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Never forget that Liverpool didn't score a single goal in 3 finals this season, the same season they claimed they're winning the quadruple....


Toni Kroos asked on German TV if he was surprised about Liverpool dominating. "You had 90 minutes and you come up with two shit questions," and walks away from the interview. "Two negative questions, you can tell right away that you're German."[[Source]](https://twitter.com/LGAmbrose/status/1530672656453758977?t=X37dCpwhyfVhIbJGdnTNuA&s=19)


Can someone please share full match download link?


Carra you dumb fuck


Micah Richards: Over the last 6 months, Thibaut Courtois has convinced me that he’s finally at the level of Jordan Pickford.


Also Micah Richards: Over the last 6 months, Luka Modric has convinced me that he’s finally at the level of Declan Rice.


What a game what a result! Hats off to Rodrygo, Camavinga, Courtois & Nacho.


We are the greatest. Hala Madrid


Dani Carvajal is not being talked about enough. His best performance in a long time. What a player he is when he is on song


Getting embarrassed by Mbappé awakened something in him.


I see a lot of people and pundits (especially the British ones, go figure) mentioning the zero shots on target and using that stat to say City dominated the game. I don't think it shows the true story of the game at all, it was a very even match for me and the claims that City dominated for 180 minutes and still lost are completely unfair IMO. We had a bunch of really good chances - that Benz header when he was completely alone, Vini's shot early on that went over the bar, his chance at the start of the 2nd half, that one on one vs Ederson Benz missed and was called offside (from the replay it seemed to me that he wasn't offside or was at least veeeerrry close, if he had scored that VAR would definitely check the decision), etc. Everybody just kinda ignores them because all of the shots ended up off target, wgen infact some of those situations were much bigger chances than half of City's shots on goal that went straight into Courtois. They had some major chances as well ofc but I think it was at least a 50-50 game. Definitely one of the best performances from the boys this season, huge props to all of them and Carlo. Bring on the final!!


Let them talk shit, us being underdogs is ideal.


This was insane, I can’t believe Madrid did another comeback. I just hope y’all win the ucl


Man.. i dont think people are ready for real madrid next season. Scary times ahead


Did anybody notice, there was this moment early in the game, when City had continued possession and RM midfield was trying hard to get it back(not that city was able to get the ball in the penalty box on this occasion, they werre juste passing around the midfield to get a defense splitting pass or a clear shot from long distance at goal). And then, Carval or Militao someone intercepts a pass. And then ball is with militao on the edge and he is cornered. Like what we saw often in the game, Militao did not have a clue what to do with it or find a pass forward (or backward) and he cleared it. But again, as usual, the ball went out of play and you could see Modric and Benzema visibly frustrated. Heck, Benzema even shouted to Militao which i assume was to make a short pass and keep the possession. Curiously enough, there was a change in tactic then and there, it looked like militao swapped position with Casemiro. We could see Militao moving forward and casemiro being the last defender on the right side. I think that was a great move. They have been targeting Militao so much and pressing him hard since first leg second half. And that switch between Militao or Casemiro worked. And since then, it looked like either City stopped pressing him hard or he could make a pass to a teammate just in time before they came pressing. I hope Militao improves on how to react to pressing. Most of the RM midfield and defense starting eleven and (even bench!) is pretty press resistant and they just know how to break free. I hope Militao picks up that skill sooner than later. All top teams of the present relies majorly on heavy pressing (i am thinking Liverpool, Chelsea, City and the likes) to gain possession and create chances out of opponents mistakes (almost to the extend of being one dimensional!). One of the reason RM comes on top over such teams is their press resistance. They just know they will find a pass somewhere during the opponents press.


Spot on


It shows that opposition coaches have done their homework when they set up the right triggers to target vulnerable players - keep in mind a heavily targeted player will be forced to look worse than a player that is left alone (e.g. Kroos vs Liverpool last year and Kroos vs City) That being said, Militao’s primary method of breaking through a press effectively is to run with the ball, not passing it, so he suffers the most when forced into the corner with few passing options.


"Militao's primary method of breaking a press effectively is to run with the ball". Now that you said this, I see it more clearly, he was moved a bit forward and casemiro took his position for a while, and I could see him running forward with ball when City tried to press him. That worked for him. And regarding Kroos in the second leg, I believe he did come on top vs KDB. He constantly pressed KDB when he had the ball. That meant he had no real chance of making a key pass or put a shot on target. But in the first leg as CDM, Kroos was not able to support the backline as much as the team would have wanted.


