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probably the worst I have seen


The worst “so far”


People that died in a house fire can't post!


Cursed [survivorship bias](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Survivorship_bias).


Yeah it's like how the US military did a survey of where their planes get hit after returning to base. Over 90% of them were in totally insignificant places like wings or body panels and not engines or rudders. If they had hit those spots the plane wouldn't have made it back so it's good they didn't, oh wait...


That is ....accealy true good thinking of you




"It's accio not accealy" - Hermione, probably


Just wait until someone's house burns down. i give it one more week


Fermi memes are back on the menu boys


Jensen has taken the grill pill.


As opposed to the worst they have seen "not yet"?


It burned so hard, it even damaged the auto-focus feature on the OP's phone. Incredible.


Literally 😂


Little description would be nice. Did it happen the first day of installing the card?


No it happed six days after installation, up until then it was just fine


Agreed. Pro tip to OP: When taking a picture of something with a phone, tap on the screen where you want the camera to focus. This way we can actually see what the fuck your are taking a picture of.


I second that.


The worst photos? Can't see shit


You mean the worst quality pics?


Last night I smelled something while playing the new modern warfare and just thought it was my roommate making something


Good thing you caught it in time.


Maybe if he didn't he could get a nice lawsuit going, retire early, and force Nvidia to finally make a statement about what is going on.


The fact they haven’t said anything and continuing to sell the 4090 is mind blowing.


They need all the cash they can get before the lawsuits pop up.


Well its a fire sale !!


Also the fact that people keep plugging these things in........by now the word has gotten around I'm sure.


I mean you may not even be safe with an actual atx 3.0 PSU and its native connectors. Saw a post on several pc related subreddits where they had a burnt connector not using the adapter.


The word may have gotten out by now to most people purchasing a 4090, but the fact remains Nvidia and its partners have said nothing about not using the supplied adapters. I'm just waiting for my recall/refund notice to come from Gigabyte about my 4090 OC card. I registered my card and will be playing with the ONLY supplied adapter and see what happens.


Same boat as you. Running fine so far but I have a feeling this will get recalled. Good thing I registered for that 4 year warranty with Gigabyte...lol


I'm mainly just amazed people are still buying these cards. I know it's got to be a very very small percentage of cards that are actually burning connectors, but if I was going to spend that much money on a GPU I'd at least wait for the issue to be resolved


Yikes that's scary


good thing you caught it before anyone got injured.


>roommate making something so does his farts usually smell like melting shit?


He probably meant cooking


Does your cooking usually taste like PoW warcrime torture tactics involving car tires?


When people cook you can smell something burning from time to time and it’s enough to alarm you to check if your PC is okay. I had 2 PSUs die on me and I’m quite used to being agitated when I smell something burning - luckily it’s all come from the kitchen over the last 7 years


Isn't that what most farts smell like?


Nvidia need to say something about this asap. It’s only a matter of time before there is a serious incident. I find it incredible that they have not said a single thing about it yet.


I have a bad feeling this issue is going to cause a recall on the cards, and Nvidia is delaying saying anything because only C-suite guys can make that kind of call. Probably Jensen himself will have the final say. And then they have to get all the infrastructure in place to receive the recalled cards, do a redesign to make the cards safe, and send people new cards out. What a huge fuckup.


A new video card built by my company is installed in a system. The power connector overheats, melts and starts a house fire. It burns with everyone trapped inside. Now, should we initiate a recall? Take the number of cards in the field, A, multiply by the probable rate of failure, B, multiply by the average out-of-court settlement, C. A times B times C equals X. If X is less than the cost of a recall, we don't do one.


Chevy did literally this with faulty ignitions...


When companies action results in manslaughter they just pay a fine. Totally fair :(


Which sadly may cost less than a recall or they just play the game and hope thry can get away with it.


Ford got caught doing it a few times too


The first rule of Nvidia Club is: YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT NVIDIA CLUB


This guy corporates.


If that happens it will be insane. I’m already looking at the 7900xtx, my heart was set on the 4090 until AMD revealed their pricing. Add the melting issues and I’m seriously considering moving over to team red.


Yes it will. So that's why Nvidia is being silent, because they don't want to recall unless they absolutely have to. So the engineers are wracking their brains trying to figure out 1) What the actual problem is and 2) if they can fix it without a 4090 recall (like with a BIOS update). I was hunting for a 4090, but I'm going team red this cycle. Their drivers seems to have stabilized and they've taken a much smarter approach to this generation. Nvidia just went brute force balls to the wall (big die, huge power draw), but AMD has done it much smarter (dielets, power efficiency, regular PSU connectors). DLSS is not interesting to me, and RT is cool but not a necessity. And I don't do any CUDA stuff, so AMD suits my needs.


