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**Buttermilk-Dressed Cabbage with Fried Capers & Black Garlic** *Serves 2 - 4* This is one of my favourite ways to eat cabbage. The fried capers are salty, crispy and satisfying, and the savoury black garlic brown butter works wonderfully well with the refreshing tang from the buttermilk dressing, lifted by the lemon. **INGREDIENTS** * 1 head cabbage (savoy, hispi or napa are great) * 50ml buttermilk * 2 tbsp. greek yoghurt * 2 tbsp. mayonnaise * 1 tsp. honey * 1 lemon * 2 tsp. white pepper * 2 large black garlic cloves * 1 small shallot * 30g chopped hazelbuts * 3 - 4 tbsp. capers * 90g unsalted butter (approx.) * fresh chives * gochugaru **METHOD** 1. Prepare the dressing by mixing the buttermilk, yoghurt, mayonnaise, honey and white pepper together. Finely chop the shallot and add it. Zest all of the lemon and set the gratings aside for later, but use ¼ of the juice in the dressing. Mix well until pourable. 2. Remove any loose outer leaves from the cabbage and cut straight down the centre and then again to make four segments. Heat some oil in a large pan and place them face down to caramelise and char a bit. Flip them and do the same on the other face side. When both are coloured, turn them onto their backs and add half of the butter and begin basting the segments. After a few minutes add the remaining butter along with two tbsp. of capers and baste again. Allow the capers to go crispy in the browning butter. Move the cabbage around a bit and cook the layers through while continuing to baste. A bit of bite is ok, but you can test it by pricking it with a skewer or trussing needle. When it is almost ready add the black garlic, chopped into pieces and turn the heat off. 3. To serve, place the cabbage segments on a platter or plates and spoon the capers and black garlic over the top. Squeeze a little bit more lemon and drizzle the dressing. Add some pinches of gochugaru, lemon zest, some chopped hazelnuts, some fresh and finely chopped chives. Add one to two more tbsp. of fresh capers if desired.


What’s the cleaver?


It is a standard Chinese clever bought from an Asian store many years ago, Jin zi Pai is the brand


Thank you!


Wow. That’s gorgeous!!


This looks amazing!! Can't wait to try.


Fried or roasted capers are so underrated


First time i have fried them. It was a revelation. I made a bacon dust for this recipe and after trying the capers I decided it didn’t need it


I love capers so, so much. I don’t have them enough, and I never thought to try them fried. I’m excited!!


Try it and report back, honestly they are incredible and for vegetarians especially I think they fill a very crucial umami meaty crispy slot


You can also roast them, it only takes like 5-10 mins


This recipe looks delicious but...bacon dust? Is that ground crispy bacon that you sprinkle like Kosher salt?


Baked prosciutto ham basically then ground up to a fine powder


The idea of buttermilk fried lettuce would have sounded disgusting if I hadn’t seen this picture for myself. Hats off to you sir


Thank you my fine friend! The buttermilk is a wonderful dressing just poured over at the end and the cabbage takes a wonderful char


You said hazelbuts…. Seriously. That looks amazing. I can’t wait to cook it. I like your site as well. Keep it up.


Dude this looks fucking incredible




Wow, thank you for making a recipe just for me lol! I'm going to buy a cabbage this weekend and change my meal plan accordingly.


My pleasure! So glad you liked it. If you could stop by my site and check it out and maybe sign up to the mailer it would be greatly appreciated


wow, what a dish! are the capers the ones in the brine or are they the salt preserved ones?




Can regular garlic be used if black garlic isn’t available?


Yep for sure. Make sure you cook it right though, raw garlic or over cooked garlic ain’t nice so just get a nice medium heat going


Nice! That recipe looks great! l have a cleaver very similar to that one l bought in Vancouver's 'Chinatown' in 1987 for under $10 CAD. l wonder if mine is a 'factory second' since the Chinese characters on mine are almost non existent since it was new VS the crisp ones on your blade. lt rusts pretty easily, but has a 'copper-like' sheen to it where some of the silvery steel stuff has worn off the blade. Very curious metal, but it keeps a fine edge. l use mine all the time.


Wow that sounds so similar, my mum go this one in the 90s and gave it to me a few years ago. The metal rusts so quickly right? It must have some Carbon in it. But they it can just scrub off easily, a very curious metal


Love the light contrast


Thank you, I was shooting by the window and it just all changed suddenly so I tried to adjust and roll with it


I saw the recipe yesterday ... and today I cooked it! Turned out amazing – super nice flavour-profile. Thank you very much for this! Here two images: https://imgur.com/a/o0xJ0nw


Amazing! So glad you liked it. Could I add it to my Instagram? And If yes what is your name


yes, of course! My name is christian :)


I LOVE cabbage (Raw purple cabbage as a snack, yes please) but it's a hard sell to the fam. This looks incredible!


It can be, the same with Brussels sprouts but o have several ways to make them delicious and have a 100% conversion rate


I saw this recipe yesterday, saved it, and made it today. We just finished shoving our faces full, too quickly for pictures, but it was SO. GOOD. Thank you so much for posting this, I shall be following your website for more goodness!


That warms my heart to head. So exciting that people are making and liking my creations!


I made it tonight, it was absolutely delicious! I did have to add more of all ingredients to the dressing, because I wasn't a fan of how much pepper there was. I should have followed my heart, but everything else I did as is and we had a great meal! Next time I'll just use 1/2 teaspoon of pepper instead of 2 :)


I own that same clever!! Neat


Every Chinese or Asian grocery store seems to have them and they are workhorses, although mine rusts as soon as you look at it. I think it’s some strange mix of carbon with something else, it’s not stainless. My mum gave it to me, she bought it with my grandmother years and years ago so it’s very special to me


Mine as well, my gran left it to my mum. Pretty neat. Special is the only description.


Tried to post a pic. But it wouldn't work. What number is on yours? (Mine is 3) Three Rams Brand.


Artful photograph…


These look like giant brusselsprouts from any restaurant in Nashville, TN.


They are that big? Well basically they are giant sprouts


No no haha. If brusselsprouts are giant. They look like brusselsprouts from any Nashville restaurant, IF they were giant


Ohhh I get ya


I thought that was chicken




You look delicious and healthy


This looks amazing!!


I made this tonight, and my wife loved it. High five!!


What are the calories of a serving?


No idea sorry