunderstood and just need some compassion, but ***fuck the incels***, man. There's plenty of white hetero male icons in the MCU. Same for Star Wars. And yet, any time there's a female lead, or a brown lead, or a muslim lead... it needs to be shut out and shut down? Fuck off. I'll admit neither Ms. Marvel or She-Hulk or even Captain Marvel were perfect but I'd argue they have more heart and fresh ideas than Hawkeye or MoM at the very least.


They should go full-on “fuck the incels” and make X-23 the Wolverine of the MCU after Hugh’s second last appearance in Deadpool 3. Watch their heads explode.


As Iman Velani said: 'there's room for Ms Marvel'. And she's a teenager. A teenager has better common sense than grown ass men. There is room for Ms Marvel and She Hulk and any other female superhero. Their existence doesn't take away from other heroes.


It stared a brown Muslim woman, that’s three ‘political’ things for the price of one as far as parts of the internet are concerned.


Old friend of mine complained on FB about black Little Mermaid and black elf in Ring of Power. He claimed that 'diversity for the sake of diversity' is bad, and that racial diversity should be "organic." I asked him "what's so organic about a white mermaid or inorganic about black people existing in a *fantasy* world?" He said I was just woke and conditioned to see the world through a racist lense....when in actuality I was raised to *be* a racist and *was* racist most of my life til I was an older teenager.


Tgese people think that if a cishetero white (and if applicable, male) actor was cast, is because they were the best actor for the job. If it's anyone else, it was a diversity higher. Because obviously they could never be the best for the job.


When, in reality, Halle Bailey was asked by the director to audition, specifically because of her singing ability.


>It's just a show about dumb teenagers doing dumb teenage things. Its that but also a show about a brown muslim young woman and that is enough for haters.


Um dont you know POC are political? /s


**P**olitical **O**f **C**ourse


Before the first episode came out there was a campaign to pan it because "a show about a teenager just isn't for me" - people who like teenager Peter parker. I think a show about a female teenager, a show that portrays Muslims not as the "other", is too much for some people. And that's ok but they should keep their thoughts to themselves if they don't think they're the target audience. There are things the show could have done better - the antagonists were bland, predictable and unremarkable. But aside from that, where they explore kamala and her relationship with her friends and family, that was good stuff. Made me think of Kim's Convenience. And now I'm wondering if a marvel show needs to have super villains or if they can focus almost exclusively on the character's regular days.


same as She Hulk


I fucking love She Hulk. It's just a fun show, Maslany kills it. I'm glad the MCU is evolving past every conflict being global or intergalactic.


Nobody wants diversity.


Same with She-Hulk, both got review bombed the same way Captain Marvel did in 2019, it’s honestly sad that people are this dedicated to spreading hate for a show or movie like this


The animosity towards women in starring roles in 2023 is still hard for me to wrap my mind around. Feels like some people are still stuck in the late 1800's.


No wonder people joke that if Aliens or the “I’m no man” scene from Lord of The Rings happened today, people would whine about them being “woke feminist cringe”


I'm just waiting for them to get angry at X-Men whenever that comes back. "Why'd you have to make X-Men political!?"


I've already seen people complaining that Disney will likely make X-Men political. Thankfully, there's been immediate comments pointing out how X-Men was created as a political comic.


Women being able to sweat is actually a very modern concept, pathetically enough.


Hmm. I wonder what the correlation among those three projects are.


Maybe they're miss-ing something?


The good thing is that because they’ve done this far too much now, most people are aware of review bombing and generally ignore user scores, so these idiots are just shouting into a void.


Shame because I did enjoy audience scores once upon a time but once they were coopted as a tool for disgruntled extremists, it has made them completely useless.


So why don’t the fans just counter bomb it with good reviews? I doubt the racist crowd is larger then the marvel fan base


Guess it’s cause the sane fans have a life to live, vs the review bombers who just wanna spread hate and bigotry


Because while the audience enjoying the shows has generally outnumbered those review bombing, they likely aren't even aware of the review bombing.


I don't understand how the shit that I'm really in to has a fanbase that is just so incredibly toxic.


Sadly, you’ve just described pretty much every fandom. Enjoying a thing and never interacting with the fan base is probably the smartest thing to do…


Yeah when something new comes out(like The Rings of Power, which I find to be so so) I always unsubscribe from the fandom subs just to avoid this toxic culture


Both ms Marvel and she hulk were review bombed before they were out, then when they were actually out, people used those reviews to consider its quality


She's Muslim


> She’s That’s really all you need. The Muslim part is certainly secondary.


One of those would have done it. Both together? The show didn't stand a chance unfortunately.