The problem as well with a bios update. It should not affect performance otherwise they could have issues with false performance numbers . . .


Oh, you can bet your ass it'll affect performance. I would imagine the easiest possible solution is to limit the power of the card to bring down the current in the 6 wire pairs. Not sure if that would solve the whole issue, but it's a good start. And the other problem is how they would ensure everyone did the update. There are probably some pretty heated (pun!!!) meetings going on inside of Nvidia. Ones that include the C-suite folks as well as their legal team. What a cluster fuck.


Consumer protection law agencies wont be happy tho. If you payed for an advertised performance you should get it. They might open themselves for lawsuits either way.


> If you *paid* for an FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


Good bot


Oh there'll be lawsuits. At a minimum they'll be sued by shareholders for just fucking up and dropping the stock price.


This is why I'm in "wait 2 years to buy last gen" team. Especially now when card revisions seems to be a recurring thing, can't know what kind of bugs, failings or design problems are present. It's really disgraceful the consumers have to deal with stuff like this at all. You'd think they are marketing us an early access product at this point.


As someone who has both 3000nv and 6000amd series: unless you doing something Cuda specific, Radeon is surprisingly good, even on the software side (looking at you:outdated looking NVIDIA GeForce experience and settings), my #1 recommended cheap card is the 6600 bang for the buck if at 210-220 USD range (2070 ish performance in non Ray traced)


Do it! I just got a used 3070 but would definitely go team red if I was buying new, seeing the steam numbers for October made me sad, AMD make good products and deserve more than 13% market share!


Join us... the wine is fine indeed.


Ridiculous how they're waiting. I know they don't have the infrastructure built up yet to receive the cards, but they need to release an announcement to customers to at least be mindful of the cards and not leave them running without a person present until they find out what's happening.


They may be still working on the engineering end of the problem. At this point, they should have some faulty cards/adapters in the lab and are trying to reproduce the problem. After that, they would be working on a fix. Once they have a potential fix, they have to test that out to make sure it fixes the issue and doesn't itself introduce new problems. What's odd is that the reports about whether this was a known issue or not are murky. The Corsair PSU expert jonnyguru made an off hand comment a while ago about just replacing melted connectors like it was a common occurrence. So did people in the know have advanced warning this could be an issue? Unclear ...


Meanwhile.... EVGA is sitting on a beach sipping their martinis.... What a lucky play for them! I say this hoping they come back in the graphics card game in the next couple of years. Their warranty service was top notch.


They are probably working with the legal team to get their wording right. The wording have to be good enough so it doesn't require a mass recall. Look, not every single GPU is melting, so there is something obviously going on, this is similar to the ASUS mobo with the reverse capacitor story. I just wish they hurry up and get to the bottom of this so the rest of us that hasn't gone up in flames can make the right call.


That’s one of the worst I’ve seen so far. Let us know if NVIDIA contacts you and more importantly, are asking you to sign an NDA. Because a lot of the other guys who had burned cards just disappeared.


Right? After a while they just stop talking or gave us any further feed back about what’s happening with the RMa process


OP should send a video of him blinking twice if he can't speak!


Just got done talking to nvidia they pushed all the blame onto gigabyte even though the adapter has their logo on it which I mentioned they said it was manufactured by third party’s and they were only providing the chips and told me to contact gigabyte for everything pushing off their responsibilities


Update can’t call gigabyte because their office hours are from Monday to Friday


This is pathetic on Nvidia’s part, it’s all came with their logo on the cable and their standard, yet they are shifting the blame


Well warranties are with the person who manufactured it. If Gigabyte sold the card, even if it came with NVIDIAs adapter, it's still a Gigabyte issue.


I don't think any FE's have had an issue yet. NVidia might have a point by blaming partners. We just need to know what the exact problem actually is.


I don’t believe Nvidia adapters and AIB adapters came from different factories


I believe that there are at least three different kinds of adapters maybe NVidia kept all the good ones or maybe it's actually the AIB cards and not the adapters. It's possible that it's not NVidia's fault because their cards don't fail.


They do approve AIB spec, so in any case nvidia is to blame.