When people talk about defenders "being good on the ball" and what not, I personally think there's different types of that. Militao does look gangly and clumsy with the ball, doesn't look composed, and is very uncomfortable with his first touch/passing with his left foot, but (maybe because he had played as a right back?) has a really good change of pace and overall way above average control at speed than a typical CB. I think his ball carrying ability is very underrated, actually. Re: Kroos - Kroos has never been a particularly press resistant player as an individual, because he lacks the nimbleness and deft first touch that Modric has. He struggles so much when being double teamed by the opposition as a lone pivot. Kroos does contribute *massively* towards our overall press resistance however when he's able to offer himself as a passing outlet because when he can do that freely, he can legitimately put the ball anywhere he likes on the field, which can lead to transition opportunities out of *nothing*. And that's what makes KCM so inconsistent at times - they can be the best in the world in one game and completely neutralized in another. Unfortunately, as of right now I think teams are learning to contain them more often than not.


Instead of a classic 4-3-3, which uses one CDM. Ancelotti covered RM's weaknesses by placing a 4-2-3-1 in attacking and 4-4-1-1 in defending with Casemiro and Kroos occupying zone 14 defensively. MC is harder to get a pass in zone 14 into half-spaces. That's why MC had to rely on long shots a lot.


I agree Militao was even moving forward with the ball while Dani stayed behind. It was still no man's land for Militao as he didn't know what to do either but it did break through the press.


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Carlo out Benzema out Jovic should starting! Hahaha


real Madrid is magic 🤩😍😍😍




absolutely unfucking real this fucking team just doesn't quit. I fully believe we'll be getting it done in Paris


Yea boi


Liverpool-Real Madrid is now the most repeated European cup/UCL final in history. Never in history have two teams played each other 3 times in the final.


Next year we’ll get you!!!


Nah you'll lose to Leipzig or something


Go cry


Team rocket is blasting off again!!!


I love the fact that we have 4 “meaningless” games between now and the CL final, while Liverpool have to play 4 do or die PL matches and an FA Cup final against Chelsea before the CL final…


Match sharpness will help them a bit so we can’t afford to rest too much


Not having any match of real importance will give us the option to do prepare perfectly. Pintus, the players and Carlo have all the possibilities to manage form and fatigue perfectly. We now have 23 days to prepare for this match, we have no excuse to have any fatigued players. Injuries can of course happen anytime and anywhere, even outside of matches, but we should manage our players carefully. If Liverpool does that, they risk of losing out on a trophy... They have to play: Tottenham - Aston Villa - Chelsea - Southampton - Wolverhampton before they play us


Inb4 Carlo starts Benz in the atletico match and everyone collectively shits their pants


Actually we should play normally because match sharpness is key. Liverpool would have a bunch of finals and as I call it practice matches before the big one. I don't need them to get use to the intensity of a finals match. We need to stay sharp. Season is ending and I will be happy everyone starts but not play the entire 90. Maybe 45 or 60.


Tbh I would understand that. Even if there are "meaningless" games we're still gonna try to win them, winning are only gonna boost our confidence. Especially for attackers like Benzema, scoring goals is very important for their mindset. Of course any rotation is welcome and we have to be very careful with possible injuries.


There's one important reason why Benzema will be playing every single game but should be rotated out of the squad between the 50th and 60th minute. Players need to play regularly to keep their form. I would also like to see Kareem reach the 50 goal mark but thats going to be tough.


It is up to the coaching staff and the players on how they want to prepare for the CL final. We are champions, we have the luxury of not having to win any league game anymore. Liverpool still has 4 titles to play for. They are second in the league, play the league cup and FA Cup final + Champions League final. They cannot afford the same rest (also mentally) as us.


We can shit the bed against Betis imo. Keeping Atleti out of CL is it's own reward.


Went to sleep at the 85th minute because I’m sick. Did I miss anything?


just the usual stuff.




See you in Paris. I really love this team so much. Hala Madrid!