People just like to be racist without admitting that they're racist. Look at Rings of Power or the new Little Mermaid trailer for example.


Absolutely. No way Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk are as bad as a 2. Coincidentally both were also review bombed for ‘acknowledging the Armenian genocide’ and ‘existing’ but also calling out the toxic bullshit that a lot of men do towards women


The Armenian Genocide "controversy" happened with Moon Knight after they mentioned it on the first episode. Ms Marvel was indeed review bombed just for existing, before the first episode even came out


The fact that WandaVision, Loki and Shang-Chi are barely holding onto a 7? User ratings are completely worthless.


WandaVision more than any of them was a cultural phenomenon when it came out. EVERYONE was talking about the episodes when they dropped and tossing out theories, sharing comic knowledge- it was everywhere and all people talked about for the 8 weeks it aired.


I think a 7/10 isn't far off for those. They were very good shows/movies but not mindblowing. I'd argue anywhere between a 7-8/10. If I'm going to criticize user scores I'm looking directly at Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk. The former was a very good show and I'm really enjoying She-Hulk, we'll see how it ends. The rest seems more or less fine. I personally found Hawkeye to be the best of the shows, but I'm in the minority on that one.


There are DOZENS of us. Dozens!


I agree. It’s slightly unpopular opinion in this sub (for obvious reasons) but I’ve found nearly all of the P4 shows to be pretty underwhelming. It’s unfortunate because I want this new diverse face of marvel to be just as successful as the old guard but that haven’t really been able to tap into that magic for anything really. I have really high hopes for black panther bc it was my favorites from the original phases.


I'm also part of that Hawkeye minority. I think the relatively low stakes and it being kind of a Christmas show make any cheesiness of it completely ok. It really was just a fun, easy watch compared to most of the other stuff. I think that's part of the charm of She-Hulk as well.


> I personally found Hawkeye to be the best of the shows, but I’m in the minority on that one. Did you read the Fraction Hawkeye run? I’ve found that people who have (myself included) rate it vastly higher than people who haven’t.


It's amazing remembering how much of the world was dominated by WandaVision, Loki and even FATWS. Week to week all people talked about was those shows, WandaVision was getting legitimate Emmy buzz, it was (and still is imo) marvel's most creative work in years. Now we see how in different ways after they were over, all those shows that were "new and shiny" got a heap of criticism, some of it was deserved and some of it was exaggerated. I honestly believe WandaVision and Loki are at least 8.5/9.0 shows, FATWS deserved the most criticism, mostly for the villains. And now all of them are below an 8.0, I'm not like a fan of everything in the MCU, but even I think this was a bit of a harsh drop.


I'd argue that She-Hulk is the most creative marvel has been in their shows. WandaVision is a close second, but once we leave the TV show side of WandaVision, it was just standard marvel fare. She-Hulk is just a slice of life in the MCU, and I'd argue it's given us a lot of side characters that have great chemistry, and the episodes themselves have a lot of flexibility.


I think she hulk is EXCELLENT, and a big part of that is how brilliant the casting and performance of Tatiana Maslany is.


I really agree with everything you say here. For me it’s more of a tie between Loki and she hulk when it comes to creativeness but there’s no doubt that they both are really creative.


*She-Hulk* is terrific, but in terms of creatively playing with the medium *Wandavision* beats it.


I feel like WandaVision would be rated a lot higher if it actually stuck the landing at the end. And Loki was weird. It kinda just kept one upping the previous episode to the point where it felt like a theme park ride, rather than something to invest in. Shang-Chi though is underrated imo.


What do you mean? 7 is very high rating




She hulk has been awesome! It’s definitely different but I’ve loved every episode so far


My *only* complaint with She-Hulk is that I feel like the episodes end so quickly! I suppose "the only downside is that I want more" is a not-so-terrible critique for a show to have, though.


Sounds like the perfect storm for a rewatch when all the episodes are out.


It's definitely the most rewatchable show so far


Especially if there is a twist in these last couple episodes to change the whole entire season. That's my current theory but we'll find out what happens.


Same. They feel a bit more like webisodes in terms of length, but overall I'm loving the self-awareness of itself and kind of poking into things that occur within the MCU that aren't doomsday events. For what it is, it's incredibly enjoyable


I think She-Hulk is going to be an awesome show for people to binge when it's out. It's genuinely a fun show that doesn't overstay its welcome, and doesn't have world ending stakes, which is a nice change.


I find it refreshing. Personally, I'm sick to death of the hour-long serial drama. ​ She-Hulk feels like the first one that was conceived as a TV show first and not a feature film with a fraction of the budget and triple the runtime.


