This is a classic scam. The check is bogus. You deposit the check. Your account temporarily goes up by 5K (or maybe not depending on the bank). You will then be rushed/pushed to send $XYZ to ABC or buy gift cards and send the codes to the scammer. Then in a week or so, the check will bounce. Your account will be debited 5K. Your bank may close your account and cease to do business with you as you may be deemed a high risk customer. Folks who have been scammed are high risk to the financial institution. Don't interact. Don't bother contfronting. Just stop communicating and move on.


"Your bank may close your account and cease to do business with you as you may be deemed a high risk customer. Folks who have been scammed are high risk to the financial institution." This happened to my friends father. He suspected it was a bad cheque (maybe scam) but thought in the worst case the cheque doesn't clear and best case it does. Even when he deposited at the bank, he told the teller he wasn't 100% this was a legit cheque. It went very badly for him. I believe all his accounts were frozen and he had a hell of a time convincing the bank it was an honest mistake.


Same exact thing happened to me in college. I figured worst case check doesn’t clear and I’m not doing anything with the money till it does. I think it was Commerce Bank (no longer exists). They closed all my accounts and banned me from banking with them.


I was in OPs exact situation when I was in college - the only difference being I didn’t use Reddit at the time. Instead, I asked my roommate and he was shocked that I wouldn’t at least try to cash it. I never did because I knew it was a bad idea, but reading this makes me realize it was a _really bad_ idea.


That sucks! Just want to say though that I still have a Commerce Bank account, and that they very much still exist -- unless we're talking about different Commerce Banks


It was bought by TD in 2008 and now is a wholly owned subsidiary thereof. I guess they kept the name in some places?


Oohhh, well the details I honestly don't have any idea. I live in a different state now and do the majority of my banking with Navy Federal. But I still keep the Commerce account open and use it for various things. As far as I can tell there's still plenty of branches open in Missouri (where I opened the account 15ish years ago).


Awww man. I use Navy Fed. The nearest bank is about 100 miles away, though so I'm not sure it's worth it. I mean, not a huge deal since most things can be done remotely, but when they can't it's a huge hassle.


I totally get that. I never used to use my Navy Federal account because there weren't any branches close to me either. Now that I live in Florida, it's what I primarily use. I think I've only been inside a branch one time in about the past 5 years, but you're right... Don't want to go through the pain in the ass of needing it and not having it. In any case, the loan rates are good, so I can't complain!


I mean… legality aside would you as a company want to deal with someone that thinks there’s a slight chance they are getting free money? This scam is still going so it’s apparently impossible to explain to people to just move on.


It preys on people In tough situations. People in tough situations often dream or fantasize about it all working out. They get a nice inheritance, they win the lottery, whatever. When something like this happens they don’t usually question it. Human nature makes them feel like they got their lucky break. The endorphins of fantasizing about your problems going away make us think irrationally. Just like how you make irrational decisions when you are in love, having sex, or winning in Vegas. This is human nature and this scam exploits human nature. Because it leverages human nature, this scam and others like it will always exist.


especially if it feels like just trying to cash it is no-cost but if it's actually real very nice.


Man, I’ve heard of banks banning people before, but closing down just so they won’t have to deal with someone is a new one for me


Cashing a check is you vouching for it being good. That’s why you pay a fine if the funds aren’t available. Passing a fake check to the bank is *you* committing fraud. Legally, you are liable for that, it just doesn’t get prosecuted often because the bank just pushes to get their money back (which is usually pretty easy because they just take it from your account). Checks are not for dealing with randos. They are financial instruments between fully trusted parties.


The joke was that the bank closed down entirely after the situation.


A friend of mine got a check sent to him after someone with a school email sent him an identical job offer. The school would send similar emails for job openings so I guess they made it look similar and almost got him.


Then I am so glad I didn't go through depositing the check that was sent to me. I knew it was a scam. Laughed aloud when I received it. Thought about depositing it and keeping it but chose not to bother with it and just shredded it.


Damn haha. I knew everything about this type of scam except that. Figured you were fucked out of that money if you forwarded the payment off. Did not even imagine that whether you got screwed or just made the deposit and sat on it, you'd lose your checking account.


Had exactly the same scenario 2 years ago, but enrolled in their "shield" program for one year. They said it's fine. I was previously employed in their kc hq as well doing SE stuff, was very ashamed lol. Can happen to anyone, especially if money is an issue, it is very convincing.


This happened to a relative. He brought a check for something like $100,000 to his local Wells Fargo branch and tried to deposit it. The bank manager told him that the bank did not believe the check would clear, but my relative insisted it was a good check. Of course the check bounced. A week later he got a check from the bank with the money from his checking and savings accounts and a letter saying he would never again be allowed to hold an account at Wells Fargo. When people at your bank try to warn you about this stuff, you should listen.






