Plastic grass is still grass right?


My highschool had astroturf on the football field. They called it grass for the purposes of football


My school is so poor they called our football field astrodirt.


One of the schools in our district had a flooding issue last year so they decided to put new turf in every school in the district.... Turf sucks.


Can confirm, me and my dad played football when our schools switched from grass to turf. Grass hurts less when you slip and fall, because the dirt still has some give. And then the turf can cause friction when you slip on it and while not necessarily burn you, pull on your skin hard or even scrape your knee if you aren't wearing pads.


turf for football sucks when falling sliding or something because of turf burn, but turf for baseball in my opinion is nice because of nice predictable hops with no rocks in it


Cheap turf sucks, as a member of my school's marching band. It has particles that don't like staying on the ground, but just so happen to love shoes. Schools need to learn that grass is better than cheap turf.


There's nothing cheap about that turf, that's just turf. The NFL turf has the same black rubber bits. It's what provides cushioning. Without it, it would feel like you were standing on paper on top of concrete and the stud pressure would cause injuries while also being super slippery. It has nothing to do with being cheap. But yeah, I prefer grass.


There are only 14 NFL fields that still have artificial turf, and the players complain like hell about them. As time goes on, it will be a thing of the past.


There is no good turf... it's actually cheaper than maintaining a proper field which is the reason they put it in.


And if you've ever fallen on astroturf you know plastic grass isn't real grass.


Yeah better wear gloves and knee protection otherwise you'll sound like smigol "it burns! It burns us!"


Pretty normal for football ⚽ fields in colder countries...


Yeah real grass would be green only couple months in year Source: i live in colder country


looks cool but pain in the ass to clean


Just seal the whole case so no dust can get in /s


You can actually do that if you use liquid cooling.


But i mean. No. Yeah?


That assumes you have the fans for cooling outside the case.


Or you can put your whole case in a liquid nitrogen container


Or you can do submersible cooling. The company I work for makes a few different fluids that could be used for it.


The guy who runs a computer repair shop near me is building a submerged build. His recommendation was: don't.


lmao sounds about right


I remember seeing a video a while ago of an oil submerged PC build.


So messy if you needed to replace parts


BuT tHe CiNeBeNcH sCoReS


LTT done that great vid.


Very impressive.


I love the idea of drowning your entire rig in mineral oil. It also looks cool. But it's also a pain in the ass.


And you have to keep filling it back up too


you can also not turn on your pc and keep inside a drawer!


Mineral oil if I recall correctly.


Mineral oil is the OG of immersion cooling but there are companies that engineer fluids for this purpose. But the cost would be pretty prohibitive in this case. If you Google 3M immersion cooling some good info should come up.




Can't you just use mineral oil for that purpose?


It's so cold, my processor is running at peak efficiency


Sounds great, unless you can't cool the liquid nitrogen at the same rate as your components add heat. Because that's a pipe bomb.


Ahhhh. i see. Well played!


Yeah, nah.


You'd also need total board and psu cooling as part of the loop. All the power delivery, chipset, and then the psu. It would be a mess of hoses.


There are motherboards with giant monoblocks so it's not impossible.


PSU cooling can be isolated from case internals anyways. Cases often have a vent for external facing PSU fan, then passively goes out the back of the PSU/ case. So the fan is never pulling air into the main area of the case


Yeah, the only problem is you'll have to dust the PSU every now and then.


You only have to dust it as regularly as the external rad anyway, 10 more minutes after the fact each time isn't exactly back breaking if you've put the effort into a custom loop already, and a fraction of the other maintenance required.


Seal the case so no OXYGEN can in, heat be damned


Hear me out, mineral oil.


Better dielectric liquids exist now. Mineral oil leaves a mess.


Liquid nitrogen is technically dielectric, plus, no mess!


Oh cool! Can you give some examples? At some point in the future I’d love to give it a try in a custom build.


Good luck with that, there are dozens of companies, but they all do industrial or server applications. You might be able to call a couple to do a small form factor showcase though.