To me, She Hulk and Ms. Marvel have had the biggest variance per episode of any of the shows. Some of the episodes were great and others were pretty disappointing to downright bad. I feel like in the future, when all the episodes are out and people are binge watching She Hulk, the lesser episodes will just kind of blend in with the larger picture since they're short and even if it's a weaker one, it's only 20 minutes until the next one. Right now after waiting a week it's a bummer if the episode doesn't hit to have to wait another week. Ms. Marvel is one of my favorite comic characters and the episodes that were keeping it closer to what makes her awesome were really good, whereas the ones that they made up a bunch of stuff for the show were pretty weak. I get it, I guess, but I really wish they would have kept Kamala tight to the early books, they're so good and fun and goofy. So, as far as the show scores are concerned, I kind of get it although I know the low scores are most likely due to things other than what I'm thinking about. But then again, Multiverse of Madness was one of my favorite of any of the Marvel stuff period and evidently people really don't like that so maybe I'm just way off compared to other people in general. I'm always surprised hearing how much people didn't like that movie, it's so great.


I just binged the first 5 episodes with my sister last night and it is a great watch so far. I loved Madisynn. That girl killed me. "Wongers" Also that Jen's cellphone background is Cap's Ass. lol


I have seen so many comments like "I only watched a bit of the first episode, but I can tell it sucks". People are just automatically hating on these shows because they hear they suck online and don't even give them a shot. I love how unique these shows are, they really make the MCU feel more fleshed out and aren't afraid to interconnect enhanced people with normal people in interesting ways that the Netflix shows never really did.


She-Hulk My 2nd favorite of the new Marvel Shows, just behind WandaVision.


I think she is the most relatable character of any Marvel production to date. She really just wants to be a lawyer, but the way she abuses her alter-self, even to her own detriment, just feels so personal and real to me. As a male, I personally don't understand the hate. I'm here for the Marvel productions that choose to be different than the typical MCU formula. Personally Loki, Shang-chi, and She-Hulk have been big wins for me.


I’m shocked Black Widow is that high for both scores.


Florence Pugh, Rachel Weis(?), David Harbor, Scarlett Johansen. At some point good star power is a crutch.


Tbf they had a great dynamic/chemistry for the first 2/3rds of the movie. People shot on BW for the ending (fair, it got kind of weird and the CGI does not hold up) but the first two acts were imo really good. And yeah everyone fell in love with Florence Pugh, that alone will raise the score a lot lol.


I think it was carried a little bit by being the first MCU film after two years of nothing because of the Pandemic. People were just ready and excited for something new.


I was surprised Black Widow was rated higher than The Eternals, because I found Eternals far better overall.


Black Widow scoring higher than Multiverse of Madness in anything is just bananas to me


Moon Knight......nice




Shang chi deserves higher imo. Great fight choreography in that film


At 71/7.1, it's tied for the highest critically rated film of the phase and second highest user rated one. I don't know what earlier phases got with critics, but I feel like a 71 for a super hero film is pretty decent.


Hawkeye and Shang-Chi have been the best of phase 4 imo.


Fascinating the radically different opinions we all have! Personally I though Hawkeye was the weakest phase 4 & Shang chi was ok. Spidey, Wandavision & moon knight have undoubtedly been my faves.


Marvel is doing a good job of not trying to "least common denominator" things now -- they can be everything to everyone by covering a lot of ground: straight up fantasy adventure with Shang Chi, irreverent sitcom with She Hulk, spy action with FATWS, teen adventure with Ms Marvel, etc. I think they're better off spreading things out this way than trying to do the same thing over again but bigger like Star Wars fell into (but SW is slowly learning too, with their TV series)


Hmm, which generation are you? I thought Hawkeye was great as a sort of "90s Christmas setting action movie" style show, and wondering if I liked it so much 'cause I grew up in the 90s.


I liked Spidey, but it was a lot of fan service. Wandavision and Moon knight were kind of slow moving to start, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy them


But man Oscar isaacs acting, chefs kiss


Shang Chi is genuinely underrated You got the main protagonist which is pretty cool and strong and talented You got the comic relief companion that is actually funny and has great chemistry with protagonist You got mystery character as in the sister You got amazing villain, which is my favourite part You got emotionally strong moments You got villain development in love story, tragedy, revenge, and redeemal You got lovely sceneries You got interesting relatively minor characters like razorfist and the death dealer Now, I do will say that the final battle with CGI monster is...okay, but fun nonetheless And yeah I love it, easily a top 5 MCU film for me


The fight on the bus has to be one of the best scenes in the entire MCU


The bus fight is amazing. The worst part of that scene was how much they used for the trailer.