Exactly, they approve specs but they cant be blamed if a board partner does not follow them. Anyhow I’m just being tongue in cheek here, I think only time will tell wtf is going on.


But if it's not the adaptor but the port?


I have a FE haven’t had any melting issues.


Yeah i mean 99% of the partner ones too. The question is the aggregates.


It's not their standard and it's not their cable their logo is on it but they only provide the specs for the cable to the third parties and they get it manufactured. As shitty as it sounds they're correct across the board.


It's a per-existing standard and certified connector adopted by PCI-SIG with the only addition of the sensing pins, why people love going around spreading BS? Their logo is all over the place on AIB cards




Not really? If it's a gb card you would seek warranty through gb.


Can't you just take it back/send it back? The product is faulty and its inside of 30 days. Companies are legally required to return the item.


My thoughts exactly - return it to the store and get your money back. If they cause a stink, raise hell about how it almost burned you place down if you have to, and cite this forum, the news sites, everything listing this fire hazard. Most stores will just say "oh we are so sorry" and give you your money back. They don't want to be in the news as "x store knowingly sold potentially dangerous card that burned customer house down" The alternative of dealing with Gigabyte/AIB warranty, only to most likely go through a ton of headache and maybe get a refurbished card weeks or months later due to supply issues, just seems like a poor choice.


From a post I saw yesterday, apparently in some countries component mfgs like gigabyte and msi don't accept RMA if its burnt. Which is ridiculously scummy.


In mean the warrenty is covered by gigabyte not nvidia so...


Don't worry, Gigabyte will blame the PSU you have unless it's their brand in which case they will blame the end-user for improperly installing the cables/card.


"They didn't push all the blame" - they correctly told you to contact the company that gave you the card and bundled rhe adapter. Gigabyte bundled the adapter and so its their job to complain to Nvidia, not yours. You have the right to complain to Gigabyte. Ultimately, Gigabyte as a company can complain more effectively to Nvidia than you or I. So this is for the better.


Wow that’s scummy. But can’t say I’m surprised


They probably told him that his warranty is with gigabyte and to return the item to gigabyte, as is normal procedure, but it can be easily interpreted as ''they pushed all the blame onto gigabyte even though the adapter has their logo on it''. Gigabyte will themselves send the card and adapter to nvidia for investigation.


Indeed, Gigabyte made the card not Nvidia.


it's a gigabyte card. If you buy a Ford truck and the capacitor in some component goes out you don't call the maker of the capacitor to replace it, it's not their responsibility, you call Ford. Even if the nvidia logo is on there because they actually made it, it still wouldn't dchange things, nvidia sold that connector in a box to Gigabyte who then installed it. You contact gigabyte, gigabyte fixes it, then gigabyte goes and tells nvidia they owe them money per the contract that stated nvidia would give them components that don't melt on their own


Your cabinet was opened or you can smell them burn even after your cabinet is closed. Also which model is it?


It was such a weird smell that I had never smelled before but it went away pretty fast and I could still play then this morning my pc monitor just kept going no signal and then I watched my 4090 and the power port had a light just continually flash so I took the capable out


Ok so when did you purchased this and how much time it took since you started your 1st plug and play and burn.....


I bought it when it went up on Newegg and then I had to wait a while for my power supply and I come in so I built it about 1 week ago


So this happened after 1 week before you plugged in your GPU and started playing. Thanx for your info plus time and sorry for your loss.


How long were you gaming the last night and in general, how many hours in one sitting/session?


last night it was probably 6-7 hours of modern warfare but the highest temp I’ve actually seen is 67 F


Do you mean 67 celsius? 67F is colder than most ambient rooms will be in a house.


I thought about upgrading to a 4080 or 4090 from my current 3080 with the intention of switching from 1440p to 4k. High refresh rate of course. I'm glad I decided to sit this gen out and get a 4k monitor with the next gen. This power connector drama is too much for me. So many failures in the first weeks. Even with native atx 3.0 psus. I would have this issue in the back of my head till it happens or the problem gets fixed with new power connectors. I already see this standard failing. I mean even native psus fail. If it's a design flaw, too loose tolerances or whatever. I guess a few AIBs will go back to 8 Pins.


To be fair 3080 is a very good card even if u consider the insane performance of the 4090 so I think u will be fine for the next 2 years at least if not more


Definitely. The 3080 didn't go bad when the new gen released. I had the thought that with the new gen it would be possible to have triple digits fps in 4k without sacrifices. Now I stick to 1440p for 2 years more which is totally fine.


