Danger Dolan


I’m gonna be honest, I completely forgot about him, thank you for reminding me but that’s also a shame


That's why I didn't watch him anymore, because I forgot about him.


When you're favorite creator gets so shitty you even forgot his existence, that's me with alot of people that used to be my favorite.




Oh boy it's been a while since I last heard that name. I stopped watching around the time Shima vanished, although I still popped into Hellbent's streams now and then for a year or so


I forgot about Shima's vanishing. Was it ever revealed what happened?


Yeah when he became Planet Dolan I had stop watching all his videos


Now that's a name I haven't heard in a lifetime.


prime example of one of those channels you used to watch but slowly got suckier until you unsubscribed


I remember back when he was making World of Warcraft top 10 videos. His transition into creepy top 10s to Planet Dolan was crazy.


I left once he became Planet Dolan. It was such a stark change in contrast to his top 10 videos that I became confused by the content change and left.


Syndicate project for real.


Yeah I agree. After he tried to scam his viewer with the CS gambling sites


Poor JeromeASF


Bro same, I need my Pixelmon back 😭


I was always a crazycraft fan


Yep, and Ssundee...God I miss those old days


Crazy Russian Hacker. He started out with cool sciency type stuff with some camping tips and cheap equipment recommendations thrown in. Now it's all "watch me unbox this $1000 tarp and this $50000 knife"


I miss him being energetic and getting excited over every kitchen gadget (or should I say gadjik). I miss the "Safety is #1 priority" intro. I miss the animals (especially the dogs) being in the background. I hope he gets the energy back someday.


Absolutely. I don’t know what happened in his personal life and haven’t watched in a year or so but he went from having his nice place and family and seemed to be unboxing flea market knives in a motel room.


Gray no longer plays


God, I miss the sims days


I had gotten the Spleens plushie but right after it came out he stopped the Sims series. I am still very sad about it :(


Spleens and Tonsils were my favourite characters on that series


Gray still plays the same 3 games over and over


GTA and Happy Wheels Occasionally when a random game that plays similar to either happy wheels or GTA.


I highly recommend lets game it out. He has a similar play style to gray and in my opinion is way funnier.


I used to watch Matthew Santoro every day after school when I was in high school. Now he is a drama Vlogger on twitch


I sat around through the beginning of his big breakdown, but then it just kept going and going and going and... Going.... I couldn't take it any more. Hope he's ok and all but it was not what I wanted to see in my feed.


That divorce fucked him up.


Honestly though ever since he started hiring writers, his channel lost the personality that made it great in the first place.


Really weirded me out when he put out that announcement where he said making videos was becoming too expensive for him. I mean...could always stop hiring other people to make your content and do it yourself? It was better that way anyway


Forgot about him, loved 50 amazing facts


Holy crap. I forgot about Matthew Santoro


Youtubers are like bands. Sometimes they just run out of ideas and just start churning out trash because they need to get paid.


Never gonna be ashens


Ashens has been the same for like 10 years. It’s truly a spectacle.


funny man with the old couch is the best channel on youtube change my mind


He even gave us Summoning Salt!


Wait really?? How!??


Naught to three sad onions


Ethoslab. Haha just kidding 11 years and going strong


Few things in life make me as happy as hearing "hey everybody! Welcome back to..." He's a fuckin goat.


When they turn into a reaction channel solely focused on their own subreddit 😩


Captain sparkles intensifies. At least he went back to his old stuff after a couple years lol.




Yeah I know and he WAS posting almost only reaction stuff on his main for a while


U talkin bout pewdiepie


Yeah :( I respect his decision to do content he prefers but watching him scroll through his own subreddit just doesn't interest me.


i want more book pewdiepie




i never thought id hear that name again...


It blows my mind when I hear tf2 in the wild. I get it was massively popular and still is but even just the state of the game feels like this reaction gif can apply.


I played team fortress 2 with my best friends in high school on our shitty dell laptops with 300+ ping in the library and I've never been happier since


He used to be one of my favourite TF2 creators. Had great energy but overtime you could tell he was performing for an increasingly young target audience.


