I have the R-Line Edition, so everything really. * DSG 7speed. * 2.0 turbo petrol. * 4wd. * 19s as standard. * Colour. * Soft leather interior. * Digidash. * Lots of toys to make distance driving convenient. It's one of 2000 made, and I have only once seen another. I just love it.


What year ?


Dec 2019.


I had a 14 year old Impala that I loved. An idiot rear ended me and totaled the Impala. I needed a car quickly and my Passat was the first thing I ran across. I like it fine. My experience with the dealer makes me hate the brand but it really is a nice car.


needed a commuter for college when i moved out, my dad was helping me look (he was biased since he owned 3 rabbits during his college years) cars in my area for sale are usually beat tf up so my only good options at the time were either 07 b6 2.0 or 10 jetta SE with a oil leak, chose the passat cause bigger body, had heated seats (jetta did not), came with a low-rise spoiler since it’s the sport spec, and the previous owner had already tinted, gotten rain deflectors and had a staggered tire setup, best decision ive ever made🫶🏽 love my b6


Wrecked my ‘09 Lancer in Nov 2018 because I was driving too fast in the rain. Needed a car ASAP and the ‘16 Passat SE was the best bang for the buck I was able to find. When the ‘16 was totaled in Dec 2021 (rear ended while on vacation) I felt like I hadn’t had enough time with the Passat and got a ‘17 SEL. The car is incredibly comfortable and good on gas. The SEL has all of the features I wish the SE had.


2014 Passat S 2.5L 5-speed manual Literally 0 options I paid $10,900 for a CPO with 32,000 miles. I drive ~100 miles a day, and needed something cheap, comfortable, with decent gas mileage. I have since modified it, and added several upgrades. It's sitting at 155,000 miles now with the stock clutch, and the only real problem I have had was a bad sensor.


in 2020 I found an 04 1.8t 4 motion 5 speed with 60000 miles on it, one owner. I paid that 4 grand with out thinking twice. super fun car. surprisingly not *too* hard to work on


The thing is .. I want a Skoda. There's no Skoda in the states. My dad had a MK IV jetta and that car was amazing, I drove it around all the time, but it was a bit small for me. So when the time came for me to buy a real car (had a beater first) I picked up a 2006 Passat way below market value. Unfortunately, that one got rear ended by a drunk driver so off it went. After that I picked up a 2005 TDI passat and that was, again, phenomenal car. Never let me down. Comfortable, plenty of power, hardly took any fuel. but at 195k, it was time to saddle something new. At the time I was looking for a new car, we went for a vacation and ended up in an R-line rental car for 2 weeks and we absolutely fell in love with it. Three months later, I found one exactly like it and the rest.. well the rest is history. Now I am wondering, is Passat coming back? Is it discontinued as it was back in 2011 or is done for good? I might have to go for an A6 if they don't make a new Passat by the time I'm ready for a new stead.


Bought an 04 1.8T 4motion with a 5 speed manual because I wanted awd, turbo, manual trans and it fit my budget at the time. Loved that car, until someone pulled out in front of me and totaled it. Then I bought an 03 1.8T FWD with a 5 speed manual. Previous owner had done a lot of mods I wanted to do already. Bought the car and finshed up a couple things here and there over the last year or so. She is a great daily.


Here’s an European experience - I’ve moved 3,5h away from my hometown which made plane rides inefficient, there were no train service between the cities I lived in and the only viable option is a rental or a bus. I went home relatively often and rentals amounted to at least 200 euros a month on average, raking up if I needed the car for longer.. I figured I might as well own a car. I needed something big and comfortable for the long rides and also reliable. I randomly found this 2016 1.4 TSI with only 33k km on the clock for easy 16k Euros. I bought it two days later. It’s a good car, drives 220 on the german autobahn if you need it but also is nice and comfortable cruising on the highway. You can bring 4 people skiing with all of their equipment and no one’s going to feel uncomfortable. but after 2 years I am bored with it. I am too young to have an car that has an award for the most comfortable seat in the industry.. I am also fed up with having to drive everyone around when they need a lift and move furniture and shit because of the huge trunk. I am going to trade it in for a roadster TT :D completely happy with the car, but I have two identical silver B8 in my neighborhood and I don’t like it


I have a 13 TDI SE w/ Sunroof & Nav, and I absolutely love it. It was perfectly priced, picked it up for $12k with 19k miles. The fuel economy is unmatched at that price; going 70 mph in FL I get ~42 mpg. Plus the emissions scandal scored me a killer warranty on the powertrain @ no extra cost. I also have it in opera red metallic with 18inch wheels, easily one of the best combos imho Edit: the only issue ive had is the water pump failed, but the warranty covered it plus a loaner car for a total of 3 or 4 days


My 04 4motion lasted me almost till 300k before she was totaled when parked on the side of the road by a drunk driver. I had cycled through a few other cars before, last november, I came across a 2013 2.5 se for 8k. In that current market, it was a good deal and I had fond memories of my previous passat. So far in the almost year i've owned it, it has given me zero problems and has been great to drive. Just had to replace a few bulbs so far. Has a reliable engine, great rear legroom, heated seats, a beautiful minimalistic design, and looks very sleek parked in the driveway. And it doesn't have the same stereotypes as other german cars do


I ended up with my 03 W8 wagon because I was just browsing Craigslist one day, saw it, showed it to my dad and the next day we drove 3.5 hours to get it. It’s been my dream car since I was a kid, and at 18 I was l able to get it…dream come true to say the least. I love and hate the fact that barely anyone knows about it, so it’s my special car that I will never stop appreciating


Wanted a good platform to carry as much cabbage it could, turns out the variant is the king


European b7 diesel 4motion, with almost all the options. It simply does it all. With vw it's also quite easy to retrofit missing extras so there's always something to fiddle with.


Drive a lovely Golf 7 for quite some time, needed a newer and bigger one because kids and didn't want the Golf 8 because of the software issues. Now I've got a Passat (2021 GTE wagon) with software issues. Edit: and I'm seriously so fed up with all the issues that I've got a Tesla on order now.


Needed a daily, my dad's coworker had a post facelift B5 for sale that he was willing to sell me for cheap so I got it and a lot of repairs and headache later I still have it, making the best of it!