I like us to be under dog all until we win it.


some City fans, not all : First they say they lost because of the referee. Now they say they lost because of depth issues. Are you kidding me? You're literally the only team that **cannot** talk about depth issues. You have backups that cost more than what other teams' starters cost.


As a city fan I completely agree although the ref done some questionable decisions (for both teams both real and city) we just couldn’t pull through in the end well done Madrid👏🏾 next year💪🏾


The referee part pisses me off they say why he gives 6 mins to Madrid while Walker was on the ground for 10 mins to waste time


Also, the argument of "why did the ref give 6 mins of added time when Madrid were trailing and only 3 when City were in the same position??????" kinda falls apart completely when you take into account the 6 minutes were supposed to account for a full 45 minute half and the 3 mins were after a 15 min period of play.


Pretty sure their bench costs more than every other teams first team bar Liverpool, Chelsea and MU, PSG, You, Barca (maybe) and maybe Bayern.


Barca? Nah. It’s funny that MU spends so much and even got Ronaldo yet they haven’t actually been good in forever


Yeah, maybe not Barca. MU is mental. They are a business now, not a football club. For all the praise they had through SAF, the latter years they didn't scout well. I honestly wonder how well MU would have been, if current SAF and Co were up against City, Chelsea and Liverpool in their current forms. I'm sure MU would be much better and won some titles, but maybe not as dominant? MU can't buy strikers. Berbatov was their best striker, got rid. Signed RVP from rivals. Got rid after a few seasons. Ibrahimovich was their best striker, got rid. Cavani and Igahlo, both old. Same with Ronaldo. he is there best player, but still isn't going to out produce, Zema, Lewa, Salah, Kane. If they didn't mismanage Rashford and Martial, they might have two good promising young forwards. Now their fans are harping on about a full rebuild, where are they getting the money from?


It’s crazy when even having Cavani or Ronaldo they’re not really seen as threat in UCL


Good morning madristas!!! How is everybody feeling?! My workday is starting with a fresh set of tears here!!!!


Amazing. I couldn't sleep after the match. so much adrenaline. It's good to be a Madridista.


As a Liverpool fan, thank you so much. I am relieved at not having to lose to City. Madrid are royalty and belong on the biggest stage. I could live with losing to you guys, and practically expect it at this point. Hell, it's already happened before recently. Going to be a proper European final. This could well be the greatest comeback ever in Europe. Congrats.


Truly embarrassing, sorry ass post from you. Going into a final conceding we would lose to both teams? Calling this the greatest comeback? I’m beginning to think you started being a liverpool fan last week.


I've forgotten more Liverpool games than you'll watch in this lifetime. Jog on clown.


Yeah clearly... calling Madrid the best comeback when we’ve literally had 2 better European comebacks just under Klopp alone.. and that’s all without even mentioning the blasphemy of you putting a random semifinal comeback over Istanbul


Two European Giants. 1-1 Final record. Everything at stake...hope its a classic!


Match ain't played yet bud. I fancy Liverpool giving Madrid a run for their money. Everything is open, it'll be a great match with two classic teams! May the best one win.


Love you 😘


Jesus christ grow a spine




Ancelotti deserves more credit for this. He got the tactics and the substitutions absolutely spot on tonight, and we would've been 3-0 up by the 90th minute if it wasn't for our attackers (I'm looking at you, Vini) deciding to miss sitters for fun.


Vini needs to work on his finishing and his first touches. That is the only thing preventing him from being “world class” he has everything else.


Dude...17 goals for the team this year. He exploded statistically from last year. Incredible already.


Could've easily been more tho


People can always do more, agreed, but one cannot take away the fact that he already is at a certain level in a certain team and at a certain age.


Agreed. Time is on his side tho, to improve.


Poor sleepy me slept after 86 minutes 🤦‍♂️ Can anyone kindly tell me where I can get the full match highlight?


[here you go](https://twitter.com/totalcristiano/status/1521991722275950592?s=21&t=2UjCPOCM_3In2KhFnrCK3Q)


Its beautiful


Sounds like you going to sleep one us the game. Bro here me out…if we are down in the 86th minute against Liverpool…get the fuck in bed


Lol stop being judgemental, I am a Madrid fan, and the time was here at 2.45 at night, I had an ill, tiring day. Don't act like you are the one true goat supporter out there.