It's sad when YouTubers stop on top but so much better than when they never stop and just fade


Sam O'Nella


Christ I hadn't realised it's been so long . 2 years


Hey, it was 2 years for Bill Wurtz too, and he came back better than he left. Sam could still do the same thing. I think he's doing some kind of higher education, and if that's the case it's better to lose him for a while or even permanently than to have him give up on that.


Sam has said multiple times on Reddit that he wants to come back


I just started watching this channel like 2 weeks ago. A video or so a day. I had no idea his last video was two years ago. I’m now depressed.


I found him during 2021's lockdown. My reaction was same as yours but he posted a tweet ig around September last year , so i was happy that he's well atleast (you know with the people we lost).


Jenna being a prime example.


Anyone else remember when smosh first came out


God. Jr high and high school right there. Smosh, tobuscus, RayWilliamJohnson, and so many other just lost to time now. Seems like YouTube killed skit comedy.


RayWilliamJohnson really existed at the perfect time for =3, no way you could get away with a comedy show entirely focused on playing other peoples videos, telling jokes in between, and not getting demonetised. At least at the time he was crediting the people who made the videos and linking them in the description. Back then it was awesome having a popular show that could provide everyone with all the funny videos going around, we were a little bit less connected back then so it was harder to find funny videos to watch. I’m glad he’s been successful recently making YouTube shorts, it would’ve been hard on him if he peaked in 2011 and couldn’t find much success afterwards.


>no way you could get away with a comedy show entirely focused on playing other peoples videos, telling jokes in between, and not getting demonetised You'll be delighted to know that MTV has been airing a program by the name of Ridiculousness 23 hours a day for the past few years.


YouTube doesn't care what free use is, they'll demonetize anyways


I'm surprised no one is talking about older youtubers, just ones from the 2010's! Those goofy videos like food battle and the theme songs were my shit as a kid man. It really just felt like two authentic best friends making videos for the hell of it, and lucky enough to get millions of views. Nigahiga too.


Niga higa fortunately never really got cringe. Just almost never uploads anymore.


Boogie2988 for me man. Used to be cool vids about gaming and nerdy shit. Then turned into a deranged narcissist raging about how the world was unfair to him.


Turned? Watch his eps of PKA and you’ll see that narcissus was always home.


Yeah, that was an interesting spiral downwards..,


A straight line, interesting spiral indeed


Have you ever seen that episode of Family Guy where Joe becomes a complete dick after gaining use of his legs again? That's pretty much what happened to Boogie after he lost all the weight


Ssundee was a favorite until he started fortnite content and it got worse and worse Skydoesminecraft just really fell into a downward spiral


Ssundee justifying moving to Fortnite because it got more views. Even though his diehard fans were screaming at him to only play Minecraft Of course as soon as Minecraft became popular he came back but brought his cringey friends and even cringier new content style with him


The King of Random for my husband.


It was never the same after grant passed away.


It wasn't. Nate and Callie are great but then being fired was the final nail for me. We met Grant, Nate, and Callie before and they all seemed down to earth and good people.


Maybe I’m wrong, but for me it was the old Minecraft youtubers. RageElixir comes to mind, but that’s just because my taste doesn’t match his current content and tbh, all the classic MC youtubers like rage, shark, and who knows what else just changed too much for me. Although, I kinda understand ig, they have to change with the times. edit: jeez you guys are flooding my inbox lol


At least etho has remained consistent.


Ill keep watching etho for however long he makes it. He was entertaining when i was 12 and hes entertaining when I'm 24. Cant say that for many of the YouTubers i watched back then


Pretty much all the hermits have even in their other content.


I still get excited when I see a Bdubs video pop up after all these years. I’ll never forget when he lost his daughter and gave up on his channel for a while. I thought he was gonna become another minecraft youtuber that faded away and I couldn’t stomach it because he was such an inspiration to me. Thankfully he made it through, he still comes back with a smile every week and pushes his creativity to the next level. Absolute legend R.I.P Ivy Rose




Happened to me few years ago. I had to unsub after years of good content because they became greedy and assholes. edit: this channel is only popular in my country, its not international.