The 3080 is probably better than a 4070


Yes. There is something inherently wrong with the 3.0 standard that needs to be revised. I’d urge everyone to hold off until this gets completely resolved.


If they do go back to 4x 8 pin connectors. Then they will have to redesign the whole heatsink and cooler for it. And that's gonna be more cost and also more time for them. So I don't know if they are willing to do so. But they should if this melting stuff keeps happening and they get RMA'ed all the time which costs them alot.


Probably less costly than a high RMA rate if this drama continues. Not even talking about people that not buy because of this in future months.


Just use 2x EPS12V connectors like the workstation cards and call it a day.


How does that connector differ from pcie ? Does it give more power draw and to what amount ? And would PSU need dedicated EPS connectors


Electromechanically, they're the same. But one was spec'd by Nvidia and the other was spec'd by Intel. Since Nvidia established early on that the 8-pin PCIe connector only supports 150W, they couldn't "go back in time" and admit that the connector is actually capable of at least twice as much. When Intel spec'd the EPS12V, they spec'd it for 235W. Even that is conservative as an 18g EPS12V connector's rating per the connector/terminal spec sheet is 7A per conductor, which is 336W @ 12V. Also, "daisy chain" EPS12V tend not to exist, while daisy chain PCIe are quite common. So using EPS12V, it's not typically possible to put 2x the load on a single cable vs. typical pig tail PCIe cables.


yep, this connector is destined to fail and die, 3x8pin power connectors are fine and much better, all of this because Nvidia wants to save $5 for not including a 3rd 8pin port and another $5 for making the PCB shorter.


The 3090 TI FE also has a 3x8-pin to 12VHPWR, but we haven't seen any mass failures and many burned cables there. The non-TI 3090 FE has 2x8-pin to ?, not sure what it is, but it also needs an adpater for the 8pin power connectors. It's been fine too. The only difference is that the 4090 really pushes the power envolpe / limits. Technically still in the limits of what should be possible with 12VHPWR, but how well was that standard tested with the max it can support?


and they have the same amount of power draw: 3090ti-4090. So, wtf is just happening !


What if it’s AIBs not following specs to the letter in building the port? And it’s the port that’s an issue on AIB cards? Nvidia had experience building the 3090 Ti FE and then the 4090. AIBs adopted the port for the first time. Which again is a very delicate port to begin with


Actually all the FE RTX 3000 cards had adapters [Here's my FE 3060ti](https://old.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/ynxr2s/rtx_3060ti_fe_adapter_checked_after_the_recent/)   I'm not sure if it's just a quality difference or if the 12V is just more prone to failure when it's using 500w+


Some 3090 users have been using a 600w bios for years now, without any problem at all.


Cables are melting even with 300-400W power draws


4080 seems like a real bad buy after amd cards seem to be better and cheaper. Maybe they won't catch fire though


I don't have a 4090, let alone a melted one, but I've been following this one with interest, and I'm somewhat offended on behalf of owners. Nvidia is waiting a really long time to acknowledge the issue, and worse, they're still selling these with no fix. I've assumed they've basically reported themselves to the relevant agencies, but the total communication blackout is getting quite old. Here is the website for reporting a product to the American consumer protection agency: [https://www.saferproducts.gov/IncidentReporting](https://www.saferproducts.gov/IncidentReporting) I'm not eligible to report, because I don't have one of the defective ones, but I'd encourage somebody with a melted 4090 to report, because I'm losing faith Nvidia is going to do the right thing here, and it is possible nobody has actually submitted this product as a hazard yet.


Jesus this is bad. Was this from a 150 or 300v cable? Send this back for rma


There's 300v cables that are failing too. At this point its moot try to pin point the issue solely on that.


Doubt the voltage was anywhere near 150V. ;-)


That was not the question. It’s to know details of the cable used


F Sorry dude. Good thing you caught it, but it sounds like your GPU is now unusable. I have a bad feeling this issue is going to cause a recall on the cards, and Nvidia is delaying saying anything because only C-suite guys can make that kind of call. Probably Jensen himself will have the final say. And then they have to get all the infrastructure in place to receive the recalled cards, do a redesign to make the cards safe, and send people new cards out. What a huge fuckup.


Just as their stock value was going back up too.


I’ve been hedging my bets, bought a 4090 but have shares in AMD. If there’s a recall I’ll sell some shares and buy an XTX while I wait the inevitable 6 months before I get a 4090 back. /s, but only partially. What a cluster fuck.