Yeah, but it’s Wells Fargo, so the scammer did him a favor.


I did the exact same thing a few years ago, I was 80 percent sure it was a scam, I told the teller I wasn't sure if it was legit or not and asked if there was anyway to verify before depositing it. I was told no, and she put the check in my account. It sat there for almost a month and I was just about to start spending it when I got a call from the branch manager. I was able to explain myself, and was let off with a very stern warning and was able to continue banking with them. I never realized just how lucky I was that they didn't press the matter further


The teller was wrong or you misinterpreted what she said. There IS a way to verify whether the check is good or not without depositing it. This cannot be done at your bank because they don't have access to the accounts and balances of another bank, specifically, the bank the check draft is drawn upon. https://www.thebalancemoney.com/how-to-verify-funds-315322 Of course these checks are usually drawn on some foreign bank with no branches near you, and the bank info might be totally bogus too.


It wasn’t an honest mistake because he told the teller it probably wasn’t legit. He knowingly deposited what he believed could be a fraudulent check. He may have thought his actions were innocuous and meant no harm but it wasn’t an “honest mistake”.


of course he did, he knew it wasn't legit when he posted it.


Well it wasn't an honest mistake since he literally knew it may be a fraudulent check.


How would it be a mistake if you already announced it might be bad when depositing it.


If you think a check 'might be bad', it's bad and you know it, and the bank knows you know it, too. Telling the bank teller means nothing.


It's not an honest mistake when your friend's dad commented on his reservations about the check. He shouldn't have deposited it at all, considering when you endorse the check you are literally signing the check, which indicates you are fully responsible for the check. If he wasn't sure, he shouldn't have deposited it in the first place, and the teller shouldn't have processed the deposit.


If he told the teller that and then they just went ahead and deposited it without cautioning him or halting the transaction then I think they're 100% at fault, not him.


Nearly happened to a friend of mine. Luckily when she asked the bank to verify the check before she tried to deposit it, they did, and could tell right away it was fake.


One of my friends is a bank manager and you are right this is a very common scam. If you go to the bank to deposit this check and the bank has done some employee education on financial scams and fraud you may also be saved the hassle. She has seen this so often (weekly) that they usually catch it before you can deposit the check and gives out free education.


Yeah. When I was doing manufactured spend for credit card points, the first time I tried to deposit a bunch of money orders, the teller had a manager come out to talk to me. I had to explain that I myself had purchased the money orders not 10 minutes prior.


It’s common that they say they’re giving you the money to front you the cost of having to buy proprietary electronics that you’ll need to use for work. They’ll say some excuse that the company will only ship the equipment to the billing address to prevent credit card fraud and if it gets shipped to the hq/office, they’ll have to pay very high shipping to resend it to you + take an additional week or so. It’s not unusual for companies to offer a stipend for personal electronics to accommodate wfh. It’s not unusual to get a signing bonus or receive compensation before you start working. The red flag is you hardly interviewed for the job and they’re giving you 5k without a background check + they’re requiring you to spend the money they send to on very specific items from a specific supplier. If they had an arrangement with a supplier- the supplier would know that it’s safe to ship to the employees. If they won’t let you buy identical products from Amazon with the money they give to you, then it’s a scam.


I have approached this in a different way. I asked questions, lots of questions. I would infer that I had means but became easily confused. So when i started to run out of questions I would just circle back and start asking the same questions over again. Their little scammer brains would get very excited and indulge this game for awhile. Meanwhile I was working on a ship in the middle of the ocean with plenty of downtime to commit to them.


Some people have more free time than others.


Haha it’s not really “free” time on a ship… captured time seems more appropriate


I just watch kitboga and pretend like I'm doing the scambaiting


Exactly. As I was reading this thread, I was thinking "I should check what kitboga is up to"


Prolly wearing sunglasses and giggling


It's such an obvious scam too. Australians spell it cheque not check, they aren't even trying to be smart about it


Also, Australians would spell it "Cheque". I don't know if they were copy pasting the exact content or not.


>Australians would spell it "Cheque" Most Australians wouldnt spell it at all. We dont really use cheques. I worked a few years selling computers. In that time, we had 2 purchases by cheque. I recall them distinctly, because each time I had to get the boss to show me how to process payment by cheque. Each time, it would have been considerably simpler for all involved to have had the payments made by EFTPOS instead.


