Personally, I’d go for the RCF. V8, 4 seater, faster than 2.0 supra, more hp and torque. Aside from that, I havent been in a GR Supra, so I can’t speak for it. But it looks good on paper either way. 3.0 looks even better on paper than both of those choices, but yes it does cost more. I urge you to drive them both. And a bunch of other cars that isn’t mentioned on your list. See which one is best feel for you. And fits your needs. The biggest thing that bothered me in the RCF, the rear seats don’t fold down for more room to the trunk (i believe non F RC’s do). Easy to daily. I see supras abundant. Barely see RCFs on the road.


True, but this will be my second “fun” car so don’t care about extra room. That’s what the 4runner is for!


Manual. Supra. Second fun car should be fun up and down the tach.


The 2.0 doesn’t have manual option. I’ve rented the 3.0 auto. It was only fun at the top of the tachometer. There’s not much vibration from the inline 6 and the exhaust is really quiet. The way it drives feels more appropriate in a 2 series form factor.


When does it come out or is it already for sale? Cause a manual supra is a special thing. I don’t care how much hp the RCF has, a manual supra will be more fun to drive


RFC is a boat with a V8 compared to a supra. Manual supra is out. Just gotta find one. Iirc they're shipping, slowly.


Trying to decide between the two. Supra is cool and new. Obviously the lesser car though. Lexus is reliable and faster, though older and used. Which would hold best value long term while also being the better to have as a fun daily. P.s. have the opportunity to get the F fully loaded with 36k miles right now while the Supra is no guarantee any time soon.


Sit in a supra. If you can see out of it you're doing better than most people.


>Obviously the lesser car though. Eh, one is an apple, and the other an orange. The RC-F is a GT and the Supra is a sports car. They will feel very different depending on what you do with them so it isn't really fair to say one is a lesser car, unless you are refereeing to physical size. If you have any intentions of autocross, or really any recurring motor sports events, the Supra would be a much better choice. But if you just plan on canyon cruises or something, I'd probably take the RC-F for the 2UR-GS3 alone.


You’re right, I meant more about how the Lexus has dozens of options the Supra won’t, such as heated/cooled seats, moon roof, better interior, carbon fiber wing etc etc


Love cars, love my big body coupes and small tight coupes. I'd honestly go with the newest car I can afford if it's a daily (only car) never underestimate the value of a warranty! But having the time to wait and get a prime example of the best model/year/motor of a specific car is fantastic. You don't want to compromise on something that costs you $40K plus.


Every car manufacturer is reliable today, Lexus/Toyota have just been much more careful about manufacturing that image. The truth is, Toyota is perceived as reliable because there is nothing to go wrong on the millions of Corolla's they have sold that lack even power windows. Meanwhile, abject reliability failures like the Soarer in the 90's are forgotten about. Lexus is no more reliable than any other high-end manufacturer, and truthfully companies like BMW or Mercedes have "cut their teeth" on high-end engineering for a lot longer and for much more volume than Lexus. Is a Corolla more reliable than a base model 3 series? Maybe. Will that effect the reliability of a high-end performance car like an RC-F? Probably not. I'd cross-shop something like a 2016/2017-ish M4, which will be a much funner drivers car, get you far more car guy attention, and hold its value over the long run much better.


As someone who knows a lot of people with German cars their cost of ownership compared to lexus is extremely high, I can take my car to almost any mechanic and he’ll be able to work on it, while for Germans you need mechanics who specialize on them and will charge you a premium


I also know a lot of people with German cars and I find that their cost of ownership is not typically any higher. Some wear items are more expensive, typically because they are built from higher quality components that last longer (eg; Lemforder suspension, Ohlins brakes, etc).


Car guy attention, lol. Get what compels you. m4 would be cool. Also sauce on reliability between RC-f vs Mm-whatever, please.


I don’t see the value of a 2.0 Supra, so…


One could argue it’s the lighter more balanced for the twisties platform but I also didn’t buy that one sooo…here we are Either save some more for the 3.0 (if that’s what you want) or do what you want.