Which Gigabyte is this? Also how many pin adapters (4x 8 pin or 3x 8 pin)? Thanks


I think all gigabyte cards comes with 4x8 configuration.


Yep got it






1. Buy a 4090. 2. Let it burn down your home. 3. Sue. 4. Massive profit?


in an effort to help better determine the problem, (as a minimum) you should be sharing what PSU are you running too...


I really don’t want to go through all this bs I’m returning my 4090 today , today is the deadline for return I think I’m good with my 3080 for another couple years or so


Yeah I am not using mine atm. Went back to old 3090 with waterblock. Definitely thinking about returning it. Damn


I would if I was you man , that’s what I’m doing , it’s just too much money , to be stressed lol I’ll probably get it next year if they fix their crap


Honestly if I was still in the return period to return mine I’d of already done it.


Send it to Gamers Nexus. We need forensics


Will the RTX 4080 also have this 12 pin connection issue?


Unknown. It will be drawing a lot less power, whether or not that eliminates the issue is anyone's guess


No one should buy a 4080 anyway they're terrible value.


Omg ....


We must have all the power, in one tiny connector. What a disaster


I wish it was the connector itself, but i think it's something else. none of the 90 ti's had this issue with the same connector.


and the 90 ti's drew pretty much the same current levels.


They posted multiple video of the guy from GALAX that draw continuous 1500+W from the connector, bending and mistreating the adapter, removing cables form it without causing any problem and concluding that the connector and adapter design is good. Yet in the comments there's always people that say "it confirm that it's the connector" or "proves the cause is the bad design of the adapter"... Those video get regularly less vote/comments than picture of melted connector, I posted one of them and about 20% even downvoted the post! troll? rancorous people? I don't know but most doesn't seems really interested in the cause but just to complain of something




PC nerds have the misguided impression they know what they're talking when it comes to hardware because they can piece together the lego build that is a PC. But we aren't engineers, and shouldn't act like we are. That's why I keep repeating to everyone to wait for someone with actual credentials to tell us what is going on here. And so far the few people with actual competence who weighed in on the issue like the Galax guy and Jonny Guru all seem to think the connector is fine.


With great power comes a little connector. 🤓


What resolution in MW2 and how much power draw during gameplay?


Oh boy cant wait for mine to do the same


Get yourself the cablemod 12vhpw cable instead


Do we now understand the reason for this? If ATX 3.0 PSUs don't prevent this, is something wrong with the pin, besides the bending?


Seeing as it's only AIB so far, I'm beginning to think they've incorrectly wired the ports or there's an issue with the VRMs they chose


This is just too much and nvidia can't ignore this and keep silent this is potential life-threatening hazard and must be addressed before someone get hurt. I inspected mine on msi 4090 Suprim Liquid X and it is good however all this reports form users effected buy this unfortunate situation makes me unnecessary worries and I don't see at this point what did I pay for premium price? For potential PREMIUM fire ?


shouldn't anyone with one of these report to their countries equivalent of UK trading standards to get government bodies involved in a safety recall ie [https://www.gov.uk/guidance/consumer-product-safety-advice-for-staying-safe](https://www.gov.uk/guidance/consumer-product-safety-advice-for-staying-safe) ? "What to do if you are concerned about the safety of a product" or [https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/get-more-help/report-to-trading-standards/](https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/get-more-help/report-to-trading-standards/) ## Check what you should report to Trading Standards You should report a business to Trading Standards if they sold you something: * **unsafe or dangerous, like an electronic appliance with faulty wiring** or food past its use-by date * fake * not as described - for example, you bought a package holiday but something advertised wasn’t included * you didn’t want to buy - for example, they put pressure on you USA: [https://www.cpsc.gov/Safety-Education/Safety-Guides/General-Information/Who-We-Are---What-We-Do-for-You#:\~:text=To%20report%20an%20unsafe%20consumer,the%20hearing%20and%20speech%20impaired](https://www.cpsc.gov/Safety-Education/Safety-Guides/General-Information/Who-We-Are---What-We-Do-for-You#:~:text=To%20report%20an%20unsafe%20consumer,the%20hearing%20and%20speech%20impaired). " To report an unsafe consumer product to CPSC online, visit [www.SaferProducts.gov](http://www.saferproducts.gov/), or call CPSC’s toll-free Hotline at (800) 638-2772, or (301) 595-7054 for the hearing and speech impaired."