Yeah thats true, I mean in the grand scheme of red flags there the CHeck its barely a drop in the bucket haha. Yeah true nothing is done via cheque in AUS/NZ - we are EFTPOS nations for sure


Even if *this* check is not bogus and end up scamming *you*, the tasks they ask you likely make you a mule or worker for a criminal ring, which means eventually you'll get prosecuted and end up spending a whole lot of money on a defense lawyer.


This literally happened to my mom. Ended up going to prison for 2 years for grand theft.


Question- what if you cashed the check at a payday advance type place? Skipped the bank entirely?


That’s literally fraud. You *endorse* the check. That means legally you vouch for its validity and can be held criminally liable if it isn’t.


Oh man. The weight of endorsement has just been realized upon me today, and I’m very financially literate. Thank you for this simple post!


TIL. This seems like information that is never presented to people. I have read all the paperwork when I set up my accounts, I'm big on reading the paperwork and the small print. I've never seen this information presented, and I've had 3 banks and 2 credit unions in my life. Seems like it's designed to trip you up. If someone owes you $100 and pays you in a check, how could you possibly know if it will clear or not until afterwards? The bank is the one who holds all of the knowlege, they are the only ones who can tell you, you can't know. Yet you have to vouch for the unknowable...


There's a difference between a fake check and a real one with no funds. Bank know why they decline.


Yes, they know. As well as the person who made the fake or bounced check. But you can have every reason to think the check is real, or that the funds exist in their account, or that they are earnest in trying to pay you, and it can still go wrong and it's all your fault, the one person in the whole situation who has the least amount of ability to know.


It’s almost like banks are set up to protect themselves and not their customers


Retail check cashing services will often run checks through Certegy or a similar service, which in my experience are often pretty liberal with blocking any check from a seemingly suspicious origin. If they do take it and it bounces, hello debt collections.


What would happen if OP took it to a check cashing place (like those little convenient stores) instead of the bank to cash their check?


In these type of scams, why does a temporary $5k or whatever amount even show up in the target’s bank account? The money should “show up” in the account once a legit check actually clears, it seems like accounting 101.


That’s not how the banking system works, unfortunately.


Would you want to take it to the police, explain you suspect it's bogus? Or would you give it to the bank manager?


The police and the banks know scams exist. It is not newsworthy to them. They will not say "Some dude almost got scammed, but he didn't. Let's assemble an investigative team and get to the bottom of this."


None of the above. I would move on with my life.


So the simple counter to this is to just encash the check?


It will bounce and you will be unhappy. This is the old, you cash a check and then pay us back some money before the check bounces scam.


Yeah, just have to say, its important to not even deposit the check. That can upset your bank on its own.


What happens if you cash it at a check cashing place though. Do they then come after you?


It's an international check, they likely won't honor it. They only take checks from ADP or from a business that uses a well regarded bank with local branches.


Do not deposit the check. Tear it up and throw it away. Stop responding to the scammer.


> Tear it up and throw it away. No, no, no! Frame that sucker!


It's a scam just ignore it. If you're feeling extra zealous you can find out what ad they put up and flag it as a scam to help protect others.


> so a check would be made out to you which will include half of your first week's pay as well as the funds to make the payment for the supplies You will deposit the check. The bank will likely give you access to some portion of those "funds". You'll buy "supplies"... a few days later the check will bounce and your bank will remove the money from your account. > There's no way this is legit but I needed to get a second opinion on what to do. Destroy the check, block any emails. Good job avoiding the scam. $5,000 sounds like a lot of money but it's not a real check.


He also never mentions discussing pay with them so how would they include half of the first week of pay? It's the little details that give these scams away.


Ditto to what's already been said. Plus a legit company isn't going to conduct business this way at all. They're going to have their own account....and wouldn't be relying solely on an office assistant to set up a new office (esp in a new country?) I mean..they really bought out the supply of red flags at the red flag store.


> Plus a legit company isn't going to conduct business this way at all. They're going to have their own account....and wouldn't be relying solely on an office assistant to set up a new office (esp in a new country?) No kidding. The real way to do this is a company creditcard, so the company can itemize and cancel it at the drop of a hat.


Yeah, so after you cash the money they will tell you that an emergency came up and that they need you to pay this bill that is due today or something. It’s often an invoice for let’s say a photographer or graphic designer or something. They will ask you to pay it out of the $5,000 they just sent you. But the invoice you are paying is basically just a front for the same person or an accomplice. So you’re basically sending your money back to the same person. If you resist they will threaten your job, which you don’t want to lose of course. Or they will offer an incentive where they will pay you back double for the inconvenience. Stuff like that. People will go with it because they won’t want to lose this amazing opportunity or whatever. Then after you pay a few invoices to the scammer (not realizing it’s a scammer yet of course) then the check will bounce and the bank will say you now deduct out whatever they fronted you when you deposited the check. But by then you already paid the mystery invoices and you’re out the money and the scammer has it. So that’s how it works in more detail. Furthermore, usually the bank will close your account and refuse business with you. A lot of the scams will frame it as “I need you to spend $3,500 for me, but I’ll send you $5,000 and you can keep the difference because I know this is inconvenient for you”. That makes people take bigger risks and spend more money than the bank gave you probably, because you feel like you’ll have made $1,500 easy dollars as soon as the check clears in a day or two. So that’s a common framing the scammers use.