There are some convincing arguments for the right car, like the Camaro with a 4 banger and the 1LE package, but the Supra 2.0 isn’t one.


I have the 3.0 as my fun car because I know if I got the 2.0 I would have regrets so yeah, I know what you’re saying


Supra and Camaro are the same kind of car. Exact same market and performance.


But that’s what the 86 is for…


supra 2.0 is like the 86 with a turbo from factory, but it's automatic :/


Nothing wrong with a good automatic....but a bad automatic can altogether remove you from the driving experience.


Nothing wrong with a good automatic but automatic will never be manual-sort-of-fun no matter how good it is


Well, I've never money-shifted the DSG on my GTI and required a $10k engine replacement. But I've been plenty engaged in driving. As a driver with a disability, I've spent $$$$ to drive a converted manual and have some time behind the wheel of other drivers' converted manuals (automated clutch) the feeling of shifting in a sports car is awesome....for about 25 minutes or on an engaging road....that's it...that's all. After that, it's just driving, it just gets routine. A good automatic is predictable in regular driving and isn't noticed at all....but in those 25 minutes where it matters on a twisty road, track, or canyon run....they can do amazing things and allow for full control. Like the DSG in a VW GTI/R


Yeh...the 2.0 with a manual would have been an excellent car. But in auto guise just go with the 3l...assuming you can get one in the first place.


I would prefer the 3.0 engine/performance of course, but too much for what I’m wanting right now.


Nah I get it, I just don’t think a 2.0 makes sense as a general matter.


It doesn’t


Why not save a bit more and buy the 3.0? The 2.0 is really cool,but if the 3.0 is the one you want,wouldnt it make more sense to save a bit more? i'm just asking!


Logical, yes! But I’m also getting inpatient and have the opportunity to get a beautiful fully loaded rcf right now. I’ve been waiting on a dozen dealers lists for a Supra at msrp for better part of the year and nothing.


Then fuck it, you only live once!


Go for that rcf and never look back


Get the b58 or don't get the supra at all, that's my 2 cents


You don’t have the budget for the car you want. The end


If you want the 2.0L. you might as well get a GR86 instead


No true car guy would ever waste money on a 4cylinder Supra…


Eh, I mentioned it elsewhere but there are legitimate examples like Randy Probst buying a 4 banger Camaro with all the performance goodies but I agree that the 2.0 Supra offers nothing compelling for the price.


Yeah but a 4 banger Camaro is like $25,000... the 2.0 Supra is like $45,000. That's just dumb.


RCF is fucking sick. If you’re looking at the 2.0 Supra then presumably speed isn’t everything to you, so there’s literally nothing better than an amazing Toyota v8 for the same price 🥵


Between those two, RC-F all day. Since neither is the greatest performer you might as well get the better engine.


I agree


You have 69 upvotes. I want to upvote right now but I know I can't. Also, I agree.


hehe funny sex number!


Go with the Lexus but check the Carfax. If it’s had a bunch of owners, then keep looking for a 1-2 owner car.


Buy the RCF and rip it until you can afford the 3.0 supra, best of both worlds. Although I'm sure the 2.0 supra is an excellent car, unless you have lots of twisties near you, you may find it's a bit slow on the straights. It's fast, but not 3.0 fast.


I don’t know that if call it slow. per C&D, 4.5s to 60 vs 4.1 for the RCF. The RCF doesn’t really pull ahead in a meaningful way until you get past 100mph. And the 2.0 is nearly 1,000lbs lighter. If his thing is handling rather than straight line drags the 2.0 might be the more compelling car.


I was more comparing it to the 3.0 supra, which is like 3.8s to 60 and will rip a lot harder beyond that as well. Personally I think the 2.0 supra is a great car in a vacuum. And you're right, it's not slow. It's a little ripper and probably a blast to drive, but the sound doesn't compare to a v8 or I6, and it is technically slower


I went 3.0 over the RCF. RCF definitely doesn't feel like a sports car but sounds great and has plenty of power. To me it comes down to the roads you are driving. If it's alot of windy roads I would probably go Supra. Highway cruising RCF. Side note. New 2.0 Supra will probably not hold it's value as well as an RCF.