The amount of people here defending a corporating is absolutely wild, i hope that boot tastes good at least.


I’m just glad I paid for a protection plan


Wait but gigabyte/nvidia/Newegg would have to accept this return or exchange right? Regardless of the protection plan.


Protection Plans are scams


Normally I agree but microcenter is bomb. I bought a 3090 Strix for $2200 bucks during the tarif price era and it stopped working 2 months before the 4090 came out. Took it to microcenter and they gave me the full $2200 back and I bought the 4090. Had money left over too.


Agreed, MicroCenter protection plan, which is through them and not some third party, is one of the only ones I ever buy. The rest are complete headaches where they make you jump through hoops and if you are lucky all you get is a refurbished "similar" model device back. The MicroCenter one is a flat full refund in the form of store credit, which is insane!


Microcenter's protection plan is worth getting. Any problem, you bring the item down there and they give you your money back and you can buy a replacement or something else. It's better than calling gigabyte and explaining the issue, getting an RMA, mailing it, waiting for them to send you a replacement etc. And thats if you can get good enough support from these companies. With microcenter's protection plan, its really no hassle. Just bring it, walk out with new replacement, a new different product or refund same day.


Interessting, this is by law in germany, didnt know that this is optional in the US. On the other hand you guys dont have to spend at least 2000 Euro for the cheapest 4090 available rn 🤣




If nothing happens throughout the duration of the plan then sure.


gigabyte already has 4 year warranty.


warranty would have covered it for free




the worst I have seen


This is really getting worse and worse


The burning connector isn't the problem; its the companies denial of the issue that is.


Geez that is painful to see, shame on Nvidia




With the scale of this problem, I'm waiting for a class action lawsuit at this point. Nvidia not saying anything or quickly employing a resolution is baffling.


Oh No Nvidia really needs to find a solution to this especially if it burned the card as well. I hear cable mod has better connectors which might become essential if this keeps up


Wow 😳 it just keeps happening. another one!!


I honestly think this stupid adapter was and is the worst thing in a long time in pc tech. Stupidly placed where it has to bend, cheaply made and overall just stupid. Another case of it ain't broken, so let's break it. Nothing wrong with the 8 pins, and they are durable. AMD didn't offer up anything earth shattering like the 4090 but I like the fact they kept the power down.


It's interesting that the 3090ti which actually pulls more power than 4090 and has huge current spikes didn't have this issue despite using the same connector and adapter. 4090FE also didn't have this issue, all with issues are AIB versions.


Daily Dose


Send it to gamers nexus they have requested cables and even offered buying the entire card [Testing Burning NVIDIA 12VHPWR Adapter Cable Theories (RTX 4090)](https://youtu.be/EIKjZ1djp8c?t=1659)


Yes this is a known issue


Use MSI Afterburner if you don’t want this to happen again


Got done talking to gigabyte for the RMA and it was surprisingly smooth and easy and now all I have to do is ship it to them and wait for a response about a replacement


Make sure you file a complaint with your Country's health or safety organization. It can result in a forced recall.


nvidia is selling us cheap shit at a unreasonable high price. Dont buy 4090 dont support these fraud mafias


![gif](giphy|qgri3D9sTwCUGMcT8L) Seriously though, that fucking sucks and I’m sorry to see that. They need to figure out what’s going on.


This has to be impacting sales


I don't give a shit what these YouTube people are saying. Something has got to give eventually. Or a lawsuit will end up happening probably what needs to happen for the money gouging cheap material to be fixed.


I really really regret getting rid of my x570 build and 6900 xt now. I’m stuck with this 4090. Fortunately I’ve got cables from moddiy and cm on their way.


I'll stay with my gtx 1070 for a while longer then... 😂




Still holding off on getting a 4090...


Alright I’m taking out mine and put back 3080ti until they figure it out and comes up with a fix…


So what's causing this? Is anyone having this happen using the new ATX 3.0 PSUs? Is the cable that keeps failing the one with 4 power connectors on one end?


I'm in between a rock and a hard place. I have the TUF and I haven't smelled anything burning, I already unplugged once to check, luckily no burns but I feel like checking again is rolling the dice... I already sold the 3080 I had and reallllly don't want to have to wait two months for an RMA process. I live overseas from the US and have to ship it back, wait for them to decide what they want to do, then ship it back to me. It's at least 3 weeks shipping this time of year....