Oh bummer. I remember seeing some cool new stuff in some cex coverage for server applications. I was hoping it would make it towards a more main stream market as well. Anyways, thanks for the help!


The main issue is that once you pull the heat from the liquid, it still needs to go somewhere. Usually, in these applications, it's sent to an HVAC unit outside like a house wide air conditioning system, but some companies are starting to provide incorporating it into water systems to preheat hot water lines for energy efficiency in buildings. Obviously, a little too much work for your average pc.


Yeah the 3m liquid is better but still once the fluid reaches thermal mass it won't cool anymore.


I hit your mom's thermal mass last night


Yeah and you still owe me. Bout to send the boys over. PAY ME.


Do you mean reaches thermal equilibrium?


Hire a man to break into your house every night and clean it while you're asleep.


..... Clean?


Only time I clean my desktop is when I switch GPUs


Just blow out the dust with a air blower once and a while. There are a lot of people who aren't complete slobs and with some maintenance this should be fine. Pretty cool actually.


I feel attacked. But yeah, I really should clean my PC like a month ago.


Some good filters should keep the insides nice and sharp.


Yep. I've had a Fractal Design Define 7 case for almost two years. Opened it about three of four times during that time to clean it and there was barely any dust at all. All I had to do was clean the filters. They really do help.




Yeah, dusting/vaccuming




Bro the roomba is your pet


Seriously. I have a rancorous tribe of kids in my house but build one of the box-fan-filter-boxes during covid for each floor. It's amazing how much cleaner the air... tastes(?). Air purity ain't hard it's just a related rates problem.


I built a little HEPA filter. A REAL HEPA filter. Shit even a box fan with a furnace filter helps. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I made a bigger one using 2 big blowers I use for drying stuff out at work(I'm a carpenter) so I will take a little blower and go around and stir up all the dust and it traps all of it. Also use it for whole house cleaning after drywall, whatever, with 2 more blowers, one forcing air in the house one blowing it out. Clean a 3-6000sq ft house of drywall dust on a couple hours.


Once in a while


Wait, we're meant to clean our PC's?


Well linus did show us no matter how much crap you put in your case the flow of air pretty much stays disame


>stays disame Thats a new one, lmfao.


I think Dennis actually said that bit.


That seems pretty counter intuitive to be honest. Doesn't blocking shit kinda... block shit?




That is a pretty good analogy actually. Thanks my dude


Air is very... Idk what's the word in english.. Say, fluid.. In physics, air is fluid and interms of being fluid flow, it's much much much more fluid than water. .. As long as something is not directly infront of the fan, like face to the wall, the air will just flow around and go wherever it can... Especially with active agents (fans) pushing and pulling the air around, you'd be hardpressed to restrict airflow by just some cables and figurines in the case...


At the flow rates were talking? Generally, Yes. It only matters if you have too little. Pressure is important as well, but only really through smaller orifices like through the fins of a heat sink or getting the air out through smaller holes. Computer cases are pretty leaky though so you're not at risk very often of losing flow due to insufficient pressure. At least as far as my layman's level knowledge can surmise.


Not necessarily, if you're not literally blocking the fan it should pull just as much air wether or not you put stuff in your case.


I would be most worried about the grass on top of the GPU. Seems like that could affect the thermals of the GPU.


Ya that's the only thing I think would make a difference here.


The girl who built this has had it for around 9 months and says it runs fine.


I mean it'll run fine ofc, the issue is the dust buildup. I guess she must dust it off every day or something. I guess for a lot of people their PCs are like little model kits that they keep meticulously clean.


If your intakes all have dust filters, you really don't need to clean inside much. My fractal design define r6 barely gets any dust inside as all intakes are filtered. The filters sure get dusty, but they do a great job stopping the dust there


My Corsair Carbide 300R that I've had since 2016 also has all the intakes dust filtered. I've never had to worry too much about dust either. But dust can still gather just by sitting idly


Issue seems to be the number of haters in this thread.