Anybody with a conscience had to leave joe a few years ago, you’re not alone


Joe who?


Joe mama


Got em boys, go team!


Could be worse. Them being exposed for past crimes. Especially pedophila. Edit: Goddamn! That's a lot of creeps out there. Stay safe and be careful on the internet guys.


Miniladd, that one hurt since he was the first of the Vanoss crew I watched


It's really a shame. Now that piece of shit is back and he's making videos again pretending like everything that he did never happened.


He's back?!


Yep. He started uploading on his 2nd channel about vlogs and shit. Edit: Just checked. He's also back on his main channel.


The comments are just wrong, they feel off, at least his views and subs fell so that's good


Yeah unfortunately there are a bunch viewers who are most likely still unaware of his crimes. Scary part probably being them just naive kids. Or just not realising how horrible he was.


Skydoesminecraft. His wife (or was it his girlfriend?) had to speak up against him in this massive document and exposed a lot of bad things about him like his abuse to her Edit: I found the post I first saw it from. [This is the document](https://twitter.com/Lizbuggie/status/1485280124467486722?s=20&t=sBFF3sup_I8xiATseajPhg)


Oof that one was brutal. There is an alarming number of scum in the minecraft YouTube community. Especially given their primary demographic


Cryaotic :/ he used to be my favourite


Eeeesh. This comment made me learn about what happened. I've been out of the loop on that front.


Oh, boy. I found the megathread. Time to get *grossed out*.


Ayy, toss me that link bruh


[Here you go](https://www.reddit.com/r/ChaoticMonki/comments/hef6zr/megathread_cryaotic_accusations/), friend. Interestingly, apparently Scott Jund was involved in this somehow. Interesting how streamers and youtubers all seem to know each other in ways I didn't expect.


Pretty sure it's because Cryaotic was part of a long-running DnD campaign _alongside_ Scott Jund as part of the main cast. Funnily enough this campaign was hosted by Arcadum, another buddy of Scott Jund who got outed for being a total creep to almost every single female player he Dungeon Master'd for.


I remember watching him all the time back when producing let's plays or other consistent content was still a rarity. When I eventually heard about what happened I was like damn cause I would still occasionally rewatch his stuff and now I just can't look at his channel without thinking about it :/


Sucks how everyone who reads this had a different person pop up in their head


Ryan Heywood and just a bunch of that combined company anyone? :\\


exurb1a 💀 man literally gaslit an autistic girl into having an existential crisis and ptsd. Like how fucked up can you get man




I used to roll on the ground laughing at his videos. Edp being a fucking pedo was devastating


As a huuuuuge, obsessed (ex) fan of Lostprophets, I sincerely feel your pain (Had a full sleeve of band references designed with Lostprophets as the main piece. Never got it done. Dodged a MAJOR bullet)


Graystillplays :(


If you’re looking for someone new to scratch that itch of simulator cruelty and tomfoolery, may I recommend Let’s Game it Out


ngl I think Let's Game it Out is honestly even better


Me stopping watching family vloggers as I got older as I realised they are just exploiting thier kids


Some of them got their merch into Walmart. Extra cringe.


Peak bad was Myka Stauffer. The woman who returned her adopted special needs child, who she seemingly adopted for views. She is recorded doing borderline abusive things like taping his thumb so he didn't suck on it. Posting videos venting about his meltdowns, treating him like a PITA when he was dealing with adjusting to her insane family while operating with severe autism/SPD. She maintained an especially doting and exclusive relationship with her bio kids (albeit all filmed for yt, so performative at best I imagine) and scapegoated or ignored the adopted child. And she FULLY KNEW what to expect going into it because multiple doctors warned her about the amount of support the kid would need. Multiple doctors advised her how difficult it might be to meet those needs. They cautioned her against the adoption, by her own admission. And she quite proudly didn't listen. Because God told her I guess. Then she RETURNED HIM. Like an unwanted Christmas gift or a sweater that doesn't fit. And she makes a video crying crocodile tears about how hard it has been FOR HER. I didn't know of her until she was a youtube cautionary tale but yeah...sometimes I think it is okay that a black hole will take us all out one day. Fuck you, Myka Stauffer.


it's kinda true but at the same time you grow older and the YouTuber doesn't grow with the audience which is the reason the content becomes cringy


That's why I like DanTDM the best. He grew along with his audience.