Ones a sports car ones a GT car. I think you should consider long and hard what you need the car to do. I would but the Lexus if it was my only car. More room, bigger, four seats, more comfortable likely. The Supra is more focused. Something like a GR86 might strike a middle ground, but I’m guessing that’s too slow for you given the listed options.


And yeah, I thought about the gr86, but the Supra is more appealing in every way. If the Lexus didn’t exist, I would only want the Supra lol.


That’s fair. I think there is one way the 86 is appealing; it’s cheaper!! Hahah hell maybe even give the ND2 a test drive. It’s tiny though.


It would be a second car for fun. I already have a 4runner, so roomy doesn’t matter to me.


That’s an important part of the equation! I would stick to a focused sporty car. For me that was an ND Miata. For you I would choose the Supra. It’s up to you if you’d regret getting the 2.0. I bought an ND1 Miata over an ND2 and I don’t regret my decision.


I also have a Toyota SUV and if I had an opportunity to choose between the 2.0 Supra and a used RCF, I'd go for the RCF because it's both a Lexus and NA V8. Personally, I'd look for a low mileage GSF. I just prefer 4-door sedans with V8s.


Then Miata is always the answer


The slow Supra is .5 seconds slower then the 3.0 and is stunning and handles better


RCF by a mile. It's just not the same as getting a 3.0L Supra. Also RCF is made fully by Toyota, not by BMW.


RCF for power and uniqueness. Pure Toyota goodness and reliability


I would get the RC F if you value the reliability, quality, extra practicality( I know you said you already have a 4runner but it's still useful) and better sound that it provides Now the 4 cyl Supra is not a slouch, is a tad slower in 0-60 acceleration and also 5-60 which will be much more noticeable but it's also much lighter so I bet it will be fun to drive. I would take both on a test drive around where you live to see which one feels more fun to you.


I have an RCF v8, take it on an open highway and put it in super sport mode and it won’t be a question anymore. Most fun car I’ve ever had and it’s great as a daily driver outside of winter months.


RC-F any day over the 2.0


They’re vastly different… the Supra is actually a sports car. RCF is really big and heavy. More of a luxury cruiser that has a great engine. If you test drive both youd probably get an idea of which you actually are looking for


Never driven the rcf so take it for what it’s worth, but had an is350 and it sucked so much that I would never consider a “sporty” Lexus ever again. Very definition of pretender. I bet the v8 is nice though.


RC-F, you will thank yourself years later




get the RCF dont get the slow supra… i have an RCF and it’s awesome… might eventually upgrade to the 3.0 supra tho


RC-F but only go L/Certified.


If you do more sporty driving Supra but if you are a more GT driver the RC-F.


RCF. No question.




RCF v8


22 brz


RCF all the way it made by toyota so it’s official, and not a bimmer in supras clothing. (Yeah, I said it!)


I'd go with the Lexus RC-F... You mentioned this will be your 2nd 'fun' car so I'd reckon, if you get the supra 2.0, you're going to be leaving some room for potential regret and questions starting with "what if....?" regarding getting a 3.0 instead. The Lexus RC-F is the highest trim level you can go. Nothing higher. The car also has a Japanese V-8 engine which is pretty unique imo.


RC-F all day everyday


listen to some straight piped RC-Fs, that should help you with making up your mind rather quickly.


Personally, I am a fan of the RC-F and the engine. Really fun and cool cars


The Lexus would be pure Japanese goodness while the Supra is mostly BMW. I would go with the RC-F all day. Would be a way better fun dd option in normal traffic. Will hold it’s value better for sure. I own and DD a GR86 and it’s slow in the straights but man this thing is nimble as hell in the twisties and can hang with the mustang gt’s and stuff. Can’t recommend that car enough if speed isn’t a concern. They are just now coming out with tunes for them. Get the RC-F


What happen to the slow car fast crowd lol


I'd go for the RC F but you can't really go wrong with the Supra either.