How often do you go inside the case and dust things? I clean my air filters every few months but the inside of the case looks relatively dust free.


Do you know who it was? I'd love to see more details about this build. I've been looking for more naturey stuff for the inside of [my PC](https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/ye4nfr/weve_gotta_start_putting_grass_in_our_gaming_pc/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3), but I haven't made final decisions on which type of vines and stuff I want. Although, my build is also mATX, so it wouldn't fit as much as hers does.


Not gonna lie, this post feels like incel bait. It's plastic not kindling. Even a regular PC has hella plastic in it. Works fine, but all the guys got to come in and explain to the girl how to build a computer when she's clearly good at it. I swear people on here build a computer like literally thousands of others and think they were born with genius minds. It doesn't take a genius to grasp what airflow is, but it might take a genius to realize your PC has plenty of temperature range to work with that you don't need to chase every little degree of temp.


Dust magnets...


Yeah like the theoretical slight airflow efficiency loss from the items is a minor consideration compared to the fact that this will quickly become a particulate hell, especially if the owner has an animal or smokes.


I have a feeling this person might have cats


Not certainly, it's Hayao Miyazaki, who put cats in all his movies


who smokes indoors


Literally tens of millions of people.


people who don't wanna go to jail for getting high


The bottom fans are outside the case 💀 Wait, something seems off to me. The side fans are facing the camera, blowing air out the case. They are clearly spinning, yet the stickers in the middle aren't spinning? Wtf?


the person said some elements were photoshopped, didn't reveal which ones. Like the spider stickers in the middle of the fans, the stickers aren't spinning while the fan is, original poster said those were photoshopped, no clue what else was


Hate to be that anime nerd, but they aren’t spiders. They are Soot Sprites. Highly recommend watching Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro.


Ohh~ >no clue what else was At this point I'm too afraid to ask.


> some elements were photoshopped [Found a photo of the set-up before PhotoShop effects were applied](https://blog.notebooksbilliger.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Case-Innen.jpg).




Well they are called soot sprites for a reason


If you're the kind of person who spends tens of hours (maybe more) designing this, you're the kind of person who cleans your machine meticulously. Sure it attracts dust and is a bit more work, but it's cute. :)


This is still the only good looking build I’ve ever seen that has things inside. Funkopops or other shits inside them always look bad imo. If you’re gonna do it, might as well go all out ig


Funkopops are damn ugly in general. They are just bean babies of today


Seriously. People keep buying me funkopops and I'm like, bitch it's not even like I can cuddle this thing, or use it as a pillow! Next time just get me a stuffed animal.


FunkoPops are just an inferior Nendoroid imitator. The signature beady black dot eyes of the Pops makes them look atrocious, imo. Give me the anime eyes, posable limbs, and swappable parts of a Nendoroid any day over that.


I love how many classic character designs get ruined by Funko faces


Looking for Gunpla I encountered the Sleepy Princess and that has been the most amazing thing. Out of all the characters you could have done you did the most crafty Princess ever, and horror inducing. Have you seen the terror in the eyes of a demon and it wasn't that they were going to be murdered, it was because they were going to be made into bedding. It comes with the cute little teddy demon, the ghost sheet pillow, and the horror inducing scissors. It's just the cutest.


Hey you take that back, beanie babies were adorable!


Funkopops make everything look bad.


yep, well executed, and from what i can see the air flow shouldn’t be too bad besides the waste of power being the bottom 2 fans


I have my Lego infinity gauntlet in my case but it only went there cos my 2yr kept trying to destroy it so now it’s safe and looks cool


inefficient but 11/10 looks


Yeah. I typically don't like pink PCs or in-case decor but this is really well done. Now we just need live plants and a sprinkler system. Or this: https://i.redd.it/1w2jjyqv0qy91.gif


Wait which video is this and why did he do that?