Block "[email protected]" and secure your personal information. >just received a check for $5,000 You can shred that.


it's a scam. ignore the check and ignore the person who sent it.


It sounds like a scam where they “send” you money which initially clears and then you buy stuff for them and eventually that money bounces and you are out the cost of whatever you bought for them.


Ok, I'm following here, but if he bought the items(idk what the plan is after that, but it sounds like he's gonna just hold on to it till they set up an office there?) And the check bounced, would he be out money? If it's not his check, and he hasn't actually sent anything to anyone idk how that's a scam. This thing is fishier than a fish market, but I can't figure out what the end is here... Edit: never mind, the check he cashed at a bank would bounce and the bank would want their money.


DO NOT CASH IT. But I would tell them I deposited it into my account and see what they do next. Just outta curiosity and entertain.


What to do? Tear it up and block the person you've been talking to. End of story.


\^\^\^this, don't F around with this crap. Move on.


Scam. Don't ignore it, though. Report it. https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/how-spot-avoid-report-fake-check-scams#wheretoreport


100% a scam.


Tell them you didn't recieved it, see what they got for a next move.


I’ve done this. They waste so much postage then rage and ghost you.


This. And keep telling them you didn't receive any checks.


Tell them that they need to send a certified or cashier's check, or a prepaid visa (/s).


I know someone recently who lost thousands to this kind of scam. They’re not the brightest but I know they were so desperate for a remote job that they just went along with it hoping for the best


Definitely a fake job scam, do not cash the check. r/scams


just ignore it... it's a scam


If you're not expecting them money and know who sent it. It's a scam. No one just sends people money....


Classic scam and the check is fake or its counterfit. You'll cash the check and most banks will give you an advance on the money in good faith. In actuality it takes them a few days to confirm the check is real and confirm that the account the check is connected to has the funds. Before or shortly after you deposit the check, you'll be asked to buy something or transfer some funds. A few days or even a week later, the check will officially bounce and the bank will remove the $5,000 from your account -- hopefully you didn't spend any of it. You'll also be charged a fee for the bad check. I've even seen scammers use checks linked to other company's bank accounts. In these cases, it can take a month before the error is noticed by the legit company. At that point, they'll call their bank and have them retrieve the funds, once again resulting in your bank removing the $5,000 and charging you a fee. Trip up the check and never reach out to this "company" again


Yep! Common scam. I got one as a job for a "personal shopper." Was told to deposit the check in my account, go to Western Union and forward some of the money and keep the rest for myself. The check bounces eventually. They hope that you forward the money with your own money, and the check bounces after it's gone. The funds can appear as available when they actually aren't. It took my check two weeks to bounce, and the funds showed as available after a few days. (I knew better and said I wouldn't forward money until the bank said the check cleared. Saved me)


Check out r/scams for more info. It’s definitely a scam, and everything u/BouncyEgg said is true.


I work at a bank. 100000% scam. Happens FARRRR too often.


You may also notice that the check is from some completely unrelated company from what you received the email under. Of you got it via express mail the sender will be different then the check. This is also stolen info to try and make it more legit looking. Destroy the check and move on. No money is stolen until you send your own money to the fraudsters for supplies via a wire. These scams are mostly run by foreign organized crime.


Bigger question is how in 2022 is there no system for banks to check the balance of an account that the check is written from instantly?


Bigger question is why checks are being used at all. Pretty much everything is by bank transfer these days. The only cheques I've seen in the last 20 years have been from banks that can't be bothered updating their creaking old systems as they want to make withdrawing money as inconvenient as possible (you can *deposit* money instantly).


You know Australia's first language is English, right? That should be setting off alarm bells regardless of the content.




Based on subject like 100% scam.


Run. Don’t look back. You’ll so appreciate having done so.


This is an ancient and common scam. It's a bad check and you will be asked to forward some money to them after you cash it. Then you'll hear from the bank that the check is fake and you'll have to return the entire amount of the check to the bank.


SCAM-. Where is the employment paperwork? No one just sends you money. It is one of those it's too much send us some back and then it bounces and you are out of money scams.