Mini ladd dear lord that man plunged straight down


Or they turned out to be a pedophile Looking at you cryaotic


>Looking at you cryaotic that one stung. He seemed like a genuinely good guy.


Ikr he was my favourite until that


So so many channels


Graystillplays was my favorite YouTuber, but now I just can’t put up with his videos


I really miss his sims, and when he’d just play whatever dumb games he could find and break instead of constant gta


Same. His Sims videos were always my favorite


Justice for Spleens and Ellis Dee


Same. All he does now is GTA, Happy Wheels and shitty mobile games, and he recycles the same jokes. I'm staying subscribed for now, but it's a shame. I miss when he played less known games like Air Marty.


LetsGameItOut is close to Gray's older videos, and highly entertaining. I could always tell Gray was puzzling out how to satisfy the YouTube algorithm. Now that he's figured it out, he's riding it, and I don't blame him. Ergo all the content your mentioned.


Seconding letsgameitout, but lately he's started repeating the same stuff too. And he uploads pretty infrequently. Nowadays I watch a lot of CallMeKevin - he's great.


I can second CallMeKevin. Watched him for a few years now and his videos still feel fresh and make me laugh.


kevin never fails with his stuff. He goes off what he wants to play not the algoritum which is rare these days. He's naturally gifted with a sense of humor and the ability to use it freely but none the less it's good stuff. Always gets a laugh out of me.


Aphmau :')


Damn that name brings me back. Many fond memories of watching her videos with my younger sister many moons ago


omg i was a big fan of her old pixlemon videos, man how times have changed :,(


Her RP series "My street" was literally like a anime series, the plot was pretty good and the characters were very iconic. A shame she hasn't continued it for a while now.


It’s hard to believe adult YouTubers whose entire business model is to appeal to lonely children wind up cringey or problematic.


“Shaka, when the walls fell….”




Idk why I watched him for like a month and got sick of his jokes same with Poofesure.


Some of poofesure's old videos are good but its clear that he ran out of ideas a long time ago


davie504 / musicIsWin im looking at you


Hahah wanted to comment davie504 damn Its a pain how low this man can get.




I don’t think it was at fault of Pat or Jen though. They broke up because they wanted different things and then Pat got into a bad relationship and then it all went downhill


I haven’t looked at that channel in a min but to my knowledge, Pat broke up with his toxic ex and ended up finding someone new and I think they’re married? Or going to get married.


It all went downhill ever since they broke up


wAIT WHAT THEY BROKE UP??? ohmygod...


They remained friends and I still think they do then pat met another woman who falsely accused him of abuse.


yes. the breakup was perfectly amicable, and neither hold any grudge to the other. Jen wanted kids, Pat didnt, so they decided a divorce was best for them. sadly, then yes, Pat got into an abusive relationship. (with him being the abused)


Awe, thats sad, I remember when I liked watching their videos


And... I thought I heard he got arrested? But that doesn't make sense since he's still making videos????


He could have been arrested and released


Bruh that was the homie, I don't know what happened after...


Rip to the OG Inside Gaming/Funhaus


What I hate the most is when the youtuber either gets pregnant or has a kid then the channel becomes 100% about the kid/the pregnancy/baby related topics, etc. I get it that theyre excited but damn at least make a second channel or something for that. You can tell their followers feel the same way becauae the youtuber ends up going from like a crap ton of views down to just a small amount. I won't unsub if it is once in a blue moon they have their kids on but if your channel becomes nothing but a pregnancy channel, I am going to have to bounce.