Not like that m8, fellow madridista below me explains it perfectly. Your sleep was our good luck charm! Actually tbh I was a bad supporter today, I really doubted our ability to win after Benz missed that header. I thought we were fucked, our shooting boots weren’t on. And I like never give up on this team. Rodrygo sure showed me lol.


Ok fair enough, I misunderstood it then, sorry, will try it if nothing else seems to work in the final 🤣🤣


If you ever have trouble sleeping during a game, let us know where you live. The community will send a volunteer to gently "clock you out". 😉


ok boss, will look forward to that


I don't think they were, if I understand it correctly they were merely making a joke about your sleeping being a good luck charm


Ok sorry then, looks like I misunderstood.


Saw a prime Carvajal yesterday.


I told you guys, Carva still has it. We need a good backup RB, not a starter for 50M, who would probably be weaker yesterday vs City than our boy Dani with all his hearth and commitment.


And nobody talks about Mendy, kept the left flank relatively silent and just before the comeback began cleared a shot of the line to keep us in the game. Don't forget about Courtois, so many saves and the main reason we could still believe that we would come back.


Watched this late on DVR with no spoilers so just coming to the party. Worked late and put the little one to sleep. What a match. They really do know how to work the blood pressure and the heart. Vini worked the muscles of Walker. Boy thought he could keep that pace all match. Nacho really shined for me. Loyal and has always been there. He really did a great job. Casemiro, damn what nice way to fill in the space and Camavinga was a damn good replacement. Rodrygo went with the flow and thank God for it. Now when you focus all your energy on Benz and Vini, we have another outlet. Just nice to get everyone’s confidence up before the finals because that shot will be tough. Courtois just reminded me of Casillas this whole match. He showed up when needed. He has been monster all season. The ref was not consistent but was ok. The start of the second half had me applauding. Ancelotti sure had that trick off his sleeve. If only that was able to go in. That is coaching with a trump card and game plan. Hope he has a few more for the finals.


Nacho was the unsung hero in this game. Man did not put a foot wrong the whole game


Nacho had maybe his best game ever.


Didn't really have much trust in the guy but boy did he prove me wrong tonight. His positioning was perfect , I think Casemiro playing the way he did prevented our defense from being overrun and allowed our backline to actually play.


We played with two cdms. Kroos and Casemiro nullyfying De Bruyne.


He was elite


Vini left Walker gasping for breath.


Left us gasping as well with his missed chances


Somewhere in Paris Ramos was on the floor, rolling in pain again over these misses.


What a Fucken game from captain Nachete! I would leave my wife for him.


Carvajal have been fucking immense today ngl


Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well and thus I slept early. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch the match. When I woke up this morning, I literally couldn’t believe when I saw the scoreline. Honestly, I fucking regret not being able to watch the game. The greatest club itw and I mean it. I love this club maannn! I reiterate this one more time, “90 minutes is an eternity at the Bernabéu.” Hala Fucking Madridd!!!




City stans thought they had the best Bald in the world. Little did they know that we had our own true Bald GOAT doing the black magic. The Zizou spirit lives on, and my God this club and its mentality is off the roof. Let's give some of this medicine to Liverpool come the finals. ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪ ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪


Highly recommend this NYT article about the game. Made me feel so good 🥰 https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/04/sports/soccer/real-madrid-man-city-champions-league.html?referringSource=articleShare


Good read.


Our youngsters have summoned the ghosts of the Bernabeu to rise, because Madrid was in a different dimension last night.


I slept 3 hours last night, couldn't sleep even after 1 hour of the game! I don't even feel tired lmao. This was one of the most beautiful nights in my life. Hala Madrid!


Rodrygo scored the first goal and the commentators said it's too late. I like how everyone including commentators hate this team. But this hate makes this team unstoppable.


At the very beginning of every game, Real Madrid should announce : "90mins at the Bernabeu is a very long time so with due respect, calm your titties and wait for the final whistle."


What ??? I think everyone thought it was too late so how is that hating ? 😭


I didn't. I thought VAAAMMMOSSSS!


Stop lying


Why?, the 2 previous legs showed Madrid only needed a goal to believe, at least I was pretty sure it would happen, so when Rodrygo scored the first goal I knew Remontada was possible


You just don't know english commentators.