First hour of Shang Chi is great but after that it loses a lot of steam to me. I wish the family dynamics were fleshed out a bit more personally. Not bad but hope they go somewhere even more interesting with the sequel


It's almost like there is a pattern. ​ Seems like the mediocre movies have scores which match with the critics, but a couple of female led ones seem to have a strange gap. Hmmmm what could that be?


Where I am Groot ratings?


Too high of a number to fit into the picture


It has no metascore because nobody reviewed it https://www.metacritic.com/tv/i-am-groot But whoever made the image could've put the userscore (6.8) there.


Seeing that review bombing for Ms. Marvel and SheHulk, I think I can safely say that none of these scores matter really. What is this? An f-ing baseball game?


I like both shows quite a bit. Not sure why the user score is so low


Both shows have been review bombed for “pushing an agenda”. I’m trying to think of a nice way to say it’s from a bunch of racist and sexist idiots but I failed.


I think the show’s overshadow the movies except for Spider-Man and DS2 - the rest have been hit or miss- especially BW- Eternal. I understand now that BW set up a few stories but a flash back would have worked instead.. also if the pandemic didn’t change a few of the earlier shows, I think they would have been better.


I'm surprised the critical score for Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki are equal. For me they're at opposite ends of the Marvel TV shows spectrum. *Edit* also surprised to see What If and Moon Knight level-pegging. I thought the latter was a fair bit better.


In my humble opinion, this phase is mediocre at best.


Agreed, but there are still some standouts like Loki and Shang-Chi


Armour wars is now a film.


Aside from Ms.Marvel and She-Hulk getting hate brigaded by bigots- I still think Love&Thunder is overly hated on. It's not perfect but it's far better then it seems based on reviews.


Honestly if it simply had a bit more Gorr screen time it would have been fantastic. My only gripe is that he didn’t rock up at the Olympus meeting - massively missed opportunity. Other than that I thought it was great!


This has been my only criticism as well. The movie is imbalanced in favor of comedy over drama, in addition to missing the notable action setpieces we all loved in Ragnarok. This could all be fixed with 15-20 minutes of Gorr doing some actual God butchering. According to rumors they cut Jeff Goldblum and Peter Dinklage's parts out of the film. I loved what I saw from the film - I only wish there were more parts of a different tone to balance it out.


They even had the tone for Gorr nailed as well - All they needed to do was have more of it! I may be wrong but if memory serves didn’t the God Butcher only butcher…. One god?


Well he wasn't Gorr the God*s* Butcher. He lived up to his name.


Why am I not surprised that the female and Muslim lead shows have the lowest user scores compared to meta scores. EDIT - Jesus some of these replies..... EDIT EDIT - WandaVision is led by Wanda **and** Vision. His name is right there in the title.




I just don't understand why you're allowed to review before a series is even out...


Simple: money. IMDb won't stop it because it would reduce traffic to their site, which reduces their income. Hate, outrage, and angry are all heavily monetized on the internet.


That's bold of you to think that guys review bombing the series have a successful career and family.


Hey that's unfair, they're likely aspiring twitch streamers


Because all the cry baby male losers. As a guy I'm sick of it. It's in music, movies, series, books, comedy, etc etc etc. All the loser, immature, punks who get butt hurt over everything that doesn't entertain them specifically. And are scared of religion that's different from there own, color different from their own, views different from their own, and especially strong women not just there as eye candy for them to fap to while they cry.


>Because all the cry baby male losers. I'm sorry, but it's just too hard for me to relate to a nerdy, sometimes awkward high school student when the character is also Pakistani and Muslim. It's much easier for me to relate to a billionaire, genius inventor, and playboy who grew up with a silver spoon. Who among us hasn't had those experiences?


I know right? Or an alien god of thunder? I mean, aren't we all thousand year old blonde, legendary, He-Men? Like, who even went to high school or got nervous about someone they have a crush on or fought with their parents? I swear, the stuff these writers come up with is crazy sometimes.


Dr Strange 2 is so underrated man


I enjoyed ms marvel and enjoying she hulk!


Ms Marvel is the perfect high school show for the Marvel age. I think that both MM and She Hulk have issues of course but they are being judged against action and sci-fi movies. That’s not what they are!


Of all the tv shows so far.. have to say Hawkeye very fun and a good watch out of the expectation. Really enjoyed the Christmas vibes that reminded me of those good old holidays movie.. that you can watch for fun without having to worry about Kate and Clinton’s life every next second. Something like Home alone :).