People here hating on the 2.0 supra when it’s actually a fantastic value. If the 3.0 didn’t exist, they’d love it. It’s very quick with great balanced handling from being lower weight for a pretty aggressive price. It’s like the ecoboost mustang. Nobody wants it, but it’s actually fantastic for a 4 cylinder car and a great value. 0-60 in 4.5s, that’s great for that car Id personally go rc f over 2.0 supra because V8s are fun. But really id get a corvette over the rc f because it’s your second car anyway


Supra is nice don't get me wrong but there's no replacement for displacement


I personally would test drive them both as much as you can. They're both amazing cars.


You seriously considering 4 cylinder with v8? For me rcf all day, and it’s a lexus v8 so don’t worry about used too hard.


I’ve driven several RC Fs and a few Supras and my vote is RC F all day. The Supras I’ve driven were all the 6 cylinder (manual and auto) and I’d say RC F over all of them aside from the manual V6 which will be impossible to get right now. So..don’t get a 4-cylinder Supra. RC F is comfortable, surprisingly capable, and if you throw an exhaust on there, you’ll never stop smiling when you hit the gas.


It’s a V8, more HP, more torque, and better quality. Go for the RCF, it sounds amazing


Is that even a question? 2.0 vs V8? RCF for sure!


Personally I pick RC-F is because V8 and exhaust sound nicer and very more power and it bigger than supra


Supra because everyone is shitting on it


2.0 supra is more fun to drive than the 3.0, but a very experience to the Lexus. Go for the supra if you want fun, lexus for speed


Why these two? Supra is slow and rcf is a heavy turd. EDIT - I’ve owned an RCF. Trust me. The 3.0 Supra is awesome


Appreciate your opinion, however, these are the two cars I’m interested in and can easily afford. Nothing else. Thanks


Both of those cars (2.0 supra and rcf) are faster stock than stock hyundai sonata and elantra N-lines…


They also cost 15-20k more. Keep up


OP isn’t looking for a hyundai. Keep up


You're such a douche. Just looked at your post history, you drive a Hyundai. Huge Houston Astros fan, what else about your personality is trash?


Let’s not try committing murder in here damn dude lol


>You're such a douche. Just looked at your post history, you drive a Hyundai. Huge Houston Astros fan, what else about your personality is trash? Somebody call 911 we need an ambulance.


Let's take it down a notch, Hyundais are unrelated to this topic but the Genesis Coupe drives great despite being old, they have the Genesis brand which makes great cars, the N cars are all great for the price, and they have regular Hyundai and Kia vehicles with designs that are some of the best in the industry right now. There's nothing wrong with a nice Hyundai vehicle, it's just unrelated to the Supra or RCF. I will add that the 429 HP Hyundai V8 from as far back as 2012 sounds great! My G90 with a simple mod sounds better than the current LC500, and the same engine in older Genesis sedans gets you an awesome sound and good performance in a cheap luxury car.


In what world is the Supra slow?


One that the previous commenter clearly doesn’t exist in.


Not the 3.0. The 2.0 sucks


I have driven the 2.0 and I wouldn't say "sucks", but either Camaro SS or Mustang GT is the same money, same practicality, and better in every performance regard except fuel economy.


This is true, however you see 10-20 of those every day. I’m looking for something more unique.


When the 3.0 exists…. Give me an 86 with a turbo over a 2.0


You don’t have to try to jump on an online bandwagon and state it sucks. It’s still a great car. You obviously have never driven one.


I have driven a 2.0 and it feels gutless. RCF all day


supra 2.0 does 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, I don't think that's really gutless...


The 3.0 is great. It’s the perfect amount of power for the car. The 2.0 there’s just no reason to buy one honestly. You’ll always regret it.