I want one of those sideline cam vids, if someone comes across any post the links plzzzzz


I made an analysis on why we had all the capability to overcome this City team. I told you all, there isn't an alternate universe out there where we don't crush this City team. I got called "naive", Dangerously underestimating the "great City", "needing glasses". Now I hope you lots would realize that you were the ones vastly underestimating Real Madrid and what we stand for. Keep your stats ( Never beat Chelsea, Never qualified after losing the semis first leg, bad record vs Guardiola, last time we played Liverpool in Paris in UCL final we lost etc.). They don't apply to us! I also hope you keep your EPL bias in check next time. Just because they get hyped doesn't mean these players or managers are all that phenomenal. These teams are beatable. The proof is in the pudding. We did it with a broken team. Three times in a row. Image with Mbappe, Rudiger, Tchouameni etc. The people who hear names and shit their pants are the same who watch our games with a finger on the power button. Ready to turn it off the minutes we concede. Please learn what the Madridista spirit is about. We are not lucky. We give our all to win, always, and regardless. It doesn't matter how, where or against who. Liverpool is no different. Before you start telling me how great they have been this season, allow me to tell you I don't give two shits and neither does the team. We will triumph because that's what we do, and that's who we are. Hala Madrid.


Hala Madrid


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I came here for the party, it was a classic Real Madrid champions match




Thank you for this CL run. Nice break from watching United and the players giving zero fucks every week


I know how you feel. Madrid shall be my second team


Been my second team forever now


My second favourite player behind CR7 is Mbappe since 2017, so I’ve been following Madrid the past few years in anticipation of him going (idk if that makes me sound plastic or not lool)


Our first UCL final post Ronaldo and Ramos (two historic players from both defense and offense), The rest of the old guard has a chance to win ANOTHER UCL, and the young key players have their first chance at glory


BARCELONA Fan here. Just came here to say congratulations, you guys deserved it. Rodrygo is a hell of a player with bright future. Real rivals respect each other and moments like this. I hope your performances motivate our boys for next season. Good luck in the final, eternal rivals.


Hope you guys come back (but not too much). We need that rivalry


I don't usually make peace with Barca fans, but I appreciate that. You're right, real rivals should show respect when it's due. May next season be favorable for both our teams!


Man, for all the hype that city get from biased english media about what a goat team they are, they still lost to the worst real madrid team in almost 15 years... The result made me think that it was lucky this Man city side weren't playing against the Madrid from 5 yrs ago (which actually had a decent defence, a midfield with more legs, and were way more clinical) because idk how the English media would handle how bad city would have been trounced...I only say this because of how hyped this city side are... Also, I don't think I remember a time where madrid were so underestimated in the champions league...even in the days of the 2nd round curse, they were still favourites in all those ties that they didn't progress from....tbh as a milan fan this cl run reminds me of our 2007 run when everyone thought we were finished because of calciopli and losing shevchenko I've also appreciated Madrid knocking out all these plastic, bootleg Madrid wannabe clubs on their path to the final...it's pretty symbolic, I mean it's like the most historic club in football sending these plastic clubs back home and telling them that they can't buy history


I’m glad it didn’t happen. I’m sick of all English. England team fans are arrogant


You guys are brilliant , never thought the game was over until the whistle blows with you lot, magic. Heard good things about Caminvanga and man did he really impress today


Holy shit man this is the most magical insane CL run I’ve see since I started following Real Madrid in 2009. More magical than Chelsea in 2012. Three insane comebacks in a row. I’ve just not seen anything like this in sports in a while. Who the hell knows what’s in store against Liverpool. Hala Madrid!


Anyone know where I can get champions leagues final tickets ??




For people wondering why the ref didn’t hesitate to call the penalty even tho it wasn’t that obvious without a replay: No he doesn’t have superhuman vision. Refs just do their homework and know players reputations. Benzema is an anomaly since he’s the only striker (top striker at least) who never dives and refs know that very well. So when he fell down and claim a fault that’s usually an automatic… for most refs that’s enough and no need a review.


I wholeheartedly agree.


Hear me out. If we win against Liverpool, the credit goes to the younger players. Rodrygo, Vini, Militao, Valverde, Camavinga, etc. Yes Benz had some very important hat tricks, but the way the youngsters changed the game when they came on or started is mind-blowing. I will definitely be thanking Benz, but I will be thanking the young players more. Hala Madrid!