This is the last scam that got me. They were super legitimate seeking. They had emails associated with the an actual website domain that was similar to the legitimate one with the correct fake corresponding employees I was emailing with. Even CCd me to a couple other people and kept up the ruse. I had suspicions but couldn’t analyze clearly due to COVID job stress. Ended up costing me I think only $250 for a “training” package.


Do NOT cash or deposit anything. This is a scam.


I fell for a similar scam like this about ten years ago. Received a check in the mail and they told me they overpaid me and to deposit it and send them the rest of the “overpayment”. I was banking with BOA at the time. Deposited the check and sent overpayment to them. A few days later the check bounced. I was on the hook for the full amount of the check plus the extra overpayment that was sent back. BoA reported me to chexsystem for fraud and because of this I could not open up a checking account with like 99% of banks that used chexsystem because I was listed in there for fraud even though I called BoA and chexsystem and explained to them it was a scam and I was not purposely trying to deposit fraudulent checks to my account. Because of this BoA closed my account and blacklisted me from ever having an account with them again. Do not deposit this check because it will ruin your chances of banking for the next 5 to 7 years.


If you deposit and disburse as they have asked, you are a part of the scam and will likely be the fall guy that goes to jail.


what i am most surprised about is the fact in 2022 that banks cannot check the validity of cheques much faster than this? I mean we have instant transfers between banks, why aren't cheques instantly valid or invalid? i'm guessing they are a product of an earlier time and must be on their way out very soon.


"I tried to deposit the check with my banking app, but it gave me an error and said I have to bring it to a branch. I'm disabled and will need some money for an uber to the bank or I will not be able to go until saturday when my helper comes."


How do people not know about this by now ? It’s been posted and discussed ad nauseam


100% scam, do NOT deposit the check. Cut off any communication and I hope you didn't send them any sensitive information like social security number etc.......


Nothing. Don't ever respond -- that puts you in the "responsive" category for even more of this crap. Also not a bad idea to use something like SimpleLogin when dumping your email address around, so you can just disable aliases that are up to no good.


Absolute scam. They want you to a: not discuss with the bank, b: deposit the check, c: pay a third party, d: the check bounces, and you’re on the hook for the full amount, including fees and your bank possibly closes your account for fraudulent activity. No one sends out $5000 checks all willy-nilly without a damn good reason (like federal tax returns, but you’re expecting those).


No legitimate company will ever hire you without an interview. Be careful with online "job offers"!


Total scam. They probably want you to buy the supplies and ship them somewhere else. Then the check will bounce, and you’ll be left holding the bag. Your instincts are on point and I recommend you end all communications with this person and “company.”


this is a scam I have fallen for :( they will ask u to buy giftcards or something and then the check will bounce


I don't even need to read the rest of the post. He will ask for *some* of the money back. The original check will bounce and you will be out of whatever you sent away. (He's asking for a portion back right?) Obvious scam.


Scam. I fell for this as a teen trying to get WFH due to mental illness. Took check to bank and they told me straight up what type of scam it was. A friend's mom who worked at bank vouched for me and said it wasn't my fault and I wasn't in on the scam, just a victim. They asked who I got it from, I told them and nothing ever happened to me. I don't think I gave them my social or anything either.. just a questionnaire and they sent me like $2000 for my supplies. Worst part is I told my mom about the job and she just did the classic 'thats great honey' and no further questioning or help from her. But tbf, my mom or my dad didn't give a flying fuck about me back then so I shouldn't expect help from her.


This is a common scam. Tear up the check and never speak to him again. The check is a bad check - it will bounce, but it will take a while to bounce, and in the mean time he'll have told you to wire the payment for the "supplies" somewhere. You lose out on the "supplies" payment. Example: You deposit the $5,000 check, he tells you to wire him $2,000 for the "supplies." You wire the $2,000. Five days later, your bank figures out the $5,000 check is fraudulent, and so you never get any of that $5,000. Meanwhile, you lost the $2,000 you sent him.


100% scam. The check is bogus. They want you to cash it so they get money and then the check comes up bad a week or so later and you're out the money.


Yep this is a classic one. A simple google search of “job check scam” will reveal essentially exactly your story https://it.wisc.edu/news/protect-yourself-from-job-scams/


There's plenty of people telling you the right answer here but because you mentioned Australia, I wanted to add one thing: The easiest way to tell if a company claiming to operate in Australia is a scam is if they do not have an ABN: [https://abr.business.gov.au/](https://abr.business.gov.au/) \- This is legally required to do business in Australia. I check this all the time when I come across targeted, scammy looking ads.