Linus tech tips he was testing an pc pump that adapts/detects holes a reealy smart one and make sure there are never any leaks its called leakchield simple name https://youtu.be/UiPec2epHfc


Right, I remember now


LTT also did a geodude build which was the most beautiful build ever IMO. Now this has taken the top spot of the most gorgeous build I've ever seen from it. I know I have weird tastes when it comes to PC aesthetics


Not exactly sure what you mean by inefficient. But putting stuff in your case like that won't affect airflown or temps. It will make cleaning harder and may create a fire hazard. But that's about it.


While it will be a pain to dust, it is amazing and I would say totally worth it


Not for my lazy ass lol


I’m supposed to dust in my computer? Why has this never occurred to me. Maybe that’s why my fan got loud a month ago… Am I gonna need a guide or do I just spray it with compressed air?


compressed air is fine. Just hold the fan while you dust it. Dont spray compressed aur directly to your fan without holding it. Else you could damage the bearing


Yes, although you can significantly reduce the amount of dusting needed by setting up the fans on your case such that your intake (volume) exceeds output. This creates positive pressure within the case which ensures that all the non-fan gaps (e.g vents, air gaps) are pushing air out rather than drawing air (and dust) in. That way you’ll mainly only need to dust the filters on your intakes rather than all the components.


fan got loud as in just a bit louder, or loud as in [sounds coming from the depths of hell] then soon after fucking breaking and refusing to work again? ... my poor laptop..


What is unsafe about it? None of it is real plants, lots of airflow, decent coolers... seems fine to me. Awesome build in my opinion!


The only part I'd say could be a issue is the stuff on the GPU back plate but other than that it will make practically no difference to its cooling efficiency.


Id love to have that pc.


As someone with GT1030, I'd love to have that pc as well.. Not a major improvement, but still worth it


Pretty sure the pine cone would be an upgrade for a 1030


As if PCMR don’t pick looks over performance. Not my cup of tea but it looks great. Hope they have plenty of aircans


How many Ghibli movies are in here? Theres definitely Kiki and Mononoke. The black mites are either Totoro or Spirited away, and is the dragon from Earthsea? I haven't seen that one. The overall foliage could be Arrietty, at a stretch. Anything else?


I think the dragon is haku from spirited away. I see spirited away, totoro, Kiki’s delivery service and princess Mononoke


Had to scroll this much to see a Ghibli comments. Could have had the Porco Rosso plane in there. Airflow would move the propellor.


> The black mites Soot sprites.


If you are running a computer with any kind of active cooling you are already insanely inefficient. What you mean to say is "this doesn't seem to be a guy thing"


Yeah pretty much. $5 says the kind of person to build a setup like this isn’t a snob about performance and probably games for fun rather then competitively. Which is totally valid, but if you aren’t the top 0.01% of gamers the slight frame loss you get from the worse airflow is irrelevant.


It’s fine if you aren’t the typical dirty pc gamer tbh.


I can already tell this thread will turn very toxic very quickly.


Most people are actually saying it’s really cool and the only drawback is that there’s lots of places for dust to collect It seems perfectly safe, and having extra stuff in ur case doesn’t make it less efficient


Even if it's not efficient it looks good as hell


The only surface covered that could generate any heat is the PCB of the gfx card and that side doesn't have any active cooling so it's probably fine anyway. The whole build looks cute as hell tbf.


God the people on this sub are so annoying. "Woman moment" "it looks trashy" "I wish owning a PC was niche again and not popular" You people see anything you dislike and immediately trash it without any second thought. Why does nobody know how to just ignore shit anymore? Or maybe realize that some people have different likes and interests than you? Just because you hate pink doesn't mean everyone else has to..just because you like X doesn't mean everyone else likes X. Maybe they like Y instead, or whatever the fuck else. Almost half of these comments are just a cesspool of annoying misogynistic assholes deciding that because something is girly it's immediately bad. I hope to God you never meet with a woman who happens to enjoy the color pink, or anything "too girly" for your simple-minded selves, because the moment she opens up about something she enjoys you're just going to dunk on her and trash her interests until her self esteem is so destroyed that she won't even bother to talk to you about anything she enjoys anymore. Now, is the airflow blocked? Maybe, and it would probably overheat easily. But trashing on it based on looks alone is just fucking dumb. Oh no, someone decorated the computer they spent $2000 of their own money on because maybe they want it to feel personal and special because THEY BOUGHT IT THEMSELVES and that's their fucking money to spend. If you like having a boring ass setup, good for you, now stop trashing on people with an actual personality and personal interests. TLDR; get your heads out of your ass and realize that not everyone likes the same shit as you.