Benzema and Courtois first, but I agree they were awesome and essential too.


I haven’t been able to sleep honestly from the excitement and adrenaline. It’s literally 4:49 am where I live im still processing what the fuck just happened that was so beautiful I literally cried. Yea I think I’ll go sleep now goodnight love you all I love this team.


After we beat Liverpool, we will celebrate humiliating the ignorant English, and their shitty ass league they keep overhyping and shoving down our throats


Relax bruh


Thank you Real Madrid,i placed a bet with corect score and i won a lot of money,as i sayed long time ago Vamos Real Madrid,Champions League is our 💪💪💪💪💪💪😘😘😘😘😘😘


Don’t even know why a bothered but the Liverpool sub completely thinks the title is theirs. Hope we prove them wrong


Well, even PSG, Chelsea and Man City thought the same thing. And look at the score csrd.


Idk guys…two kids along with Benzema carrying RM into another final. This is history.


English pundits and channels are a cancer lol. They never learn, Only, Rio ferdinand understands things and deserves praise. Henry,Carragher, micah richards, crouch, mcmanaman idgaf how its spelled are all saying they are confident Liverpool wins the final. The disrespect towards Madrid is unreal. We’ll batter Liverpool again, just like 2018 and just like last year


Been battering us since the R16


I had to go to a family member’s birthday celebration and maybe I had a feeling, but I said I wouldn’t be able to make it around 5pm EST, which is around the time the match should’ve ended had it ended in FT. Holy shit. This season has been a roller coaster, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Hala Madrid y nada mas!


Edit: Tibo Courtois is the nr1 GK on the planet at the moment, no ifs, buts, or maybes. Top 5 player in the world. Last week I was critical of Ferland Mendy, tonight he showed that he was a madridsimo, not many players will dive into a goal-line clearance in the 86th minute when you need 3 goals to win. He had a decent game overall and I need him to show that he’s the best LB in the world on May 28. Carvajal is generational and he’s shown that before. This season he’s been lacking timing and today it all clicked. Tremendous game from him, composure and quality was all there and it was needed for the remontada. Best RB since the rival Brazilian, none of this English bs. Nacho deserves a section at the Valdebas named after him(I might be a little high on life tonight but let me roll with it). He’s a Blanco through and through and tonight he made sure Eder Militao didn’t drop a stinker like last week. Casemiro and his defensive positioning, and ability to play dirty enough to disrupt the opponent and not get booked is a quality that’s about as rare and important as 40 goals per season. His leadership and orchestration of our defense is a huge part of what will give us nr 14. Kroos never had the athletic ability of a Fede, Cama or Case so I’m not buying anyone criticizing his pace and jumping. He’s there to control the pace of the game and he did that very well tonight. Modric should be an adjective so I’ll summarize his game with this, Modric. Eduardo Camavinga and Federico Valverde will be the best CM pairing ever(!!!) once their careers are over. Big game players with an incredible mentality. Benz and Vini were good tonight, it’s getting a little repetitive that they’re always combining for greatness so it was a little shock to the system seeing Carlo instruct them to stay up top and play on the break. Didn’t get much to work with in the first 80 or so minutes but once we started pressuring them in their own half we got the result. The man of the hour, 52 minutes to be exact, Rodrygo Goes was superb tonight, really managed to carry on the momentum from the last few months but especially the last few weeks. He’s the Prince of UCL and I can’t describe what he did to me tonight other than my Apple Watch warned me about my heart rate in extra time, it was at 130 and had been for over 10 minutes. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him, (obviously it’s in Real Madrid I’m thinking 100+ UCL goals and 5 UCLs with a WC maybe?) can’t believe some people on here were talking about loaning him out just a month or so ago. On to 14 🤍🤍🤍🤍






Modric as an adjective. Beautiful words.


I need the dressing room celebration videos now pls


they are on our twitter already bro


Link please? I don't know how to twitter, can never find jackshit.


https://twitter.com/realmadrid/status/1521991357266599936?s=21&t=BlsaNlsg0R_fc5lDPp5uSQ https://twitter.com/realmadrid/status/1521979288664391682?s=21&t=BlsaNlsg0R_fc5lDPp5uSQ https://twitter.com/realmadrid/status/1521978282417266702?s=21&t=BlsaNlsg0R_fc5lDPp5uSQ https://twitter.com/realmadrid/status/1521976356954849284?s=21&t=BlsaNlsg0R_fc5lDPp5uSQ


Awesome, thanks a lot!


no problem dude, enjoy!


