Yeah but I'm out of BPR


Yeah, I bought a bunch of LEAPs like 2.5 weeks ago, and my trading portfolio has been a sea of red since then. Sucks.


I have been looking at LEAPs for many tickers like TSLA, BABA, etc. For any options expiring in 2023, the spreads are horrible. Example, BABA Jan 20, 2023 $150 Calls are 18.90/20.15 which is almost 7%. To gain 7% on this option, underlying has to move over $6, which is about \~2%, that is just to make up for the spread and exit. Those volumes are zero or extremely low. Open interest is in 1000s. How do you decide what LEAPs to buy and what spreads are acceptable to you?


sad trombone


Sad boner


No such thing


B(uying) P(ower) R...?




Thnx ...The things you learn on this sub 🙂




This one hurts


All of my pcs are sitting in deep max loss territory right now. Iwm, spy, qqq, pltr. Feels so bad man


Got rid of my pcs on spy just in time 0.o not max loss but hurt still


Pardon my ignorance, what does pcs mean?


Put credit spread.




It’s Pussy Crushing Studs




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Sitting on my hands waiting to see what tommrow holds. Debating picking up some more shares of my dividend payers.


T and NLY look incredible to me right here.


T...gross. that thing is going sub $20.


With you there. It may be a buy at some point but that dividend is not being sustained at this stock price and then it will sink some more.


That’s the great thing about the market. People can disagree. Cell phone bills are basically inflation proof and recession proof guaranteed revenue. T isn’t going anywhere.


Except sub 20$. T isn’t going anywhere exciting…


This is why i dont listen to reddit commenters


Me either. They’re doing the same thing…selling off crap they just bought. Stay with that garbage.


But T management keeps wanting to acquire other businesses.


Been looking at NLY, how’s it working for you?


My cost basis is super low below $7 so it's been great. Huge dividends along the way up. Volatility is really low so it's no often an option play except when it's trading right around the strikes. Like for example when I was trading around $8.50 I sold some puts at the $8.50 strike. It's not a lot of premium but when i'm still bullish on it, It's just one more thing to keep me engaged.


I'm not seeing barley any preium on the put side of thoes tickers. Maybe T at 20p NLY looks like a waste of BP


Sorry, I was talking just from a price point perspective. I just own NLY out right without calls against it. T is beaten down bad from their merger situation but their yields are like 9% and 12%, so I'm fine with owning them without options against them as a portion of the portfolio


I believe I read T’s dividend will drop after the spin off, but what the yield will be then is up for debate.


Yeah for buying stock they both look good. I thought you were looking at strangles on them. Wasent seeing the strangle plays workout on em lol


Yeah, my brain doesn't always keep up with my typing. Strangles were all my plays today, but I saw your comment on dividends and it reminded me of the conversation I had with my father this morning about T.


Bought December vix puts 20 strike


Hmm, didn't think of buying vix puts. Still think it drops with debt ceiling still undecided?


Doctor, I need buying power, stat!


107% BPR, I got wrecked on the calls I purchased and puts I sold on all fronts.


Looks good!


Ok I have a few question, why sell a strangle, and not just buy a straddle? Can we all agree the market is going to make sharp moves soon, aren't you worried the strikes might fall itm? Is this captial intensive?


volatility has expanded thus the trade is short vol by selling otm options and watch it revert to the mean. If you buy a straddle here you are delta neutral and you are literally going long vol when it is up big.


Pretty much no to all questions


I sold the 30 call, first index trade.


I hope you didn’t sell a naked vix call option


Yes, and I’ll do it again. Haha. I closed it shortly after for like 15% profit.


Why not Play VIX itself... I mean everyone knows it's gonna go down (eventually)... Going to milk VXX like Disney milks every franchise...


What's your plan with VXX?


Sell high buy low generally... Got into some position around 25 on friday... Going in again possibly today around 27... with expiry on Dec 31


Lots of xl.....hahaha


picking up more short /cl


So, I’m familiar with what VIX is and what it measures, but I usually see a lot of buzz around it. People say its a great way to wreck your life and others are excited to do the opposite. Seems like there is very little in between. What about VIX makes this happen? Are people trading options on it? Or simply playing the index?


IV moves sharply from many factors, so it is very volatile itself. It is hard to trade, you’ll have profits one day and losses another. But I guess some are into that, which the futures are simplest to trade the options on it are tricky. It’s not usually recommended to trade the product itself rather use it as a metric for other trading decisions.


When the vix goes up that means simply more options are being traded or purchased as a means of protecting assets- when there is uncertainty people will buy more options as a hedge against a drop- this will make the vix go up -durrrring times when the market is just chugging along the vix will go down or just stay some what flat this is a very simple explanation. You can trade or own different funds to hedge against a tick up in the vix they are interesting at best- do your own research there-


Vix reflects the /vx futures, which are used as a hedge- buy volatility if you think the market is going to drop. So I’m not sure how much vix itself would react to option buying in the sense of a gamma squeeze the way something like gme does.


I almost always have a long VIX call with a long SPY call. The VIX call is usually about 25% the size of the SPY call. VIX goes up when SPY goes down, so I use it as a hedge. My VIX calls are usually taking losses but that's what a hedge is for. I sold my VIX call right at close today to take some profit while my SPY call gets hammered. Hopefully volatility is back down by morning so I can put my hedge can on 🤞


I was in hospital like 5 days. Couldn't manage anything. Sea of red stables and just... No hope of taking advantage of anything without large losses (to me. My portfolio isnt huge. Like 18k.)


Sold put in /MES let’s gooo gonna get my 100 bones lol


Put spreads on $VIX?