Still, 255hp are more than enough to have fun. Not even close to being slow.


You clearly haven’t driven either of them so maybe don’t weigh in bud


You clearly haven't either lol...


Bruh, would a Hyundai be better? Lol


Depending on what you're looking for I would honestly choose an Elantra N over the 2.0 Supra, unless a fwd car is a dealbreaker. RCF is in as completely different league tho


why do people keep recommending Elantra N? have you seen that car? it's ugly in all angles


Only interested in the Supra or F.


F is going to be faster, more fun but not as nimble as the Supra. Really depends how much you value having a new car


I’d take any of the N stuff over a 2.0 Supra. Spring for the 3.0 or look at stuff you can afford kid


Boomer alert


Ngl, the elantra N is a pretty souped up FWD sedan, but I think a 2.p supra would be better


Is this a joke?


Both are very cool cars. I love the look of the new Supra. The Lexus is bad ass too. I’d probably go Supra


But would you go 2.0 Supra? They’re not looking at the 3.0.


Even with 2.0 I do love the look of the car itself. This is a tough choice haha


Get the Toyota


V8 all day. Also the rc is an actual Japanese car.


If you're going to buy a Toyota, might as well get one that actually is Toyota and not a BMW. RC-F for me too.


Lexus. If I wanted a bmw I’d buy a bmw.


From those two I would go supra. RCF looks dumb with that grill, is heavy and unwieldy.




I would take RC-F over the 3 liter supra, let alone the 4 banger. V8, NA, can't go wrong, and the car will be worth much more money in the future than the Supra.


You spelled BMW wrong




I wouldn't buy a supra. But I also wouldn't buy used. So... How used are you talking?


Like 30-40k miles.


That's still pretty new for Lexus standards. The RCF will probably keep going past 120k with regular maintenance. Only expensive upkeep are the brakes and tires.


Yeah, I’ve seen a few online with over 200k already. Those engines go and go


Supra, faster than the RC-F around a track and just .4 seconds slower to 60mph. Will be much more reliable too being a new car.


Neither, I’d get something else if I were you, like a 2018 m4 manual


If you’re gonna get a Supra 2.0 just save yourself the money and buy a 430i or GR86


The 430i is $53k that's 10k more than the 2 0 Supra.




Are u kidding me ? Of course used RCF Totally Is not comparable to v4 at all IF THE SUPRA A V6 I will tell u to take Supra


Supra is a straight 4 or a straight 6. V4 isn't even uses in cars


I’m sorry I’ meant by the v4 is 4 cylinder not the shape of the engine it self I’m sorry again


I world rather have a GR 86 over a 2.0 supra, so probably the lexus...


Lexus, more usable power and better daily driver. Supra if it’s a weekend car for the smaller size and more direct sports car experience. Would love to daily that RC-F tho.


Supra if you can get a stick, if not then go Lexus. Not sure how special edition the manual ones are or if they’re only top trim.




Also look at a m340i


How much more is that?


Its mostly cheaper than the Lexus.


It's wild to me that a 2015 RC-F sells for about the same as what 2020 M340i's are going for now, all because Toyota has this carefully manufactured image of "reliability". In reality, Toyota's dependability is seemingly high because they were known for producing an astonishing number of bare-bones models with 0 additional features in the early 90's that are still ticking away, while abject failures like the notoriously unreliable Soarer are forgotten about. They strategically avoid recalls by being one of the manufacturers with the highest amounts of TSBs and buybacks per vehicle, often pushing recalls back for years with a barrage of TSBs before the recall is finally issued. They are no more reliable than any other manufacturer today. If I was buying a "high end" car, I would trust a company that has experience with complicated engineering en-masse, especially ones who have cut their teeth on higher-end models. M340i any day of the week over the RC-F, its a vastly superior drivers car. Heck, for that money, you're practically barking up the tree of the 2016/17ish M4, which is going to hold is value much better than the RC-F, and be a much funner car to drive. inb4 the Toyota fanboy brigade downvotes me to oblivion as a cope because their nan's 1994 Toyota Corolla that doesn't even have power windows is "problem free!".