i need 1 thing explained how come i can see the details in the Susuwatari on the fans that are clearly spinning, is there s acrylic sheet infront of the radiator


She said it was photoshopped


I follow this person on Instagram, it’s such a cute computer, doubt it should be any issues honestly unless she’s pushing for high frames, this seems to be a budget build to me but I could be wrong


Why can't people just enjoy things? I bet you the temps are completely fine. Absolutely will be a pain to clean but who cares if that is something the owner is willing to do?


Who cares. It looks cool


right this is cute af


By the rule of cool, this is completely fine!


Let people enjoy things.


Oh, piss on OP! This is beautiful - who cares about a few degrees or a few fps?


This thing probably runs cooler than most of the rigs of people complaining in here lmao.


[Clearly you haven’t seen Mr. Lafreniere stuff everything on set in his case yet.](https://youtu.be/YDCMMf-_ASE)


I really came around on this. When I first saw it, I thought “that seems really inefficient and a fire hazard”. But then I thought: let’s enjoy pretty things. Now I feel much better ☺️


# If literally anything in that case shorts, that's a full on fire.


Well lets hope they don't upgrade to a 4090 anytime soon.


We have all the cuddly animals, plants and house fires here friend.


"Why do I hear screaming animals and smell burning plastic?"


The great chipmunk fire of ‘79


It's plastic, not paper.


Let’s hope that RTX does not melt the fake grass strip


I don't see a 12-pin on the gpu, so good to go


Seems fine. Nice aesthetic too.


It does seem pretty tho


Yea but the FPS is so good with the addons


Eh, I don't see much of a problem here. It looks really nice, although cleaning it would be super annoying, and it's also gonna be annoying if one of those leaves gets stuck in a fan or something.


The cringe is dripping in these comments. Reminder to nerds who don't talk to living human people: let other people enjoy the the things they like.


Still less flammable than the 4090


Thermally, it looks like a disaster and a potential fire hazard. But damn if I don't want to have a family picnic inside that case.


Does anyone know what aio this is? Love the heart icon


I love this, blue pcie cables could look cool resembling a waterfall


Fuck safe, that is fucking cute!


As someone who LOVES Studio Ghibli movies I absolutely adore this. So cute ☺️


I think the person who posted this image originally said this was an update pic after like a couple months


This is beyond cool.


And a pain to clean all the dust off after a few months of use


Bro made a whole ecosystem in there.


You're just jealous because your pc is boring


Haters gonna hate.


It probably doean't make much of a difference in terms of temperature.


There is some real fear-mongering in this thread. The plastic isn't going to catch fire. None of this stuff is conductive either. Even if it "short circuits" all that will happen is that a board component will die, not some massive fireball.


I am mildly uncomfortable


Boi this better be your PC because some things are worth the inefficiency.


You have a GPU that draws more power than a whole PC in 2000 and can act as a room heater on its own. And you put a blanket on it, so it stays nice and cosy?! Brave, really Brave.


Uh, the cat had eaten the psu?


It's a Lian Li case I think so the PSU is behind the motherboard.


The grass on the GPU should have been made out of aluminium or copper. That way it could have served as extra surface for cooling lol


I reeeeeally Hope thats not a 4090


I always wanted to build Portal 2 diorama inside my pc case. But my pc is under my desk and you can barely see inside it.


Looks like a pc Poison Ivy would use!


What a great diorama, very cute


Kiki! 😅