Not YouTube- but I followed an account on Instagram that did home DIYs and projects that I found helpful (we were remodeling a house at the time). She ended up getting pregnant and having a baby right after I did, so I thought it was fun/cute to see her go on a similar journey around the same time as me. Her channel turned into 100% baby content. Maybe it’s just me, but when I spend all day taking care of my child I don’t want to spend my “down time” on my phone watching someone else take care of theirs, lol. The worst part was she continued to use sponsors throughout her maternity “leave” so it was just a stream of her baby just existing and then 1,000 hello fresh ads. And don’t get me started on the “content” she created during that time in an attempt to stay interesting- including running while holding her newborn (looking backwards toward the camera) on a concrete driveway and driving her car down her driveway with the newborn in her lap. Unfollowed quickly.


GreyStillPlays used to be good. But now he playes the same 4 games. I wish he did Sims 4 vids more


Unspeakable Gaming comes to mind


You either die based or live long enough to see yourself become cringe.


Preston plays 😞


huh, what kinda content did u like from him? i loved his parkour vids the most


Mostly the old bedwars streams and hide and seek with red and nick


That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long….long time


Rip muselk.


I'm thinking CinemaSins but it might just be me. I was obsessed with them a long time ago but not anymore.


Nah, their videos are dogshit. They used to be legitimate criticisms but they turned into pure bullshit under the guise of "satire"


**Staring at Nikokado Avocado from the window** "Look how they massacred my boy..."


He did that to himself.


"You have done that yourself"


Look how my boy massacred my boy


I've always had a few YouTube channel babies. Right now they're Adam Ragusea and Atomic Shrimp, both channels blew up during the pandemic. I've been delighted at how they're either "the same" or just better production. Ragusea has a lot of adverts since his channel took over his career full time, but the tradeoff was more videos at higher quality. I rue the day I feel the need to unsubscribe from either of them.


Atomic shrimp is amazing. His content is so varied. One day he is scam bating then he eats food from a can or builds (or tries to) his own keyboard. You never know what you get with him and thats so refreshing.


Adam is the definition of "I never thought I would want to learn about this but now I can't turn away."






Anyone else remember when /r/madlads was about kids posting cringe shit about like "This is what happens when I have a mountain dew after 8pm!" and they're like, in the kitchen stacking all the condiments from their fridge or some shit. And the title would be something like "Somebody stop this man!" I miss that humor.


EliTheComputerGuy If youre reading this, you really failed Eli. A lot of people trying to figure out Linux, used to be able to go get a rock solid Linux tutorial out of your channel reliably. Now it's all politics that you *should've put on your other channel* Here's a run of the mill, old video https://youtu.be/EkNq4TrHP_U Heres a run of the mill, new video https://youtu.be/mUWWixnpU0I


Appreciate the links/examples


smg4, man this was a great channel and now it’s just garbage


Now it’s a bunch of anime jokes, OCs and “sad” stories. What the hell happened?


For me this was Roosterteeth and Lets Play. Jeff leaving achievement hunter. The huge scandal with some employees. Burnie and other founders leaving. All the drama and my favorite personalities leaving just made it not enjoyable to follow.


I agree. I started watching Achievement Hunter when it was just Geoff and Jack and I'm about the same age as Geoff. Just can't get into the new stuff or some of the new talent they have. I follow some of the old crew on Twitch but it's not the same. I still go back and watch the old videos.


It's a pain in the ass when youtubers blow up, sponsorship deals and third parties interupt how they format their videos. Becomes more about pleasing the higher ups than your fan base.


Plot twist. It was always cringe you just grew up


Well you can rewatch the old vids to find out


I've ruined a lot of good memories by trying to dredge up the past


This was me with Lily Singh. Always cringe, just didn't know better at the time


Quackity moment


Angry joe 😥


King of random was good before grant passed. Now its 2 dolts melting stuff, not a guy making a machine to electrically seperate oxygen and hydrogen from water or messing with silicone molds and making Lego candy. It the key example of a good channel going downhill.




Never been the same since Damien left. At last Damien has his own channel (DeeLee)


JonTron, Epic Meal Time, and AVGN really stand out to me. All barnstormers at the start. I think people just grow up and the style/comedy/ideas just never evolve. Sort of like type-casting yourself. **I’ve never created any internet content, so I can’t really shit on anyone. It’s just a bummer to witness, and I’m sure it’s an easy trap to get caught in.


Lazarbeam rip


Angry Grandpa/ Kid behind a Camera for me.