Even with a legit check, i don't deposit the check in the bank until i know who/what/why im receiving a check. If its unexpected I confirm twice on separate days. About 3 years ago I received a check from USAA for like a few hundred (maybe 600). I called them and they confirmed it was a good check from them. It took them a week before I was able to figure out why I got the check. During that time I sat on the check. ​ But to OP, this is a scam like everyone has said


Basically happened to a friend. It was less elaborate. A person asks them to cash a check cause x u z sob story. Being the nice guy he does it. Gives the person the money. Later the check bounces now he's out that money plus any fees from the bank. Long story short, you should not have to spend your own funds on your account for a legitimate job. It opens you up to liability. If it's a real business, they will have a business account with their name.


Total scam. Who asks someone they’ve never met, not even by phone or video, to “pay for goods and office supplies?” Even if you were still taking to this scammer, if they were essentially asking you to open a branch office, there would need to be a contract. Block, delete, get yourself a great real job.


The scam is that you deposit the check. It takes several days for the check to ACTUALLY go through (usually because they're using some small bank that can't instantly transfer funds like the major banks), but your bank simply credits your account anyway, so you have an extra $5,000 in there. The person gets back in touch and says it was a mistake, wire the money back now or we're sueing/calling the cops. You send them $5,000 from your account. A few days later the check in done processing and it turns out it bounced, the bank takes back that $5,000 they spotted you.


you can call the bank the check comes from and they can check the number of the check to see if it's realy. When you find out it's not, email this person back and say "hey it looks like the check was no good, can you send another?"


100% a scam. They will have you send money to 'vendors' or whatever excuse which will be what you end up losing. The $5k deposited will bounce so that'll net $0, + your bank would charge fees. Don't deposit the check. If you did tell your bank right away. Don't respond to the email, be wary of wherever this job was posted. Report the post if possible.


Oh please OP now that you know this is a scam. Please please please…… pa lease! Tell the scammer you deposited the check and see what your “tasks” are. Keep the scam alive and turn the tables. DONT ACTUALLY deposit the check. Just blow smoke and keep wasting his time.


It's a scam, don't deposit the check. You don't have to do anything about it other than ignore it, but if you feel like it you can report the emails and check as a scam.


Huge scam. A good friend of mine lost his entire savings to one of these schemes. Don’t touch this with a ten foot pole.


The scammer usually asks you to refund part of the money by wire in the hopes that your bank will take its time in notifying you the it was a bad check. One thing you can do is go to the bank and ask them if it is a real check. They are usually alert to these sorts of fraud. Nobody send money like that out of the blue.


Your bank will have no way to know if it’s a stolen or forged check on a valid account. don’t rely on this advice to ask your bank ETA: as posted down thread, it's a good idea to ask the Bank, they may be able to stop most if not nearly all scammers. Just be aware, if one slips through, and gets clawed back, well that could happen, per the circumstances just noted."


This is always done with a cashier's check, which is issued by the bank - which is both what makes people fall for the scam and also what makes it easy to prove the fraud. Your bank calls up the issuing bank who says "we didn't issue that." The scammer just relies on the fact that the bank isn't going to verify the check before they release the funds. But if you ask the bank to verify it before you try to deposit, they'll be happy to.


I always wonder what would happen in these classic scams if you just went to the issuing bank and cashed the check.


Probably hold you and not the scammers criminally liable, close your accounts and ban you from doing business with them.


> You will be carrying out your first task/errands as we would be needing to pay for some goods & office supplies Scam. This sentence right here points at it being a scam.


I'm surprised there are people who still haven't heard of this scam. It's like one of the most popular scams today. You cash the check. Mail them the payment. Check bounces because it's fake. The money you sent to them is now on you.


100 percent scam report it to your bank or PD and leave it at that. Just put as much info as you can in the hands of an agency that has more ability to pursue it.


Like 5 years ago something similar happened to me, they sent me two checks, instead of deposit the check i went to a cashier to get the cash and they called the bank and the bank told them to retain the checks, never had a answer of why. I guess my intention to keep the money save me a big problem with the bank. 🤣


Scam. Just based on the first sentence


Don't deposit the check as others have said. If you'd like you can take a look at r/scams which sees this scam multiple times a day. If you really think about it it doesn't make any sense. Why would they pay you upfront? Why would they have you deal with their vendor when they are the company? That accounting would be a nightmare. I bet they also "interviewed/hired" you via chat like WhatsApp or Telegram. You probably didn't even apply to their "job" but they wrote to you because they saw you on Indeed or LinkedIn. Sadly no one is paying a high salary to run errands. I'm sorry this happened to you. Glad you didn't get scammed.


Smells like a scam, they will print you a check and the bank will cash it and weeks later they will find out it is bogus and come after you for the money. Do not have anything else to do with them.