Oh damn. Nice option then lol


New Supra


2.0? Why bother? Genuinely curious


Why not? Cheaper, lighter, more balanced, more nimble, more efficient, and still quick. It does 0-60 in 4.8 seconds and can easily be tuned to be much quicker than that. Yes the i6 sounds amazing but it is quite easy to see why someone would buy the 2.0T.


I guess like going with: A. 4 cyl Camaro vs SS B. Eco Mustang vs 5.0


RC-F Value will shoot up in a few years, well, as long as Cadillac stops making useless muscle sedans.




I was going to ask "daily or fun car", however, reading the comments, this is the 2nd/3rd car and exclusively used for fun. Depending on how long you plan on keeping it the economic value of leasing the 3.0 supra should be considered. It should hold value better (less depreciation) and be more engaging to drive. In 3 years you sell it and give the money to the leasing company and pocket the profit (if any but really, there should be). The 2.0 is a great value proposition but that's like buying a GTI over the GOLF R because the GTI is a better value. You'll kick yourself every time you drive past a 3.0 Supra. A fun car is really about $.$$/km and what you can afford to spend. Fuel isn't cheap, insurance isn't cheap, maintenance isn't cheap, and depreciation will kick your ass. If you get tempted to track a car these expenses can double or triple. The best way to keep these expenses low is to go used and older and spend the cash outright. Be ready to replace an exhaust system, and have emergency money for a long block or transmission. Be ready to deal with weird electrical bugs or damage from the previous owner....then keep the car for a long time (10 years+) and enjoy. TLDR: Lease 3.0 Supra and don't worry about a thing because of the warranty then sell it on the private market when the lease is up and pocket the profit or buy the Lexus outright and have a nest egg just in case you do something stupid.


Get a used 3.0 Supra.


Cool but not for me!


I want the supra.


Well now I know where the supra's design comes from lol


Get the RCF, at least u won’t regret not getting the B58


Lexus RC is the most beautiful Lexus I've ever seen.


Get the Supra. It still has warranty incase shit gets dicked.


RCF then wait for a 3.0 manual Supra.


Is that a Supra?!?!?!


Supra bro


Supra should be the 3.0 Test drove an RCF recently with a friend. Honestly I wasnt too impressed. It felt like a heavier, and slower Mustang with a nicer interior.


RC-F,, it’s boring but it’s probably more reliable than the Supra long term




The rcf would absolutely be a boat, I’ve driven both the Supra is track ready and has much better suspension, brakes, throttle response, the rcf is a nice heavy highway cruiser just depends on what you’re looking for,




3.0 Supra


Lexus, no brainer


RC-F all the way. Almost no question about that one


Supra is made mostly by BMW. If you want Toyota reliability, pass on it and go for RCF.


I was under impression that only the 3.0 was going to come in manual. Never mind, someone already mentioned.


I did not realize that people actually buy the 2.0


Out of these - RCF. Very nice V8, comfortable ride and Toyota reliability. Can give you the sporty feel, but it's slower than it's competition. Interior and infotainment will be dated, too. If you don't care about track numbers, then there's your choice.


I sat in a Supra and being a big guy the ergonomics did not work for me. I didn't even drive it, so bad it was. I own an RC350 which is similar to the RCF which would be my choice.


This shouldn’t even be a discussion. RCF any day of the week. You shouldn’t even be looking at a 4 banger supra, it’s only perfect with the b58 in my opinion.


Wait what?! How is this a question and why are you even comparing these two cars? These are very, very cars, also go with the RC F with the V8, obviously.


RC-F no question. Now if it was a Supra 3.0, that would be a real toss up


yo are these pics from fh5??


Supra 100%. You don't see many of them


RC-F all day


New Nissan Z


The supra is like a gokart. I liked it but wouldn’t want to be in it if it wasn’t just for ripping around


New Supra