So glad I didn’t turn the game off at the 80th minute. What a team! ¡Hala Madrid!


Neutral here. For me, this run is better than any of the runs from the three peat. What do you guys think? Football-wise it’s worse, emotion-wise it’s the best.


Yeah the emotional rollercoaster this year is unmatched. 16/17 football was orgasmic though




As a chelsea fan, i hope u smoke those scumbags in the final + really want hazard to get a cl medal


Yeah Hazard has carried


Himself to the couch while being injured lmao


It’s been 2 hours but I still feel euphoric what a fucking game! Unbelievable European night






Camavinga for 30m and Jack Grealish for 100m in the same transfer window. Uncle Flo showing the world how it should be done.


There are rules in British Premier League forcing the clubs to have a set number of UK-born and trained players. Any good Englishman is worth a lot more for the BPL clubs than just his sporting value. The top clubs have to register 25 spots as strong as they can, yet still have eight or ten "homegrown" players. So it's not that simple really to compare him and Camavinga. Grealish is a luxury player that City could afford without any problems, and he serves additional role in the squad as a homegrown member. Camavinga was much younger, less proven on big stage, his transfer wasn't inside the league, and he came from the league that sells players much more willingly than BPL.


Such a flawed definition there, mate. EPL homegrown players can be from any nationality as long as they play in the league for 3 years before turning 21. Fabregas and Pogba are good examples. So in this case, Man City "could" snatch Camavinga last year, play him for 3 years, and he would be considered as a homegrown afterward. Grealish is indeed a luxury but is not necessary which makes his price tag even more ridiculous, thus making my point even more relevant.


Holy fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!!! HALA MADRID!!


The last time Real Madrid lost a CL final was in 1980/81. That was against Liverpool and played in Paris. I thought that was interesting. https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/match/63741--liverpool-vs-real-madrid/ In 3 weeks we're going to get our revenge.


Didn't know that. ​ I knew about the fact that Spanish mens teams haven't lost a european final to non-spanish team in 21 years though.


Can someone link the quote about Real being like a horror movie monster? I think it was after the Chelsea game maybe.




I just want to show appreciation to our backline today. They kept us in the game till the last minutes. Carvajal, Militao, Nacho, Mendy, Valejo. Hats off to everyone.


Remember Camavinga fired his agent who insisted him to go to PSG and these are the players we want to buy who want to come here to play. What a game by him, Rodrygo, Nacho and Cortouis.


I was so heartbroken when the clock turned 90....and then to witness this is something out of a fairy tale. Hala Madrid - Y nada mas !


Mendy’s clearance was a lifesaver. It could have ricocheted off Foden and gone in and it would have been over.


1. Kind of crazy in ET that Nacho and Carvajal were the only seniors on the pitch. 1. Camavinga is so mature. He's been great. I might be biased, but good things happen when he moves the ball forward. 1. Casemiro did all the dirty work, and this game really showed how integral he is to the midfield.




My mistake. He was absolutely superb.


Please Mr ancelotti Nacho and militao must start in the final


[what the 😂](https://twitter.com/city_chief/status/1521968048206499846?s=21&t=d_X5gBm_oznsBQ-DU3LmDg)


????the team literally known for their bench is complaining about their bench, you can’t make this up


this is the last thing they can even complain about lmao


It’s been a hell of a ride, hala Madrid!


I am still in disbelief lol this is crazy


One more for the dead man!!! I feel like this season Real Madrid is like Jason Voorhees. Just unkillable machine ready to rise from the dead and destroy every single team


Hi guys I was wondering if anyone here is a Socio and if they would be able to get me tickets for the finals 🥺


¡ASÍ, ASÍ, ASÍ GANA EL MADRID! ¡Hala Madrid, Madridistas!


I stopped watching the game at 89 min and went to sleep, thinking damn.. cant watch it anymore. And just saw the score... cant believe my eye man... damn.. its a miracle .. hala madrid


Made the same mistake for atleti's final. Stopped at 92 and it still haunts me.