I feel like singing: It's ..... ahhhhh....SCAM! It's a scam, they'll steal everything that they can! It's not a job, not employment, they'll rip you off all for their own ENJOYMENT!!!! ​ ​ (We watched Carol Burnett at lunch)


alarms bells of "too good to be true" and "nothing is free/no easy money" should be going off in your head


Scam, and if you deposit and spend the money you'll be left holding the bag when the counterfeit check is returned.


Throw it in the trash and block the number. Good luck on the job hunt


One clue is the odd use of tense, which I sometimes hear from coworkers in India. Example 1: a check would be made out to you, instead of will be made out to you Example 2: you would be getting instructions, instead of will be getting instructions


It is a scam. No further thought required. Do nothing with the cheque and do not respond to the sender.


The best you could do is tell them you deposited it, they’ll never know because it’s not a real check. Then when they ask you to buy stuff through the link they send , tell them you found a better deal and start price haggling with them. You’ll waste a little of their time and maybe get a chuckle or two if they start getting pissy with you. Unfortunately, that’s about all that check is worth


Put the cheque in the bin. If you really want to know its a scam, tell them you cashed it, and that they should check their account to see it was debited. (since you **threw it in the bin because you aren't silly!** you know anything they say is a lie when they confirm it has been debited). Depending on how interested you are as to how the scam works, wait for them to give you the next tasks. (this will be urgent for them, so they won't hold back on asking you to do it, since the bank will be verifying the forgery any time now!! - that wont happen *because you threw out the cheque* **right?**) and when they inevitably ask you to buy them 2.5k worth of something easily fungible (like gift cards) you will understand how the scam works. Keep them on the hook if you want, maybe go and print a picture of you mooning them on some paper and mail it wherever they ask you to send it. But then again, they are criminals. Maybe don't fuck with them because "following the law" is optional for them, and they might not be nice people.


If they can send you a check, why can't they send a check to the "suppliers"?


This happened to me only they had a copy of my business checks. $60,000 was lost to the scam. The people hurt were the folks that needed the job. My bank stopped payment on all of the checks. The checks bounced and the money was debited from the unsuspecting account holder and I had several calls from the victims wanting to know where the money went. Very sad. I no longer use checks for any reason.


If they do actually send a physical check through the mail, give it to the postal inspector. Police don't investigate but the USPO will.


Australian here. Nobody uses checks here anymore bar stock registries as a last resort. Scam.


>*You will be carrying out your first task/errands as we would be needing to pay for some goods & office supplies* **SCAM** for sure if you want to play with them.. give them the local Police Department address if they want to ship something to you this will be either a gift card scam or a shipping scam where they will you as a middle man to ship orders from Amazon that they purchases with stolen credit cards..


Just wanted to chime in, this almost happened to me as well. Someone contacted me about a similar job offer, sent me the check, but thankfully a lightbulb went off in my head. This was around 15 years ago mind you. If it’s too good to be true it 100% is.


It’s nearly 2023 , why do cheques still exist in situations like this. Tell the scammers to do a bank transfer of the 5k


Australians don't use cheques (notice the spelling) for general banking and we haven't for a good 20 years. Not sure why the most advanced country in the world still does, but I digress. We use bank transfers for moving cash around (another tip, even if someone gives you a transfer receipt, wait until the money clears before doing anything with it). There's rarely a case to be made for bank cheques (I used one to pay for a car, they're guaranteed by the bank so the buyer knows it will clear and it saved me having to carry 15k to a guy I've never met) but if you tried to pay anyone in Australia with a personal cheque they'd probably look at you funny.


it's an advanced check scam, don't cash and throw it away


Look at the check. Take note of the company on the check. Call that company, let them know they have been involved in a scam. Call your local police, tell them the same. Do not destroy the check.


SCAM The check is fake. [https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/how-spot-avoid-report-fake-check-scams](https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/how-spot-avoid-report-fake-check-scams) In a fake check scam, a person you don’t know asks you to deposit a check— sometimes for several thousand dollars, and usually for more than you are owed — and send some of the money to another person. The scammers always have a good story to explain why you can’t keep all the money. They might say they need you to cover taxes or fees, you’ll need to buy supplies, or something else. Fake checks come in many forms. They might look like business or personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, or a check delivered electronically. Here’s what you need to know about fake check scams.


If something feels to good to be true, it usually is - works with all aspects of life


This happened to me when I tried advertising for some computer repair side work. The check they sent me was drawn on Wells Fargo and when I looked up the name on the check, it was an old couple from Kansas or something. Wells Fargo happened to have a branch next door to my work. I took the check there on my lunch break the next day and handed them everything. The check, the envelope, and a printout of the correspondence. When I approached the counter, they had a sign taped to it detailing this exact scam. The scammer was irate when I told him. He replied that "You were supposed to deposit it into YOUR bank" and I told him, "but Wells Fargo IS my bank!" even though I've never dealt with them. He demanded that I send the check back to him and I was like, sure... ok. I hope the bank caught that bastard. It all felt shady from the start.


Granddaughter "knew what she was doing" when she signed up with one of these "companies". I won't say how much her payments are to us for covering her losses.


My SIL fell for this scam. They asked her to wire part of the money back to make sure 'all processes were in place'. My brother wasn't aware until his car insurance company notified him that his coverage lapsed due to insufficient funds. He has a job where no insurance put his livelihood in jeopardy.


Check out r/scams. This is a variation of the classic fake check scam. You deposit the check. Your bank gives you availability of the funds. You then are instructed to send money for the supplies, or some other reason, to a third party. Some time down the road the fake check is charged back to your account. It could take days or weeks, even a month or two, but it will come back. There is no job. The check is fake.


You know it’s a scam. I can tell by your giant post. Why do you doubt your instincts?


SCAM SCAM SCAM!! This happened to my son. Take the check to your bank and have them do a fraud check on it if you want confirmation.


100% scam. I work at a bank and these are immediate red flags. I've seen them be deposited at other locations and watch as the customers bank account tanks


"feels like a scam" If you get that feeling, it is a 99.99% certainty to be a scam. Always trust those spidey senses.


"Administrative assistant" should be your first clue that it's a scam.


Don't deposit the check. If you can cash it *at the institution where it's drawn* then pocket the money and walk away. But the bank will not cash this check, for the same reasons they won't honor it for the clearing house transaction after you deposit it. Call the bank, and ask a banker directly whether or not this check, at this moment, will clear. Guarantee they say no.


Isn't what you're suggesting here.... fraud?


Reminder: Ask a banker does not mean ask a teller.


fell for this before. deposited check, bank immediately closed my account. no questions. sucked


Everyone's talking about fake cheques and scams. Meanwhile here in my third world country almost everyone around me uses internet banking, every transaction is almost instant. We can literally pay for things by doing a transfer on our banking app and showing the vendor the result screen (and they receive a near instant notification too). I have not personally seen a real cheque in my entire life. Sometimes I really wonder why the American banking system can be so out of date.


We can do that, too, but checks still exist.


But really, why? I cannot see a single merit to the use of cheques. Is it just an old habit?


Everything involving a check is a scam. Checks haven't been used for I don't know, a decade or so?


So question for yall. Obviously the check is going to bounce. But what's the harm in just depositing the check anways if you are not going to stay in contact with the scammers and go along with their plan?


When the check bounces from your legit account, the bank may suspect (incorrectly) that you were involved with the scam with ill intentions and shut your (legit) account down.


And even if they don't shut down your account, they charge a fee for the check bouncing.


Ah I see, that makes sense. I guess better to ignore it completely.


I'm sure if you shredded it, it would make passable cat litter. Beyond that, its uses are limited.


The only winning move is not to play. The absolute best-case scenario is that either your teller catches on that you're being scammed, or you end up with a red flag on your account for trying to pass dodgy cheques. That's it. That's as good as it gets. It all goes downhill from there. The important part to understand is that the money does not exist. There's no way you can trick the scammer out of the money, because the money simply doesn't exist. The compulsion of "I know it's not mine, I just want to hold it", "I just want to see the numbers in my account", etc is exactly the dangerous path the scams rely on to entice you to do things you know are stupid. The numbers you see in your account are essentially a short-term loan from your bank as a courtesy while they attempt to clear the cheque. There's nothing warm and fuzzy about them - they're a debt, a liability. And I'll be honest - if you deposit the cheque because you're not sensible enough to ignore it, there's a high chance you'll spend those fictional numbers because you're not sensible enough to ignore them either. Another issue is that cheques take a lot longer to clear than most people realise. How long are you going to leave those numbers in your bank before it starts to eat at you that it might have worked? If the cheque is from a foreign bank (which would be consistent with the scam) it could be several weeks. (And if you try to cash it somewhere that isn't a bank - you're passing fraudulent cheques. You're not scamming the scammer, you're scamming the innocent business you cashed it at, and now the police are looking for you instead of the scammer.) The only winning move is not to play.


The bank decides you’re not smart enough to realize the check is bad and closes your account.


Almost certainly a scam. What bank is the check from?


Happened to me too. Total scam. They sent me the check and I sent everything to the FBI but I doubt anything will come of it.